"Our Food Isn't That Bad" | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Reasey Pinnorak

    Reasey Pinnorak3 時間 前

    U can’t be perfect when there is someone watching u 😂

  2. Reezyy

    Reezyy4 時間 前

    "let me feed the chief" chief ramsay

  3. Saucepatter

    Saucepatter6 時間 前

    97% of my foot is great

  4. Miguel Sacramento

    Miguel Sacramento18 時間 前

    Is so hard to understand that if your food is good you'll have a full house even if you work on a wooden shack with dirt floor.

  5. Mar Gie

    Mar Gie日 前

    i think ramsay should be nice, coz those restaurants is not like his classy restaurants that he own. I know that he wants to help them :) but being nice couldn't hurt you.

  6. Ambers Punzalan

    Ambers Punzalan日 前

    i hate people with over-inflating egos

  7. Celine Plus

    Celine Plus日 前

    These chefs didn't know how to take an advice

  8. SrFranquito

    SrFranquito日 前

    Dont ask Who is marselo

  9. Gamer Cheese.

    Gamer Cheese.日 前

    I love how the waiters are either gonna help out Gordon choose the not so good food or just Be Cool even though Gordon saying bad words and when the owners and chefs are fighting

  10. Human

    Human日 前

    I could feel the nervousness with the waitress on the second one

  11. MrTaczyk

    MrTaczyk日 前

    "Can't wait to taste it" - that's a lie

  12. Legends Legacy

    Legends Legacy日 前

    Is this a real show or the people are just acting?

  13. Dam Kd

    Dam Kd日 前

    de mehican woman iz taking ryait. She yellw loud and proud. I like her (Mexican accent)

  14. Riot Huggydust

    Riot Huggydust2 日 前


  15. rebecca xx

    rebecca xx2 日 前

    Gordon: *okay so-* Owner: *i disagree*

  16. Isabella de Lima Nantua

    Isabella de Lima Nantua2 日 前

    I wish I had the self esteem that this chefs have

  17. Khánh Linh

    Khánh Linh2 日 前

    I don't know why but I love these kind of video

  18. Mj Cuibillas

    Mj Cuibillas2 日 前

    Wtf that's so hideous wtf does a chef serve's that

  19. yogert_ 11

    yogert_ 112 日 前

    I'm a master of the grill...

  20. Ricardo Morales

    Ricardo Morales3 日 前

    The waiter at Luigi's is definitely one of the best on the show

  21. Ricardo Morales

    Ricardo Morales3 日 前

    The chicken Murphy looked good to me, honestly

  22. Picimanul

    Picimanul3 日 前

    Chef : I am a master of the grill Also chef : *proceeds to char steak*

  23. Joonas Kaal

    Joonas Kaal3 日 前

    any ideas what are the thing on top the Salmon Di Vino @ 21:10 ?

  24. BaconPancaakes

    BaconPancaakes3 日 前

    Tony 👌

  25. Pivot pictures

    Pivot pictures3 日 前

    karens: 9:29

  26. 49MP

    49MP4 日 前

    Marcelo and Luigi both look baked out of their fucking minds.

  27. Identity Game by meh

    Identity Game by meh4 日 前

    gordon sound like a Karen when he said "where's the manager?"

  28. Rihanna Alex

    Rihanna Alex4 日 前

    That's why Gordon is always angry at them or the workers/Chef because he doesn't want people to be sick at the foods they cooked And that's why I loved him,THE BEST COOKER❤️

  29. Sam needham

    Sam needham4 日 前

    Lexi 😍

  30. P K

    P K4 日 前

    The problem with all those cooks is that they are convinced their food is good and cannot take criticism... he could be nicer for sure... but that’s all his way of doing it... don’t ask help if you don’t want it

  31. Tara S

    Tara S5 日 前

    She is one of the most annoying people I have thankfully never met.

  32. Adam Sobczak

    Adam Sobczak5 日 前

    the chef is obviously loving the job and the food.. just a bit out of luck

  33. Byron Simpson

    Byron Simpson5 日 前

    How about Luigi just stick to being a plumber instead of being a chef.

  34. Ajson Shehaj

    Ajson Shehaj5 日 前

    I know why the fish was not cooked in the tilapia. Those "chefs" were hurring as shit.

  35. sans cat

    sans cat5 日 前

    "He's British he doesn't know anything about pizza" Yeah.. and? It shouldn't matter. A Japanese person can be a professional at cooking Italian food and an Indian can be amazing when it comes to cooking German food, it really does not matter what nationality they are. An Italian could also not know how to cook pizza and pasta, it's not like they're born with some sort of Italian cooking super power. He knows about pizza because he's a professional chef and EVERYONE knows about him for a reason. If he was a chef who didn't know how to cook, he wouldn't be a famous chef at all, would he? He can be pretty tough when it comes to critiquing food but that's really the only way to drill an opinion into the brain of a person as arrogant as her. A 'chef' like her has to realise that if her food was actually good, maybe she'd have more than just a few customers.

  36. igot you

    igot you5 日 前

    shes an annoying personality vacuum

  37. Cindy Malfoy_Snape

    Cindy Malfoy_Snape6 日 前

    I would walk out if i hear shouting in a restaurant XD i would be scared Edit:The lamp bugg me too

  38. Christian Gaming

    Christian Gaming6 日 前

    I will cook Chicken Adobo definitely Gordon will loves it. 😊

  39. Stefan Jo

    Stefan Jo6 日 前

    Welcome ZACKY-WACKY.


    TXC CARNAGE6 日 前

    Yo Let him feed the chief

  41. SteampunkProdigy

    SteampunkProdigy6 日 前

    Chef: I bet 97% of our food is great "3% for me equal 100%" - Ricardo Diaz (GTA Vice City)

  42. Lauren Cottle

    Lauren Cottle7 日 前

    10:30 most reasonable person in the show tbh

  43. black creature

    black creature7 日 前

    if someone says they have good food means they have bad food but if someone says they have bad food they have good food

  44. boboida1

    boboida17 日 前

    Damn Lexi is the best

  45. kyra

    kyra7 日 前

    trust me, I L O V E Gordon Ramsay but what would this be without the sound effects


    SHANNON SA7 日 前

    Can the food at all these places really be THAT terrible?

  47. captain pool

    captain pool7 日 前

    25:06 Cook:"He's british He doesn't know anything about pizza" Me: dies of laughter*

  48. tva911

    tva9117 日 前

    Chef mike returns

  49. 17379 Mohammad Abbas Naqvi 17379

    17379 Mohammad Abbas Naqvi 173798 日 前

    0:44 gordon wanna hit that ass.

  50. Nash Mungcal

    Nash Mungcal8 日 前

    Did somebody die here last night?

  51. C4GP

    C4GP8 日 前

    Bro the coffee stains on the menus is the most typical

  52. Zero .Karma

    Zero .Karma8 日 前

    I give it to the Americans Well, to be fair, hes probably not wrong there. I've seen some of the things those people eat. They are the ones that inflicted McDonalds onto the world.

  53. Nate 97

    Nate 978 日 前

    He's British he doesn't know anything about fucking pizza

  54. Ali Z

    Ali Z8 日 前

    Even tho Gordon always insults them, we should not bypass the fact how he respects them at the first place

  55. Shogan Flamemasta

    Shogan Flamemasta8 日 前


  56. Ultramaster Ultra

    Ultramaster Ultra8 日 前

    Gordon wants everything to be perfect

  57. we are the one

    we are the one8 日 前

    Let me feed the chief

  58. Eddie Van Halen, Drunk on Stage.

    Eddie Van Halen, Drunk on Stage.9 日 前

    "in the upper nines" ....wouldn't that just be 9?

  59. Wall Street

    Wall Street9 日 前

    Thanks god you didn’t have chicken no mercy 😂

  60. Emil Sykut

    Emil Sykut10 日 前

    *steak is literally black* "There is no way I overcooked that steak"

  61. RoyBoy

    RoyBoy10 日 前

    How is this man's stomach not dead after going to all kinds of nightmare restaurants eating all kinds of rubbish?

  62. D H

    D H12 日 前

    Lexi is fucking gorgeous

  63. em_pow_

    em_pow_13 日 前

    The waitress at Cici's restaurant seemed genuinely scared of Cici, omfg

  64. JamBamRam

    JamBamRam13 日 前

    “He’s British he doesn’t know anything about pizza.” Me and my half Italian half English blood: (ง'̀-'́)ง

  65. Timmy

    Timmy14 日 前

    I wanna try Gordan's food. Must taste like heaven

  66. Atul Kr. Patel

    Atul Kr. Patel14 日 前

    F$%& him 😂 😂 😂

  67. Ur nans Right toe

    Ur nans Right toe14 日 前

    4:07 the bald man do be staring tho

  68. Arnold. S

    Arnold. S14 日 前

    What episode was the last one? I want gordom to destroy her attitude 🤣

  69. zrider100z

    zrider100z14 日 前

    "You don't like my food you get the fuck outta here". Well guess what, that's why you have no clients and no money. You literally spelled your problem for yourself. They don't like the food and they get out of your restaurant and don't come back. ;D

  70. Reno Reyham

    Reno Reyham14 日 前

    Marcelo: he loved it 1 seconds later Gordon: the fish is not cooked

  71. Kage0G

    Kage0G14 日 前

    Why do they all say their food is good? isnt the reason to why they are on the verge of bankruptcy because their food sucks lol. They all say Gordon is crazy for not liking it lol.

  72. Sugaraki

    Sugaraki14 日 前

    “That is a shame. I’m gonna bring it baa-aaack~”

  73. Dibyendu Bag

    Dibyendu Bag15 日 前

    Nice please send your racp

  74. BazookaRafar

    BazookaRafar15 日 前

    Lexi is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a Beautiful Woman

  75. yolo lolo

    yolo lolo15 日 前

    Ohh how funny scripted this episode were😂

  76. fliX art

    fliX art15 日 前

    *”If Einstein was still alive you’d talk to him”* ah yes my favourite chef

  77. Shadowcanedits71

    Shadowcanedits7116 日 前

    If you ever run a restaurant and gordon goes in, just run

  78. Adhensive

    Adhensive16 日 前

    Is dat woman just want to angry?

  79. ᴀᴘʜɴᴏʟɪᴀ

    ᴀᴘʜɴᴏʟɪᴀ16 日 前

    24:25 “i don't care how many fucken stars he has, he can kiss my stars” what stars?

  80. Eric Shen

    Eric Shen16 日 前

    Famous last words.