1. Star Lord

    Star Lord27 分 前

    Gah I can’t stand them

  2. Anna Sanya

    Anna Sanya27 分 前

    Elle is so smart and beautiful, i love you guys

  3. Lauren Weitlauf

    Lauren Weitlauf48 分 前

    These hate comments make it seem like u guys know them, just because they worked hard and got rich does not mean they are selfish

  4. Mykasia Sharnae

    Mykasia Sharnae50 分 前

    Check out me and my boyfriend’s travel vlog to Costa Rica!!! Our channel is Mykasia & Lobo 💕

  5. Sharon Bloemenveld

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  6. Areon Nobles

    Areon Nobles2 時間 前

    I fuck the shit outta his wife no cap

  7. Wildeline Monsanto

    Wildeline Monsanto2 時間 前

    I like and subscribe I love u guys so much

  8. Victoria

    Victoria3 時間 前

    ❤️ i love the ace family ❤️

  9. Nevaeh Hutchins

    Nevaeh Hutchins3 時間 前

    I will help yall

  10. Michael Choe

    Michael Choe5 時間 前

    Can’t relate

  11. Ella Hawkley

    Ella Hawkley5 時間 前

    Ugh you already lived in a mansion imagine what you could of done with that money instead ✌️your life is soooooo difficult I’m sorry

  12. Brooklynn Agnew

    Brooklynn Agnew6 時間 前


  13. olivia jaime

    olivia jaime6 時間 前

    It's beautiful

  14. Janet

    Janet9 時間 前

    House Don't Have To Be Perfect... We Move To Our Lil House In April N don't Have Furnished Yet

  15. Bashy Park

    Bashy Park9 時間 前

    I’m team Catherine because she wants to show us their house but Austin doesn’t want to show us anything



    This is better then any tv show ..

  17. Her Amanda

    Her Amanda9 時間 前

    Gorgeous. Life goals

  18. Teagan Carden-Frasure

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  19. Maddy Schofield

    Maddy Schofield10 時間 前

    Where is the house tour video? Love u guys💕

  20. Amairani Del angel

    Amairani Del angel11 時間 前

    I pove y'all literally so much and I literally freak out when y'all post a vid or have new merch

  21. Crystal Pedrazzini

    Crystal Pedrazzini11 時間 前

    For everyone complaining and being mad bout there success , if U haven’t been watching they didn’t start this way and because they got the fame FROM ALL OF YOU NOW YOU ALL ARE MAD . YOU GOT THEM HERE NOW YALL MAD THATS STUPID LMAO

  22. Edith Agumbi

    Edith Agumbi11 時間 前

    Oir house is 10x smaller

  23. Arayah Washington

    Arayah Washington11 時間 前

    i love you guys so much you guys make me so happy everytime i watch your videos, hopefully you guys notice me💛

  24. Alexandra Hills

    Alexandra Hills11 時間 前

    Catherine’s turning 29 she looks so young like she’s 20 😂

  25. Isabella Estarda

    Isabella Estarda12 時間 前

    When your a swimmer and ACE family pool just looks great for laps 😍😂

  26. Rubi Velasquez

    Rubi Velasquez13 時間 前


  27. Azra  Nasuha

    Azra Nasuha13 時間 前

    Elle’s room is small

  28. Dzaddy Amore Reviews

    Dzaddy Amore Reviews14 時間 前

    one million ads

  29. Area 51 Guard

    Area 51 Guard15 時間 前

    What a big pool




  31. heeyyy peaasssaanntsss

    heeyyy peaasssaanntsss18 時間 前

    you guys should get a cat or a dog, they'll be apart of the aceeee fammmiillllaayyyyy ❤️🥳



    I'm new to your channel and I just subscribed your channel 😊😊



    You taking her to cuba 🤔🤔

  34. fun bae

    fun bae20 時間 前

    I have watched them since the apartment and how their life changed is so crazy

  35. stricltyz Human rights code

    stricltyz Human rights code21 時間 前

    They act sooo innocent Lmfao

  36. stricltyz Human rights code

    stricltyz Human rights code21 時間 前

    Why do they use thier charity to sell them selfs

  37. stricltyz Human rights code

    stricltyz Human rights code21 時間 前

    Send that Canadian golddigger back to Canada

  38. stricltyz Human rights code

    stricltyz Human rights code21 時間 前

    Living off people one day u will be in jail and ur family on the street

  39. Itzkwengz

    Itzkwengz21 時間 前

    Ace family or cjsocool🤷🏽‍♂️

  40. Instinct 903

    Instinct 90322 時間 前

    y’all keep uploading more videos and still haven’t showed the house tour 🤦🏻‍♂️‼️

  41. Instinct 903

    Instinct 90322 時間 前


  42. Selina Edi

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  43. Vlogs by Elliott

    Vlogs by Elliott日 前

    Ell so smart my dumb stupid ass bald headed ass 7 year old sister don’t even know what 25 + 4 is

  44. Billie's Beach Duh

    Billie's Beach Duh12 時間 前

    Vlogs by Elliott 💀

  45. Vlogs by Elliott

    Vlogs by Elliott14 時間 前

    Billie's Beach Duh still

  46. Billie's Beach Duh

    Billie's Beach Duh15 時間 前

    Vlogs by Elliott damn well she is 7

  47. Vicky Ou

    Vicky Ou日 前

    () () (^.^) />🍦 Bunny: Who wants my ice cream it is for free () () (^~^) />🍦 Random bunny: Uhhh thx???

  48. Vicky Ou

    Vicky Ou日 前

    Lol srry

  49. Vicky Ou

    Vicky Ou日 前

    If you want one then say “thanks!”

  50. chip the chipmunk

    chip the chipmunk日 前

    I love wallas

  51. Lena Juan

    Lena Juan日 前

    Your anniversary of engagement will be on your birthday and it will be 2 years all ready we love you Ace family 😍❣️❤️✨

  52. Kenna_ Bulldogs

    Kenna_ Bulldogs日 前

    0:06 Austin walks on beat 🥴

  53. kiki gustriani

    kiki gustriani日 前

    you will go to Bali and Bali is one of the islands in Indonesia yeahh that is my country the distance from where I live is only 1 hour using a plane I live in Palu, Central Sulawesi - Indonesia I hope to meet you all austin & Catherine beg for my country ace family shop on the list so that my country can shop in your shop thank you I love you guys ❤️❤️❤️ Austin Catherine Elle Alaia ❤️❤️❤️

  54. VV Gaby

    VV Gaby日 前

    Making their daughter work out too girl smhhh

  55. VV Gaby

    VV Gaby日 前

    I only came to watch this video cuz I watched a video from a different channel hating on them. Austin annoys me but their daughters are super cute. I do wish I was as successful as them but they are successful from JPreporter and don’t seem grateful. How big of a house do you need for a family of four. Their house may be big but it’s not cozy. And making their old house seem terrible is so dumb. Some people don’t even have the luxury like they do and yet are way more thankful. Buying Louis coasters is a joke too. I’m not trying to spread hate or negativity but I wish this family would spend more time off the camera and use their time to help the world or raise their daughters. Idk idk

  56. Celeste Ann

    Celeste Ann日 前

    my house is smaller than their pool

  57. Bonnie Conci

    Bonnie Conci日 前

    I love your house its just spectacular

  58. Bonnie Conci

    Bonnie Conci日 前

    the ace family is just like every other family out here they make youtube videos for us to watch. they earn money and they can spent it on whatever they want. there such a beautiful family stop commenting on there videos and saying stuff you have nothing else better to do in your life than call someone materialistic. xxx

  59. kimlavish suantak

    kimlavish suantak日 前

    Omg elle and alaia are so cute ...babies....😭😍😍

  60. Raneem Thiab

    Raneem Thiab日 前


  61. Victoria_panda1320

    Victoria_panda1320日 前

    I can't wait for the house tour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Brianna Sanchez

    Brianna Sanchez日 前

    Thats the best house ever i love you guys so much i watch you guys everyday ❤️

  63. Kassie Worsham

    Kassie Worsham日 前

    What time do you have to be Post the video

  64. Kassie Worsham

    Kassie Worsham日 前

    What are you doing Ace family

  65. Amy Lechuga

    Amy Lechuga日 前

    What happened to the float Austin bought you for Valentine’s Day not trying to be rude just being curious

  66. Layla Skye Anthony

    Layla Skye Anthony日 前


  67. AnxietyFree

    AnxietyFree日 前

    Hello Ace family I'm a huge fan. My name is Symphony. Just wanted to know how can I play to win the next cash app giveaway?

  68. Manuel Casillas

    Manuel Casillas日 前

    Ace family ❤️❤️❤️

  69. Brianna Gonzalez

    Brianna Gonzalez日 前

    I remember Mr. Caterpillar

  70. Giuli M

    Giuli M日 前

    Wow this pool 😍😍 i‘m a bit jealous now 🧐😂 but the deserve it, they work/ed hard for all this:)

  71. LMin Yoonji

    LMin Yoonji日 前

    Alan Stone you speak the truth

  72. Alan Stone

    Alan Stone日 前

    What hard work have they done? JPreporter videos? They dont deserve any of that. All they do is complain about things that arent a problem.

  73. Giuli M

    Giuli M日 前

    Wow this pool 😍😍 i‘m a bit jealous now 🧐😂 but the deserve it, they work/ed hard for all this:)

  74. AJW_ Wally

    AJW_ Wally日 前

    Wally is my last name what da hell

  75. Xiomara Arroyo

    Xiomara Arroyo日 前

    Lol Elle is so cute working out with mama.

  76. Lady Martinez

    Lady Martinez日 前

    Omg my birthday is on may 28

  77. Lady Martinez

    Lady Martinez日 前

    WHATS GOIN ON EVERYBODY!!!!heyyy ace family

  78. T C

    T C日 前

    If Catherine's butt was real, she'd have some hamstrings but dont see any 🤷‍♀️

  79. Crazy Girl

    Crazy Girl46 分 前

    Because she got her boobs, Butt, EARS, Nose, Lip, And stomach pluse she got her thighs done AND chin fillers..... So yaa she's like a barbie 🎶 Laughing plastic its fantastic!! 🎶

  80. zori olden

    zori olden日 前


  81. Melis K.

    Melis K.日 前

    That’s one gorgeous infinity pool with the view! 😍😩 I know their content has changed over the years along with their lifestyle obviously since the channel grew so much but I really wish they could try some of their old content styles where everything was more spontaneous and seemed more real. I do get that Austin is a perfectionist tho and that’s fine. Love you Ace Family! ❤️❤️♠️♠️

  82. LadyLuv Musiik

    LadyLuv Musiik日 前

    this dude is annoying

  83. RedAZurE

    RedAZurE日 前

    The wife is a plastic faced bitch, also did you guys know she used to be a prostitute.

  84. Andrea Martinez

    Andrea Martinez日 前

    So cute Elle -

  85. nicholas siebert

    nicholas siebert日 前

    I have been waiting for sooo long when are they going to do the house tour😡

  86. chloe wilson

    chloe wilson日 前

    That pool gives me anxiety

  87. Yuhfav_. Alyssa

    Yuhfav_. Alyssa日 前


  88. eleni papageorgopoulou

    eleni papageorgopoulou日 前

    Jesus this house is so hugee. How much does this cost I can't even imagine 😂

  89. Samia Said élève

    Samia Said élève日 前

    this is how many people didn’t go to the ace family basketball tournament