Our Favorite News Reporters Working From Home Bloopers


  1. Renee Knezovich

    Renee Knezovich2 時間 前

    Some wholesome stuff for a change 👌🏻 lmao the kids with their dad was so wholesome

  2. Pluto

    Pluto6 時間 前

    There was this one time when this reporters dog barked so loud it sounded like a murder

  3. ASAP Looney

    ASAP Looney13 時間 前

    my man got 2 bellyholes

  4. Rute Gomes

    Rute Gomes16 時間 前


  5. Hugo Mota

    Hugo Mota日 前

    Where was the tie ?😂

  6. Nightshade Kelly

    Nightshade Kelly日 前

    You got to admit. All this funny stuff on the news has made this caronavirus mess so much less stressful. It's given so many upset and scared people smiles

  7. Caroline Williams

    Caroline Williams2 日 前


  8. Monica Martin

    Monica Martin2 日 前

    As a work from home person my husband often forget when I say I'm in a meeting 5 minutes after I say it and will walk by in his boxers or less... Good thing my camera is angled away...

  9. Magic Cookies

    Magic Cookies2 日 前

    Yo that’s Christopher reeves son?

  10. Lakesha Goodwin

    Lakesha Goodwin2 日 前

    Cute dog

  11. Hamann Shaikh

    Hamann Shaikh3 日 前

    *3,2 one* Bow Bow 😂😂😂

  12. Ally Mills

    Ally Mills3 日 前

    “Let’s see that again...” Me: please Dont

  13. Axel Fierro

    Axel Fierro3 日 前

    Let's see "DAD" again.....that...no...no..you get it ok no.

  14. Reed gaming

    Reed gaming4 日 前

    LuLu is my grandmas cats name and I named her

  15. Kathleen Tate

    Kathleen Tate4 日 前

    The kids make things much better. Dogs and cats

  16. Sailaja Varada

    Sailaja Varada4 日 前

    1:09 that guy looks like ron dennis

  17. Abhishek Ashoka

    Abhishek Ashoka4 日 前

    3 2 waaan

  18. Boa Gaming

    Boa Gaming5 日 前

    My husband has been taking calls at home for years and 5 - 10 min before every call, he let's us know, it's called common sense if you live with other people. Now, we have not figured out how to stop our dogs barking or kids screaming, but no naked people 🤣

  19. Gacha Beep

    Gacha Beep5 日 前

    Bro the naked women🤣

  20. Kisahood

    Kisahood5 日 前

    Lulu is a very modest cat.

  21. Tim appIe

    Tim appIe6 日 前

    Imagine not pre recording everything

  22. General Fish

    General Fish6 日 前


  23. General Fish

    General Fish6 日 前

    A naked women

  24. General Fish

    General Fish6 日 前

    Not the kid

  25. Liyad Salem Mridu

    Liyad Salem Mridu6 日 前

    I'm not married and I don't have daughters but I really wish I had

  26. Wynelle Goodridge

    Wynelle Goodridge6 日 前

    0:00 DAD HOLY...

  27. Jaikanth S

    Jaikanth S6 日 前

    OMG.. So the Superman story is actually true! 😱😱

  28. K Pereira

    K Pereira7 日 前

    Let’s see that again wtf

  29. Claudia Reyes

    Claudia Reyes8 日 前


  30. Hayla Box

    Hayla Box8 日 前

    okay why does she just walk around naked?

  31. Tomi Janet

    Tomi Janet9 日 前


  32. madi bendy

    madi bendy9 日 前

    I think it’s hilarious that Will Reeve is a journalist and his father played Superman who was also a journalist lol

  33. Anisa Co

    Anisa Co10 日 前


  34. Audrey Sullivan

    Audrey Sullivan10 日 前

    The way he says “maple” lmaoooo

  35. beautiful all day

    beautiful all day10 日 前

    " 🎵as long as I got my SHORTS and tie🎵" I'm not sure im everyone know this song or not but it says suit and tie

  36. Carter Wilt

    Carter Wilt10 日 前

    Only in Sarasota Florida 😭

  37. mom2_4gr8kids

    mom2_4gr8kids11 日 前


  38. Zeus Hernandez

    Zeus Hernandez11 日 前

    1:46 cute doggie

  39. Isabella gaming Smith

    Isabella gaming Smith11 日 前

    It is to funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  40. Aster Ginete

    Aster Ginete12 日 前

    I love the first one. Adorable kids ❤️

  41. loveutill theendoftimes

    loveutill theendoftimes12 日 前

    3:28 "without wearing pants" 🤯😱 like girl chill

  42. WarshuK Playz

    WarshuK Playz12 日 前

    It’s funny Superman’s son is a journalist

  43. ArcticZombie

    ArcticZombie11 日 前

    How original

  44. Kevin Klein

    Kevin Klein13 日 前

    Dads ruin everything.

  45. Asia Santiago

    Asia Santiago13 日 前


  46. Myboys0711

    Myboys071113 日 前

    Dad putting his shirt on while daughter recording was my favorite. 😂😂😂

  47. Lucero Idalid Cordoba

    Lucero Idalid Cordoba14 日 前

    "That wasn't very smart" How dare you human, he is a good boy 😢🐶🐶

  48. Faith_ Eagle

    Faith_ Eagle14 日 前

    The Reporter Jessica sounds like Miranda Sings

  49. Marc Ballesteros

    Marc Ballesteros14 日 前

    Brody the dog should be a co host !

  50. Marc Ballesteros

    Marc Ballesteros14 日 前

    Lol awwww life happens !

  51. SOSA

    SOSA14 日 前

    My 110 lb pit bull chop would jus run through everything

  52. Norai Marie

    Norai Marie14 日 前

    the girl who was in minute 2:37 was so rude to her father i want to punish her and teach her how to correctly talk to her father😡😡😡😠😠😠😠

  53. Brody 119

    Brody 11915 日 前

    My name is actually Brody

  54. fiya exidor

    fiya exidor15 日 前

    Isn't that a dog name?

  55. Jasmijn Luyten

    Jasmijn Luyten15 日 前

    The weather lady's dog is named Astro ☺️

  56. Live for you, AND ONLY YOU xo

    Live for you, AND ONLY YOU xo15 日 前

    0:25 she’s gonna cry? So what? Don’t give her what she wants just because she will have a tantrum. That’s how she thinks crying will always get her way. Yikes.

  57. InstrumentalMusics

    InstrumentalMusics4 日 前

    Ya stoppid I understand that but why would the father wants everyone know that he ain’t generous on live tv AND HER DAUGHTER TO CRY OVER AND OVER

  58. Misti D

    Misti D4 日 前

    He probably didn't want her to cry on live TV.

  59. Nikhilesh Surve

    Nikhilesh Surve15 日 前

    2:17 The funniest 😂 & it's not even a body one would want to show so he definitely didn't do it on purpose

  60. Plututo

    Plututo13 日 前

    Its a fake stomach

  61. cchewlett

    cchewlett15 日 前

    Me This is funny 1.8 k dislikes Me 👁👄👁

  62. David Jackson MJ

    David Jackson MJ15 日 前

    I actually have the superman film that they showed and my partents have that since 1992

  63. Tia W.

    Tia W.15 日 前


  64. Ayo!It'sTaeTae

    Ayo!It'sTaeTae15 日 前


  65. tubertom

    tubertom15 日 前

    Dogs have a key friendliness gene: www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-dog-friendliness-genes-20170719-story.html

  66. Ravenne Hiro XV

    Ravenne Hiro XV16 日 前

    Try Doris Begornia in the Philippines, when her cats fight in the background while reporting hahaha

  67. Always buckle up

    Always buckle up16 日 前

    I dare u to pause at 0:34

  68. staypeachy

    staypeachy16 日 前

    fun fact: u ain’t watching this in full screen



    Don’t have little human animals or animal animals. Simple.

  70. Apple Pro

    Apple Pro16 日 前

    3:31 they said he had a tie I see no tie

  71. rarity3106

    rarity310616 日 前

    The dad putting his shirt on isn’t even a big deal🤨

  72. rarity3106

    rarity310616 日 前

    The dad putting his shirt on isn’t even a big deal🤨

  73. Aaron Hocker

    Aaron Hocker16 日 前


  74. Gnome

    Gnome17 日 前

    *I’m on live tele!*

  75. bell Ford

    bell Ford17 日 前

    your Dad is not a real Dad untill he embarrass you at least once in your life time....LOL

  76. Andi Saputro

    Andi Saputro17 日 前

    Superman's son is hawt

  77. Boba Kaiż

    Boba Kaiż17 日 前

    0:00 yea that, that guy is like my dad

  78. GamingLive HD The Main Channel

    GamingLive HD The Main Channel17 日 前

    Thankfully the VTRMen covered his "Lower Third"

  79. Areguil

    Areguil17 日 前

    3:33 That's a wierd looking tie he's wearing.

  80. Carrie The Time Traveler

    Carrie The Time Traveler17 日 前

    good video but the sound effects were unnecessary

  81. Popsicles yummy Candy

    Popsicles yummy Candy17 日 前


  82. Celine Deng

    Celine Deng17 日 前

    brody was my fav

  83. ross rocks

    ross rocks18 日 前

    "Superman's alter ego was clark kent, who also stripped down in public" *BURN!!* 🔥 🔥

  84. Seena Danka

    Seena Danka18 日 前

    Do they fire the people or like do they get in trouble

  85. Pearz3

    Pearz318 日 前

    *dad holy-*