Our Dogs Meet a Cat For The First Time


  1. Moxii

    Moxii10 時間 前

    I saw the thumbnail and was like wow the quarantine has not been kind to Rhett, but turns out this came out 2 months ago lol

  2. Sandy Sani

    Sandy Sani11 時間 前

    Idiots! Sorry but this was not okay! Bringing the cat into the dog's territory was a terrible idea! A neutral place where they could have been keeping their distance would definitely have been much better! But I guess they wanted the whole thing to fit a certain narrative! Really not funny!

  3. Ms. Ellie

    Ms. Ellie13 時間 前

    Anyone else notice how aesthetic Rhett’s home is ! I literally love it

  4. Matthew Bergeron

    Matthew Bergeron15 時間 前

    Wow, both of your dogs are so poorly trained. Link did a better job, but Rhett's dog is just inexcusable

  5. Terri Massey

    Terri Massey16 時間 前

    They are supposed to meet on neutral ground, so that neither animal feels like they have to protect anyone or thing.

  6. Carter Siefert

    Carter Siefert17 時間 前

    Why am I not surprised Rhett has a dog that's just as hairy as his Beard

  7. FlightOfTheHunniebee

    FlightOfTheHunniebee18 時間 前

    Cat does nothing at all - dog barks uncontrollably at cat - cat is evil................ how

  8. autumn Mestre

    autumn Mestre18 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="438">7:18</a> My Mom calls that Poo Rumba.

  9. FlightOfTheHunniebee

    FlightOfTheHunniebee18 時間 前

    Pretty ironic when humans (the ONLY actual evil species on this planet) call cats evil....

  10. AlphaSword456

    AlphaSword45618 時間 前

    This video shows me that dog people, are now cat people

  11. Thunders Bolt

    Thunders Bolt20 時間 前

    What cameras do yall use.

  12. Mazza Cheewanich

    Mazza Cheewanich21 時間 前

    Jade is super cute ❤️

  13. Runic Guardian

    Runic Guardian21 時間 前

    Lol, Barbara sux

  14. bongodrumms

    bongodrumms21 時間 前

    As a dog trainer, I so wanted Rhett to discourage his dog from barking, a little discipline or something.

  15. colorbar.s

    colorbar.s22 時間 前

    Rhett acts forceful with cats, and when they act standoff-ish because of it, he immediately assumes it's because they're bad and can't feel affection. He's probably doing his best, but this isn't really the way to go about it.

  16. Shemz Love

    Shemz Love22 時間 前

    They should invite Jackson the cat whisperer on the show

  17. Shemz Love

    Shemz Love22 時間 前

    Rhett should spend a day with a bengle breed or a Cornish Rex

  18. colorbar.s

    colorbar.s22 時間 前

    it greatly upsets me how little rhett understands cats

  19. Evelyn Egan

    Evelyn Egan22 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="438">7:18</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="545">9:05</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="620">10:20</a>

  20. Ace Case

    Ace Case23 時間 前

    this episode looked just like the office!

  21. Lizz 420

    Lizz 42023 時間 前

    There dogs are so freaking cute

  22. ImThe 11Dimensions

    ImThe 11Dimensions23 時間 前

    Man, your dog should eat from the cat’s ass! Should gobble all the s**t up, you know your dog loves to eat s**t!

  23. Jazz V

    Jazz V23 時間 前

    Fireball’s crate is soo small for him

  24. Sean Cunningham

    Sean Cunningham日 前

    Grizzly Adams had a 700 lb bear for a friend. Rhett has a 10 lb lap dog. Up your game rhett

  25. Jojo's Universe

    Jojo's Universe日 前

    Jade is looking at Fireball like "You're a funny looking dog. I like you!!"

  26. Christopher Langan

    Christopher Langan日 前

    Get a white cat

  27. turquoise blackmon

    turquoise blackmon日 前

    My cat isn't evil. She's just sneaky 😂. She knows how to sit and even says simple words like up and on. Im afraid of dogs rn because of a recent bite attack. But I'm not opposed to dogs. Like rhett lol except without the traumatic incident

  28. Christopher Langan

    Christopher Langan日 前

    Tabby doesn't refer to ginger, it refers to the stripes and the M on their heads

  29. Silvercloud Last Homely House

    Silvercloud Last Homely House日 前

    Barbara was 100% she protected her loved ones against an unknown, respect.

  30. Geekboi

    Geekboi日 前

    I haven't been part of this fandom for a while What The hell Happened TO RHETTS HAIR AND BEARD

  31. Julia F

    Julia F日 前

    Does anyone know what type of dog Jade is? She’s so cute!!

  32. Ingrid Luga

    Ingrid Luga日 前

    It's Barbara's territory. It's perfectly normal her reaction. Maybe they should meet in neutral territory

  33. Brady Taylor

    Brady Taylor日 前

    1.2k people are upset Rhett doesn't like cats.

  34. Wink Blue

    Wink Blue日 前

    Rhett looks like he was lost at sea and just made it back a couple days ago

  35. Amber Carter

    Amber Carter日 前

    How do they not laugh at each other’s jokes???

  36. VarietyPax

    VarietyPax日 前

    Rhett. If you actually got close to and spent time with a cat of your own, you'd love cats. Seeing how your dog reacted, I don't think that would be fair for the cat though.

  37. VarietyPax

    VarietyPax日 前

    Hi. Vet tech here. The butt scoot means Jade needs her anal glands expressed. Just set up an appointment for that at your vet hospital (when the world is a little safer, of course).

  38. Tim Haldane

    Tim Haldane日 前

    The background music MADE this video.

  39. Amanda

    Amanda日 前

    Dogs have been brainwashed into loving us don’t @ me. Cats are superior.

  40. Dinsdale Seven

    Dinsdale Seven日 前

    Randy Quaid? One step ahead of the cops I see with that attack dog.

  41. Jeremiah Sells

    Jeremiah Sells日 前

    Ok, so the cat named Fireball is described as being Chaotic Neutral. The owner must play D&D.

  42. Closed

    Closed日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="28">0:28</a> so cute 😂

  43. Mimi Chio

    Mimi Chio日 前

    I just wanna say, I really appreciate being able to understand your vlogs because of subtitles AAAAAAHHHH so far it's really fun

  44. Jennifer Waldkirch

    Jennifer Waldkirch日 前

    I'm sure it's been said in the comment section before but... cats do also sniff each other's butts! lol. I think it might be more of a domination thing for cats though because mine always like to sniff competitively with each other. also i did not like the tone Rhett took with that sweet boy, Fireball :P

  45. mimichan meow

    mimichan meow日 前

    Small dogs are spawns of Satan

  46. jessica winters

    jessica winters日 前

    What kind of dog is Jade???

  47. P. consuela banana H.

    P. consuela banana H.日 前

    Rhett has never been loved by a cat and it shows.

  48. GlamourGirl Eats TV

    GlamourGirl Eats TV日 前

    I am laughing way too hard at the dogs name being Barbara...😂

  49. Daniel McCarthy

    Daniel McCarthy日 前

    Cat savagely attacks plant

  50. Daniel McCarthy

    Daniel McCarthy日 前

    Rhetts definition of cats: spawn of satin

  51. Katie Jade

    Katie Jade日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">0:00</a> I didn't know they had a baby seal

  52. Ramita Shrestha

    Ramita Shrestha日 前


  53. jilliebeane

    jilliebeane日 前

    Fireball is cool...Barbara not so much. That screeching bark is awful, talk about the spawn of Satan.

  54. Techno sailor

    Techno sailor日 前

    This was funny af 😂

  55. Braeden_wolf

    Braeden_wolf日 前

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="468">7:48</a> rhett enters ghost adventures

  56. QuinKilkziard

    QuinKilkziard日 前

    Love the 'Dias Irae' from Verdi's Requiem lol

  57. Christine W

    Christine W日 前

    A dog named Barbara, ok 🐶

  58. Es Gee

    Es Gee日 前

    "the bias is very deep with that white dog" - link describes the whole of the south?

  59. Lexy Lawrence

    Lexy Lawrence日 前


  60. Ró McAuliffe

    Ró McAuliffe日 前

    Fireball is such a sweet cat.

  61. kev the king

    kev the king日 前

    “Two girls one cage” sounds like the title of a very different video

  62. Sean M

    Sean M日 前

    "2 girls 1 cage"

  63. Sakubine GD

    Sakubine GD日 前

    "jade has seen the cat i think" Me:There not even an inch away from each other <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="409">6:49</a>

  64. Emma Lo

    Emma Lo日 前

    Barbara and Rhett have the same haircuts

  65. jaydles

    jaydles日 前

    Link: "Hey Jade" Me: Wassup man?

  66. SkyDraws

    SkyDraws日 前

    I'm playing with my cats while watching this

  67. Jenen Ahmad

    Jenen Ahmad日 前

    this is a proof that pets are a pure reflection of their owner

  68. Chlorine Lori

    Chlorine Lori日 前

    This was hilarious,all off the animals used in the video are absolute cuties 😍😍.

  69. The_Polish_Prince

    The_Polish_Prince日 前

    That moment when cats are a sacred animal to you...

  70. Danae Cabrera

    Danae Cabrera日 前

    Their dogs look and act like them lol

  71. siah johnson

    siah johnson日 前


  72. Jacob Ross

    Jacob Ross日 前

    Hold up is this a dog's life reference

  73. Diana

    Diana2 日 前

    But has the cat met dogs up close before this interaction? Fireball seems pretty calm. My cat wouldn't be, haha

  74. —Flower Frost—

    —Flower Frost—2 日 前

    I love that I have the same name as links dog jade hehe 💕

  75. Teemu Lusua

    Teemu Lusua2 日 前

    Rhett is stoopid

  76. Rehan Babu

    Rehan Babu2 日 前

    Its frickin Goose

  77. - KogenoDo -

    - KogenoDo -2 日 前

    The force is strong with Barbra

  78. my painting hands

    my painting hands2 日 前

    Rhett: *hates cats* Me: can't relate

  79. Sunny Eas

    Sunny Eas2 日 前

    Oh she was so cute running to the car omg

  80. Krzysztof Maziak

    Krzysztof Maziak2 日 前

    my dog would chomp that cat in 3 bites and that would the end , German Sheppard btw , if ur dog like cats then ur dog is broken

  81. RipRasco

    RipRasco2 日 前

    even their dogs are best friendsi