Our $70,000 Experiment


  1. Richard Kelly

    Richard Kelly19 分 前

    4:48 I got those Johnny FPV chills

  2. AgneTube Agne

    AgneTube Agne7 時間 前

    ill donate 0.01 per like

  3. niveditha cv

    niveditha cv8 時間 前

    Will Smith's video led me to you guys and this is one of the best thing ever happened to me. ❤️❤️

  4. Raymond Irani

    Raymond Irani9 時間 前

    Honestly even tho I'm still young my first challenge is going to be to meet you guys!

  5. Rahman Tusher

    Rahman Tusher10 時間 前

    Who actually spent a dollar to watch their documentary? Yes= Like

  6. Josh Fonzy

    Josh Fonzy13 時間 前

    Getting Strangers Pregnant ! - Yes Theory

  7. ChillyDINO 7

    ChillyDINO 714 時間 前

    Umm uploads plz

  8. Rata Chowdhury

    Rata Chowdhury18 時間 前

    You can make a video on- Helping poors Joining in a eco system organisation And again come to India(Kolkata city)😛😛

  9. Avinash Kumar

    Avinash Kumar日 前

    Were amar roasted by Jeff Ross?

  10. Atul Juneja

    Atul Juneja2 日 前

    #YesTheory ♥️✌️ I don't know guys if you will read this comment or not but anyway I wanna tell you one thing.. I started watching your videos few days back and I watched many videos and from that moment I go everywhere with my #Passport in my bag 😂😂 God knows if I meet you in near future and you'll ask me to come with you then I'll definitely say a BIG YES and will go anywhere with you OR maybe I'll show you around ♥️☮️♥️ P.S. Wants to travel the world but due to responsibilities and job.. couldn't do it. I'm #NursingOfficer working in NEW DELHI, INDIA🇮🇳

  11. The Unboxing Experience

    The Unboxing Experience2 日 前

    Yo bro that trailer is insane. Even better than some movie trailers

  12. Practice Master

    Practice Master3 日 前

    I would legit pay $100 but I don't think my parents would let me gift even a dollar....

  13. FoxCZ

    FoxCZ3 日 前

    I'm donating through the people in the comments who say they will donate based on the number of likes they get haha.

  14. Teagan Rogers

    Teagan Rogers5 日 前

    I’m so glad you guys got to make this journey a reality. If anyone deserves such an experience, it’s you guys. Supporting dreams is an amazing cause.

  15. Clay Kuciemba

    Clay Kuciemba7 日 前

    Yes Theory has the seek discomfort slogan and I'd love to pursue that mentality. Give me something worth seeking and finding for myself. Dare me.

  16. Greg Elmes

    Greg Elmes8 日 前

    Shall I buy this I am 14 and not sure weather I should or not.

  17. Lili Montes

    Lili Montes8 日 前

    Your next $70,000 experiment: help me pay my student debt lol

  18. Bijiee Ni Bai

    Bijiee Ni Bai8 日 前

    How I wish I could travels like you guys. -From Philippines

  19. G. S.

    G. S.8 日 前

    who's the fpv drone pilot ?? What a beast

  20. grace brown

    grace brown9 日 前

    yalll are amazing

  21. Munsir Baig

    Munsir Baig10 日 前

    It was amazing

  22. Naomi Stringer

    Naomi Stringer10 日 前


  23. Sophia Milanos

    Sophia Milanos10 日 前

    I will donate $1 for every 10 likes in the next 7 days!

  24. Aristotle Novus

    Aristotle Novus10 日 前

    Graham Hannock

  25. Biswo Adhikari

    Biswo Adhikari10 日 前

    hey guys !! why don't you guys visit Nepal!!!!! it definately is the best place to travel .

  26. Priscilla Vasquez

    Priscilla Vasquez10 日 前

    correct me if im wrong but isnt " the ruins" that scary movie from 2008 about a gropu of teens who go to the lost city of mirador and die

  27. Akshay kumar

    Akshay kumar10 日 前

    Is Amar dad joke to you guys??

  28. Kelly Delgado

    Kelly Delgado11 日 前

    Hey guys!!! The documentary has subtitles in Spanish?

  29. Matthew Morris

    Matthew Morris11 日 前

    the trailer almost made me cry.... imagine the movie :0

  30. Matias Cuestas

    Matias Cuestas11 日 前

    I love Sam kolder I’m so glad he’s in this, one of the best video editors to live on earth

  31. Francesco Plinio D'Ignazio

    Francesco Plinio D'Ignazio12 日 前

    i don't want to see the film... because i cant pay... and something like this need to be paid, one day i will do it

  32. Eliot Charzat

    Eliot Charzat12 日 前

    Use me as a WOW button

  33. Eliana

    Eliana12 日 前

    amazing video

  34. LaughterSlayer

    LaughterSlayer14 日 前

    I paid and I couldn't watch becsue media file couldn't be played

  35. princessali83

    princessali8314 日 前

    Iv never financially supported any youtubers before but y’all are different when I came across you guys ,y’all changed my life, made me wanna yes to life and seek what makes me uncomfortable, I have reached a lot of my goals and have had more opportunities Bc of your motivation and I wanna see you guys succeed with this documentary and am gonna do whatever I can to help that

  36. Rubin lopez

    Rubin lopez15 日 前

    I paid 105 to be able to watch it. I never got the chance to finish it and now it saids "error loading meadia: file could not be played" 😭🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️

  37. kafiltafish

    kafiltafish15 日 前

    Gave what I could! Keep inspiring! 😁

  38. Robyn Guilliane Tejedor

    Robyn Guilliane Tejedor15 日 前

    Man. Correction about the coffee thing. The coffee is priceless so there are no equal price of that the hard work of the farmers and its roasters. 3-4 years growing until harvesting 5-6years for fermenting it. You shouldn't say your projects worth more than the FRICKING Coffee. Just saying man.

  39. LIT CITY

    LIT CITY16 日 前

    Come Nepal to see my poor life

  40. Official Diego

    Official Diego16 日 前

    yes theory is gay noe

  41. Carlos David Rivera Choscó

    Carlos David Rivera Choscó16 日 前

    Hey guys, I am huge fan of your videos. Congratulations on this project!! It is so cool that you chose my country to do such a project! I have done the expedition to El Mirador once and it was a life changing experience!! Thanks for coming to Guatemala, come back any time you want, you are more than welcome!!

  42. rachel gor

    rachel gor17 日 前

    the only channel that i watch the entire ads for

  43. A.

    A.18 日 前

    Just had to look twice, suddenly seeing fav JPreporterr Sorelle appearing on the screen😱❤❤

  44. Shaheer Ahmad

    Shaheer Ahmad18 日 前

    can we go spam MRBEAST for donating money for the documentary?

  45. Peter Gk.

    Peter Gk.7 日 前


  46. Anna Sunshine

    Anna Sunshine19 日 前

    is there a way we can help you to translate the documentary in different languages, for different subtitles?

  47. Timothy Krause

    Timothy Krause20 日 前

    Ahh shit! I knew I saw your name on the wall at the start of the hike. I didn’t know it was for this!

  48. MrJknic

    MrJknic20 日 前

    Just got done watching the documentary. It makes me want to take a step back and think. Is what I am doing now a, all the failing and tears. Leading to something bigger and better then what I could think of. The stress of what I am going through going to lead me to something I never thought of that will be best for me and change my life in was I couldn't think of.

  49. Victoria Abel

    Victoria Abel21 日 前

    Guys I really miss the crazy travels and real life situations where we all must learn to be uncomfortable, still love their content but definitely miss the old yes theory videos! Love u all

  50. H Eri Visuals.

    H Eri Visuals.21 日 前

    Hey guys. I am a up and coming animator based off instagram. I am currently at 24 followers. Please help me reach 1k and my dreams will come true. Thanks!

  51. Fahman Falulur

    Fahman Falulur22 日 前

    Yes Theory: Featuring Sam Kolder Me: Shut up and take my money!

  52. Emissary SparkBird

    Emissary SparkBird22 日 前

    I love Yes Theory, but I thought of this. If everyone would say yes or ask things like these things. It would be normal, kinda annoying if everyone asks it at some point. Therefore I want to point out. We are all one family. Even if you do not step out of your comfort. We can be dreamers. We can be makers. But we all connect on a certain level. But the feeling you get in doing these kind of stuff remains the same. The rush, this feeling which can spread fast over to people you do not know. This collective of being one family is the feeling we all share. We cry together, we laugh together. We see people happy and our inner demon can be silenced. No matter who you are, where you from and what your past is. I love all of you and to be honest I am happy to know a channel, a platform that bonds us. I stepped out of my comfort zone quite often now and despite every no and every let down you know what? That one yes...that one yes out of thousands makes you more happy, than the 999x no you received. And if you are reading this and have doubt in doing something out of your comfort zone, let me tell you this. Would you rather regret receiving a no or never trying in the first place. Most people you meet random strangers you will maybe just see once really. Take the chance. You got the advantage of the surpise anyway and that can have a great impact on its own. Live the dash. Your bucketlist is a puzzle. Each no is just another piece which did not fit quite yet. It will take a few tries, but never stop chasing what you want to do.

  53. ZOOK Gameplay

    ZOOK Gameplay22 日 前

    Bro 5$ is worth my 5 days of living here in India 😅

  54. Issa

    Issa23 日 前

    Disappointed you didn’t show much about the pyramid after all the hyping about the largest pyramid in the world and then you don’t talk about it or show much about it. No historical insight. Why isn’t it in the news. Is there a link to Egypt. Are you aware there’s more large pyramids in the world?

  55. Anna Rodes

    Anna Rodes23 日 前

    Yeah sorry can’t watch it ion even have a card so...😭😭

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    I'll donate 1$ for my each and every new subscriber from the next 5 hours. if you subscribe me comment below and I'll donate. Just go here and click subscribe jpreporter.net/title-harshpatel1408 Edit: doneted 2$

  57. Lalo Brtpk

    Lalo Brtpk15 日 前

    Harsh Patel cap

  58. Claus Kube

    Claus Kube23 日 前

    I am a bit late but i need to buy this !!! So amazign i dont have enough words to say how awesome and how inspiring and brave yes theory is with what they are doing and what kind of content they put out their ! Amazign !!!

  59. Gabi Katz

    Gabi Katz24 日 前

    Donating 10 cents for every like in the next 10 days

  60. hannahgelaaa

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  61. Phillip Gregorowski

    Phillip Gregorowski25 日 前

    I got goosebumps from this trailer!!! Absolutely love your channel, keep it up!!

  62. Jazmin Zenteno

    Jazmin Zenteno26 日 前

    I just bought it lol but in what part do we put our dream? Or the thing you were talking about in 2:35