One Piece - TOP 30 Strongest Characters Debate/Discussion -AOKIJI IS STRONGER THAN AKAINU?! 836+


  1. Henry Kasenburg

    Henry Kasenburgヶ月 前

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  2. Neo Xiao Long

    Neo Xiao Long2 年 前

    Well theory is a moron imo massively sleeping on hancock

  3. kaneki kira

    kaneki kira2 年 前

    I think mihawk didnt even use haki during marineford , he just throwing slash all over to play shichibukai , if he use haki buggy would be dead

  4. TheMonsterTrio

    TheMonsterTrio3 年 前

    Dragon could teach more than the second hand man on the pirate kings ship? Who the fuck is this guy man omg just... sabo isn't beating no gear 4th luffy, facts.

  5. Amir Howard

    Amir Howard3 年 前

    ty is basically the one piece version of skip bayless

  6. Amir Howard

    Amir Howard3 年 前

    how do you partake in the streams?

  7. Amir Howard

    Amir Howard3 年 前

    1. Dragon 2. Shanks 3. Kaido 4. Black Beard 5. Big Mom 6. Akainu 7. Aoikiji 8. Kizaru 9. Fujitora 10. Sabo 11. Mihawk 12. Ben Beckman 13. Jack 14. Marco 15. Edward Weevil 16. Garp 17. Sengoku 18. Doflamingo 19. Magellan 20. Luffy 21. Boa Hancock 22. Rob Lucci 23. Kid 24. Law 25. X-Drake 26. Zoro 27. Jimbe 28. Kuma 29. Ivankov 30. Urouge0

  8. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    "Sanji smokes :)" 'ya. and he got his leg cracked. what's your point?' lmfao my boy ty or whatever with the fucking rebuttals.

  9. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    "why the tats on their back?" 'well it's a gang!' 😂

  10. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    'crocodile is Luffys mother'....'that's kinda gay' 😂😂

  11. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    Jumba 😂😂😂😂

  12. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    Niga said Gehko Moriya hahaha

  13. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    "33 hp" hahahahaha

  14. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    Hahaha "what if Fuji went against luffy? then what would his hp be?" "13" l0000l

  15. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    OMYDAYS. I love this dude man. "Fuji wins. .. with 23 hp" 😂😂😂😂😂

  16. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    OMYDAYS. I love this dude man. "Fuji wins. .. with 23 hp" 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    people think Zoro has more endurance over luffy just because the dude works out every time they aren't fighting enemies. but Luffy doesn't kno when to give up. he just eats and goofs around, but when it's war time. he's the real deal and not even Zoros work outs since birth can overcome Luffys mentality when it comes to competition

  18. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    full review on the StrawHats pirates lmfao good one

  19. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    that heavy breathing about Virgo got me busting lmfao. I like that dude

  20. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    the niga talking about it not virgo. Virgos a square

  21. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    Jozu gets slept on l0l. dude is a monster , he can probably beat Mihawk because of his devil fruit

  22. isaias blanco

    isaias blanco3 年 前

    big mom at 10 wtf

  23. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    if they say Akainu or Blackbeard took out Whitebeard by them self that's a cracked out story.

  24. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    L0l brago is right about Dragon. you nigas sleepin on dragon. how the hell is he gona be most wanted, but get swept by Blackbeard. l0l I understand black beard is breaking records at this point, but Oda wouldn't gas up Dragon this far into the story, like years of gassing up Dragon in the shadows, then cutting him out without a solid scenery.

  25. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    I can c why dragons one.

  26. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    #1 enel? lmfao bruh that wasn't funny -.-

  27. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    ahh you were joking haha good

  28. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    Lmfaoo big mom number 1? whaat haha that made me Crack up not even mad @ that

  29. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    That's wrong. it wasn't garp and singoku vs shiki it was just the Marines and singoku vs shiki, they didn't let garp fight.

  30. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    so you put the OGs at 10-20 because they're old and their stamina is fucked up? I thought it was top 30 strongest characters, not top 30 currently.

  31. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    Sick rebuttal. I love ace, but that rebuttal on point. "what's the point of lookin for Marco if he can't beat him?" "Ace went lookin for BlackBeard" bang .

  32. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    ay nice rebuttal. "what's the point of lookin for Marco. if you can't beat him?" "ace went lookin for BlackBeard." I love Ace but that was a sick rebutall

  33. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    'wait wait you have Jozu over sabo?' dude shut the fuck up u have Garp @ 27 or 28 you're disabled.

  34. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    that dude put luffy @ 26 😂😂 can't wait to c who he has 20-25

  35. Bigg Penguin

    Bigg Penguin3 年 前

    when that niga said "this is gona take way too long if we comment everytime" I was like aw so it's gona be like a 30minute video. I look and it's 4 hours lmfao I'm down

  36. Gold Jozi

    Gold Jozi3 年 前

    even tho my opinions align like 60/40 with ty, I definitely feel he's necessary in these discussions

  37. Gold Jozi

    Gold Jozi3 年 前

    this stream was lit

  38. 6lack cat

    6lack cat3 年 前

    this outro is heat

  39. Davidson -

    Davidson -3 年 前

    shanks was the #1 swordsman before he lost his arm .....

  40. Davidson -

    Davidson -3 年 前

    Boom Ol I don't have facts but if you read through mihawk no longer wanted any bouts with shanks after he lost his arm . meaning he would look for competition . No where has it stated that shanks has gone after Mihawk for bouts since he was never that type . From that I concur that shanks was number one and mihawk was number two . feel free to disagree

  41. Davidson -

    Davidson -3 年 前

    shanks haki is in another world wtf

  42. Davidson -

    Davidson -3 年 前

    shanks had conquer's haki before he lost his arm

  43. Davidson -

    Davidson -3 年 前

    mihawk was sparing with shanks when they were luffy's age (17-19)

  44. Davidson -

    Davidson -3 年 前

    if Virgo was that much stronger than sanji than his leg would have shattered which wasn't the case all that happened was a crack which leads me to believe if sanji hakied up it would be no comp

  45. Teddy/DarkMugiwara

    Teddy/DarkMugiwara年 前

    Panda Panda No mi There is too much room for speculation when it comes to this confrontation. It looked like neither of them was using haki, tho it seems like Vergo may have been using tekkai, if we go by Sanji’s comment after the initial hit

  46. Davidson -

    Davidson -3 年 前

    gotta put green bull under Fuji smh

  47. Davidson -

    Davidson -3 年 前

    If kizaru could beat reyleigh he would have took him in that day point blank period

  48. Davidson -

    Davidson -3 年 前

    if he's looking for Marco he has to be able to beat him ...That's crazy logic since kid went looking after kaido and got straight raped

  49. Davidson -

    Davidson -3 年 前

    Ben Beckman had kizaru on lock WTF

  50. Davidson -

    Davidson -3 年 前

    didn't garp turn down the promotion to be fleet admiral???? he's stronger than son goku

  51. Cerkas

    Cerkas3 年 前

    No way Mihawk is on the same level as Shanks! I Have Shanks at 1 too, but its Shanks or Kaido.....Blackbeard isn stronger than Shanks....Yet!

  52. Cerkas

    Cerkas3 年 前

    I feel like all of the Main Villains pre time skip are really strong after the time skip.....Especially Rob Lucci, Crocodile and Enel, i feel like these 3 are going to be a LOT stronger when we see them again.

  53. Cerkas

    Cerkas3 年 前

    If Crocodile was the 2 Commander on Whitebeard Crew before Ace (Its a theory out there) everybody was going to say, Crocodile almost Admiral level and bla bla bla........Crocodile is STRONG! He has one of the strongest Devil Fruits, he only lost to Luffy because of PLOT, the story have to continue, like, luffy lost 2 times. Crocodile is stronger than a lot of guys in those top 30, im just waiting for Crocodile to comeback and beat somebody really strong or "something like that", and everyone is going to put him very high, just like Urouge.

  54. Yes sir

    Yes sir3 年 前

    30 urouge :D 18 days later

  55. tokloy santiago

    tokloy santiago3 年 前

    Without Theory, this stream would've been shit. No disrespect to the rest but that one dude who keep saying you heard it here first in pure garbage.

  56. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace3 年 前


  57. Shane Kenny

    Shane Kenny3 年 前

    do you guys have a podcast?

  58. Neil Eapen

    Neil Eapen3 年 前

    I believe that Akainu is way stronger than Blackbeard. Blackbeard and his whole crew fled when they saw Akainu coming. And this was after Blackbeard got Whitebeard's powers too.


    DEEDSHOT R8 ヶ月 前

    that is not the case, it is more akin to... Fighting Akainu without a reason would be idiotic

  60. Nick Ellis

    Nick Ellis3 年 前

    Neil Eapen not way stronger, they walked away. and Akainu didn't fight because the fight would be too much hassle

  61. Ed Aniyeloye

    Ed Aniyeloye3 年 前

    Yo that Riq guy is a total dumbass

  62. ThatKidMo16

    ThatKidMo163 年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="150">2:30</a>:00 his top 5 list is what I believe as well. You guys put shanks and Blackbeard too low in your top 5 Blackbeard has 2 of the most powerful devil fruits he has been training with for two years and shanks haki is no question godly since his haki alone tore whitebeard's ship apart. I don't see why kaido is number 1 if it's simply because he can't die, there must be some catch to beating him. And ty is right dragon is the most wanted because he has an army that goes DIRECTLY against the wg, it doesn't make him the strongest character. But dragon has to be close to yonko tier if his right hand man is sabo



    This is my honest opinion. At the battle of Marineford, three Admirals, a Fleet admiral, Garp (where ever you want to put him) Against the Whitebeard Fleet (Whitebeard and friends). Now personally i dont believe in the power level rankings because of character development and secret agenda with each characters story. But Marco faught with Kizaru. Ace couldnt really hang with the red dog but then Akainu got crushed and left for dead by an old injured Whitebeard. Ben Beckman's appearance is up for speculation and Shanks and crew stopped the whole damn war.... The power levels are too vague and specific fights arent enough to draw a proper opinion.

  64. Vamsi Krishna

    Vamsi Krishna3 年 前

    Tyquan... Your interpretations.... are literally shit... Feel sorry for you bro.

  65. Alex Brown

    Alex Brown3 年 前

    You guys sleep on Jozu so hard, half of you have him below the supernova?! He's an admiral level threat. He should be up around Jack and Fujitora!

  66. O Soskic

    O Soskic3 年 前

    I think with this new obtained haki and Gear 4 Luffy would beat Mangellan. I really think he would!

  67. Operation: Drued

    Operation: Drued3 年 前

    I'm so surprised nobody mentioned Vista

  68. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest3 年 前

    Bro are you doing a discussion today?

  69. Korie Lennard

    Korie Lennard3 年 前

    Zoro was the first person to recognize fuji strength in front of bar

  70. darren cabezudo

    darren cabezudo3 年 前

    Ooof your boy called rogersbase thraga!!! If you gonna call any theorist trash it's gotta be fantalk shits getting spooky

  71. Papa Phoenix

    Papa Phoenix3 年 前

    Sabo is number 3. SABO IS YONKO LEVEL

  72. darren cabezudo

    darren cabezudo3 年 前

    Eos most ppl think it will be zoro vs fuji and sanji vs kizaru, so fuji gotta be stronger the kizaru imo

  73. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace3 年 前

    Ehh Fuji is a candidate to join the revolutionaries honestly.

  74. damn lazymofos

    damn lazymofos3 年 前

    1. Shanks 2. Kaido 3. Dragon 4. Magmabrat 5. Zehahahaha 6. Mihawk 7. Aokiji 8. Trollzaru 9. Big Momu 10. Fujitora 11. Sabo 12. Shiryu 13. Doffy 14. Mammothboyz 15. Marco The Five O'Clock Shadow

  75. DreKlan

    DreKlan3 年 前

    I thought my friends had crazy power rankings. But its good its not like dragon ball where its cut and dried. Always room to debate

  76. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace3 年 前

    +Brago D. Ace were*

  77. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace3 年 前

    bro we all over the place lol

  78. Patrick Lorfils

    Patrick Lorfils3 年 前

    Remind me of ballers from ny

  79. Patrick Lorfils

    Patrick Lorfils3 年 前

    Ty was wilding lol sanji ain't stretch before the fight hahaha

  80. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest3 年 前

    I was just trying to let my point be known lol. It feels like a lot of vs fights that did not end in a ko has a lot of ifs, ands, and buts about the outcome we read/seen not being the real outcome because "he did not go all out. he was trolling, he was not at 100% he was only at 99.9%" because they favor one character over the other" and i'm getting sick of that!

  81. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace3 年 前

    lmao that was hilarious

  82. S Migliore15

    S Migliore153 年 前

    That ending had me weak lol

  83. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest3 年 前

    Thanks lol

  84. blackfour5

    blackfour53 年 前

    How is Weevil stronger than Luffy?

  85. Dreads brown

    Dreads brown3 年 前

    I don't think any of the monsters trio for you are close to admiral level cause I don't think zoro and sanji are Their just yet and in the cause of luffy when luffy master gear 4 he'll be able to fight one of them but not win remember these are the same people who needed abandon Island to fight cause their power are that hack also these are same who were fighting for 10 days most likely master of armament and observation haki with awaken devil fruit power. Who power still have effort on the island today.

  86. Dark king 360

    Dark king 3603 年 前

    I think Akainu is top 3

  87. blackfour5

    blackfour53 年 前

    And y'all said Anime fan talks list was bogus 😂😂😂

  88. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace3 年 前

    A lot of feedback on this video. We may need to have a part 2 with a different cast.

  89. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest3 年 前

    I would love to be a part of that cast =) Thanks

  90. Gon8Killua

    Gon8Killua3 年 前

    Sawyer7mage, rogersbase, ty, theory theory, and Cody to troll and possibly animefantalk so he can rage when someone puts moriah at #30

  91. AtlasCommando

    AtlasCommando3 年 前

    Get Rogersbase

  92. cglunleashed

    cglunleashed3 年 前

    I suggest shounenjumpcaptain

  93. blackfour5

    blackfour53 年 前

    I love all your streams bro, but bro to bro: if you aren't gonna invite Danny for trolling, please do not invite Riq. He is the most annoying guy ever. At least when Cody trolls it's funny.

  94. Dreads brown

    Dreads brown3 年 前

    1 shanks 2 Kaido 3 Blackbeard 4 dragon 5 big mom 6 akainu 7 mihawk 8 aokiji 9 kizaru 10 benn Beckmann 11 fujitora 12 Marco 13 mangellan 14 shiliew 15 doflamingo 16 jack 17 garp age he 78 18 Rayleigh age 78 19 sengoku age 79 20 jozu 21 sabo 22 kid 23 luffy 24 law 25 weevil 26 hancock 27 kuma 28 jinbe 29 zoro 30 x drake

  95. Clifton Thomas

    Clifton Thomas3 年 前

    "He didn't have his steel toe boots on!!!" Funniest part I've heard so far!!!

  96. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest3 年 前

    Thanks lol

  97. Brago D. Ace

    Brago D. Ace3 年 前

    LMAO that shyt was hilarious!

  98. Clifton Thomas

    Clifton Thomas3 年 前

    This started many more funny moments!!!

  99. King Ross

    King Ross3 年 前

    My list from 30-1. Where I have slashes it means that I couldn't decide between them. 30. Killer 29. Hawkins 28. Kuma 27. X Drake 26. Jinbe 25. Boa Hancock 24. Sanji 23. Zoro 22. Law 21. Kidd/Rob Lucci 20. Luffy 19. Duke Inuarashi/NekoMamushi 18. Jozu 17. Magellan 16. Shiliew of the Rain 15. Sabo/Doflamingo 14. Jack/Fugitora/Marco 13. Kizaru 12. Sengoku 11. Rayleigh 10. Garp 9. Benn Beckman 8. Kuzan 7. Akainu 6. Mihawk 5. Big Mom 4. BlackBeard 3. Dragon 2. Kaidou 1. Shanks

  100. Chilly

    Chilly3 年 前

    Thats was indeed a lit stream!!! Keep it up everyone :]

  101. Sharrieff W.

    Sharrieff W.3 年 前

    What if Mihawk doesnt want to fight shanks anymore, because shanks won their last duel and mihawk feels that if he fights him now and wins its not a real win because he didnt fight shanks at his full strength that happens alot in anime/manga. Its apparent shanks is stronger than mihawk just based on how he speaks down to him. Shanks is the only person to constantly change the weather just based on his mood.

  102. Sharrieff W.

    Sharrieff W.3 年 前

    Why are people Hyping up Sanji post time skip and putting him over people like Lucci and X drake. X drake kicked the pacafista into a building with ease Pre time skip sanji nearly broke his leg. Sanji got his leg cracked by a vergo who hadnt used his Haki to our knowledge all he said was vergos leg felt like iron that could be simple tenkai. Sanji wasnt strong enough to even make doffy flinch from one of his top kicks and sanji clearly tried his hardest cause doffy was ready to kill his crew members. Sanji has yet to even use a high form of haki. Putting sanji and zoro on close levels pre time skip aye thats fine but post time skip luffy and zoro have left him far behind. Sanji will probably get stronger soon but as of right now sanji aint even close to top 30. Over Lucci who lost to Luffy(Plot style) with a newly aquired devil fruit and agaisnt a Rubber man and Gear 2nd. and over X drake who has his Zoan fruit and strength in his base form to damage a pacafista.

  103. stebogameboy

    stebogameboy3 年 前

    Doflamingo didn't get split by Law once and why not? We don't know. It's still so much about Power Scaling we still gotta figure out.

  104. stebogameboy

    stebogameboy3 年 前

    Lucci's Devil Fruit was not new and I can't stand when people put Zoro on Luffy's level. Do you see Zoro doin better than Sanji against an angry Doflamingo? Zoro beat Pica easily once he stopped running. Sanji went toe to toe with Vergo while heavily injured and only bowed out because he broke his leg. Power scaling in One Piece is confusing anyway. Zoro and Sanji have always been seen as equals and now people assume Zoro has left him in the dust. Some people think Zoro is stronger than Luffy and people still hold Alabasta against Crocodile even though to me it's clear that Marineford was redemption for Croco. Keep in mind that we still don't understand how so many Mid and Top-tier even fight and so many things that should happen don't for unknown reasons. What's the full extent of Haki? Do the Admirals and Yonko even bother with Rokushiki and does anybody else other than the Minkmen have access to Electro?

  105. tyquan1000finest

    tyquan1000finest3 年 前

    Great point & lol @simple tenkai!