One Piece - The End Of The Strawhat Pirate Alliance


  1. Brandon Walker

    Brandon Walker年 前

    I don't think Law is truly out. I remember in the SMILE arc that he first teamed up with Luffy to bring down Kaido. If anything I think that if he does team up with the opposition it'll be to gain insight.

  2. MonkeyRiq

    MonkeyRiq年 前

    i agree now i think law is in the alliance

  3. uzlen

    uzlen年 前

    I’m calling it here law is gonna free all the pirates in the same prison he is in

  4. DankKurapika8

    DankKurapika8年 前

    Grooovy music

  5. nikiatsu niiik

    nikiatsu niiik年 前

    This is bs

  6. Dante Salvador

    Dante Salvador年 前

    Good job luffy

  7. Navneet Pandey

    Navneet Pandey年 前

    Good JOB

  8. Hakim Diggins

    Hakim Diggins年 前

    I think luffy will get a staff and use his advance amor haki or awakening to beat kadio. I believe that this fight will happen like sun Wukong vs the dragon of the four seas and the samurai era.

  9. Luke Sparkman

    Luke Sparkman年 前

    Hakim Diggins weapons not his style, he wanna conquer the world with his bare fists

  10. ekbutle ’

    ekbutle ’年 前

    Luffy never sticks to the plan thats why he Said his ”plan”

  11. Guava Pastries

    Guava Pastries年 前

    What chapter did law leave the alliance?

  12. SmaugUKA

    SmaugUKA年 前

    There's isn't one.

  13. Samima Ebrahim

    Samima Ebrahim年 前

    The Question is.. What if the one piece is the straw hat??

  14. Gerald Johnson Jr

    Gerald Johnson Jr年 前

    what about the huge hat with chore boy that showed

  15. Jpgaming 18

    Jpgaming 18年 前

    Lol, Oda already said that the straw hat is not the one piece

  16. Monkey D. Luffy

    Monkey D. Luffy年 前

    Oda already said it isn't

  17. Rana Pratap

    Rana Pratap年 前

    That's a very interesting theory

  18. Roman Tarar

    Roman Tarar年 前

    Alliance are not going to end here Write my words If he tell them now nothing is matter

  19. Roman Tarar

    Roman Tarar年 前

    He easily kill both Hawkins and jack if his mates are not captured

  20. harsha vardhan 2019

    harsha vardhan 2019年 前

    woah luffy is hot

  21. JhayEm Stack

    JhayEm Stack年 前

    Law betrayal? I think thats kinda impossible.. Law knows that Strawhat can make miracle.. he trust him more than trusting his own ability.. I think he had that creepy smile on the last chapter because Law and X-Drake already talk about something... X - Drake father was killed by Doffy, and Law x Luffy alliance bring down Doffy..

  22. aiseegunpla tor

    aiseegunpla tor年 前

    I also think that will happen.approved.

  23. Laquan Lucas

    Laquan Lucas年 前

    Facts bro

  24. David Lynch

    David Lynch年 前

    Your forgetting something Hawkins decides everything based on his cards

  25. Straw D Hat

    Straw D Hat年 前

    Dude alot of your theories are wack/reaching. Kidd is not the type to just say alright let's do this and form an alliance especially after what happened with him. Oda always paints Kidd as stubborn and "own way." Stick a pin at this point. Let's talk about law...he is always portrayed as the type to never go back even if the odds seem to be against him. His loyalty to the alliance was shown back in dressrosa when he was face to face with death and still believed in the strawhats and his believe was confirmed when Luffy defeated mingo. Law ain't stupid and always has a plan that's the type of person he is. Even if he betrays luffy it's for a greater unseen, reason trust me! Now back to Kidd. Kidd most likely will help luffy but not in the straightforward conventional way. He will be doing his own thing which inadvertently will be assisting Luffy and the others in their plans.

  26. Caleb Weaver

    Caleb Weaver年 前

    I wanna throw a theory out there. I think that the end fight is going to be zoro and Luffy against Kaido. Luffy is always saying that they are going to take his head. This also seems like a solid plan on taking his life. I think luffy and probably a few others will beat him into either unconsciousness or just to a point where he can no longer move and zoro will take his head off. Luffy getting most the credit for defeating, while zoro is acredited with taking his head off and officially ending his life. Further establishing credit to both of them giving them a giant boost in bounty and power level, considering it will require them to be in a dire situation against kaido and their haki will blossom. In the end we will be unsure if we consider luffy yonko level or not, just like we are unsure if we consider him 1st yonko commander level rn.

  27. Adelbert Mones

    Adelbert Mones年 前

    Did we just forget that Law cannot act recklessly since Hawkins is invulnerable for Law since bepo and others became a shield for Hawkins. I'm much more convinced that Law is planning something better than fighting now, though.

  28. Anna Szuster

    Anna Szuster年 前

    Nah Law just can't tell anything usefull to Hawkins becous since Luffy is in Wano whatever plan he had it has already become useless. And I think Law isn't that type of human who betrays his allies especially after everything that happened in Dressrosa. I know he will be ok.

  29. David mastrototaro

    David mastrototaro年 前

    Law if very smart everything n move he does is for a reason

  30. MonkeyRiq

    MonkeyRiq年 前

    I agree 100 percent



    Fuck u

  32. tarun shankar

    tarun shankar年 前

    Never been this hyped..! Wano arc is getting impressive..!

  33. MonkeyRiq

    MonkeyRiq年 前

    tarun shankar FACTS!! WANO IS LOOKING 🔥🔥🔥

  34. Cat Burglar

    Cat Burglar年 前

    Yeah zoro's snatch!!! Also, atleast zoro knows he is with momo's sister! If you wanna know more about zoro you can visit my channel! Zoro's past😉

  35. Lil ZirenXx

    Lil ZirenXx年 前

    My boi law doesn’t even know what the star hats plan is 😂

  36. Tristan Babilonia

    Tristan Babilonia年 前

    I think he let himself get captured and he is gonna get put with luffy and kid and their is gonna be a huge breakout

  37. AJ's Boxing

    AJ's Boxing年 前

    The train never stops.. keep that in mind. He is setting something up. He let himself get captured. He has a plan. He is a stand up guy. So I dont think he will rat on anyone who doesnt deserve it

  38. Vonte Ok

    Vonte Ok年 前

    Law isn’t going to tell anything he’s just looking for his crew

  39. Vonte Ok

    Vonte Ok年 前

    Gabriel 1 he still hasn’t found bepo yet

  40. Gabriel 1

    Gabriel 1年 前

    he found his crew he just turned the tables on them

  41. D File

    D File年 前

    Good video. After reading the chapter I ended up having 4 opinions on what will happen in the next few chapters. Such as: 1. Despite the tragedy that he & his crew had to go through until now, I still think that there may be a chance for Kid to be inspired to help Luffy bring down Kaido since it would be something a major rival character would do for the main protagonist. Also if Luffy's "abilities" can convince cowards like Shirahoshi & Momo muster up some courage, I think it could also work very well on an Eustass Kid who lost confidence! 2. After learning about what made Shutenmaru lose faith in the 9 Red Scabbards, I do think that maybe there was more to Toki's prophecy than what we've already learned?! Which I am hoping it would be explained in the next few chapters. 3. After learning about Zoro's decision & Hyouri's proposal to tag along with him, I wonder how one of the 2 will convince Gyukimaru to let them have Shisui?! 4. I hope that in the next chapter, Law may give us a good reason why he would purposely let himself be captured like that judging by his smile. Well I don't know about you, but what do you think?

  42. Jorge Guzman

    Jorge Guzman年 前

    Law wouldn’t rat out luffy

  43. big bud Rolo

    big bud Rolo年 前

    luffy will get help from the grand fleet there probs already on the way if they looked at his vivre card when he got one shotted by kaido if they turn up that will be the help he needs IMO

  44. DaBigDaddy

    DaBigDaddy年 前

    Or mono just is a lying little turd Or zoro just say words

  45. Celo

    Celo年 前


  46. chicken general

    chicken general年 前

    law won't betray luffy after dressrosa right?

  47. Lil ZirenXx

    Lil ZirenXx年 前

    chicken general yeah law owes him big time

  48. Im UniiKs

    Im UniiKs年 前

    What is the music in the background?

  49. Jayjay Hernandez

    Jayjay Hernandez年 前

    The question where the devil fruit came from

  50. MonkeyRiq

    MonkeyRiq年 前


  51. Stephen Hayes

    Stephen Hayes年 前

    Naw bra luffy saved law life and beat up mingo for him i dont think and they got the ninja minks allice so i think that he have a plan to ecsape but and maybe he buts hawkins on they are side i mean if they fucked up and kaido gone hear about it then he gone kill them anyways no matter what

  52. Jayjay Hernandez

    Jayjay Hernandez年 前


  53. Alohito Zhimomi

    Alohito Zhimomi年 前

    That's a weak ass logic bro . Go fuck yourself 😂😂😂

  54. Red Foot ZeFF

    Red Foot ZeFF年 前

    Wano is getting lit lit 🔥🔥 Law seems like he let himself get captured, hes up to something but I dont think he will betray luffy at all that's hes fam D

  55. Red Foot ZeFF

    Red Foot ZeFF年 前

    @MonkeyRiq all law care is taking down kaido just like luffy but luffy cares about the country as well they will always be buddies I believe bc law wants to take down wg too

  56. MonkeyRiq

    MonkeyRiq年 前


  57. Gabriel 1

    Gabriel 1年 前

    I think he used shambles on Hawkins and one of his heart pirate crew mates

  58. AD

    AD年 前

    Even law tell the plan that wont do good coz luffy ain't gonna go as plan

  59. Marshall D BlackBeard

    Marshall D BlackBeard年 前

    Law can just spill the beans because the strawhats will not fight accordingly anyway

  60. MonkeyRiq

    MonkeyRiq年 前


  61. Maz Twinkle

    Maz Twinkle年 前

    TonyStark Maybe that’s why he is smiling because he realises that plan and Luffy doesn’t fit in the same sentence.

  62. Maz Twinkle

    Maz Twinkle年 前

    I wonder what Law could say since I think that Luffy ruined the plan anyway and most of the other straw hats got themselves exposed. I think Kaido already knows the minks are involved and Orochi already believes the prophecy. The plans made in Zou are already at their final stages so I wonder if Law tells them anything it wouldn’t matter that much. Or would it??

  63. MonkeyRiq

    MonkeyRiq年 前




    OK i see



    T-T :c) :

  66. MonkeyRiq

    MonkeyRiq年 前

    RIP XXX!!!

  67. MonkeyRiq

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  68. Horny Nigga

    Horny Nigga年 前

    what's the background song?

  69. A Gamer Journey

    A Gamer Journey年 前

    Law split his personality with the other super rookie lol. Law won that fight if pay attention the details.