"ONE PIECE STAMPEDE" | Official Trailer


  1. artycheetos

    artycheetos14 時間 前

    This film looks good,it's a shame it's not going to come to the UK anytime soon,when its been released in Japan and North America.

  2. Yieng Juaya

    Yieng Juaya15 時間 前

    0:40 that one second of Law already had me fangirling

  3. Rôrönœ Zørõ

    Rôrönœ Zørõ20 時間 前

    Does any one know his date of caming plz

  4. Andhikakarasuno Rustavika

    Andhikakarasuno Rustavika20 時間 前

    For me,,,,, this movie is the best movie efer of one piece

  5. Albert Ranger

    Albert Ranger22 時間 前


  6. Long Lê

    Long Lê日 前

    HD the movie linkviet.net/E0mE

  7. WarnetGalonGT

    WarnetGalonGT日 前

    The *MVP* is : *USOPP*

  8. Tarathathe77wookiee

    Tarathathe77wookiee日 前

    Destroy all Monsters: The Pirate Edition!! LOL!!

  9. Johnny L

    Johnny L2 日 前

    jp women liked hentai jinjin

  10. Johnny L

    Johnny L2 日 前

    hentai jinjin

  11. Cookie Thunderstorm

    Cookie Thunderstorm2 日 前

    Usopp gets his ass beaten to a pulp in every movie lol

  12. Guy Ofer

    Guy Ofer2 日 前

    now try to imagine an action RPG game for the next generation console that is made between Toei animation and Bandai Namco the character designer are Eiichiro Oda, Akira Toriyama, Naoko Takeuichi, Yoshihiko Umakoshi and Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru. the animated scene were supervised by Yoshihiko and Katsuyoshi. much like Tales of but in a diffrent manner of action rpg.

  13. yay lel

    yay lel2 日 前

    I just watched the movie . It was a bomb! Extreme and super cool!!! And i love the comedy highly recommend! Its 15/10 🌟

  14. عبدالله

    عبدالله2 日 前

    Thank you very much am gonna see it now defently

  15. Dragons Wave

    Dragons Wave3 日 前

    Here a difference b/w this movie and DBS Broly Art And Animation,

  16. Dhmhtrhs Strathnakhs

    Dhmhtrhs Strathnakhs3 日 前

    Are one piece movies canon?

  17. sport anime

    sport anime4 日 前


  18. sport anime

    sport anime4 日 前

    Who wanna see one piece movie came to my channel

  19. lintang pukang

    lintang pukang4 日 前

    One piece stempede jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-od1y-UOAlQE.html

  20. Brice Tikum

    Brice Tikum6 日 前

    Holy shit. That man was Rogers crew member, and is literally whopping the whole worlds ass. How you guys think Whitebeard matches up against him?

  21. black beard

    black beard6 日 前

    Snake man

  22. Arctic Fox Gaming

    Arctic Fox Gaming6 日 前

    Endgame has the most heroes all coming together. *Me an intellectual:* **points at this**

  23. Mohammad Jafar

    Mohammad Jafar2 日 前

    but most of the pirates run away

  24. Paul Hernandez

    Paul Hernandez6 日 前

    Luffy is gonna CLAP SOME CHEEKS!!!! NO MERCY!!!!

  25. Gimper Gaming

    Gimper Gaming7 日 前

    this is the reason that dragon ball 2019 got canceled

  26. Gimper Gaming

    Gimper Gaming4 日 前

    @NUTCool it wasnt on youtube lol, i saw it on the news when i was on googlr

  27. NUTCool

    NUTCool6 日 前

    No it was never happening, stop believing DB JPreporterrs, they do it for money and views.

  28. dieguette64 -sama

    dieguette64 -sama8 日 前

    Buggy el payaso está de regreso yeah

  29. Mark Jacob Aleta

    Mark Jacob Aleta8 日 前

    Dogie 🌟

  30. fireguy 92348

    fireguy 923488 日 前

    If only katakuri were here

  31. Monkey D Lucas

    Monkey D Lucas8 日 前

    If your needs the link's movie, i have. Se voces querem o link deste filme eu tenho.

  32. Pedro foda-se

    Pedro foda-se6 日 前

    No, I don't want it but thx anyway Não, eu não quero mas obrigado de qualquer forma

  33. Robertzon Dela cruz

    Robertzon Dela cruz8 日 前

    So one piece is just a clock that has a power to turn back time?

  34. zack trz

    zack trz8 日 前

    The song really suite the movie.Nice work.

  35. Supergaming101

    Supergaming1019 日 前

    Usopp: **exist** Bullet: *_Why do I hear boss music_*

  36. Nordin Gaming

    Nordin Gaming10 日 前

    You know the movie's gonna be good when buggy's here

  37. S h u a

    S h u a10 日 前

    movie was super amazing! 9/10

  38. Amim Ae

    Amim Ae10 日 前

    pastelink.net/13ao3 one piece stampade

  39. TheSasGaming

    TheSasGaming10 日 前

    where Edward kenway at?

  40. C4PSL0CK Official

    C4PSL0CK Official10 日 前

    I hope i can see this Netflix

  41. Agung teguh

    Agung teguh11 日 前

    Will Carrot be in the movie?

  42. Manipulator

    Manipulator9 日 前


  43. Lovely Villanueva

    Lovely Villanueva11 日 前

    Luffy ❤️ boa Hancock

  44. LS. Iustyl'

    LS. Iustyl'12 日 前

    Beautiful film!

  45. Jasuwi PJBS

    Jasuwi PJBS12 日 前


  46. Alex Ventura

    Alex Ventura13 日 前

    My all time favorite anime

  47. Genetic Springtrap

    Genetic Springtrap13 日 前

    Someone know when the movie is gonna be released????

  48. Manipulator

    Manipulator12 日 前

    @Genetic Springtrap in theatres it is

  49. Genetic Springtrap

    Genetic Springtrap12 日 前

    @Manipulator no its not. I already checked on Funimation, KissAnime,Otakustream and its still not out :/

  50. Manipulator

    Manipulator13 日 前

    Already is

  51. Mattia Longhin

    Mattia Longhin13 日 前

    One Piece's Avengers (first team): *Monkey D Luffy* : He'll show his POWER *Trafalgar D Law* : His Room can manipulate SPACE *Sabo* : He'll change the REALITY of the world *Smoker* : He changed his MIND and joined the team *Boa Hancock* : She would give her SOUL for Luffy *Buggy* : He had his screen TIME

  52. Gamer Jabez

    Gamer Jabez14 日 前

    Kapa keluar

  53. Maks Youngs

    Maks Youngs14 日 前

    why cant i watch it on netflix? is it not out yet?

  54. Helen Smith

    Helen Smith15 日 前

    0:45 *noooo he die the die D:* I dont really miss him Edit: 0:46 *dies and epic music plays*

  55. Sergio Lafontant

    Sergio Lafontant15 日 前

    Rob lucci and luffy working together

  56. LE Leggo

    LE Leggo15 日 前

    1:24 ✨💗


    HASHKELL15 日 前

    Its like a pirate battle royale

  58. w 01

    w 0116 日 前

    Panda man :v

  59. Mint Grapes

    Mint Grapes16 日 前

    How can they say that somebody leaked the movie when the clip is already shown in the trailer?

  60. Manipulator

    Manipulator13 日 前

    What're you talking about

  61. iFood

    iFood16 日 前

    Where did enel go

  62. iFood

    iFood6 日 前

    Manipulator I hoped he would come back tho

  63. Manipulator

    Manipulator13 日 前

    On the moon

  64. Fire Fist

    Fire Fist17 日 前

    UK won't premier Stampede and it sucks so fucking much. Why would they do that? It's so fucking annoying. Me and some mates made plans to watch it and now it won't premier? FFS. It's really annoying.

  65. doominator 2099

    doominator 209917 日 前

    If akainu is there luffy is getting his ass out of there RIGHT NOW...unless garp was there aswell

  66. Jimmy Cen

    Jimmy Cen17 日 前

    Just watched last night in the theater. It’s literally an end game version of One Piece. Boring af because there were too many characters and too little time for Starwhat crew. Jimbei didn’t even show up lol.

  67. Brunos

    Brunos17 日 前

    Our King will fight against Bullet... Buggy D. Clown

  68. ashskull

    ashskull17 日 前

    trash movie

  69. Kushtrim B.

    Kushtrim B.4 日 前

    ashskull fuck your entire family

  70. Michał Witkowski

    Michał Witkowski18 日 前

    Oh noes ussop Has been yamched

  71. Black Mass

    Black Mass18 日 前

    If zoro dies I’m gonna lose my shit

  72. l Calminos l

    l Calminos l15 日 前

    Cause a main character would die in a Shonen Manga before he reaches his goal... Oda didnt even had the balls to kill off Pell FFS, your comment is completly pointless.

  73. Spark Play

    Spark Play18 日 前

    I thought Joker was good. Then I watched this. ( joker fan / one piece fan age 35)

  74. Polack Talks

    Polack Talks18 日 前

    Just saw it, fucking awesome