"ONE PIECE STAMPEDE" | Official Trailer


  1. OllyTurner

    OllyTurner3 時間 前

    Anyone got a free link

  2. 坂田時

    坂田時4 時間 前


  3. Mikael Alexander

    Mikael Alexander4 時間 前

    Kk on 19th hehe

  4. Krishna Dharma

    Krishna Dharma4 時間 前

    Smell like the Pirates Avengers 😂

  5. Game Boy

    Game Boy11 時間 前

    "A dream team at the battle line." -Epic

  6. Binesh Tuladhar

    Binesh Tuladhar12 時間 前

    Another Buster Call. It s gonna be wicked

  7. Gaming Snow

    Gaming Snow16 時間 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-ufYr39kcSNA.html Subscribe and support the channel friends

  8. Leah Amacan

    Leah Amacan16 時間 前

    Bullet's Devil Fruit in a nutshell: NANOMACHINES SON!

  9. Gabriel Paule

    Gabriel Paule16 時間 前

    Anyone know where can I watch the movie or will it be release in US theaters??

  10. sinophium

    sinophium日 前

    The 900 dislikes are Marines

  11. Lucaruis

    Lucaruis日 前

    Everyone is here!!

  12. Kaushik Sainath

    Kaushik Sainath日 前

    Saw the movie a couple of days back. Worth the time and money. Buggy D Clown for pirate king!!

  13. RusterRD

    RusterRD日 前

    Holy shit i just got started with one piece and im starting with this one

  14. fazrul mohamad

    fazrul mohamad日 前

    one piece never end

  15. AVD

    AVD日 前

    Abonné chaîne la stampedem.jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-YjHJUz_YA5E.html

  16. Byun

    Byun日 前

    Time to pirate the movie

  17. Jules jules

    Jules jules日 前


  18. Otaku 007 AMV

    Otaku 007 AMV日 前

    It would be awesome if it was in India

  19. kade singer

    kade singer日 前

    Loving that animation style

  20. Jerome Rosita

    Jerome Rosita日 前

    Didn't the pirate with angel wings died before he turned into Snake man?

  21. abdullah alhammadi

    abdullah alhammadi2 日 前

    Where is the movie available?

  22. Pavan Choenni

    Pavan Choenni2 日 前

    I want usopp to meet buggy

  23. Wandering Erick

    Wandering Erick2 日 前

    is it out already?

  24. Nathrandir

    Nathrandir2 日 前

    I haven't seen this movie yet. But if I'm gonna be honest...I expect several losses and then for plot reasons and the power of fRiEnDsHiP and WiLl they will emerge victorious... It hurts but it's been seen so many times so it's no big surprise that he will get overpowered somehow...

  25. Om komet

    Om komet2 日 前

    New movie??

  26. noemeows d agbayani

    noemeows d agbayani2 日 前

    Is the movie after wano or onafter what arc

  27. Amber-Lei Curtis

    Amber-Lei Curtis2 日 前

    Usopp got a bad case of cannot-face-enemy-osis

  28. The Chablo

    The Chablo3 日 前

    Who is here because of the confirmed US release?

  29. jorge lucena rivero

    jorge lucena rivero3 日 前

    Que es esa banda sonoraaaaaa😍😍

  30. himpunan movie

    himpunan movie3 日 前

    Siap doakan saya berjaya, saya doakan balik Korang berjaya dunia akhirat

  31. Luqman Bob

    Luqman Bob3 日 前

    Wow I very exeteed

  32. Joness Ricaria

    Joness Ricaria3 日 前

    I hate the design of the villains.

  33. Itachi Uchiwa

    Itachi Uchiwa3 日 前

    I watched the movie yesterday in a special event, to be fair guys its by far the best one piece movie, the theater was on fire

  34. Maximilion Lee

    Maximilion Lee8 時間 前

    @Mayble aus

  35. Mayble

    Mayble日 前

    Was it in US?

  36. Muanis Moe

    Muanis Moe3 日 前

    Here the link to the movie. Make sure you like this so everyone can see it. www.haiwaiyy.com/vod-play-id-49249-src-1-num-1.html

  37. tehshingen

    tehshingen3 日 前

    I heard Captain Buggy in there, this instantly makes this a must see

  38. Dounia Abbouti .T.

    Dounia Abbouti .T.4 日 前

    Juste magnifique!🥰 Et l'ending n'en parlons même pas! 🌊☠🍖

  39. Dounia Abbouti .T.

    Dounia Abbouti .T.日 前

    Hahahaaa désolé pour toi, 😅 J'espère qu'il y'aura d'autre occasion 🙂

  40. Julien Nakoula

    Julien Nakoula日 前

    Nooooooonnn t'étais au grand rex ça se fait pas 😭

  41. AreefOppa Channel

    AreefOppa Channel4 日 前

    6 DAY more..omgg i cant waittttt..

  42. try me bitch

    try me bitch4 日 前

    animation is great but the story and the villain is lame

  43. Archimede

    Archimede4 日 前

    Just saw the movie... The end was... OMFG

  44. TheShimario

    TheShimario4 日 前

    Poor ussop, always getting beaten up, even after the time skip.

  45. Mao Sarapichvatey

    Mao Sarapichvatey4 日 前

    This time movie is very very amazing🤩💕

  46. John Smith

    John Smith4 日 前

    Ma D Munk swam from Raftel to help Luffy

  47. Mr. Ex

    Mr. Ex4 日 前

    I see in minute 1 : 23 woowwwwwwwwwwwwowowowow

  48. BluuSter

    BluuSter4 日 前

    I'm fucken so mad right now since the movie isnt gonna be released in America

  49. enzo ribeiro

    enzo ribeiro5 日 前

    New form luffy

  50. Eric VL

    Eric VL5 日 前

    0:27 PANDAMAN!!!

  51. Doctor Stone

    Doctor Stone5 日 前

    -OP Gold movie : I am the greatest OP movie ever. -OP Stampede : hold my 200 important characters.

  52. Subham Singha

    Subham Singha5 日 前

    Why is this so famouuususssss....

  53. Miku Miku

    Miku Miku5 日 前

    CP 0, hibehime, trafalgar law, luffy snakeman, fujitora, buggy warlord, all of the worst generation i ddnt see bege eustass etc.,but i think they there, smoker, tashigi, etc...... cant wait for the mooooovie

  54. ひこにゃん。

    ひこにゃん。5 日 前


  55. PhantasmicYouth

    PhantasmicYouth5 日 前

    Holy shit, they got the Broly animators in on this. Looking good.

  56. Doh Kyungsoo

    Doh Kyungsoo5 日 前

    oh my god, zzzzupeereerrr excited...

  57. Split Banana

    Split Banana5 日 前

    Marvel: We have the greatest team-up movie of the decade One Piece: Hold my devil fruit.

  58. Danny Qin

    Danny Qin5 日 前

    Not digging this artstyle tbh

  59. NoahIsBeast

    NoahIsBeast5 日 前

    i like how this movie goes off the show.

  60. Twister Trager

    Twister Trager6 日 前

    movie was lit, just watched it

  61. da Chigga

    da Chigga2 日 前

    @Twister Trager I live in America so everything is like 3 months late in terms of anime

  62. Twister Trager

    Twister Trager2 日 前

    @da Chigga in my country yes. Had to go to a cinema to watch it

  63. da Chigga

    da Chigga2 日 前

    Wait its already out?

  64. Stranger

    Stranger6 日 前

    What a mess.

  65. Snipars King

    Snipars King6 日 前

    The strongest pirates of the world? The admirals? A villain so strong to face them?? All in one same place, at the same moment?? I don't think Usopp was attacked by the enemy. I think he just had a heart attack lmao

  66. Monkey King

    Monkey King6 日 前

    If Luffy ain't kicking that fucker's ass who beat Usopp i'll legit just say fuck all and stop watching one piece

  67. shitty people

    shitty people6 日 前

    Wowowow bullet destroyed the land just with his hand soooo powerful meanwhile kaido jump down form the sky just got a big hole 😂🤣 bullet stronger than kaido?? Any thoughts???