One Piece Size Comparison


  1. Ichsan Rava

    Ichsan Rava13 時間 前

    Sea behemoths itu bayangan dari pulau langit/skypia

  2. Project: Heart Of The Cards

    Project: Heart Of The Cards16 時間 前

    Remember that giant shadow they thought was a monster attacking them with a spear? That is one of the few times Luffy was actually got scared of something.

  3. NO

    NO17 時間 前

    I liked that he compared it to attack on titan wall

  4. Lucas The Explorer

    Lucas The Explorer日 前


  5. pedro aldrete

    pedro aldrete日 前

    Wasn’t wadatsumi literally capable of grabbing the sunny with his hand? And here they’re about the same size.

  6. pedro aldrete

    pedro aldrete日 前

    Are you trying to tell me the sunny is 3 times as tall as giants? Cause I’m not buying it.

  7. Keiichi Honma

    Keiichi Honma日 前


  8. iRO Chakri's Apprentice

    iRO Chakri's Apprentice2 日 前

    Song pls?

  9. Aldi RT

    Aldi RT18 時間 前

    Gangsta Choir Descends

  10. Alex De' Grace

    Alex De' Grace3 日 前

    kinda stupid. yea its one piece,what can I expected from this

  11. Labbit 35

    Labbit 353 日 前

    “Florian Triangle” Sounds Floridaish to me

  12. •ᴠɪᴄᴛᴏʀ •

    •ᴠɪᴄᴛᴏʀ •4 日 前

    So creepy

  13. Dj Adrados

    Dj Adrados4 日 前

    No wonder why On peace is the most loved japanesw manga in the world by the help of these giant characters

  14. Dj Adrados

    Dj Adrados4 日 前

    No wonder why On peace is the most loved japanesw manga in the world by the help of these giant characters

  15. TheBest

    TheBest4 日 前

    There is something wrong... Oda and measurements... Skypiea in the Sky only 10k meters and Sunisha 54k? LOL

  16. Rice Krispy gacha

    Rice Krispy gacha4 日 前

    Wtf is that ahh I don't remember seeing that that's the creepiest shit

  17. jacob /sabo

    jacob /sabo5 日 前

    show scans

  18. Cj Precillas

    Cj Precillas5 日 前

    Shirahoshi is bigger than king neptune

  19. Kermit da Frog playz

    Kermit da Frog playz5 日 前


  20. さくっち

    さくっち6 日 前


  21. からあげ

    からあげ日 前

    sea behemothsは空島編の最初の方に出て来た影 florian triangleは恐らくスリラーバーク編の最後の方に影だけ出てきた未だに謎の存在かと思います。

  22. Absalon salboro

    Absalon salboro6 日 前

    Why theres always wall marina

  23. Victor Jansen

    Victor Jansen7 日 前

    What is the songs ?

  24. Victor Jansen

    Victor Jansen13 時間 前

    @Aldi RT Thanks!

  25. Aldi RT

    Aldi RT18 時間 前

    @Victor Jansen Gangsta Choir Descends

  26. SayankIndonesiaGaming's

    SayankIndonesiaGaming's7 日 前

    Kadio mana?

  27. CS

    CS8 日 前

    Không có râu trắng

  28. Bruh Lord

    Bruh Lord8 日 前

    Like how they casually put the Attack on Titan 50 Meter wall at the start


    IX LEGACY8 日 前

    3:20 oh...




  31. fl7 Ryuji

    fl7 Ryuji9 日 前

    The last three characters are creepy

  32. Alister Krowl

    Alister Krowl9 日 前

    How Gerd can be 17 m. if she and litlle Linlin is the same size 1:26 2:05

  33. Mallow

    Mallow10 日 前

    Everyone forgets the living islands that usopp trained on

  34. Mallow

    Mallow9 日 前

    @One King that doesnt answer my question one bit

  35. One King

    One King10 日 前

  36. Accura Musik

    Accura Musik10 日 前

    Permission to save video

  37. One King

    One King10 日 前

  38. Accura Musik

    Accura Musik10 日 前

    Permission to save

  39. Hoàng Lê

    Hoàng Lê10 日 前

    what music name?

  40. T R X gon 72

    T R X gon 7210 日 前

    The last whats this?

  41. Giorno GioStar

    Giorno GioStar5 日 前

    The Florian Triangle Monster at the end of chapter 381.

  42. One King

    One King10 日 前

  43. HyperSonic 78

    HyperSonic 7810 日 前

    Fun fact: this is the video that got me into one piece

  44. One King

    One King10 日 前

  45. 縫工筋大腿神経

    縫工筋大腿神経10 日 前

    最後のフロリアントライアングルって 海域名のことじゃないの?

  46. Jcoi

    Jcoi11 日 前

    5:35 why is this counted this was just a shadow above from the people in skypiea

  47. Jan Jacob Tumbaga

    Jan Jacob Tumbaga11 日 前

    Just imagine if Florian triangle tripped over RIP to the ships near to him 💀💀💀💀💀

  48. uncle roger

    uncle roger11 日 前

    where's kaido? and gear four luffy?

  49. Napoléon Bonaparte

    Napoléon Bonaparte12 日 前

    Zunisha 35 km? Please it's ridiculous. Stop put random numbers...

  50. My Name is doomguy

    My Name is doomguy5 日 前

    It's official,check the vivire cards.

  51. Maxris video

    Maxris video12 日 前

    knp kapal diikutkan ?

  52. ドッゴ

    ドッゴ12 日 前


  53. Mas Jawa

    Mas Jawa12 日 前

    Saitama would end them in one punch

  54. King Joker

    King Joker12 日 前

    kapan di ukur ? tolololol pembongan publik

  55. AreJa oo

    AreJa oo12 日 前

    Cooy video

  56. RizLa

    RizLa13 日 前


  57. Amber Krebs

    Amber Krebs13 日 前


  58. Dreaming With Dan

    Dreaming With Dan13 日 前

    How long is kaido in his dragon form?

  59. One King

    One King10 日 前

  60. el jeep RNVA

    el jeep RNVA13 日 前

    5:35 those are shadows of the sky island people

  61. tyuny aquamarine

    tyuny aquamarine13 日 前


  62. cparle87

    cparle8714 日 前

    That accelerated quickly. From 800m to 5,000 to 54,000 within a few subjects.

  63. Kane GREENTYPE

    Kane GREENTYPE14 日 前

    Ngl the characters in black and white is abit scary

  64. Ahmad Rizky Sidabutar

    Ahmad Rizky Sidabutar15 日 前

    Sea behamoth is just shadow lol u tell a hoax

  65. Ma Naatti

    Ma Naatti15 日 前

    What's that second music So godlike

  66. Royale the BFB fan 2007

    Royale the BFB fan 200710 日 前

  67. Hanz Matthew Taboada

    Hanz Matthew Taboada15 日 前

    If u did not know thousand merry is smaller than Shirahoshi so if u font know that don't upload vids idiot

  68. Brian Beezie

    Brian Beezie16 日 前

    Weren’t the sea behemoths just shadows of the people from sky island thousands of meters up making them look huge?

  69. Shisui Uchiha

    Shisui Uchiha15 日 前


  70. Master Robotnik

    Master Robotnik16 日 前


  71. Mitchell Cohen

    Mitchell Cohen16 日 前

    What’s the song in the first half of the video

  72. Xekai Force

    Xekai Force16 日 前

    look at the the measuring lines, from 2 - 5 - 7 - 10 with the same height, really bugging me

  73. Harry Stotle

    Harry Stotle16 日 前

    Sanji casually oneshot a Banana Gator very early on... I believe Luffy also casually oneshotted a Sea King very early on (could be wrong about the latter, but I think he did at some point). One of the most essential feats no-one ever mention, because it messes up some of their worst arguments about size (e.g. Big Mom's early feats) or Sanji. Oda seems to prefer to ignore the Sea King business himself, at one point displaying them as a big deal, at another just fodder (literally food).

  74. True Gameplay - legend games PS4 PS5

    True Gameplay - legend games PS4 PS516 日 前

    العنوان مكتوب بالعربي

  75. 大型犬

    大型犬17 日 前


  76. war lord

    war lord17 日 前

    I've never seen the last one.

  77. Giorno GioStar

    Giorno GioStar7 日 前

    They're at the end of thriller bark.

  78. ジェイドjade

    ジェイドjade17 日 前


  79. Yuki A.

    Yuki A.17 日 前

    Sooooooooooo how big is the world in One Piece?

  80. Great Uncle Sengoku

    Great Uncle Sengoku18 日 前

    How is zunisha not the largest thing in one piece it literally has the title of the largest thing in the world

  81. Ahmad Rizky Sidabutar

    Ahmad Rizky Sidabutar15 日 前

    Noah ship is bigger than zunisha

  82. WBD RWMY

    WBD RWMY18 日 前


  83. Alta-demo

    Alta-demo18 日 前


  84. Jo_ke

    Jo_ke18 日 前

    the last one kinda creepy

  85. kizarusan99

    kizarusan9918 日 前

    What about Thriller Bark? It's the largest ship in the world

  86. Librin

    Librin18 日 前

    3:51 seriously? Even in anime Sunny is smaller than sea lion...

  87. Purple Guy

    Purple Guy18 日 前

    Conpered to wall maria

  88. J. Fla

    J. Fla18 日 前

    I almost thought that my Premium version is broken.

  89. 크래셔캐슬

    크래셔캐슬19 日 前

    크기가 이상한대

  90. Noss75

    Noss7519 日 前

    La mia risposta ? ZENZERO

  91. mrquackadoodlemoo

    mrquackadoodlemoo19 日 前

    Kaido Dragon form?

  92. Sang Nguyễn

    Sang Nguyễn19 日 前

    Where Kaido

  93. aaa toto

    aaa toto19 日 前


  94. Pirates AMV

    Pirates AMV19 日 前

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    Pirates AMV19 日 前

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    Pirates AMV19 日 前

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    Pirates AMV19 日 前

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    Pirates AMV19 日 前

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    Pirates AMV19 日 前

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    Pirates AMV19 日 前

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    Pirates AMV19 日 前

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    Pirates AMV19 日 前

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    Pirates AMV19 日 前

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  104. 綾小路魚屋ディアボロ

    綾小路魚屋ディアボロ19 日 前


  105. アスカ

    アスカ19 日 前


  106. どこでも いる奴

    どこでも いる奴19 日 前


  107. Ghost of Akina

    Ghost of Akina20 日 前

    Is there any man who still alive who happen to see the giant in Florian trisngle?

  108. no one

    no one20 日 前

    that walking elephant 35000 Meter?? I think you're drunk bro. That means 3.5 times further than what strawhat need to do to reach skypiea. Who tf walk that far away (35km) only in 2-3 episodes.

  109. no one

    no one18 日 前

    @My Name is doomguy wrong, the deepest ocean so far is maiden island which is 10km

  110. My Name is doomguy

    My Name is doomguy18 日 前

    The only walked like 10 km,the other 25 km are is legs,which reach the deepest part of the ocean.

  111. Aditya Dirgantara

    Aditya Dirgantara20 日 前

    54.000 how you count it idiots??!! We all know Skypiea 10.000 m above and no one can see the island from earth. Research before make a video! Stupid af!

  112. OutOfThisWorld

    OutOfThisWorld20 日 前

    The Yeti Cool Brothers aren't bigger than Oars jr. jeez man

  113. rikkA alisiA

    rikkA alisiA20 日 前

    Sea behemoth amha florian triangle ,, makhluk apaan dah thu,,

  114. Yujoestar

    Yujoestar20 日 前

    Hoe : 40 meters

  115. 새우깡스모커

    새우깡스모커20 日 前

    3:19 *hoe* lol

  116. ster SKY

    ster SKY20 日 前


  117. ビラ

    ビラ21 日 前


  118. Unknown

    Unknown21 日 前

    So the sunny is almost as tall as the colossal titan....