One Piece Reverie News + Predictions = Ningen#3


  1. Heejy F Baby

    Heejy F Baby5 ヶ月 前

    I know you not Gon read this brago but I was mad interested in the topic of Harry's strength as a wizard and this is the best explanation for what it is. Harry's basically a fairly strong Wizard. Like raw magical talent-wise he's probably A tier. He's not S like the Hogwarts founders, Dumbledore, Grindelwald, Voldemort, and maybe not A+ tier like Snape, Sirius, and James. He could be tho. But what really sets him apart is that he's a straight up athletic freak by wizard specifications. S tier dexterity, agility, reaction speed, spatial reasoning, mental processing, and he's straight up god mode in clutch/pressure situations. Even a professional quidditch player like Krum acknowledged his talent as a quidditch player and that's the A1 Wizard sport. And lastly he's like the epitome of Bruce Lee's quote about fearing the guy who practices 1 kick 1000 times. His expelliarmus spell can catch even S tier wizards like he showed with Voldemort. In RPG terms he's a maxed out thief/rogue class with one instant kill skill they can spam and legit fuck your face off in PvP. Snape sonned him tho cuz he was in his feelings.

  2. Micah Ladu

    Micah Ladu6 ヶ月 前

    Good stream, enjoyed the harry potter convo at the end shit was fire.

  3. Indigo Negus

    Indigo Negus9 ヶ月 前

    Lando @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a>:14 Brago didn't ban it from Jamaica

  4. AR9FIVE

    AR9FIVE10 ヶ月 前

    That guy fucked up the convo he cappin for real

  5. Teddy/DarkMugiwara

    Teddy/DarkMugiwara年 前

    It’s crazy going back now, knowing that Stan Lee is dead now 😞 Another great stream. These are pure gems Brago

  6. RoRo B. Pufnstuf

    RoRo B. Pufnstuf年 前

    Dustan is cancer.

  7. xman1248

    xman1248年 前

    Ningen 4 now plzz

  8. ghost-san

    ghost-san年 前

    how did you get to harry potter?

  9. TheOriginalLuffy

    TheOriginalLuffy年 前

    *BDA Official Discord invite:* is no longer working.

  10. RoZ

    RoZ年 前

    There are different types of players for each position. PG- Scoring: Kyrie, Lillard, etc. Defensive: Pat. Beverly True: Rondo, Lonzo, etc. All around: CP3, Rubio, etc. You could do the same for other positions and insert players into a slot.

  11. RoZ

    RoZ年 前

    Offense runs through Shaq. Shaq = point guard. Such stupid logic 😂

  12. Fire Fist Ace

    Fire Fist Ace2 年 前

    One Vision is amazing at editing his one piece videos imo

  13. Geoffrey Connors

    Geoffrey Connors2 年 前

    Poor Dustan getting crucified as usual

  14. Eric Blakemore

    Eric Blakemore2 年 前

    I actually started to read the viz because of the reverie. its not expensive also it's better to debate using the official translations.

  15. Geoffrey Connors

    Geoffrey Connors2 年 前

    How is Ty getting into the Reverie?

  16. Geoffrey Connors

    Geoffrey Connors2 年 前

    Lando, lmao "are we gonna have a productive conversation here?" Nahhhhh man this a ningen stream, nothing but nonsense.

  17. FRS Legal

    FRS Legal2 年 前

    From a small OP fan who loves OP: OP youtubers that are real about OP ~ Forneverworld ~ Chibi ~Theorytheory (still around?) ~ Joyboy ~ Ferro ~ Brago ~ Drizzt ~ Sunpatch ~ Shon (lucky roo) (new guy but insightful) Overrated OP youtubers who are famous now and don’t put in any effort and love anymore ~ You know who

  18. Gerard w.

    Gerard w.2 年 前


  19. MrDragonkarp

    MrDragonkarp2 年 前

    Giant Clones incoming mix of judges clone army and giantification.

  20. ParadoxAttax

    ParadoxAttax2 年 前

    This reverie about to be the best reverie but the least viewed how ironic

  21. TehThxsis

    TehThxsis2 年 前

    But with that said players have different roles on every team lmao

  22. Alexis Salais

    Alexis Salais2 年 前

    I'd like the reverie with the flow braggos streams always have, if the topic is extending too much change it, if a person is talking too much stop em. Easy. And stop criticisizing other youtubers everyone is free and do whatever they like if it werent for those big youtubers the reverie would not be the same. Before the reverie I only watched Kol, roger, joyboy and tekking , because I didnt know anyone else. After the first reverie I subbed to braggo, dustan, zorofanboy, tyquan, drizzt. And now braggo is my fav channel. What I am trying to say is to be grateful to the big youtuber that come by, if they talk a little bit more they deserve it, no one owes nothing to the "community".

  23. TehThxsis

    TehThxsis2 年 前

    If you are listed as POINTGAURD, then you are the pointgaurd and so forth with every other position. Lebron is a small forward

  24. Red x

    Red x2 年 前

    Are you familiar with Mr Morj? Or Craftsdwarf?

  25. Gohan_Solo#22

    Gohan_Solo#222 年 前

    Dustan - "Would you do it if you couldn't tell her??" Brago - "Yeah, she would know its for a good reason...." ahahahahahh fuckin eyyyy… Great stream so far! PS. - Move to Arizona, Nothing bad other than scorching hot summers, and rarely large flash flooding. Beautiful sunsets, 70 degree winters, and filled with hot bitches (but they are the definition of bitches though)

  26. Antigua X

    Antigua X2 年 前

    Lando is the Red Sniper confirmed lmao

  27. HFA

    HFA2 年 前

    She didn’t get $1 billion for being 14 she got the money from suing the company for hiring an incompetent and unqualified security guard

  28. ElfenLiedLucy

    ElfenLiedLucy2 年 前

    This stream was all over the place but welcoming and funny as usual.

  29. Vongola Fiamme

    Vongola Fiamme2 年 前

    Also this stream was like 2 hours straight of hating on fother youtubers. We seem to be slowly going back to them days where everyone was fighting in the JPreporter anime community and that’s wrong. But aye I guess it’ll be good for views and entertainment like last time.

  30. Fobeo Potent

    Fobeo Potent2 年 前

    I watched the saints game instead that day too lmfao

  31. Sexy Okatu

    Sexy Okatu2 年 前

    its just one piece lols why do ya take it so seriously just chat about the story then call it a day lols

  32. Turza

    Turza2 年 前

    Because we dont wanna make these end... and also we dont wanna problems in between youtubers

  33. Sexy Okatu

    Sexy Okatu2 年 前

    Rogers video and KOL video are goat fuck random topics and random theory videos

  34. Vongola Fiamme

    Vongola Fiamme2 年 前

    To answer Dustin question of who I least want to see out of the you tubers. It’s hands down sunpatch. Not only was that anime ranking stream on Rogers channel fucking crazy her reviews are trash. I rather listen to ty ramble on for hours then watch another video. Plus she barely talks in streams regardless

  35. Austin

    Austin2 年 前

    Just wanna say Clint Capela > Deandre Jordan easy

  36. CP0

    CP02 年 前

    Fire pan dem arguements @lando

  37. Lando checkingin

    Lando checkingin2 年 前

    My bad

  38. louisb08

    louisb082 年 前

    ......yall almost made me crash from laughing so hard. Yall wildin with the boogie and cold sore 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Eagle

    Eagle2 年 前

    louisb08 Straight up lol shit was too hilarious

  40. Jedidiah oyeyemi

    Jedidiah oyeyemi2 年 前

    The guy did it he paid her off she took back the story but I think the guy did it

  41. Bruno Oliveira

    Bruno Oliveira2 年 前

    @Flexible Junkrat portuguese is not a language, my ass, son of a bitch... it is one of the most ancients in the world, u crap

  42. Bruno Oliveira

    Bruno Oliveira2 年 前

    i am portuguese, and it is not " puta de madre " :p it is " filha da puta " :D

  43. Enigma

    Enigma2 年 前

    Ppl in the stream should have an idea of the topics b4 the stream. Ideas will be more clear

  44. Izuku ay

    Izuku ay2 年 前

    Revan quiet ningen

  45. Derek Of Rivia

    Derek Of Rivia2 年 前

    Dont listen to Drizzt! 4 hours isn't enough for our Fix!

  46. Derek Of Rivia

    Derek Of Rivia2 年 前

    Shirahoshi will not be captured this arc. No way.

  47. The Doctor

    The Doctor2 年 前

    I skipped to certain parts and i didn't find any one piece discussion :/

  48. Izuku ay

    Izuku ay2 年 前

    This a real nigga conversation ningen

  49. Derek Of Rivia

    Derek Of Rivia2 年 前

    And when you "skip" just go 10 minutes and see if any OP talk is happening. It's easy to tell

  50. Derek Of Rivia

    Derek Of Rivia2 年 前

    Cause certain people enjoy them. At 3 minutes they discuss the reverie. Then again around half way (whenever drizzy came in) they had a really good convo about Saturdays reverie. I dont really care about the NBA but I'm not gonna complain and criticize them for it.

  51. The Doctor

    The Doctor2 年 前

    Derek Of Rivia well Brago at fucking clickbaiting again. These ningen streams are boring and irrelevant. Idek why they are a thing.

  52. The Doctor

    The Doctor2 年 前

    Derek Of Rivia what?

  53. Adi TheYoungTopboy

    Adi TheYoungTopboy2 年 前


  54. Ultra Instinct 17

    Ultra Instinct 172 年 前

    Billy Joe when is he not?

  55. Sticky Loaf

    Sticky Loaf2 年 前

    Froob better face reveal at Reverie

  56. ZBoy2000

    ZBoy20002 年 前

    I think letting ty in is going be an mistake

  57. ConeZ

    ConeZ2 年 前

    ZBoy2000 I think that is pretty much a community opinion at this point

  58. Citrine

    Citrine2 年 前

    These Ningen streams are honestly the most entertaining to listen to. Good shit and I'll be able to look forward to watching the VoD of the reverie

  59. raymund usi

    raymund usi2 年 前

    Chop up your videos by display timestamp, every vid you upload is an endurance crawl, its hard to watch a certain particular topic and you'll just blindly guess click: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="94">1:34</a>:15 - typical problems on previous "Reverie" videos <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a>:57 - issues regarding other non Japanese One Piece youtube channels

  60. Mordex wins

    Mordex wins2 年 前

    Hey ppl.Just wanted to say that Jesus loves y'all.Hes coming back soon,the bible says that He'll return at a time we dont expect.Be ready and get right with God while there's still time.God bless everyone,and have a great day!

  61. RoZ

    RoZ2 年 前

    Izuku ay he tried giving it to you while you were begging at the corner of the street

  62. Fresh2000

    Fresh20002 年 前

    daniel j jesus Burgess

  63. Izuku ay

    Izuku ay2 年 前

    Tell jesus to give me some money

  64. ubercult

    ubercult2 年 前

    Who tf is jesus?

  65. Boris kelkun

    Boris kelkun2 年 前

    no please get out of here with that religious shit man.

  66. Shaq Salis

    Shaq Salis2 年 前

    Steph had 27-10-9. He's the most important player on the team. 3rd quarter, he ignited the team and took the lead

  67. tyler holloman

    tyler holloman2 年 前

    “ Who tf is Tekking, isnt that that shitty fighting game “

  68. Chris the Chilled

    Chris the Chilled2 年 前

    Beware of the Red Snpier, he is the sleepy legend that we all been waiting for!!!

  69. Chris the Chilled

    Chris the Chilled2 年 前

    Look at the previous Brago streams, u will know why lol

  70. raymund usi

    raymund usi2 年 前

    Who the hell is this redsniper? is he redforcepodcast