One Piece - Opening Theme 20 - Hope


  1. P Lizzy

    P Lizzy時間 前

    Haven’t watched one piece yet but this op is lit

  2. Skrillz_ 14th

    Skrillz_ 14th6 時間 前

    0:49 love how our giraffe boy still gets mentioned till today

  3. Mickey Miah

    Mickey Miah9 時間 前

    I love it

  4. Mickey Miah

    Mickey Miah9 時間 前

    I Like your song

  5. ギルルメ

    ギルルメ10 時間 前

    namie amuro ❤️

  6. AMV & Nightcore

    AMV & Nightcore13 時間 前


  7. T i m e rツ

    T i m e rツ13 時間 前

    I miss pedro 💔😢

  8. Ayam Mahal

    Ayam Mahal14 時間 前

    I bet after one piece everyone will keep asking *season 2 when*

  9. Amisha Vanditha

    Amisha Vanditha15 時間 前

    The end of one piece will be the most painful thing for the anime fans because one piece is not just a series it's a memory most of us grew up with

  10. Vulturelikes games

    Vulturelikes games20 時間 前

    This is how many times Luffy smiles per opening 👇

  11. Al3xG4m3Z

    Al3xG4m3Z日 前

    x1.25 sounds like a nightcore version

  12. Gregory Hunter

    Gregory Hunter日 前

    One piece greatest opening boysss & girls like if this so much hypeeeeee 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  13. Ini Uni

    Ini Uni日 前

    I think it is the longest opening song... 150 seconds is something 🙄

  14. theo marques

    theo marques時間 前

    Almost all one piece openings are like these

  15. Amiin Axe

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  16. Dao Kun2

    Dao Kun2日 前

    Luffy x Nami

  17. Zenitsu ϟ

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  18. Ucok

    Ucok日 前

    I'm new at anime stuff.. Is one piece recommend for me to watch?? My friend told me that it's great..

  19. theo marques

    theo marques時間 前

    @Ucok SPOILER:shanks' hair is red :00000

  20. Joey Zhao

    Joey Zhao20 時間 前

    @Ucok ikr wait until you get deeper into it, one piece only gets better

  21. Ucok

    Ucok20 時間 前

    @Joey Zhao damnn I just started but can't stop watching this fking anime.. Already 50 episode still a long journey

  22. Bagus Purnama

    Bagus Purnama日 前

    Yes, No people didn't love One piece after watch it, even haters

  23. Joey Zhao

    Joey Zhao日 前

    the length might fool you but it's still amazing

  24. Soniyan Borkar

    Soniyan Borkar日 前

    My one of the most favourite arc is this arc it makes me cry



    kimi e no omoi ga takanatte kagiri naku chikara umareru motomeru naraba doko made mo kawaranu kizuna furikazasou we are hope kimi to honki de kokoro butsukeatta yorokobi mo waraikoroge te namida kawakashita setsunasa mo tsunagi awase te kaze no naka hatameiteiru yo takaku takaku why sagasu koto o akirame ta no? why hitori tatakaitsuzukeru no? nee donna mirai kakugo shi ta no? yume wa mou te ni shi ta no? kimi e no omoi ga takanatte kagiri naku chikara umareru motomeru naraba doko made mo kawaranu kizuna furikazasou we are hope aoku hiroi sekai no hate ni kimi to mezashitai basho ga aru susumiyuku kouro nara tooi mukashi mou kimette ita mada todokanai kimi no koe ga muryoku na mune wo oshitsubusu boku wa kimi o motomete iru kara hikari sashikomu asa o shinjite iyou me o toji te mimi o sumashite sagashidasou kimi no kotae wo michi wa kanarazu tsuzuite iru yo mada mita koto no nai umi e we are hope aoku hiroi sekai no hate ni kimi to kaeru beki basho ga aru bokutachi wa eien ni tooi mukashi sou kimeteita




  27. Shinimpi

    Shinimpi2 日 前

    idk if anyone else noticed this but 0:01 dis man look ugly as hell when he yelling

  28. Aquify

    Aquify2 日 前

    Its hard to imagine how far they've come, from small time pirates in the east blue. To some of the most dangerous names in the east blue. We know you can do it Luffy, your gonna be the king of the pirates. Sanji will reach the "All Blue!" Zoro will become the worlds greatest swordsman, nami will draw a map of the entire world ussop will become a brave warrior, and chopper will become an incredible doctor. "Decided long ago I'm the past." One piece, Thank you Oda.

  29. Hydhsgsfr Ndhysystr

    Hydhsgsfr Ndhysystr2 日 前

    Love you

  30. Esther Tokarz

    Esther Tokarz2 日 前


  31. i have best pfp

    i have best pfp2 日 前

    Im glad i can download this opening. Thx =].

  32. scay apple

    scay apple2 日 前

    Plz oda let katakuri join the staw hats

  33. Runboe V

    Runboe V2 日 前

    I’m the only one who think it is too evident if Luffy become Pirate King ? What Oda will do, i’m hype.

  34. ilyes belahcene

    ilyes belahcene2 日 前

    I feel like the moment One Liece ends is hard to describe. It's gonna be an epic, sad but happy moment, and every sigle one of us will shout just like poeple did after Roger's death. *God I can see this happening.*

  35. Outstanding Potato

    Outstanding Potato2 日 前

    Favourite one piece op

  36. DamSwag

    DamSwag2 日 前

    The moment when you want to sing along to the lyrics but the channel is a commercial idiot and the cards cover the text

  37. Shivansh lalwani

    Shivansh lalwani2 日 前

    Why this song has more views than 'we are' ?

  38. Mariyam Mishker

    Mariyam Mishker2 日 前

    ♥️😁When this series will end i can't wait to see the end of one piece❤️😁

  39. Ouch Idkwhattodo

    Ouch Idkwhattodo3 日 前

    2:26 no matter what even if this series end I will never forgot this

  40. Alexander Zavaleta

    Alexander Zavaleta3 日 前

    min 1:10 y min 1:17 se paralizan siendo esta la version del canal oficial es increible que tenga fallos cuando las versiones de canales no oficiales no sucede eso que lamentable >:c min 1:10 and min 1:17 are paralyzed, this being the version of the official channel, it is incredible that it has failures when the versions of unofficial channels do not happen, so unfortunate>: c

  41. BiggieSmall

    BiggieSmall3 日 前

    imagine Luffy finally finds the "treasure" then when he opens the chest it just says *"Get Stick Bugged LOL"*

  42. ArcadeRLBX

    ArcadeRLBX3 日 前

    @Seang L. Heng I feel sorry but there will always be a miracle no matter how hard life is, you have to fight back. We know you can fight over it! There is always light. Even in a place full of darkness.

  43. Saathvik B

    Saathvik B3 日 前

    Coronavirus : do you know what they call me these days me : ??? Coronavirus : they call me COVID19 Me : is it you’re real name ? Coronavirus : no, my name is Covi D 19

  44. Darius

    Darius3 日 前

    It is clearly the best generic of one piece💛💛

  45. Alina Hearts

    Alina Hearts3 日 前

    I started one piece in June and I finally reached this op🥳

  46. kunuYT

    kunuYT日 前


  47. Caio Cesar Headbanger

    Caio Cesar Headbanger4 日 前

  48. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya4 日 前

    i'll never understand these ppl who dislikes this...

  49. ilyes belahcene

    ilyes belahcene2 日 前

    Me neither lol

  50. rhajeb ragmac

    rhajeb ragmac3 日 前

    its theyre freedom. hehehe.. we one piececfans.. always forever

  51. Ignited Blades

    Ignited Blades4 日 前

    Boys we can’t let opening 20 have more views then opening 21 we know which is superior don’t let the super powers win

  52. Oreo_fandom_beastars

    Oreo_fandom_beastars4 日 前


  53. T i m e rツ

    T i m e rツ4 日 前

    I think this ark best than wano

  54. Jess07

    Jess074 日 前

    Well Wano's not finished yet so it's kinda unfair to compare them. But this arc is amazing I agree.

  55. rhajeb ragmac

    rhajeb ragmac4 日 前

    yeah its so emotional

  56. Hemant Chavda

    Hemant Chavda4 日 前

    Mvp of the wki is Brook🔥🔥❤️🌚

  57. rhajeb ragmac

    rhajeb ragmac3 日 前

    yeah.. mvp

  58. joseph S

    joseph S4 日 前

    Is it just me or is this opening literally the best opening in one piece

  59. Vijay R

    Vijay R17 時間 前

    Op 13 and this one are best

  60. Pistachio '

    Pistachio '19 時間 前

    My favorite is hard knock days

  61. ʀᴇᴋᴛ

    ʀᴇᴋᴛ日 前

    It competes opening 13 and 14

  62. Naruto AMV'S

    Naruto AMV'S4 日 前

    Who's here because of Anime Fighting Simulator Me🙋

  63. Mary Love Cortez

    Mary Love Cortez5 日 前

    Not sure why this OP isn't one of the best. It really touches you.

  64. God Usopp

    God Usopp5 日 前

    Am i the only who like the moment of silence

  65. awesome games

    awesome games5 日 前

    Zoro sanji fighting each other for fun

  66. rhajeb ragmac

    rhajeb ragmac4 日 前

    yeah like bromance haha

  67. Epic Tod

    Epic Tod5 日 前

    i have hope Luffy will meet ace soul R.I.P Ace still cant forget about him 😭

  68. Fake brinxc

    Fake brinxc5 日 前

    One thing WE ARE HOPE!!!

  69. Triforce09

    Triforce095 日 前

    Hi! Wano watcher here. Just here to say that this intro makes me feel a way. Thats all!!

  70. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando5 日 前

    Remember, They are hope.

  71. Julian AoT

    Julian AoT5 日 前

    One of the best ops

  72. L

    L5 日 前

    What song?

  73. Chhatrapati Potbhare

    Chhatrapati Potbhare5 日 前

    So so we Are hope.

  74. Gohan Fransico YT

    Gohan Fransico YT5 日 前

    i replayed this like a million times

  75. hatsune miku

    hatsune miku5 日 前

    The opening songs do so well for each arc

  76. Random dude

    Random dude5 日 前

    why didn't I watch this when I was young that was one of my mistakes I didn't watch the most greatest anime on the world.

  77. Patricia Mary Castillo

    Patricia Mary Castillo日 前

    But you're watching it now, right? It's never too late to watch One Piece. ❤️

  78. Kechnation Kruiskade

    Kechnation Kruiskade6 日 前

    Am i the only one that likes the rivalry between brook and big mom than luffy and big mom

  79. Josiah Williams

    Josiah Williams6 日 前

    RIP Luffy's tooth

  80. Loyanka

    Loyanka6 日 前

    1:25 when luffy's future sight is too stong

  81. Jotaro from the HFTF

    Jotaro from the HFTF6 日 前


  82. Jotaro from the HFTF

    Jotaro from the HFTF6 日 前


  83. Jess07

    Jess077 日 前

    This one along with op 13 and 14 are the best imo

  84. die happy

    die happy7 日 前

    so i have a story when i heard this song for the first time i was at water 7 watching Usopp and Luffy fighting(236) i saw the spoilers and also this song sound sooo wonderful so i used two month from water 7 to law island to ace death to punckhazard to dressrosa to that big elephant and there i finally heard this song at episode

  85. felipe dias

    felipe dias7 日 前

    Do krl man

  86. sam sagale

    sam sagale7 日 前

    Such a powerful arc

  87. Movie Fan 1000

    Movie Fan 10007 日 前

    I love it

  88. Chunchunmaru

    Chunchunmaru7 日 前

    never watch one piece but this op is really good

  89. Anish Tiwari

    Anish Tiwari7 日 前

    I am currently in this arc, ya know

  90. I’m an AC with a smiley face

    I’m an AC with a smiley face7 日 前

    Is my cousin the only person who doesn’t care about the anime and just cares about the opening? Bc that’s my cousin explained in one sentence

  91. yonnie

    yonnie7 日 前

    I feel like they should that the final episode into a movie or something

  92. Ismail Mustafa

    Ismail Mustafa7 日 前


  93. Kost

    Kost8 日 前

    respect to brook going up against big mom with 0 haki

  94. Dathappytoast

    Dathappytoast8 日 前


  95. Gabriel Gallegos

    Gabriel Gallegos8 日 前

    Honestly when I first watched the end of whole cake island, my heart stopped and my breathing slowed down xp I seriously thought we were gonna get a neferpitou and kite moment at the end lol one of the best arcs in one piece ✨👍✨

  96. Guy with glasses

    Guy with glasses8 日 前

    One peice 5 percent: about being a pirate 95 percent:GOMU GOMU NO PISTOL

  97. theo marques

    theo marques4 日 前

    True da true

  98. BEK3A

    BEK3A8 日 前

    140 episodes left to caught to current episode🧐

  99. Thanos's Dick

    Thanos's Dick8 日 前

    Luffy the pirate king Deku the #1 hero Goku the god of saiyans Asta the future wizard king Saitama grows his hair back (0.00000000000001% chance coming true) Naruto the 7th hokage Giorno the boss of mobs Add more in the comments. There are so many

  100. Illumi Zoldyck

    Illumi Zoldyck7 日 前

    Tanjiro finding a way to turn back nezuko

  101. Electro_Yellow

    Electro_Yellow8 日 前

    Yo mama the biggest person on earth Gottee

  102. Hemant Chavda

    Hemant Chavda8 日 前

    Luffy in red clothes looks so cool 🔥🔥❤️

  103. Manon VAN AERDE

    Manon VAN AERDE8 日 前

    I’m trying to learn the Japanese lyrics, wish me luck.

  104. ITZ_Arsia Aoi ōkami

    ITZ_Arsia Aoi ōkami8 日 前

    Keren banget

  105. Mahamoud abdilahi

    Mahamoud abdilahi8 日 前

    the 1.4k dislikes are all from people in big moms crew😪😪

  106. Marvellous Gamer

    Marvellous Gamer8 日 前

    When the series will end Suicide rate will increase!

  107. Go Berzerk

    Go Berzerk9 日 前

    Yea the other part good and all but this version 1:51 hits ya insides if you remember how Luffy lost that tooth

  108. Mutaz Al Aeb

    Mutaz Al Aeb9 日 前

    I can't believe this was in 2018

  109. ʀᴇᴋᴛ

    ʀᴇᴋᴛ7 日 前


  110. B E

    B E9 日 前

    Dude katakuri and smoothie look so damn intimidating walking towards the screen

  111. Ryan Junior

    Ryan Junior9 日 前

    Hy sye ui era yebd oefwi over or one piece eis , uw eia asday hor animey for on my

  112. Symentisgrin

    Symentisgrin9 日 前

    When the day this anime meet their ending, i swear this anime gonna reunite the world just like what db super do

  113. B D H

    B D H9 日 前

    This opening made me watch one piece

  114. B D H

    B D H7 日 前

    Ashys yeah I’m enjoying it so far I’m on episode 105

  115. Ashys

    Ashys8 日 前

    watch this is the best anime in all time for me bro ( and i have seen many show)

  116. pepsi bez puszki

    pepsi bez puszki9 日 前


  117. m3mhwa -The Retro Collector-

    m3mhwa -The Retro Collector-9 日 前

    i wonder when every new one piece opening comes out oda watches it to see how good it is

  118. Mahzyar Tavakoli

    Mahzyar Tavakoli9 日 前

    I am in Dressrosa arc and i still have some episodes to reach this arc but i suppose this op is too op

  119. AMV Channel

    AMV Channel9 日 前


  120. Zion Rush Quinquito

    Zion Rush Quinquito9 日 前

    this is the best ^-^

  121. 6 9

    6 99 日 前

    Me a big theorist - Imagine one piece was just a big flashback from luffy... People who have been watching for 21 years - *bababoi*

  122. MN - 05 957377 Burnhamthorpe PS

    MN - 05 957377 Burnhamthorpe PS9 日 前

    I honestly think this is the best opening in one piece

  123. kunuYT

    kunuYT日 前


  124. Zeref and Natsu vs Luffy and whole one piece world

    Zeref and Natsu vs Luffy and whole one piece world6 日 前


  125. B D H

    B D H9 日 前

    That’s because it is

  126. Angelo Luis Pasia

    Angelo Luis Pasia9 日 前

    this my favorite opening in one piece and whole cake island is my favorite arc