One Piece Opening 22 - Wano Kuni Arc | OVER THE TOP


  1. Gator The Hyena

    Gator The Hyena時間 前

    I never noticed Chopper transforming into Usopp. That's a kool little transition

  2. Viran Aditama

    Viran Aditama7 時間 前

    Best arc on One Piece?????

  3. the bogarts

    the bogarts12 時間 前

    *its genius that the one who sang we go and we are also sang this new opening*

  4. CraiG Shadow

    CraiG Shadow日 前

    Wtf just noticed we can see yasuie death GG

  5. Kaan Kalkavan

    Kaan Kalkavan日 前

    incroyable wallah

  6. nana9112010

    nana9112010日 前

    Why did it become the usual for one piece opening to have shit tons of spoiler ?? I miss the old opening ,really "old is gold "

  7. Techer Jean

    Techer Jean日 前


  8. Techer Jean

    Techer Jean日 前

    debut trop

  9. Andy fran enciso

    Andy fran enciso2 日 前

    hermoso :)

  10. João Marcos

    João Marcos3 日 前

    top 3 best openings of one piece's history.

  11. João Marcos

    João Marcos2 日 前

    @Coolatus We Are.

  12. Coolatus

    Coolatus2 日 前

    What’s number one?

  13. Made Darmada

    Made Darmada3 日 前


  14. XXHHT2018 VR

    XXHHT2018 VR4 日 前

    Nigga nigga nigga

  15. Marquese Lee

    Marquese Lee5 日 前

    Best one piece intro ever

  16. Dana Faisal

    Dana Faisal5 日 前

    I can finally watch this opining now, no more spoilers.

  17. mcquade martin

    mcquade martin6 日 前

    there’s a lot of spoilers here but this is easily the best op opening so far. just the animation and how it shows how far everyone has come, especially luffy. this hits all the feels if you’re a real fan

  18. MUFF

    MUFF6 日 前


  19. Akram kirito

    Akram kirito6 日 前

    Please upload new opening

  20. Lucas #AssociaVasco

    Lucas #AssociaVasco6 日 前

    Eita porra

  21. GoZaru Official

    GoZaru Official6 日 前

    I came here becuz of the opening 23 Dreamin-On

  22. Avatar roku Best

    Avatar roku Best6 日 前

    New oping

  23. A1Ghosty

    A1Ghosty7 日 前

    Song name at the end?

  24. lenoobre

    lenoobre7 日 前

    1:45 best moment

  25. djidou

    djidou7 日 前

    After over the top DREAMIN' ON 😍

  26. Sơn Phan Đắc

    Sơn Phan Đắc7 日 前

    while everone appear more than 2times :3 oh my Sanji :v

  27. Axel Blaze

    Axel Blaze7 日 前

    Can't believe this opening is already 1 year old 😳

  28. super bacon

    super bacon7 日 前

    I didn't expect the intro will change ,it did i got triggered and came back to here it

  29. Ghostlyfaun

    Ghostlyfaun8 日 前

    2020: We are Dreamin’ On

  30. Bob Gob

    Bob Gob8 日 前

    Whos here after op 23 dropped 😂

  31. Eduardo Villalobos

    Eduardo Villalobos8 日 前

    Mi cabeza al leer Over the top: ¿Dónde está Lemmy Kilmister?


    ROCK SHOW8 日 前

    Who is here after opening 23?

  33. Renato Raul Nunez Alzamora

    Renato Raul Nunez Alzamora8 日 前

    I will miss this one

  34. ProdG Productions

    ProdG Productions8 日 前

    Anyone else come after the new opening just dropped

  35. hanzala sohail

    hanzala sohail8 日 前

    Wheres the new intro?

  36. lucas m.m

    lucas m.m9 日 前

    Já mostra os 9 bainhas vermelhas essa abertura

  37. heartsofcarnage

    heartsofcarnage9 日 前

    For a great anime one piece has some weak openings

  38. heartsofcarnage

    heartsofcarnage8 日 前

    @jacob I listen to every opening to see which I like op 3 is my favorite the others just don't get me excited

  39. jacob

    jacob8 日 前

    you clearly haven’t watched any of them. too bad it’s not some trash dubstep earpiercing garbage like other anime openings today

  40. heartsofcarnage

    heartsofcarnage8 日 前

    @jacob your opinion right

  41. jacob

    jacob8 日 前

    never knew opinions could be incorrect until now

  42. Koro Sensei

    Koro Sensei9 日 前

    Qui vient pcq dimanche y'a le 23

  43. Shinonome sakamoto Luiz*WILLHELM 2*

    Shinonome sakamoto Luiz*WILLHELM 2*9 日 前

    Vai Brazilian!

  44. YG Production

    YG Production10 日 前

    Can you share the outro song name? Thank you

  45. Oliano.R

    Oliano.R11 日 前

    Replay button for me : 0:56 Don't matter it's just passing by

  46. Charcol Bread

    Charcol Bread12 日 前

    I watch this opening too many times it still doesnt get bored

  47. DatMemeKid

    DatMemeKid12 日 前

    Reminds me of Alabasta.

  48. Clesh HK

    Clesh HK13 日 前

    Manga readers: Noooo, you can't just put manga spoilers in the opening, that's illegal! Tori: Haha, manga spoilers go brrrr

  49. Monkey D Luffy

    Monkey D Luffy14 日 前

    I didn’t get spoiled too much cause I just mainly focused on music and fight a scenes

  50. Vonix 1.0

    Vonix 1.014 日 前

    Oda confirmed wano arc is going to blow the minds of one piece fans!!!

  51. Made Darmada

    Made Darmada14 日 前

    2:00 name song?

  52. 》Ed《

    》Ed《14 日 前

    Someone::I HAVE LOLIS XD F.B.I: 1:55

  53. hanzala sohail

    hanzala sohail14 日 前

    Opening 23 is coming Sunday

  54. yoriichi ビンセント

    yoriichi ビンセント14 日 前

    Shows 1:05 Me: yo, right there that's a spoiler

  55. HossXoX X

    HossXoX X14 日 前

    Is it me or this opening is x100 more hype and better made than the previous one ?

  56. Jester

    Jester15 日 前

    0:47 damn i rly like this for some reason

  57. gustavo alejandro dalisdiaz

    gustavo alejandro dalisdiaz15 日 前

    auto me encanta

  58. Ad3m

    Ad3m15 日 前

    This opening is even spoiling manga readers

  59. 吴子觐

    吴子觐12 日 前

    New opening is dropping on august 2 with episode 935 and chapter 986. Idk if I should watch the op or not.

  60. Robin Fournier

    Robin Fournier16 日 前

    Des français ? 🇫🇷🇫🇷

  61. Sifu 3610

    Sifu 361016 日 前

    Pedazo de opening!!

  62. Juleslafolie

    Juleslafolie16 日 前

    Do you remember this opening who spoiled the scans readers?

  63. Luigigmamer _YT

    Luigigmamer _YT16 日 前

    This shit gon be way better once the arc is done can't wait for 2027 :D

  64. The xxandrexx

    The xxandrexx17 日 前

    OP 23, one piece chapter 935!!!



    I’m still on whole cake island but from what I’ve seen here Luffy gets a pet lion Zoro becomes the main character Nami can use ninjustu Sanji becomes a power ranger And they fight an f’ing dragon

  66. Animes Legendados PTBR

    Animes Legendados PTBR17 日 前

    amo essa musica

  67. Everton Santos

    Everton Santos17 日 前

    Eu também 😎

  68. beastfulboy

    beastfulboy18 日 前

    Why did this feel like a budokai opening? Cuz this was sooooo awesome

  69. Melissa Sosa

    Melissa Sosa18 日 前

    I dont see any spoilers yall trippin.

  70. Mapfal

    Mapfal14 日 前

    They spoiled who Denjiro is before it was revealed in the manga.

  71. Profici 12

    Profici 1219 日 前


  72. Gabriel Gonçalves

    Gabriel Gonçalves19 日 前

    The best song !!!

  73. Marie Britania

    Marie Britania19 日 前

    I stopped watching the Wano Arc because I hate waiting but in manga, I can wait like forever. Lol.

  74. Icarus Thorn

    Icarus Thorn19 日 前

    Bro I don’t think I’m ready for a new opening. Over The Top is so good.

  75. Just Smil

    Just Smil19 日 前


  76. CPB Lone

    CPB Lone20 日 前


  77. M Yu Lian Shah_17

    M Yu Lian Shah_1720 日 前

    One Dream One Wish

  78. Rocco Pezone

    Rocco Pezone20 日 前

    Openig 23 at august

  79. Monkey D' DRAGØN

    Monkey D' DRAGØN20 日 前

    Uma das melhores até hj

  80. Date Masamune

    Date Masamune20 日 前

    After the Wano Arc, Zoro will have an eye patch, and use a six sword style, change his name to Date Masamune.

  81. Mel

    Mel21 日 前

    Btw where is Yamato? I didnt see him.

  82. Mel

    Mel21 日 前

    Wait, Luffy vs Kaido??? Holy Shit!

  83. VegetoZz

    VegetoZz21 日 前

    For thoses who doesn t know the song at the end its jigoku shoujo op 4

  84. ManateeMentality

    ManateeMentality21 日 前

    One year later and this opening still feels fresh.

  85. 5B陶炎鴻

    5B陶炎鴻21 日 前

    like take these

  86. 5B陶炎鴻

    5B陶炎鴻21 日 前

    l love luffy

  87. Reset 351

    Reset 35121 日 前

    And why is robin white now

  88. Reset 351

    Reset 35121 日 前

    Guys I’m barley going into the impel down arc what’s happening 💀💀

  89. Reset 351

    Reset 35116 日 前

    Greg B don’t worry you all I’ve been watching like 25 ep a day I’m already at the time skip

  90. Greg B

    Greg B16 日 前

    Chief don’t spoil

  91. Greg B

    Greg B16 日 前

    Stop spoiling

  92. Chief

    Chief21 日 前

    Basically the straw hats are in the new world fighting the 4 Yonkos

  93. Jerel X

    Jerel X21 日 前

    the 1k dislikes are from the one piece bad boys.

  94. AlbertoPlays

    AlbertoPlays22 日 前


  95. Jonatan

    Jonatan22 日 前

    Who else just finished rewatching all 22 openings and can’t wait op 23?

  96. MattAnime SupremeDreams.

    MattAnime SupremeDreams.22 日 前

    My top 5 favorite one piece openings (not in order): 1.Over the top 2.We Are 3.We Go 4.Wake Up! 5.Hard Knock Days Why not 6.Fight Together

  97. MattAnime SupremeDreams.

    MattAnime SupremeDreams.21 日 前

    @Chief sure thats great

  98. Chief

    Chief21 日 前

    I like the one during thriller bark

  99. LidThe ShadowFox

    LidThe ShadowFox22 日 前

    I want to watch one piece and i decided to watch all ops bc i often do that and actually this one is confusing

  100. Chief

    Chief21 日 前

    Skip all the filler lol trust me

  101. DaySauce

    DaySauce22 日 前

    Bruh I'm only on episode 650 something.. Everything i just watched confused the hell out of me.

  102. Chief

    Chief21 日 前

    They're are taking on the Yonkos, finish dressrosa

  103. henry lu

    henry lu23 日 前

    Haven’t caught up to this season but from what I can tell Luffy owns a lion Zoro is the main character now Robin became a fan service character sanji can now go henshin And they’re fighting a fucking dragon??????



    henry lu I’d say that about sums it up

  105. Chief

    Chief20 日 前

    @henry lu damn lol if I was you I would skip the filler when your done you got a long way to go this like episodes in the 900s

  106. henry lu

    henry lu20 日 前

    Chief the thing is that I’m still on the skypiea arc

  107. Chief

    Chief21 日 前

    Lol they're in the new world

  108. Vinegar Cheesecake

    Vinegar Cheesecake24 日 前

    I stopped reading One Piece a year ago, a few days ago I started Wano again in the manga and I finally caught up yesterday. Watching this opening is so exciting knowing what's coming for the anime

  109. Xi Jinpong

    Xi Jinpong24 日 前

    One of the best openings

  110. Darken

    Darken24 日 前

    Top 5 One Piece openings of all time: . No 5: Opening 20 (We Are Hope) No 4: Opening 18 (Hard Knock Days) No 3: Opening 11 (Share the World) No 2: Opening 6 (Brand New World) No 1: Opening 1 (We Are) (unbeatable classic) . Honerable mention to: Opening 22 (Over the Top) and Opening 2 (Believe in Wonderland) (another classic) . LIKE if u agree

  111. Gabriel

    Gabriel24 日 前


  112. Deng Deng

    Deng Deng24 日 前

    How tf is this opening 1 year

  113. JuSt TPM

    JuSt TPM25 日 前

    So is this still about pirates

  114. Mapfal

    Mapfal14 日 前

    The arc is literally about beating one of the 4 strongest pirates lol

  115. CheeZeCaKeS

    CheeZeCaKeS25 日 前


  116. Julio dilu luise Julio

    Julio dilu luise Julio26 日 前

    did i just see gear 4 .-.

  117. Tra-guy

    Tra-guy26 日 前

    I was afraid when I didn't see Sanji included from 00:25 - 00:34 I thought something bad happened to him.

  118. YesButWellYes

    YesButWellYes27 日 前

    That old man t-posing on me Makes me uncomfortable

  119. Omarnad

    Omarnad26 日 前

    @YesButWellYes we all are

  120. YesButWellYes

    YesButWellYes26 日 前

    @Omarnad meh I don't know I'm waiting for the next ep

  121. Omarnad

    Omarnad27 日 前

    I believe he was crusified

  122. zach tichon

    zach tichon27 日 前

    I can't wait to get to this arc

  123. Neolity_ Even

    Neolity_ Even28 日 前


  124. STAV

    STAV28 日 前

    Zorro destroyed kaido Trust me

  125. Artofizanagi

    Artofizanagi29 日 前

    This opening spared Luffy the humiliation lol

  126. BEK3A

    BEK3A29 日 前

    Fock i wanna watch the wano kuni arc but I’m still at episode 194 😭

  127. Chief

    Chief21 日 前

    Skip all the filler

  128. Dante Lewis

    Dante Lewis25 日 前

    Don't rush it trust me the stuff that's happening in the arc right now are insane and us caught up reader have to wait EVERY week for a new chapter so don't rush it

  129. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne27 日 前

    @BEk3A You just have to be patient, but don't worry, you still have a long way to go and believe me, that what you need to see is incredible. The story that will connect Oda sensei is an absolute genius and you are missing legendary arcs and sagas. Just enjoy One piece, the first time is astonishing. ❤

  130. M.E.A SALIH

    M.E.A SALIH29 日 前

    I put Zoro as a password...Google said its TOO STRONG

  131. Omarnad

    Omarnad27 日 前