One Piece Opening 22 - Wano Kuni Arc | OVER THE TOP


  1. Zeimu

    Zeimu7 時間 前

    First nine seconds of the opening are S+ tier

  2. ugh why

    ugh why12 時間 前

    Oh so they're ninjas now

  3. Putra Pram

    Putra Pram14 時間 前


  4. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando20 時間 前

    Remember how goku did a backflip at the end of opening 2 now look at puffy opening 22

  5. ScrappyChan

    ScrappyChan20 時間 前

    Ive finally decided to read for the past month or 2 and ive gotten up yo volume 73 cant wait to know whats happening

  6. Unhander

    Unhander日 前

    I don't understand hype over opening 20. This one along with We Are and We Go are best openings ever! I just love the power in music, voices and animation. All so dynamic and well done

  7. William Su

    William Su日 前

    I hated the last OP opening but this one really brings the openings back to its roots, it's one of the openings that sounds like a spirited carnival that makes me feel like I can punch through my day at work.

  8. Galagate Charlie

    Galagate Charlie日 前

    All i can say is NIN NIN NIN

  9. Paradox

    Paradox日 前

    Thank you toei for spoiling sanji and kaido transformation

  10. mvs Yuki

    mvs Yuki日 前



    ZORO • SENPAI日 前

    anime is better than manga heres why good animation quality op soundtracks ,openings op fights and the most important when a new chapter comes you will read it in 5 minutes and thats it but in an anime you will enjoy 4x more

  12. Hamburger Dude

    Hamburger Dude日 前

    very naisu shiza chan

  13. 달리

    달리日 前

    I'm doing a op opening marathon

  14. asagod 876

    asagod 876日 前

    3.000.000 !!

  15. Miffed Akko

    Miffed Akko日 前

    Man toei really stepped it up after broly

  16. Tonel

    Tonel日 前

    Im on episode 555 .... Man i wish i was in wano kuni arc xd. The animation and the opening is just pure art.

  17. newby dong

    newby dong2 日 前

    Luffy's bitch ass gears went from Feed My Starving Children to an All American Obesity Child...yea, fight & beat Kaido!? Dream on Luffy, you're a bitch. That's why Luffy got bitch smacked and made into a thot by Kaido. LMFAO

  18. newby dong

    newby dong2 日 前

    God...OP OST's are getting shittier by the min.."wannnnnnnn piece....wannnnnnnn dreammmmm" LMFAO! SO FUCKING stupid.

  19. Sora Loft64

    Sora Loft642 日 前

    One Piece: hey can I copy your home work DBS: yeah just change it alittle bit. 1:55

  20. DioXL

    DioXL2 日 前

    Expectations: 1:27 Reality: 1:06

  21. Dude Chill

    Dude Chill2 日 前

    Oda:- Don't show kaido's devil fruit Toei:- okayyyyy

  22. Mohammed Hamza

    Mohammed Hamza2 日 前

    that end fight is rematch that is not in manga yet

  23. Yusei Gameplay

    Yusei Gameplay2 日 前

    1:10 the best part😆

  24. magyar gyerek

    magyar gyerek2 日 前

    I am lucky i read the manga first then saw this op ffsk a lot spoilers

  25. Most Toast

    Most Toast2 日 前

    Kaido got his shit wrecked by Luffy with gear fourth

  26. ZackstaDaxta

    ZackstaDaxta2 日 前


  27. Sunny Rastogi

    Sunny Rastogi3 日 前

    1:59 - 2:34 which song is this ? What is it name ? Can anyone help me ?

  28. Ban Dex

    Ban Dex3 日 前

    Kaido is a mythical zoan type?

  29. BEBENJI Freyburger

    BEBENJI Freyburger3 日 前


  30. Mark Cardines

    Mark Cardines3 日 前

    Whole Cake Island arc.. almost there Wano kuni...😊😊

  31. Jay Playzzz

    Jay Playzzz3 日 前

    me getting spoiled before watching one piece:ok *me watching one piece now even though some parts are spoiled:ok*

  32. Bryan A.P

    Bryan A.P3 日 前

    0:46-0:55 my favorite part

  33. Bluewind57

    Bluewind573 日 前

    yeah... luffy wouldn't stand a chance against kaido just last arc he couldn't even budge big moms arm an inch and he was going pretty much all out in gear 4th and kaido is supposed to be like what... 10 times stronger than big mom not even counting his dragon form? if the power scaling and system or whatever was consistent luffy would quite literally have to be 100 times stronger to even stand a chance unless he got some bullshit dragon ball style power up from "fighting really hard" on whole cake then he would basically die in one hit from kaido

  34. Phoenix Gonza 7w7

    Phoenix Gonza 7w73 日 前

    Like 😳

  35. sarfaraz ali Khan

    sarfaraz ali Khan4 日 前

    when will everyone get on sunny and sail its getting boooring

  36. I Am The Danger

    I Am The Danger4 日 前

    1:09 - 1:19 The best 10 seconds


    ZORO • SENPAI4 日 前

    i dont think in the final fight of this arc the strawhats are gonna fight alone coz i dont think they will be able to win the fight on thier own the fight might be like sanji +kidvs king zoro +marco vs orochi (shougun) luffy + nekumomshi +inurashi +law vs kaido rest of the straw hat vs jack and others shown in 0:47 rest of the allies vs supernovas

  38. asagod 876

    asagod 8764 日 前


  39. Trey Sagas

    Trey Sagas4 日 前

    This gives me hunter x hunter vibes

  40. Mewtwo420

    Mewtwo4204 日 前

    Best opening we had since We are

  41. Fearless_Saiyan

    Fearless_Saiyan4 日 前

    I guess you could say they went over the top with this one

  42. Sarimisboss

    Sarimisboss5 日 前

    I always thought it was"One Three...One Piece!"dunno why.

  43. Alter Seven

    Alter Seven5 日 前

    I think the odds of us or Oda being dead/killed before the ending of this arc is a true problem. Not even mentioning the whole anime ending.

  44. Lawliet

    Lawliet日 前

    Isn´t he like 43? lol xD Every arc as at least a year and half. ´ I think dressrosa arc has two years and half.

  45. Rony epic

    Rony epic5 日 前

    Yo sanji wtf

  46. Choco

    Choco5 日 前


  47. Mohan Prakash

    Mohan Prakash10 時間 前

    @Lapis Lazuli yeah,it was something to deal with princess Vivi.

  48. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli23 時間 前

    Mohan Prakash me too I don’t believe that 😤

  49. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli23 時間 前

    Hi I came to tell you that the war didn’t start 😂💔

  50. Mohan Prakash

    Mohan Prakash日 前

    @Medium Rare No he is not dead . But what the heck happened to Sabo? ODA you are amazing.

  51. Paranjay Page

    Paranjay Page5 日 前

    Sanji looks so dope in Raid Suit👌

  52. derek mota

    derek mota5 日 前

    pinche op mas qlero :V porque lo suben???????????'?'

  53. Xochilth Pena

    Xochilth Pena5 日 前

    mierda y yo apenas voy por el cap 165 del manga :C

  54. F E R N A N D A

    F E R N A N D A5 日 前

    Yo me puse al día con el manga en 6 meses, si es posible 😂

  55. Amanda Louis

    Amanda Louis5 日 前

    I really don't like the manga spoilers, but i think.... One Piece still have many episodes left after this! :) And there are so many questions to be answered. Like the Revolutionary Army. Luffy hasn't met his dad, big mom and Black Beard are still out there. Who knows what will happen. Is Big mom really going to show up in Wano and i don't think that Luffy can beat them all, but it's a good thing that Luffy has good allies. And i can't wait to see Jimbei. I hope he's doing okay. Luffy will meet Shanks too. And we still don't know anything about the things from Mariejois and the looks of Admiral GreenBull-Ryokugyu. And i don't think that the marines are happy about this. Especially Fleet Admiral Akainu....... there are so many possibilities. We also have CP0. But lets hope that they get what they after. The Poneglyphs...

  56. asagod 876

    asagod 8766 日 前

    epic !!

  57. Kiyomi22

    Kiyomi226 日 前

    I’m not gonna watch one piece until all the episodes are out which is gonna be a long time ;-;

  58. BEBENJI Freyburger

    BEBENJI Freyburger5 日 前


  59. Luthfi Alrashid

    Luthfi Alrashid6 日 前

    Best opening since we go

  60. BEBENJI Freyburger

    BEBENJI Freyburger5 日 前


  61. titi man20

    titi man206 日 前

    Trop stylé le nouvelle op

  62. Mimikyou _

    Mimikyou _6 日 前

    is kaido a giant species?

  63. BEBENJI Freyburger

    BEBENJI Freyburger5 日 前


  64. Keren R

    Keren R6 日 前

    Finally caught up with the manga and damn WANO IS SO MUCH HYPE

  65. Keren R

    Keren R2 日 前

    @ZackstaDaxta TRUE.

  66. ZackstaDaxta

    ZackstaDaxta2 日 前

    The anime people have nooooo idea. "Can Wano live up to the hype?" Whatever ideas they had for Wano in their head cannot compare to the awesomeness we've been getting. It starts slow but just gets better and better.

  67. Fullterror 03

    Fullterror 037 日 前

    Idk how a war between 24k people is gonna be better than marineford but its oda so ik he will surprise me and im waiting for it with hype

  68. Bryan

    Bryan7 日 前

    so kyoshiro is really denjiro 0:38

  69. BIG DEAL

    BIG DEAL7 日 前


  70. Zokerz

    Zokerz7 日 前

    hayo siapa indo

  71. Casics

    Casics7 日 前

    0:00-0:08 my fav 😍💕

  72. Svenger Mc. Spazzy

    Svenger Mc. Spazzy7 日 前


  73. Jamari Hagens

    Jamari Hagens7 日 前

    Where’s carrot?