One Piece Opening 22 - Wano Kuni Arc | OVER THE TOP


  1. Random Guy

    Random Guy53 分 前

    They went over the top with this opening. Fight me.

  2. Lighted Zack

    Lighted Zack5 時間 前

    Everyone is saying RIP this, RIP that. But you're all mistaken. We can't be spoiled if we don't even know what the hell is going on. I can hardly even remember what I saw in this opening for the last 2 minutes

  3. Lazy MicinGunX

    Lazy MicinGunX9 時間 前

    I love their friendship just like a solid family,,although some of them had left the crew but they re join the crew with an epicness,,like Nami,usop,Robin & sanji,,may be Zoro Will be the next one

  4. ThatRyanGuy

    ThatRyanGuy17 時間 前

    It would be cool if all the supernovas team up to take down Kaido

  5. Angell

    Angell日 前

    This opening just came out and it already feels so iconic

  6. Harley Harley

    Harley Harley日 前

    This song is good

  7. Igie Tenryou

    Igie Tenryou2 日 前

    This Opening is OVER THE TOP!

  8. Mohammad Ajore

    Mohammad Ajore2 日 前

    It's for the people one God one God is truth or is exists

  9. Plazmer 800

    Plazmer 8002 日 前

    In this arc, luffy learns shadow clone jutsu and used a new move called gum gum shadow Gatling. Trust me I work at Toei

  10. Robot AI

    Robot AI2 日 前

    i have just one question where is the hippo boi?

  11. Nonoctoro

    Nonoctoro2 日 前

    It's very DBZ like at some parts of this song.

  12. Kendaï

    Kendaï2 日 前

    Best spoil ever xD

  13. Silva Mole

    Silva Mole3 日 前

    Me watching the new one piece inchrow:omg is that the krew

  14. artycheetos

    artycheetos3 日 前

    The animation has rapidly improved.A good opening for an amazing arc!I can't wait to see the Straw Hat's reaction to Sanji's 'O-Soba' mask,Robin's face when she sees that Luffy has been imprisoned and the flashback to the Reverie arc.

  15. Alyssa Assnan

    Alyssa Assnan3 日 前

    0:57 Law😍😍en kimono💙🤤

  16. Alcer The Demon

    Alcer The Demon3 日 前

    Enies Lobby - Robin’s arc Gyojin island - Nami’s arc..? Dressrossa - Ussopp’s arc Whole Cake - Sanji’s arc Wano - Zoro’s arc Raftel - Luffy’s arc and final arc

  17. Orions The Gamer

    Orions The Gamer2 日 前

    Dressrosa wasn't Usopp's arc, that will be Elbaf

  18. duhnuh pir

    duhnuh pir3 日 前

    I don't like sanji raid suit.. :(

  19. Lucas Lima

    Lucas Lima3 日 前

    Best opening

  20. Ijad Ramdani

    Ijad Ramdani3 日 前

    0:44 germa 66 ninja !

  21. Jijeonie

    Jijeonie4 日 前




    I think. Oda will makes something more amazing . I hope luffy . The only one can defeat kaido.

  23. DemonDog534

    DemonDog5344 日 前

    Suckcon deez

  24. Masckerdoom

    Masckerdoom4 日 前

    Greatest one piece opening ever

  25. Naamanator

    Naamanator4 日 前

    I love this intro, but like damn, how many spoilers can you have in one intro. It's stupid how many spoilers there are 😂

  26. ciachofil

    ciachofil4 日 前

    Scene with Dragon Kaido and Luffy gives me chills everytime.

  27. Chocolate Muffin

    Chocolate Muffin4 日 前

    The only anime I know that changes their clothes so frequently. Every arc is a new outfit.

  28. Isaac Hatfield

    Isaac Hatfield5 日 前

    I understand why the op are so upbeat, I mean it is one piece after all. I would love a really metal op though.

  29. Gean supremo Amparo

    Gean supremo Amparo5 日 前

    Muito bom 😄

  30. Noelle

    Noelle5 日 前

    Yay robin- uh... why is she dressed as a prostitute...

  31. Orions The Gamer

    Orions The Gamer2 日 前

    Well, she literaly plays a prostitute in order to get information.

  32. Anthony Florian

    Anthony Florian5 日 前

    Sanji raid suit vinsmoke???

  33. Another Anime Profile Picture

    Another Anime Profile Picture5 日 前

    Is it just me or did the animation suddenly get really good

  34. ApSciPartyBot

    ApSciPartyBot5 日 前

    Been a while since I've enjoyed a one piece opening this much. I've missed this energy!

  35. FF Games

    FF Games5 日 前

    seriously this ark so far has been excitement after excitement , seeing zoro franky usopp and nico and LAW after all this time , zoro getting into foghts with the town samurais been wanted, luffy and little girl story about ace 😭😭😭 , luffy and zoro metting after so long zoro and luffy fightin together fuck me man , then knowing about the town and all kind of capitalism that this place has , luffy NeW MoVEs sumo , stealing the food saving the girl and i like ikuka and law trying to slash him OVER THe FuCKIN TOP !!!!!

  36. Rooxon

    Rooxon6 日 前

    This has to be the most epic One Piece opening in the history of all anime. I can't stop listening to it, I can't get it out of my mind. Waaah

  37. FF Games

    FF Games6 日 前

    guys ive listened to this intro more than 40 times....... i still cant believe we made ot to wano guys 😭😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍

  38. M Ray

    M Ray6 日 前

    Animator : how many spoiler that we need for this intro to get audience hype? Toei director : Yes Oda : I allow it

  39. ciachofil

    ciachofil6 日 前

    One of my best and now best for a given time.

  40. Isaac Loud

    Isaac Loud6 日 前

    OK, Someone PLEASE Tell Me The Song That Starts At 2:02?

  41. A Vida De Um Otario Chamado Noé

    A Vida De Um Otario Chamado Noé6 日 前


  42. Mc. cain

    Mc. cain6 日 前



    NTHNL ROGUE7 日 前

    0:39 spoiled us manga readers

  44. Pete Bolen

    Pete Bolen7 日 前

    1k dislikes from the world government...smh

  45. Ruka Kujo

    Ruka Kujo4 日 前

    Wow that's so bizarre

  46. Afrizal Maulid

    Afrizal Maulid7 日 前

    00:48 🥵🏴‍☠️🔥

  47. Brilliant Nova

    Brilliant Nova7 日 前

    2019 November 11

  48. x1ic1x

    x1ic1x7 日 前

    I’m at the Punk hazard arc and still don’t know what’s going on lol

  49. Jasper Starren

    Jasper Starren6 日 前

    why would you spoil yourself dude

  50. manuel barria gonzalez

    manuel barria gonzalez7 日 前

    Nice moves and rithms, since 15th opening "we go" i love it ❤😳

  51. Arima D.

    Arima D.8 日 前

    Best op one piece

  52. Mousey

    Mousey8 日 前

    Ok but this intro is fire asf

  53. Valkyrie Hero

    Valkyrie Hero8 日 前

    Dragon Kaido: ow! that hurts!

  54. Otaku Sad

    Otaku Sad8 日 前

    A melhor abertura de On Piece até agora. Quem concorda 👍😀 Deve ter algum BR aqui não e possível?!

  55. Sabo Rivaille

    Sabo Rivaille8 日 前

    Good thing I read the manga

  56. R

    R7 日 前

    You are right

  57. OWGlassy

    OWGlassy8 日 前

    Is it just me or does anyone think it would sound better if it said 1 dream 1 piece instead of 1 dream 1 wish

  58. percy channel

    percy channel9 日 前

    sanji ??power ranger ??? it seems like he's doing henshin and becoming kamen rider just add the henshin sound and effect hahahahah

  59. Sr Crowley

    Sr Crowley9 日 前

    Do you know what does kanjis from the begining means?!

  60. Jiren the Grey

    Jiren the Grey9 日 前

    So I'm just starting to watch this series and I've been reading the comments section, how long does it take for an arc to finish it can't be that long....right?

  61. dionisis x

    dionisis x8 日 前

    Usually its like 20-30 episodes, the last few big ones are like 100...

  62. Mapfal

    Mapfal9 日 前

    It doesn't take very long

  63. Jiren the Grey

    Jiren the Grey9 日 前

    @Oz really?

  64. Oz

    Oz9 日 前

    3 years

  65. caua Sousa

    caua Sousa9 日 前

    Naruto calling to kyuubi 0:01

  66. Alvaro Gijon

    Alvaro Gijon9 日 前

    El príncipio de la canción lo mejor esos primero segundos lo demás bueno... Xd

  67. EPGamer

    EPGamer9 日 前

    1:58 did they copy dragon ball super there

  68. Creator Unreality

    Creator Unreality10 日 前


  69. Dragenk

    Dragenk10 日 前

    a no paro de verlo