One Piece - Luffy's Mother Revealed


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    U shit

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    Then Garp wouldn't be admiral

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    Dude, could you please consider not putting false titles on your videos because you get some people hyped for nothing

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    Please..get a better job..

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    i dont think that olvia is luffys mom cuz olvia died 20 years before luffy was born

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    I think Robbin is Luffy's mom & Flo D. Rodger's daughter. look at the age difference & the fact all the major characters leave for the see in their late teens ( around the time Luffy would have bean born).

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    What if its namis mother and he had a feeling that she would lead him to her or at least show him the way to her

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    Or the spirit of the 🌊. Mmm dragon got some of that ocean Booty

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    Luffs mom is really a mermaid lol 😂 or a alien with reverie arms🤭🤯😂😂😂

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    delete yourself

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    It's Spinel from Steven Universe!


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    Luffys mother is kuratcha ang babaeng walang pahinga

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    So you theory completely wrong keep trying

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    Your talking a lot off crap how luffy was supposed to get the D from his mother when the father has a D look get your facts right are else your going to have people unsubscribe from your Channel

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    Why da phuc would luffs mother have his scar

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    Boi Noi 😂



    I know who is Luffy's Mother . . . Monkey D Garp Monkey D Dragon Monkey D Luffy Portgas D Ace Gol D Roger Theres the bloodline . The "D" The Mother of Luffy is . . . Mommy D . He is brother of Manny . . . The Legendary paquiao .

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    Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao Emmanuel D. Pacquiao

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    The best prayer in battle

  21. Insane doge

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    Hahaha mommy D

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    This is about monkey d. Garp?

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    World government hates "D" almost every strong navy has D in their name for godsake garp the hero they worship has a d in his name

  25. Samael

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    What if a celestial dragon kill/enslaved his mother and that triggered his hatred. Or she is a celestial dragon herself and was executed for being with an ordinary man

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    She could probably be on raftal the final island waiting

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    Haha what is this rubbish. Your just making things up.

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    Hold up... is this legend Mac ?

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    His channel got lame asf 😂

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    I’m legend Mac n I’m gooonnnneee!!

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    Do you consider yourself a true otaku (anime freak)😍😬💪 test your knowledge and share the results 😍😍😍

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    First off the D comes from Dragon as it says in the anime second the Marines don't care about the D because Garp is with them and he was one of the best and most liked. Lastly, you should do some more research on the timelines because it's so obvious that puffy wasn't born when roger died luffys like 19 and the pirate king "died" more than 20 years ago

  33. Takumi McKelvey

    Takumi McKelvey5 ヶ月 前

    I agree with it not being robins mom because she died in the buster call when robin was like 7 and if you think about it at the moment robin is 30 and luffy is 19 that is an eleven-year difference so there is no way that she is the mom

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    Why this guy has guys cant be that pathetic can you..

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    Luffy mom could possibly be the one who was reporting to imu in that flower garden cause I remember in the anime that person figure was silhouetted and in the anime why would they give that person a woman’s voice that seems strange how only that person would knows of imu existence with the exception of the gorosei who are the highest among celestial dragon yet we don’t know who that person is Also I find it strange how no one has made a video of that person yet

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    Ivinn pretty sure episode 899

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    What episode? Bruh tell me.

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    what if Ben Beckman is robin dad🤤

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    How did the D come from his mom when his dad and grandfather’s names are Monkey D Dragon and Monkey D Garp? Also I wouldn’t say the marines hate people with D because the call Monkey D Garp a hero and The giant Saul was a D and was a vice admiral. I feel like D means you might be defiant and really strong but not necessarily for or against the marines

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    Just imagine Dragon banging someone...

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    Background ost name?

  42. whysu criboy

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    She’s a celestial dragon who was previously a bitch like the rest of them but she met dragon in cipher pole and he hated her at first vice versa but maybe him saving her or something like that made them fall in love She then started to reveal secrets of the world to him then became pregnant 👀with luffy. Imu learnt that a celestial dragon bore a child who is a descendant of the D family as well as the fact that she gave secrets away and killed her in front of Dragon. Then placed a curse on him unconfirmed what curse through the mark on his face

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    New subs

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    The 'D' wouldnt have came from Luffy's mother, if so then why is Dragon's full name Monkey D. Dragon

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    Because the person that runs this channel is a dumb fuck

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    Gol D Roger + Portgas D Rouge = Gol/Portgas D Ace

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    Also Monkey D. Garp

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    U have seen quite into the future 🤣

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    Luffy mother ! Is big mom! SURPRISE!!!!

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    Bro do a video of IMU being luffys mothers luffys evil mom!! Think about it

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    @eagle shadow Oda said she is alive somewhere

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    Nah. I rather want luffy s mother dead already.

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    He got the d From his dad dude

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    Garp is a D.... lmao


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    Ur not oda so fake


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    @Jose Calderon but its funny how many people hear a theory and then start posting them everywhere and saying that is real. Like no it's just a theory. Like I can even say luffys plan to become king of the pirates is for him to be evil at the end once he finds the one piece.

  58. Jose Calderon

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    @BRIAN LOPEZ that's the point of a theory my guy...


    BRIAN LOPEZ3 ヶ月 前

    @Jose Calderon too all of you who didn't get it it. What I meant is that all of the theory people have made are fake. And unless you are oda or oda confirms this info then it is fake.

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    Nobody called him oda where the fuck did you get that information

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    PURELY SPECULATION The most common theory is she was a Celestial Dragon (possibly of the Nefertiti family) who feel in love with Dragon.

  63. Osas Osas

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    Am not sure maybe she were torture by celestial dragons

  64. Angel Heart

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    You're theories are awesome 🔥🔥🔥you should do a theory about the supernovas future

  65. McKassey Parker

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    Luffy mom is IMU. She met dragon in the marines.

  66. Young Sauce

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    McKassey Parker there’s actually a post on onepieceworldjourney instagram page that talks about this check it out

  67. Abdulmajid Salah

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    This makes no sense at all. Sure they hate will of D members, but that alone won’t disqualify someone from being an admiral. They’ve offered the admiral rank to Garp many times and he’s a D clan member. Monkey D Garp

  68. Ali Abbas

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    If they hate D garp would not be marine and do you think world government will not find out his name before rox pirate fall impossible and I don't think so.

  69. Leo Smith

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    Hes obviously never heard of Monkey D Kong either

  70. MonkeyRiq

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    I Think because garp defeated rocks he gets so much respect

  71. Abdulmajid Salah

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    Also Luffy gets the D initial from his father, and grandfather. Monkey D. Garp, Monkey D. Dragon, and Monkey D. Luffy

  72. D File

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    Good video. The idea of Luffy's mom being Marine is interesting, but I can't really agree with her being an Admiral in the past or at least by status. Also when you mentioned how Luffy's Mom was the one that explained Dragon about what the D initial meant, it made wonder if there relationship was any similar to what Law had with Corazon. Speaking of Akainu hating Dragon's family, do you ever believe that Luffy will one day call him a coward since he only goes after those related to Dragon instead of facing the RA leader himself like a real man would? Who knows, made Akainu could fall for the same kind of mind trick that he did to Ace in MF! Well I don't know about you, but what do you think?!

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    Luffy giving akainu a taste of his own medicine 🔥🔥🔥

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    K first

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