One Piece - Kings | Part 2 | AUDI LOKI collaboration (Fan animation)Luffy VS Kaido ルフィvs カイドウ



    MERIMO6 ヶ月 前

    15 MILLIONS Its unreal, thanks to everybody who supported and for shared our work 🙏 *there is no part 3* If you want to see our future animations go check out dragon Ball Deliverance

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    20 millions 😂

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    Super complete

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    now 20 millions 😊👍

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    why is Moria there tho

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    Went back to this Video after i saw that Gecko Moria is still alive

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    This video is very interesting.when you are boring,plz see my one piece power ranking

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  10. abdulrahman

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    by the way MERIMO i think it your video might be very similar to the anime later since moria might come to wano right ?? i mean similar events can occur

  11. yang huang

    yang huang2 日 前

    覺得,黑鬍子,凱多,大媽,紅髮,後面會被滅掉,伊姆大 Boos

  12. Lê Vũ

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    Luffy gear 6

  13. Supreme Lord

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    3:50 chopper is so cute

  14. Burnt Sausage

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    *luffy just got the n word pass bois*

  15. ツclauvis

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    Pls remake meliodas vs escanor

  16. The True Legendary Super Saiyajin

    The True Legendary Super Saiyajin4 日 前

    you do know even though Japanese is not available, you can learn Japanese, heck you've been given so much time on this project, you could sneak in some Japanese lines then practice some vocals to do voice imitations, I'm a exact Kazuya Nakai replica I'm proud to say, not really but I hope my point gets across

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    Fan Việt Nam đâu rồi

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    Amazing AF

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    luffy looks like all migth XD

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  23. Mr. KNEE GRRR

    Mr. KNEE GRRR8 日 前

    But in reality luffy got his cheeks clapped by kaido's weapon

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    Apa gw doank yg org indonesia di sini

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    mengotori cerita one piece yang suci

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    Keren folder tema one piece icon buat laptop

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    Where is Sunji.

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    Wow haki gold

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    Hey I don't comment often but this is simply unbelievable ! Amazing work bro !

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    gamingkz with gamers12 日 前 iscriviti e ricambio Con 2 iscrizioni

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    This is simply amazing. So much hard work, dedication, and talent here

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    No es mala pero basándome en la oficial

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    good luck on part 3, im guessing this will take a year or two too.

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    I would like to donate but i dont know how

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    This vídeo is used for clickbait

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    Mi là ai

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    So this is the most popular one piece vid one JPreporter huh dope even tho I’ve already watched it like 10 times I just realised

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    We did it👍

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    Dragon Ball!!!!! xDD

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    Luffy ss blue

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    Tá melhor que Nanatsu no Taizai kkkkkkkkkkkk

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    Kaido is a fucking monster

  49. Mariano Freyre

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    This is amazing.

  50. Devonte Link

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    hey guys what if kaido hybrid form look similar to shendu from Jackie Chen adventures

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  52. Hercules Baterna

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    oh wow. this reminded me of mob psycho animation. this is so cool

  53. Estehaar Ahmed Emon

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    This is actually far better than Meliodes vs escanor in season three of Seven deadly sins.

  54. Genetic Springtrap PlayX

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    If they had more time the animation would be wayy better

  55. Genetic Springtrap PlayX

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    That's normal because the studio had to animate Meliodas vs Escanor in less than 1 month while this guy animated this fight in 3-4 years so..

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    Episode ??

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    Vn đâu r điểm danh cái nào

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    This is better than meliodas Vs escanor by a long shot

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    Most viewed one piece video?? Probably better than most fights of one piece

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    it's looks so real you guys live in Oda's head

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    And on gold haki

  64. Chon Nguyen Le Dat

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    Luffy on gear 5 wow

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    Escanor vs meliodas!!!!

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  67. Vergil Chiva

    Vergil Chiva23 日 前

    Here's the thing about luffy so far: • A man who is determined to be a pirate king since beginning. • sworn brother of ace (2nd division commander of the whitebeared pirates of the four emperors ) • Known by shanks (of the 4 emperors) • Entrusted the strawhat of the pirate king • Son of the most wanted criminal and boss of the revolutionary army and feared by the government. • His grandpa is an vice admiral of the navy And the hero of the marines, who defeated the Rox pirates (whitebeared, big mom, kaido & golden lion) 40 years ago, and equal strength to roger. • Trained by Rayleigh, the vice captain and dark king of the king of the pirates. • best friend/brother of Sabo (chief of staff of the revolutionady army) • followed by 7 powerful pirates plus 5k members and a strawhat grandfleet. • having the most balanced pirate crew( navigator, chef, historian, doctor, mechanic, musician, sniper, swordsman, and a powerful fishman warlord (jinbei) • having the most advanced and rarest pirate ship so far. • bounty of 1.5 billion (by taking down a sweet officer and a general of big mom pirates with a bounty of 800million and a billion) • biggest balls to hit a celestial dragon and challeged the 2 emperors • to be known as the 5th emperor of the sea. • have the will of "D" as well, gods sworn enemy (according to the manga) • (I think) one of then most powerful haki users, when his haki is activated while unconscious after fighting kaido. • defeated the one of the most difficult and strongest warlord (doflamingo) (favorite part) • loved by kuja pirates in amazon lily (the only women island). Especially , liked by Boa Hancock and his desired future husband (warlord and impress of the kuja pirates) considered most desired, beautiful , hottest woman in one piece. (and luffy doesn't still give a f*ck LMAO, what a lucky bastard 🤣) (the best part) • he never forget his goal , to become next "PIRATE KING" 😎😎😎

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    Vergil Chiva damn that’s sad all that writing and just one like