One Piece - Kings | Part 2 | AUDI LOKI collaboration (Fan animation)Luffy VS Kaido ルフィvs カイドウ



    MERIMOヶ月 前

    15 MILLIONS Its unreal, thanks to everybody who supported and for shared our work 🙏 *there is no part 3* If you want to see our future animations go check out dragon Ball Deliverance

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  3. Tristan Anatoliy

    Tristan Anatoliy4 日 前

    @michael correos what r u trying to say?

  4. michael correos

    michael correos4 日 前

    So you dont want to do that thing in the first place? then whos the guy forced you? we will force him to force you again? haha Lol

  5. Tristan Anatoliy

    Tristan Anatoliy5 日 前

    This is actually sad, no part 3, i actually wanted to see the continue

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    MERIMO かいどう

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    كيف اتعلم افعل هكذا انمي ارجوكم علموني 😭

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  10. Ahnaf Sadik Inan

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    wasn't kido a dragon?

  11. Tim Jo97

    Tim Jo977 時間 前

    1:37 Serious Series: Serious Punch 👊👊👊

  12. Alstar Rizki

    Alstar Rizki8 時間 前

    Luffy vs thanos 😂

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  14. Switch Stop

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    Luffy And Law And Kid And All The Super Novas Need To Team Up

  15. Aman Shaikh

    Aman Shaikh3 時間 前

    Have you heard about the ultimate war , Luffy and every single person with shanks ig will fight

  16. nguyen duy

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    Việt Nam đâu

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    17.000.000 !!!

  18. Raymon Ogma

    Raymon Ogma日 前

    Part 3 now plsss

  19. insertnamehere

    insertnamehere日 前

    That guy looks like a young hyogoro

  20. Mohammad Adnan

    Mohammad Adnan日 前

    That old man must be the captain the the "ROX"!



    That character is speculated to be Scopper Caban - 3rd strongest of Roger Pirates.

  22. Game Spy

    Game Spy日 前

    Please make part 3

  23. Gabriel Souza

    Gabriel Souza2 日 前

    Nenhum BR amante de One Piece aqui ?

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  25. Cuồng'x Anime'x

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    Coi như xem trailer @@ hay quá bên Việt bh mới tập 902 không biết đoạn này tập bn teee?

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    Who else wants a part 3?

  27. Yijun 2525

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    Is this even real?

  28. Sebo Schmidtt

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    Story is. Ok.. But animation is good work👍

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    رقم الحلقه اذا تكرمتوا

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    Fan vietnamse >3

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    Anime chuyển thể từ tiểu thuyết Dragon Ball

  35. Patricio Diaz

    Patricio Diaz3 日 前

    Que ocurra eso en el anime me resulta complicado Pero la animación está simplemente increíble. Tengo que decir que se me movió un poquito el pene :v

  36. SEMPAI

    SEMPAI3 日 前

    El que se crea esto es una loca

  37. Adrian Geloso

    Adrian Geloso3 日 前

    I think the old bald guy is Rayleigh's older brother :V

  38. Chahine Ait Haji

    Chahine Ait Haji11 時間 前

    @Adrian Geloso no worries

  39. Adrian Geloso

    Adrian Geloso11 時間 前

    @Chahine Ait Haji oh thanks for telling the name of the bald guy.

  40. Chahine Ait Haji

    Chahine Ait Haji日 前

    No it's scooper gaban roger's left handman

  41. あい

    あい3 日 前

    2:22 カイドウ「麦わらのルフィ、もーーーーう!」

  42. 高校生

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  43. しょーた

    しょーた4 日 前

    なるほど。金色の武装色の覇気ね。黒の上は金色か。 僕は白色だと思うな!!白の覇気ってかっこよくない?!

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  45. dimaatik

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    Do shanks vs Kaido next😁

  46. plolololololoo

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    Cool, thanks

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  49. ゆうき

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    ※ 海賊です

  50. AmiraL

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    Umarım böyle luffynin güzel bir power up aldığı muhteşem bir savaş olur :D

  51. ItzNubino

    ItzNubino4 日 前

    I don't even watch One Piece, I just readed one manga. Now this popped up in my recommended, by the looks of thumbnail I had to watch it. For a fan animation, the quality is *INCREDIBLE* !

  52. Sugus gamer

    Sugus gamer4 日 前

    คนไทยอยู่ไหน ???

  53. ポテチ

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    ワンピースファンとして言わせてもらうと、こういうやつって馬鹿にされてる気がする マジで辞めて

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  55. 雨宮ヒロト

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    ポテチ 馬鹿にして作ってるとは思えないぞ

  56. PhoeniX 847

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    These is a gear five snake man

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  58. Jérémie Goviah Ngbwa

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    Part 3

  59. an nguyenthe

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    Where big mom

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    カート涅 なんで?

  64. Brainflayer

    Brainflayer6 日 前

    i wish in so many ways that this was the actual fight between Luffy and Kaido

  65. Retro Gamer Max

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    Me too bruh.

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    Need more of this

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    Omg nice

  70. ワンオクロック

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    3:15 あなた誰?

  71. Yaahboi52

    Yaahboi526 日 前

    will there be another timeskip for luffy and his crew?

  72. Dumb Guy

    Dumb Guy4 日 前

    Yaahboi52 at most 5 years least 3 that’s just my guess because it’s gonna be sometime next year when this arc finishes on the manga it will be earlier than that but they’ll need to give luffy some sort of time skip to fully develop his haki

  73. Yaahboi52

    Yaahboi526 日 前

    @Dumb Guy I know u don't have all the answer but how long do u think it'll be? I'm real interested to see what they'll look like after

  74. Dumb Guy

    Dumb Guy6 日 前

    Yaahboi52 more than likely as we have only just recently begun the wano arc

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  76. le mangaka énervé

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    Golden luffy

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    dopeness Leon なんで言い切れるんや?