One Piece Chapter 956 Review "Changing Times"


  1. Adam Boudreau

    Adam Boudreau5 日 前

    Mihawk: get off my lawn and mow it before you go

  2. Adam Boudreau

    Adam Boudreau5 日 前

    I agree like you said with boa buggy and mihawk there not doing anything. Like croc and don both took over countries and slaughtered who they wanted just like weevil. Were as the rest just stayed on their own isle that they didn't take over from someone else and minded there own business yet you wanna screw up your life sending a couple ships especially mihawk.

  3. Noire Kuroraigami

    Noire Kuroraigami6 日 前

    I believe it was Rob Lucci...he killed Cobra, he took out Sabo, He is in charge of ViVi

  4. Doctor Corvus

    Doctor Corvus6 日 前

    I just realized something, is there not a Grand Admiral Rank?

  5. Kenny Lee

    Kenny Lee7 日 前

    I missed the last several videos but WHERE IS BARRY THE BRICK

  6. Estelle Sword

    Estelle Sword7 日 前

    Kia ora Mat! Any chance you can do a live vid reading us the new chapter? Maybe even a live reaction so youre reading the chpt and sharing your thoughts as you go 😍 youd be amazing


    CACTY PRIME8 日 前

    Me.. I'm that person sitting Inna jail cell watching.. Thanks for the shout out mehn.. love ur shows dude, keep up the good work

  8. xxvenomkillsxx

    xxvenomkillsxx9 日 前

    Stumbled upon this video and just off the energy u got a new subscriber

  9. Zac Wicht

    Zac Wicht10 日 前

    well they have gone dam done it now , the 7 emperors of the seas will rise (Mihawk and Buggy join the ranks of the Emperors)

  10. Ty Sensei

    Ty Sensei10 日 前

    "Even though you did desert us you filthy traitor huh what oh nothing" 😂😂😂 @tekking101

  11. smileyman17

    smileyman1712 日 前

    Hmm... Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Mihawk's former bounty 120 mil? Like what Zoro's was after Enies Lobby.

  12. Sephron Gaming

    Sephron Gaming12 日 前

    So funny watching this Knowing what is next lmao!!!

  13. Polo TJay

    Polo TJay13 日 前

    Drake is the Itachi of the One Piece damn

  14. Mark Urbauer

    Mark Urbauer15 日 前

    Jewelry Bonnie was there as well

  15. 覇武玲人Hamlet

    覇武玲人Hamlet16 日 前

    oh god all i can imaginge a half nude tekking and i can't hear what he is saying, so all i see is tekking being half nude kicking around and talking to himself to a camera while listening to death metal

  16. AnaxErik4ever

    AnaxErik4ever17 日 前

    Ha ha ha, Drake being an undercover Marine doesn't surprise me as much as other One Piece fans. His name sake, Sir Frances Drake, was a privateer, i.e. a "pirate" working for the greater good of their nation's government/monarchy. And as for the organization's name, they couldn't use "shield" for the name; Marvel already has Agents of Shield, and CP Aegis 0 takes its name from the impenetrable breast plate/shield Zeus used in the Titanomachy, made from the hide of Amalthea, the faerie goat that nursed him as a baby. However, Tekking is right that the Aegis was passed on to Athena, who loaned it to Perseus so he could slay the Medusa. Afterward, she soldered the head of Medusa onto it to intimidate her enemies forevermore. Come rain, snow, hail, Hell or high water, the BIG NEWS! will always be broken. I always presumed the news was a neutral party, despite being on the government's payroll, in the One Piece world. And Morgans' actions proved me right. No wonder the HQ keeps moving around. If he keeps sucker-punching government officials whenever they try to silence/censor a major scoop like what happened at Reverie, I'd be more surprised if he DID NOT have a bounty on his head.

  17. The Once And Future King

    The Once And Future King17 日 前

    What about Garp vs. Mihawk? He's definitely Admiral level.

  18. Andrew Ace

    Andrew Ace17 日 前

    You where's Jinbei at!?

  19. C9_Revelator

    C9_Revelator18 日 前

    I’ve always felt like mihawk is really shanks’ first mate. He’s the only really badass pirate (I can think of at the moment) that has never had a crew even been alluded to. Other than when he met with shanks that one time in the long long ago. It wld make sense that shanks wld allow this for information gathering purposes......... although now that I’m thinking about it, it would’ve probably been known to the marines if mihawk had spent significant time on the red hair ship... still cool to think of mihawk n shanks as a parallel to zoro n luffy

  20. Lilith Lind

    Lilith Lind18 日 前

    Dude... Sabo is the father. Just think about it. Sabo got his memories back, Ace is dead, Luffy is missing, I can bet he visited Dadan. That's why villagers know he's alive. And suddenly 2years after Makino have a little baby. You know now why she's so devastated and crying?

  21. rocking godzilla

    rocking godzilla19 日 前

    Mehawk had a orgazam Wen they sed that

  22. Troy Ware

    Troy Ware19 日 前

    I had a weird thought. You know how Shirahoshi is one of the three Ancient weapons? What if Black beard is, or is related in some way, to the weapon Uranus. Perhaps his power to eat multiple devil fruits stems from his connection to Uranus. I just thought of this at random, but it could probably be true for all we know. Well, prove me wrong.

  23. sam w

    sam w17 日 前

    *Presents an idea.* Well, it could be true, but prove me wrong. Burden of Proof is on you sir, not us. Cool idea, just had to clear that up.

  24. robert23456789

    robert2345678919 日 前

    i bet they already got buggy boy first as why the hell not go for the weakest one first

  25. Allassan Sankara

    Allassan Sankara19 日 前

    I feel bad for whoever has to go get mihawk but they probably just gone end up sending the admirals to do it

  26. Gary Madafaka-Oak

    Gary Madafaka-Oak19 日 前

    That frozen bounties thing is gonna bit WG into ass big time. They have no clear idea of true destructive capabilities of each member and who knows how powerful they've become during the time they've had no bounty. As you've said about Crocodile, he's definitely on par with other Warlords despite his low bounty and on the other hand Moria had become lazier during his time on Thriller Bark. And then there's Buggy with that title without any actual feats other than some petty crime in the backwater of East Blue. And none of the former Warlords played major role in Summit War so that leaves the assumptions that Warlords don't tend to show their full potential in presence of WG. Whatever WG think they are facing, it's not gonna be that. For all we know Mihawk is several times stronger than he was when he was recruited.

  27. Gon

    Gon19 日 前

    tekking's dream came true

  28. tompatompsson

    tompatompsson20 日 前

    I thought the reason they chose to bring Vivis picture was because she was chosen as a "sacrifice" or whatever.

  29. Michael Ware

    Michael Ware20 日 前

    I wonder it kuzan is in the same group as Drake???

  30. Darkness King

    Darkness King21 日 前

    tekking: chapter 956 is the best chapter of 2019 Oda: realese 957. tekking on the the verge of a hype overlode

  31. Pfish1000

    Pfish100021 日 前

    Am I seriously the only one that thinks Makino's more emotional than reactional reaction to Sabo's death suggests that Sabo was the father?

  32. Ee Jj

    Ee Jj21 日 前

    Law might became member of sword after dressrosa

  33. Bubblez

    Bubblez21 日 前

    54:58 Mihawk's Yoru can't cut the past or the future PIRATE KINGS!!!! CONFIRMED!!!!!

  34. Chalo122790

    Chalo12279021 日 前


  35. Ronneil Omolon

    Ronneil Omolon21 日 前

    marines who has been sent to capture mihawk right now probably considering changing career paths and evaluating life choices. :D

  36. Reinfold Arreola

    Reinfold Arreola21 日 前

    take a deep breath Tekking and make 957!

  37. Mr. Borjoyzee

    Mr. Borjoyzee21 日 前

    If this chapter was worth over 1 hour of discussion then I can't wait for 957 ..... OH BOY !

  38. Andrei Daniel Esteves

    Andrei Daniel Esteves22 日 前


  39. nigga where my nigget

    nigga where my nigget22 日 前

    Big moms 4 billion Sahank 4 billion kaido 4.5 billion wb

  40. Efe Demir

    Efe Demir22 日 前

    ok what if sabo is dead and blackbeard is going after the fire fruit again just like dressrosa

  41. Eduardo Dias

    Eduardo Dias22 日 前

    I don't know. Everyone knows about mihawk's power in the world of one piece. Sending only vice admirals is just not believable for me. I wiill be disapointed if that's the case

  42. xLotusAngel626x

    xLotusAngel626x22 日 前


  43. xLotusAngel626x

    xLotusAngel626x22 日 前

    I wonder you think like Dragon the leader of all of them would have Vivre Cards of his Commanders especially is Chief of Staff...Also remember Tekking Dragon and Sabo pictures were shown in the News paper when they talked about the Revolutionary Army Headquarters was attacked by the Blackbeard Pirates while Luffy and the others were heading to Whole Cake Island to get Sanji back from Big Mom.

  44. xLotusAngel626x

    xLotusAngel626x22 日 前

    Also thank you Tekking and Ohara for all your Hard work and Dedication!!!!! :D It was Reiji who gave Sanji that face mask.

  45. xLotusAngel626x

    xLotusAngel626x22 日 前

    Tekking what are talking about deciding National Donut Day you can't do that without Katakuri OF COURSE!!!! After all he is the the King of Donuts!!!

  46. Eclectic Cerebro

    Eclectic Cerebro22 日 前

    As much as would love a snack party.. I live a fitness lifestyle and have to avoid sweets... I do eat some crap food though, in order to put on size.. However, im well passed the age that noone can say shyt about me smoking weed so, ill spark up instead!

  47. RAINH2O

    RAINH2O22 日 前

    Does he do live reactions to these at all?

  48. CopperWombat

    CopperWombat22 日 前

    1:13 disrespectful lol

  49. kpac F

    kpac F22 日 前

    Guys, 957 is going to obliterate this chapter in hype. I cannot wait to see everyones reactions

  50. Aaron Williams

    Aaron Williams22 日 前

    Tekking really out hear tryna downgrade boa as if she CAN'T turn anybody to stone with just a touch or as I her leg ain't damn near just as strong as weavil punches. Her and mihawk are the Marines nightmare out of the current Warlord

  51. Oliver Stokes

    Oliver Stokes22 日 前

    What if corazon was apart of swords

  52. Jacob Forrester

    Jacob Forrester23 日 前

    Drake X is Raymond Reddington!!

  53. GeninGeo

    GeninGeo23 日 前

    I thought Tekking was gonna mention dont step to Big News Morgan.

  54. mariz herana

    mariz herana23 日 前

    957 is out, and its very hype than 956 and 955 lol. waiting for your discussion :)

  55. Cheese House

    Cheese House23 日 前


  56. matthew floyd

    matthew floyd23 日 前

    I’m pretty sure a lot of vice admirals would struggle to get past the humandrills on Mihawks island, much less Mihawk himself.

  57. gazeff stronoff

    gazeff stronoff7 日 前


  58. matthew floyd

    matthew floyd23 日 前

    Maybe Garp is actually in charge of it. I mean he personally trained kobie. And he refused promotions so he could maintain his freedom. So he would be able to do something like create secret organizations in the marines for good, I mean he’s D-clan, luffys dad...sengoku might be too busy during his days as fleet admiral

  59. Omar Orozco

    Omar Orozco23 日 前

    What if Kuzan is part of Sword too?

  60. matthew floyd

    matthew floyd23 日 前

    Might just be captain x-drake. Like he’s a pirate captain. Like captain eustass Kidd.

  61. JAY JAY

    JAY JAY23 日 前

    They capture Boa, and Luffy goes to save her, so romantic, lol !

  62. JAY JAY

    JAY JAY23 日 前

    Last time we saw Mihawak was about to flee from the island, and in this he is there only !