One Piece Chapter 953 Review: Oden’s Sword ENMA & Zoro’s Power Up


  1. Vishnu T

    Vishnu T2 日 前

    No way that Zoro is going to let go of Shusui. Never forget that its the sword that chooses the swordsman.

  2. Utakanu 2103

    Utakanu 21036 日 前

    Finale would be Luffy vs Blackbeard Zoro vs Kaido Sanji vs Big Mom

  3. Luis De los Santos

    Luis De los Santos7 日 前

    By the end of wano arc, i hope zoro gets fully upgraded with 3 meito swords. Both of oden's two swords plus the nidai kitetsu 👍👍👍

  4. Matthew Lawlor

    Matthew Lawlor4 日 前

    Luis De los Santos yea i hope to

  5. Luis De los Santos

    Luis De los Santos4 日 前

    Then just the enma, and the nidai kitetsu. Wado is still a meito anyway

  6. Matthew Lawlor

    Matthew Lawlor4 日 前

    He ain't getting rid of wado

  7. A Ghost Without a Past

    A Ghost Without a Past8 日 前

    Looks like he got his equivalent of Mihawk's sword.

  8. Crossed Fingers

    Crossed Fingers8 日 前

    Rip to the people who said sanji is equal to zoro.

  9. xXZiiLERXx

    xXZiiLERXx8 日 前

    I really really hope Zoro gives sandai kitetsu back to the swordsmith and takes Shusui back. I gonna miss seeing Shusui😭😭

  10. Raghav Mehta

    Raghav Mehta18 日 前

    Zoro Vs kaido and Luffy Vs big mom

  11. Mohammed Talal Arshad

    Mohammed Talal Arshad19 日 前

    Luffy has already become the Yonko(Fifth Emperor of The Sea)

  12. thanks Stuffs

    thanks Stuffs21 日 前

    Have you forgotten about the new chapter 954?

  13. Gear 5

    Gear 521 日 前

    thanks Stuffs, I just uploaded it.

  14. khairul anwar

    khairul anwar22 日 前

    I think this is another puzzle that zoro come from this clan.. from the silhouette and the vibe, I felt like its zoro with onimaru...

  15. Kgee Cacayuran

    Kgee Cacayuran22 日 前

    Dont just conclude the strenght haki of Zoro, As he said in dresrosa: theres nothing i can't cut... I think you hate zoro hahahahhah...

  16. i Gunxan

    i Gunxan22 日 前

    Maybe zoro, kuina and koushirou are all from ringo🤔🤔🤔

  17. ZonicX2

    ZonicX223 日 前


  18. mahendran M

    mahendran M23 日 前

    I think in the wano end,zoro and luffy joined fight kaido. Zoro managed to injure kaido and then luffy finish him..... If they defeat kaido without accepatable reason i would stop watch the one piece...... # kaido forever

  19. Dennis Varghese

    Dennis Varghese23 日 前

    I believe that zoro will give up shushui for a while and after the wano people will realise that zoro is a decendend of ryuma or from his tribe they will finally consider him his rightfull owner and give him back his sword

  20. Samtastisch

    Samtastisch24 日 前

    And youll be wrong on this one as well. Zoro is the armament haki master and will injure Kaido as well. Kaido will be taken down through team effort and Zoro will be a part of that team. We havent seen the slightest of what he can do and he will put all into that injuring blow.

  21. Aᄊム尺 Kんu乙ムノᄊノ乇

    Aᄊム尺 Kんu乙ムノᄊノ乇24 日 前

    I'm so excited and can't wait for the next chapter because it's fun too see people who 100% confident about what will happen next is 100% wrong. they must be feel super shy!! 😂😂😂 because after seeing so many theories from other fans it seems like Oda Sensei can surprise all of us with something else

  22. Milan pun

    Milan pun24 日 前

    Zoro vs kaido can this will b possible 🤩🤩🤩

  23. rhei rhei

    rhei rhei24 日 前

    i like watching his review but i can't stand the background music

  24. Anar Baatarsuren

    Anar Baatarsuren25 日 前

    I don't know if it is coincidence but doesn't the daimyo of shimotsuki clan have the similar facial and body structure of Zoro?

  25. Jacob Villavicencio

    Jacob Villavicencio25 日 前

    Why? People can just read the manga

  26. Alphax Entertainment

    Alphax Entertainment25 日 前

    Dont assume so quickly since its oda you know! +Zoro never fought 100% after the pre time skip and we don't know how much he progressed.

  27. Ibou Ndao

    Ibou Ndao25 日 前

    Imagine Zoro going to ryuma's Grave and he sees 'Roronoa Ryuma'

  28. rozi hanafi

    rozi hanafi25 日 前

    what is connection between Shimotsuki village and Shimotsuki daimyo?

  29. X3phyrus Plays

    X3phyrus Plays25 日 前

    I just want a flash backs on how mihawk train zoro especially on armament haki or black sword. Fck, so many questions after this chapter.

  30. Fluckinator

    Fluckinator25 日 前

    Yet it is not confirmed that Oden used Enma to wound Kaido is it? Maybe someone else "borrowed" Enma from Oden and hurt Kaido.

  31. John Carlo Lobaton

    John Carlo Lobaton25 日 前

    Shimotsuki Ushimaru, Father of Zoro?

  32. warcrab cyber

    warcrab cyber26 日 前

    Everyone undestimates Zoro. Pre time skip Zoro was already cutting steel. It's absurd to think he can't cut kaido. However it won't be easy. But Zoro armament is strong enough to do it. Zoro progression on strength does not depend on Luffy.

  33. i walk in circles

    i walk in circles26 日 前

    I think zoro has the power to injure kiado. He can tranfer his haki to his sword! Thats something luffy is trying to learn now

  34. christa len

    christa len26 日 前

    Guys, remember the time straw hat insulted Zoro for suggesting them to kidnap vivi to come with them? *Luffy: Three Sword Style.* *Ussop: Luffy, that's not an insult.* *Luffy: Four Sword Style.* Just pointing it out, could be a foreshadowing like shadow luffy to gear 4.

  35. kaiser genius

    kaiser genius26 日 前

    Imagine using cursed sword..god would be nice attack if enma and shusui combined..

  36. Gary_lcy

    Gary_lcy26 日 前

    It would be insane if zoro manages to cut kaido with shusui. Enma might not be "the sword that cut kaido", but the one with the swordmanship to do so🤔 zoro could really prove himself if he could achieve it with shusui

  37. Justine Tobi Dayao

    Justine Tobi Dayao26 日 前

    Ugliest video review I have seen. Please don’t show again in my recommendations!!!

  38. The anime wizard

    The anime wizard26 日 前

    Watch Zoro vs Hawkins in my JPreporter channel

  39. Andri Vembe

    Andri Vembe26 日 前

    Zoro sword after wano, Shusui > enma Sandai > nidai Wado > Kusanagi

  40. Who ya callin' Pinhead?

    Who ya callin' Pinhead?25 日 前

    Zoro will never trade Wado, it means too much for him.

  41. nima tshering

    nima tshering26 日 前

    I think it is high time for supernova s to be in yonko lvl as this is their time. they ll defeat old timers. Luffy vs big mom and kaido vs remaining supernova s in wano

  42. Daveson Iñigo

    Daveson Iñigo26 日 前

    From the beginning of wano episode , we've seen a lot of Zoro's action ! THis episode focuses in zoro's ability .. i think it's about tym to him to gain some power/level up ability .. zoro with his new sword enma will play vital role to defeat kaido !


    LORD MILAN26 日 前

    Dislike this last theory

  44. Izaya Orihara

    Izaya Orihara26 日 前

    Worst generation finishing old generation in style: BB - WB. Kidd-Shanks. Luffy-Bigmom. Zoro-Kaido.

  45. Zin tepest

    Zin tepest26 日 前

    nope he wont give back shusui, it was given to him by ryuma after his shadow lost to zoro, its ryuma's will for zoro to have it.

  46. Who ya callin' Pinhead?

    Who ya callin' Pinhead?25 日 前

    @Zin tepest You should reread the manga. Even personality was from Brook ( for example "To give this body taste defeat ... I truly feel sorry ).

  47. Luthfi Anshori

    Luthfi Anshori25 日 前

    Lol, if u said that then oars zombies don't want to be pirate Kings after he gains Luffy shadow. But he clearly wants to be pirate Kings. Do u read the manga?

  48. Zin tepest

    Zin tepest25 日 前

    @Luthfi Anshori NO LOL it was the shadow only give him the skill sets of brook. The personality was still ryuma

  49. Luthfi Anshori

    Luthfi Anshori25 日 前

    No, it's Brook shadow that control ryuma corpse. So it basically Brook will

  50. Karren Kuddlesberg

    Karren Kuddlesberg26 日 前

    Is the blade the only weapon to hurt Kaido? But this was over 20 years ago and some years before that, Gecko Moria actually gave him a hard time. Kaido was a lot weaker back than. He grew more powerful as time went by, while Whitebeard started falling apart after his prime?

  51. Jhabari Owens

    Jhabari Owens27 日 前

    Man 100k subscribers that is amazing

  52. Interest 202

    Interest 20227 日 前

    Black blades like shusui are all part of the supreme grade blades and so is enma

  53. Donovan Waite

    Donovan Waite27 日 前

    I just want to throw theory out of nowhere, but what if Zoro a is direct descendant of Ryuma? I, think that means Zoro will keep shusui because it was the sword that chose him, and he might be a direct descendant of Ryuma, and Shusui chose to become Zoro's inheritance since he didn't receive one as a child.

  54. Who ya callin' Pinhead?

    Who ya callin' Pinhead?25 日 前

    It's not out of nowhere, it's very popular theory.

  55. Matthew Ghebredingle

    Matthew Ghebredingle27 日 前

    Kitsunes in Japanese mythology were known to shapeshift in order to decieve others and use trickery. So, the idea of Onimaru’s ability to turn human simply due to him eating a devil fruit with a unique model doesn’t really click if u know what I mean. Overall, nice video 👍🏽

  56. yashya shino

    yashya shino27 日 前

    Does this mean all super novas vs Kaido confirmed?

  57. J U S T A R A N D O M P E R S O N

    J U S T A R A N D O M P E R S O N25 日 前

    Maybe law,kid,luffy,and zoro vs kaido?

  58. Dimitrije Kulak

    Dimitrije Kulak27 日 前

    This also hypes Mihawk up. Oden managed to hurt Kaido who wasn't the strongest swordman in the world during that time, it was said that Mihwak was. I think that Mihawk can kill Kaido

  59. Adrian Ladores

    Adrian Ladores27 日 前

    I don’t think Zoro will obtain Enma he will still go for Shusui, and Enma will go to Momonosuke.

  60. Nemanja Lestaric

    Nemanja Lestaric27 日 前

    So Kaido can be injured and killed by Oden's sword. I am wondering what would Mihawk blake blade do to Kaido.

  61. ZoeKING95

    ZoeKING954 日 前

    Mihawk one shots kaido 😂😂

  62. Zin tepest

    Zin tepest26 日 前

    Mihawk might be shank's level LOL, could whoop kaido ass if he wants to but hes mostly neutral.

  63. Mad Emperor

    Mad Emperor27 日 前

    Zoro needs to learn ryou

  64. Zoro

    Zoro27 日 前

    Okay depending if Enma looks cool I would be happy for the trade I also would be happy if sandai kitetsu brakes and Zoro upgrades to the nidai kitetsu

  65. Pattrick

    Pattrick27 日 前

    Shusui will be surrendered and Zoro will use the Supreme Grade Enma. Shusui was technically stolen, not given since Brooks shadow was inside Ryuma. Enma was technically given since the daughter of Oden gave it. Wado Ichimonji (also given by Kuinas father) will also become Supreme Grade once Zoro turns it black permanently just like Shusui. Sandai Kitetsu will be replaced by Nidai Kitetsu. Zoro will get Shodai Kitetsu from the samurai Gorosei which is a Nodachi or two handed samurai. Who knows, that old man might be related to Zoro. Zoro will get 3 Supreme Grade swords eventually. Two katana in his hands (Enma and Wado) . 1 two handed sword in his mouth, (Shodai Kitetsu).

  66. Santan Thottempudi

    Santan Thottempudi27 日 前

    im p sure wado ichimonji will always be in his mouth

  67. King of The Pirates

    King of The Pirates27 日 前

    Zoros armament is already above luffys bc as shown in previous chapter the ryu ability to project haki outward (on your sword) is the second level of armament it doesnt make him more powerful than luffy bc luffy has future sight and conquerers but just saying as of now zoros armament is better than luffy

  68. Samuel Jackson

    Samuel Jackson27 日 前

    @King of The Pirates but everybody can do dat. Put haki in the sword is like Vergo putting haki on the stick he used against Smoker. Hancock's tribe can do dat it the arrows

  69. King of The Pirates

    King of The Pirates27 日 前

    Samuel Jackson goken is projecting haki outside your body which is what the samurai use to coat their sword gramps hyo said, so im sure if zoro had to fight with his hands he could use it

  70. Samuel Jackson

    Samuel Jackson27 日 前

    @King of The Pirates I mean in a way of a technique. cuz ppl in Wano seem like they are the only ones who knows how to do it. And I never seen Zoro use goken

  71. King of The Pirates

    King of The Pirates27 日 前

    Samuel Jackson ok i reread and ryou is just the wano name for haki not one of the techniques, the haki demonstration rayleigh showed (b4 training) was the 2nd tier of armament called “goken” and thats the tier zoro already has

  72. Samuel Jackson

    Samuel Jackson27 日 前

    @King of The Pirates I'm still trying to see. Cuz Ryou is not advance haki but a technique for haki. It's like its only in Wano cuz we haven't seen nobody use outside of Wano. Kata had advance Arnament haki cuz red lightning was surrounded it without clashing with someone else. But I believe Rayleigh used it again when he was showing Luffy wat haki is

  73. Thanatos Ragnarok

    Thanatos Ragnarok27 日 前

    So ... just a great grade sword can injure Kaido. Does this mean Mihawk who wields the strongest sword can OHKO Kaido? :v

  74. MaxG

    MaxG27 日 前

    It would be great if shusui accept zoro as his new master and become one. Zoro will get Enma too. What about that sword luffy used to or have?

  75. Pratik Rock

    Pratik Rock27 日 前

    How can u get characters of colour manga version??😕😅 Please reply😊😊

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    J U S T A R A N D O M P E R S O N25 日 前

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  77. Treeman

    Treeman26 日 前


  78. UFCMMA93

    UFCMMA9327 日 前

    Oden has Advance Armament Haki and use Enma Sword to injured Kaido and zoro will learn about advance armament Haki.

  79. Sumedh Mhaiskar

    Sumedh Mhaiskar27 日 前

    Finnaly ,Back To The Amazing Sound Of Music .....

  80. Kidaru channel

    Kidaru channel27 日 前

    Who else thinks Zoro will NOT give out Shusui over Enma.. He might mention Luffy's words back in Kuri on Samurai's honor on their swords....please make a video on this..

  81. Brian Daguman

    Brian Daguman27 日 前

    I have a feeling that zoro will only be able to damage kaido but wont be able to beat him. Kaido will hopefully be beaten by luffy at the end. Similarly, when Law was supposed to kill doflamingo but was only able to heavily damage him; luffy then was the only person to defeat doflamingo.

  82. Z e D

    Z e D27 日 前

    Luffy can't beat him 1 on 1 😂

  83. Yoga Sadewa

    Yoga Sadewa27 日 前

    The difference, Law is only side character, because Oda create all the supernovas within last minute on sabaody arc.. While Zoro is one of the main characters, and Kaido needs to die in this arc unlike Doflamingo.. Luffy never kill his enemies, and it's very dangerous if Luffy only defeated Kaido, he will conquer another land after all.. Kaido needs to die to stopping him forever.