One Piece - Blackbeard Father Revealed


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  2. M J

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    Next chapter, Blackbeard joins the Yonko alliance to revive the Rocks pirate crew

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    This is why you have low subscribers

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    @Miguel Elizalde the marines stated that roger and whitebeard bounties where the highest in the history of piracy dragon is a revolutionary not a pirate

  5. Miguel Elizalde

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    Black Beard is too weak to be Rocks son. He's only strong because of the fruits he has. Bro u gotta pay attention when u read the manga. The Marines stated that there has never been any bounties in history or present higher then Roger and White Beard. So tell me how does dragon have one higher. It should be higher then Kaido but not Roger or White Beard.

  6. Miguel Elizalde

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    I don't know were ur getting ur info homie but Oda or the manga never said nothing about Rocks being the originator of the D clan. If it was anybody it was Joy Boy . Rocks was just the strongest after Roger. He was Rogers greatest enemy. But everybody is making it sound like he was number one and some shit about him wanting to be King of the world. The manga only said he wanted to be King of the pirates. One more thing, Roger took his life. So Roger is the man. Fuck Rocks

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    Good content. But can barely listen to it. The volume of the BG music should be low. It's annoying.

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    This video is terrible

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    1:43 they werent at their prime yet you dumbass nigga if they were at their prime they would fuck roger and garp up because when roger and whitebeard fought it ended as a draw thats when whitebeard was at his prime

  10. Bandal Carl

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    Yo i just found out that Blackbeard’s post timeskip ship is called “Saber of Xebec”. Coincidence????

  11. erick johnson jr

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    Didn’t black beard ask ace to join his crew... he really wanted luffy not ace

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    guys check out my first youtube video about the war of the big three!!! :D

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    Xebec is Blackbeard's father. At the end of one piece its gonna take luffy and coby together to beat BB.

  14. Ralph Julius Ormilla

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    monkey d. dragon has the highest bounty of all characters. he is still remain mystery up until now. like garps story now

  15. Marlev Adonis

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    I don’t think he created D. He just has a D in his name.

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    Yah... that part was loads of bad icecream. He should revisit the manga.

  17. brian problems

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    Rocks D. Xebec = Monkey D. Dragon See how oda hasnt revealed the bounty of this guy yet?

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    That was 25 years ago man, garp was very young, dragon was a kid then

  19. tyveedu srinivasa

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    Holy 🐮 Rox has connections to Blackbeard

  20. cheshire cat

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    Dragon either killed a celestial dragon, or here’s a theory got one pregnant which would be Luffy’s mom, in shame the other celestial dragons executed her,& blamed it on him

  21. Trevor Phillips

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    Bruh....are U LegendMac?

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    I wonder if the similarity is that both had coat of similar fashion Coincidence i think not it his dad

  23. jeremiah nickson

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    I dont think rocks is black beard dad

  24. Jesson Eman

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    I think captain rocks is either dragons father or blackbeard's father.. Hahahahah

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    the fuck are you saying lol dragons father is garp lmao.

  26. daniel bell

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    First of all Rocks wasn't the creator of the D clan

  27. Jia Yang Chia

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    Roger, Garp vs Rox Luffy, Smoker vs Blackbeard

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    @harr covero coby aint shit

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    Now coming to say coby

  30. harr covero

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    I think its luffy koby vs blackbeard.

  31. Miguel Elizalde

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    Rocks was the shit. Almost on par with Roger but they weren't in there prime. Sengoku stated that it's worse now because there much stronger now. Kaido was a rookie when on the Rocks pirates. A monster but a rookie.

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    im so sorry

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    i would like to run to this beat lemme have the link please!!:)))

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    Big reveal. Explains smoke between Ace and Black Beard, but I wish Ace would’ve known.

  35. Murphy Murphy

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    Roger protected the celetials dragons because his sister who is also dragon's lover and Luffy' mother was a celestial dragon 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Murphy Murphy sup oda

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    Where do y'all read colored manga ? Not black and white ? Am so sick of the anime ??

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  39. brian burroughs

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    Blackbeard didnt want to kill Ace, he wanted him to join his crew, but Ace chose to fight him when he heard he was targeting Luffy (and for Tatch)

  40. winchel philemond

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    When did Oda reveal Blackbeard’s dad? When?

  41. SEV

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    His name was Rocks D. Xebec - Blackbeards ship is called Sabor of Xebec. Also BB is sitting on the same island the Rocks pirates was formed ... Beehive Island. BB is 40 years old, Xebec died 38 years ago ... it could also be.

  42. Warren Foster

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    Blackbeard is carrying the will of Rocks

  43. dave suvill

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    How is he the originator of the d clan?

  44. Anthony Soto

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    Garp and roger saved shanks family thats the reason why shanks joined roger

  45. Shelton Harrow

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    The D came before Rock's

  46. Cristo Da21Yonko

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    Dxiablo I can see what your saying. There’s def a lot that needs to be unfolded about Blackbeard.. Yea I thought the same also.. from what I got from the chapter it said that Rocks was interested about founding out the meaning of the will of D also not the progenitor but I will re read it to make sure

  47. Shelton Harrow

    Shelton Harrow年 前

    @Cristo Da21Yonko it could be possible I think Teach had a grudge on Garp and took it out on Ace so you could tie it together Or you could have a think about how weird Teaches body type allows him 2 devil fruits, you could say that it genetical and say Rocks due to his weird body type allowed him to be the captain. I was lost when he said progenitor because I thought will of "D" was from the void century.

  48. Cristo Da21Yonko

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    Dxiablo I was trying to figure out how rocks got mistaken as the D progenitor.. he’s a D but not the progenitor.. idk how I even feel about Rocks D Xebec being Marshall D teachs son.. like idk maybe if his name was Marshall D xebec I would understand lol

  49. Joshua Abali

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    Bigmom and Kaido were young but not at their strongest. The manga clearly said that they are a lot stronger now when they were in the Rocks pirates. It's only Whitebeard who might have been at his prime

  50. Joshua Abali

    Joshua Abali11 ヶ月 前

    @M J no the information in the manga was pretty clear, and it wasn't talking about their crew but them individually

  51. M J

    M J11 ヶ月 前

    They could've been comparing them to the power they have now with their own crew's.

  52. nalliug23

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    Bigmom was 30y/o

  53. Sergio Sulmina

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    Always the best

  54. dagnu

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    they were not in their prime, the chapter states this explicitely.

  55. tyrone florence

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    His ships name is xebec and rocks d xebec his obsessed with the mera mera fruit rocks is Jolly Roger was a flame Blackbeard is on pirate island rocks used pirate ilsand beehive to recruit

  56. tyrone florence

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    Abdulmajid Salah kl but doesn’t that just further reinforce that my theory’s legit

  57. Abdulmajid Salah

    Abdulmajid Salah年 前

    No that fruit looked more like the Yami Yami no Mi to me. Compare both the Yami Yami no Mi and the Mera Mera no Mi to the Jolly Roger. Looks more like the YYnM, but I can see why you also see the MMnM

  58. tyrone florence

    tyrone florence年 前

    Finally a legit theory

  59. Craig Hanenberg

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    They weren’t at their prime, they grew much stronger

  60. jebus7x7

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    I want to agree with you but white beard wasnt at his prime and dont forget to compare luffys age to roger. Luffy is still a kid

  61. Deion Ostrowski

    Deion Ostrowski年 前

    When did the chapter say rocks was the originator of the D???

  62. Deion Ostrowski

    Deion Ostrowski年 前

    @AxG 27 just like i thought. Chapter just said he was a D. Probably the most infamous of them in recent history

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  64. JohnDoe

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    I wonder where Oda is going with this bc he's repeatedly shown that not everyone of the D. clan is of the same ilk. Hope there's a D. clan flashback before it's all over.

  65. Abdulmajid Salah

    Abdulmajid Salah年 前

    This was a theory I came up with a little over a week ago and now I must add onto it with the new revelations from Chapter 957. Anyway the theory is the following: The Fall of the Ancient Kingdom So my theory is about how the Ancient Kingdom were able to be defeated even though they possessed great powers such as the 3 ancient weapons which were said to be destructive enough to destroy the entire One Piece world. So the question we’ve all asked was how could such a kingdom be defeated? They had those weapons, they had allies from various species, as well as what we imagine to be very powerful individuals within the kingdom itself. And with these powerful individuals I believe there was problems within the members of the Ancient Kingdom. As we presume members of the Will of D are from the Ancient Kingdom, since the “D” is from the Void Century and are said to be the “enemies of the Gods”. Who are the “Gods”? They’re the celestial dragons. The same group who are currently the rulers of the world and the same group who went against the Ancient Kingdom. Now that I’ve stated all that recap, my idea is that some members within the Will of D had disputes, and these disputes lead to division amongst the group. And with this division it would bring along infighting amongst the Will of D members. This is somewhat backed by the differences between Luffy & Blackbeard. Both are members of the “D clan” and both have the same goal/dream but chose to go about it in completely different ways than each other. So if this division that I theorized is what caused the infighting it would make sense as to why they were able to be defeated since they’ve be fighting on two different fronts. Fighting the enemy on the outside as well as the enemies from within.

  66. jason xx

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    Watching ur vids gets me more hyped

  67. Speed Demon

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    I believe it was said garp was protecting the Celestial dragons and while roger well it was his enemy in order to be king he need it beat rocks

  68. M J

    M J11 ヶ月 前

    Yep. Luffy and Rogers both have the same personality. And they don't believe they can become Pirate King without taking on the best. This is the only reason why Luffy wants to fight Shanks.

  69. Red Foot ZeFF

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    Is this original or did you borrow the theory? Rayleigh > kaido

  70. jebus7x7

    jebus7x7年 前

    Or the will of d is inherited and teach inherited rocks will

  71. jebus7x7

    jebus7x711 ヶ月 前

    @Mr Rainbow maybe, kaido and bm dont really bother with BB that much or talk about him yet they all know red hair

  72. Mr Rainbow

    Mr Rainbow11 ヶ月 前

    jebus7x7 wait wat if whitebeadd knew bb is rocks son nd told him that he “is not going to inherent his will” at the navy war

  73. jebus7x7

    jebus7x7年 前

    The rocks pirates were foreshadowed back during blackbeard recruiting. *Those who survive can join my crew*

  74. D File

    D File年 前

    Gr8 video, but as much as I like to believe that BB does have some references to Rox, I strongly doubt they could be father & son. More importantly, if Garp & Roger joined forces to defeat Rox in an effort to save the CD (the ones that the D family are destined to defeat) & their slaves, then wouldn't it be more possible that Garp's son - Dragon had carried on the Rox D. Xebec's to directly oppose the WG regardless of his methods?! Well I don't know about you, but what do you think?

  75. Shinsuke - sama

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    Can you call yourself legit? make sense for once for god sake..

  76. Raava From The Trap

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    ~Yea I think so too

  77. cesar!

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    Oh lord

  78. Red Hair Shanks

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    Nice theory.

  79. Mountaga Tall

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    Nice bounty.

  80. eezie ezebalike

    eezie ezebalike年 前

    I don't really think roger was protecting the celestial dragons it was just a mutual goal to take down the rox pirates

  81. M J

    M J11 ヶ月 前

    @Agon I'm not implying he's weak or anything like that but since he's keeping a tight lid on the story and only claims the facts the WG say, makes me believe there's more to the story. I don't think Garp is the kind of man to defend a Celestial Dragon, specifically one who has slaves. I believe whatever happened that day, is reason Rogers earned Garp's respect and why Garp decided to look after Rogers kid.

  82. Agon

    Agon11 ヶ月 前

    @M J Why cant you just give Garp the respect he deserves? Garp=Roger, maybe Roger is slightly stronger than Garp but not by much they are really close

  83. M J

    M J11 ヶ月 前

    I think God valley is Raftel and the WG just renamed it. I also think Garp didn't take down the Rocks and wasn't protecting any celestial dragons. If Garp did fight he took down maybe one member of the Rocks crew pirates, probably came in after the fight and was able to capture Kaido, and Rocks and when he turned them over to the WG, they gave him all the credit. This story is another WG cover up story, the only thing true is who was involved in the event.

  84. Jesson Eman

    Jesson Eman11 ヶ月 前

    I think the celestial dragon they are talking is shanks and his father

  85. Shelton Harrow

    Shelton Harrow年 前

    Same it probably just aligned with his goals also even Garp wasn't even trying to fight for them because it's why he didn't want to become an admiral

  86. Xavier

    Xavier年 前

    OMG I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of this

  87. MonkeyRiq

    MonkeyRiq年 前

    great minds think alike!!

  88. Amohd Miguel

    Amohd Miguel年 前

    Omg I was thinking the same thing Rocks could be Blackbeard father

  89. kritsada Thammataree

    kritsada Thammataree年 前

    @Jeffrey Salazar that's, the thing that we have to wait until 'GODA' reveal 😂

  90. Jeffrey Salazar

    Jeffrey Salazar年 前

    kritsada Thammataree Yeah i know i’m wrong but blackbeard and rocks doesn’t have the same issue as roger and ace so rocks probably not blackbeard father

  91. kritsada Thammataree

    kritsada Thammataree年 前

    @Jeffrey Salazar you are wrong, Ace is the one who choose his surname 'Portogas' not 'Gol' .

  92. Jeffrey Salazar

    Jeffrey Salazar年 前

    kritsada Thammataree Ace is different because his mother doesn’t want his son to get pursue by marines because ace have rogers blood and rocks isn’t the kind that will care for his child

  93. Jeffrey Salazar

    Jeffrey Salazar年 前

    jayr zapanta its monkey d luffy