One Piece - Admiral GreenBull Revealed


  1. Charles E.

    Charles E.2 年 前

    I think Greenbull is stationed and Wano because Wano is cut off from the world so they need and Admiral there to keep things in check if it got out of hand. But I also believe he is from Wano that's why he was chosen or volunteered to be stationed there. Greenbull could very well be Zoro's dad. I think its his dad because how else could Zoro end up in East Blue? I think Greenbull sent his wife and child or just his child somewhere safe away from the chaos in the grand line.

  2. Farakh

    Farakh2 年 前

    I searched up "light gravity and " and for the most part two things came up one was time which is a theory on greenbulls powers but wouldn't it be more consistent if last admiral was zoan contrasting to kizaru logia and fujitora paramecia well the other thing that came up with light and gravity was plant form which backs the green bull plantish df theory (maybe a plant zoan?!)

  3. GersonRivera21

    GersonRivera212 年 前

    Coby being green bull?? Who's the idiot who came up with this theory?!? 😂😂😂

  4. kenneth villa

    kenneth villa2 年 前

    Green bull will be going against jinbei

  5. ZakariaZakZoro

    ZakariaZakZoro2 年 前

    I love the idea of Green Bull's opponent being Usopp. I also like the idea of it being a certain character that manga readers, hopefully, know who I'm talking about.

  6. Ricky Salvador

    Ricky Salvador2 年 前

    omg same

  7. Escobarbarian Esco

    Escobarbarian Esco2 年 前

    You guys know that's a younger Z with green hair in the thumbnail right.... lol do y'all even watch one piece ?

  8. Multi talented guy

    Multi talented guy2 年 前

    in the final war zoro Vs Mihawk Brook Vs fugitora sanji Vs kizaru ,

  9. Yonko Commander Smoker

    Yonko Commander Smoker2 年 前

    chaser is more garp then coby

  10. Gummy Lobster

    Gummy Lobster2 年 前

    nowhone is taking this serious are they ?? :p lol this is obviously fake xD

  11. Jolly Yellow

    Jolly Yellow2 年 前

    Ussop may face off against Greenbull but it wont be because Ussop gets a power boost. Oda has said in the past that Ussop will always be a low tier Strae Hat in terms of straight power. I can see Ussop facing maybe a Vice Admiral (like equal to Garp) but not one of the 3 main admirals. If I had to guess a Straw Hat to go against Greenbull I would guess Franky. Of course there are so many characters in One Piece Greebull might not throw down with the Straw Hat.

  12. Miky 77

    Miky 772 年 前

    I love these admiral guys... they are at Yonkou level so fighting them means certain surrender or death :D... Greenbull will probably be well known from Pirate King's era... someone damn strong like Fujitora at least...

  13. 2EZ mL

    2EZ mL2 年 前

    admiral z with green hairdye....

  14. Mack Mansion

    Mack Mansion2 年 前

    not ussop

  15. Renzo 1101

    Renzo 11012 年 前

    Apparently people don't like your clickbaits.

  16. Randel Shortland

    Randel Shortland2 年 前

    I'm sure the creator of one pice has already said that green bull is a male

  17. Popeta M

    Popeta M2 年 前

    father of Zoro.... :D

  18. thomas gauck

    thomas gauck3 年 前

    and when has it been revealed? show me the actual chapter pls :)



    that isnt usopps dream his is to be a brave warior of the sea not best sniper

  20. El-Nino HYK

    El-Nino HYK3 年 前

    Zorro's dad got lost and accidentally became a marine admiral

  21. Mel Black

    Mel Black2 年 前

    Humza Kiyani great suggestion. just like Fujita they were recruited to join the Marines by force or whatever so I could just be a potential theory.

  22. Enterthemind1

    Enterthemind12 年 前


  23. Scarecrow

    Scarecrow3 年 前

    Gender doesn't seem to mean much at the end of the day, One of the most powerful pirtes in the world is a woman.

  24. ZayyStrong

    ZayyStrong3 年 前

    man you right about Usopp he is going to be a serious boss. physically the weakest but skillfully Amazing

  25. Afro Luffy

    Afro Luffy3 年 前

    Owwww shit 🔥🔥 coming from mac's CHANNEL

  26. Admiral kabman

    Admiral kabman3 年 前

    green bull is female.puddings match up

  27. zetineb88

    zetineb883 年 前

    Hahaha Usopp dies from a heart attack at the sight of an Admiral so him facing and defeating one... xD

  28. Sanamana _

    Sanamana _3 年 前

    Greenbull is zoro's dad conclusion. Don't fight back 2017 you only listen to my opinions

  29. Arvind

    Arvind3 年 前

    lol zephyr being painted green noob

  30. Joel Mendes

    Joel Mendes3 年 前

    that's a strong ass jaw line

  31. Awesome Adrian

    Awesome Adrian3 年 前

    zoros mother

  32. Alec Mays

    Alec Mays3 年 前

    his dream isn't to be the best sniper.

  33. Vikas Kyatannawar

    Vikas Kyatannawar3 年 前

    green bull v=can be a half fishmen

  34. Ll G

    Ll G3 年 前

    Gotta be Zoro's father.

  35. SlamzJonez

    SlamzJonez3 年 前

    The thumbnail picture is Black Arm Zephyr with hair turned into green.

  36. Guy

    Guy3 年 前

    But why would Ussop need to be obese to become stronger? Doesn't really fit his character either. I know he got obese on that island, but now? Makes no sense.

  37. Guy

    Guy3 年 前

    Yes eating is crucial for getting stronger, but becoming obese doesn't. It requires intense training.

  38. Ricardo Abreu

    Ricardo Abreu3 年 前

    Because he had delicious food everywhere on that island!! also a big part of training is to eat well - he just started on the wrong foot though. But he ended up using all the energy accumulated when he got fat to get stronger.

  39. Sushmit Dey

    Sushmit Dey3 年 前

    Moss head

  40. Bucky Morris

    Bucky Morris3 年 前

    Law or Kidd will beat green bull because usopp only has one kind of haki and almost all the Amaral have two form of haki

  41. Enes Apaydin

    Enes Apaydin3 年 前

    Bucky Morris ussop will probably unlock his second and possibly third type of haki in the kaido arc

  42. Ray Rosette

    Ray Rosette3 年 前

    Great video

  43. DefinitelyNot Blitzcrank

    DefinitelyNot Blitzcrank3 年 前

    I don't get it. Why do people keep calling Coby and Luffy the Garp and Roger of their era when they're obviously not? For one, Coby hasn't been running after Luffy at all. At least not on his own accord. He isn't he close to being able to put up a fight for Luffy yet and won't be until later in the story. I honestly doubt he will ever truly be chasing Luffy like Garp did Roger as there simply won't be enough arcs left once Coby gets to Luffy's level if he ever catches up. The Garp and Roger is Smoker and Luffy. But a bit more lame duo. Smoker is weak so far in the story and I don't really see him rising up to be able to chase Luffy with a chance of actually capturing him or anything from this point on and forward in the story. My two cents on this thing.

  44. Moana Legends

    Moana Legends2 年 前

    I agree before time-skip roger-garp was really luffy-smoker. But after time-skip, smoker was left behind by luffy so maybe it could be coby-luffy now. Anyways, we still don't know how strong coby can be right now...

  45. Kevin Rock

    Kevin Rock2 年 前

    so coby may not constantly pursue luffy like garp did roger but I do believe there will be multiple fights or encounters kinda like smoker, but since smoker isn't strong enough to fight luffy and is also starting to like the straws hats and isn't fighting them anymore really, it would make sense that coby takes that roll

  46. Kevin Rock

    Kevin Rock2 年 前

    and Noone said that they're reincarnated.... luffy simply shares in the same beliefs as roger making very similar as coby shares the same beliefs as garp

  47. Kevin Rock

    Kevin Rock2 年 前

    DefinitelyNot Blitzcrank you can bitch and complain all you like, but the fact is oda has on multiple occasions compared luffys crew to Roger's crew and how similar they are, they have also stated that coby will eventually get admiral level so he can fight luffy on equal level. so no matter what you say the evidence points way more towards luffy and coby having a fighting future

  48. DefinitelyNot Blitzcrank

    DefinitelyNot Blitzcrank2 年 前

    Okay, then they might as well make a timeskip after Lufft becomes the pirate king to show how Buggy gained immortality and then took over the pirate king role after killing Luffy.. Anything can happen in the "after story" of One Piece. But fact is, Coby is so far from Luffy and he will most likely not catch up until the very very end of the story. We're talking last two arcs here. And it's not even guaranteed he will will catch up. He might only reach admiral level. Sure, they can fight some times in a timeskip but what would the point of the timeskip even be? Luffy is already pirate king. The story will most likely not continue after that. Yea, maybe we see what people go to do after they've fulfilled their dreams. There might not even be marines as we know them anymore. Maybe there won't be any world government. Maybe Coby dies. Maybe Luffy dies? What would the point be of Coby chasing after Luffy once Oda has finished the story of Luffy seeking to become the Pirate King. It will be pointless at that time and I don't think it's supposed to happen.

  49. Yakeem Gamble

    Yakeem Gamble3 年 前

    Oda sort of did a sketch of Green Bull

  50. Lengo

    Lengo2 年 前

    SS sagemode

  51. Yakeem Gamble

    Yakeem Gamble3 年 前

    SS sagemode This is from OP Volume 70 tho

  52. Y A

    Y A3 年 前

    Yakeem Gamble, To me doesn't look like the one piece style.

  53. Yakeem Gamble

    Yakeem Gamble3 年 前

    @Kou Takumi That's Toshiro Mifune

  54. Kou Takumi

    Kou Takumi3 年 前

    looks like another famous japanese actor

  55. Laceupgami 23

    Laceupgami 233 年 前

    I'm excited for green bull I'm ready to see this person but I feel it's a completely new character like fujitora ... let's face it the vice admirals outside of garp are shitty

  56. EganTheMan

    EganTheMan3 年 前

    Zoro's dad?

  57. MisterMoo-agi

    MisterMoo-agi2 年 前

    hahahaha yes!

  58. Sean

    Sean3 年 前

    Holy shit It cant be!

  59. Versace the Great

    Versace the Great3 年 前

    we fairytail finishes this channel gonna be booming hard af

  60. K.O.A.T music

    K.O.A.T music3 年 前

    of a said ussoup will always be the weakest member

  61. Zoro Fang

    Zoro Fang3 年 前

    Deige K.o.a.t no offense but he said Usopp will always be the physically weakest member out of the Straw Hat's look at us humans in real life we are physically weaker and slower than most animals. Usopp represents the every man meaning how physically weak we humans are in real life but, as a character in One Piece.

  62. Matthew Williams

    Matthew Williams3 年 前

    he looks like Z but with green hair

  63. Servillian

    Servillian3 年 前

    Lmao that's a photoshopped picture of z they coloured the hair green.

  64. David Fuller

    David Fuller3 年 前

    Sabo could fight green bull, or maybe another supernova.

  65. Fresh King of The Ville

    Fresh King of The Ville3 年 前

    Sabo>Luffy. Facts

  66. Sir Crocodile

    Sir Crocodile3 年 前

    Sasha Starks he would destroy Luffy

  67. Kami Sama

    Kami Sama3 年 前

    Sir Crocodile not Luffy

  68. Sir Crocodile

    Sir Crocodile3 年 前

    David Fuller Sabo could eat every supernova

  69. Adnan Mohamed

    Adnan Mohamed3 年 前

    keep up the good work monkeyriq

  70. SaiyanYonko

    SaiyanYonko3 年 前

    That photo looked like Zoros dad if he has one.

  71. SaiyanYonko

    SaiyanYonko3 年 前

    @MonkeyRiq That would be lit

  72. MonkeyRiq

    MonkeyRiq3 年 前