ONE HOUR Of Gordon Ramsay Hating On Food


  1. Abhinay K

    Abhinay K9 時間 前

    I honestly feel bad for Older people like Kiki. She seems so nice :(

  2. KosiBeastRoMovies

    KosiBeastRoMovies10 時間 前

    Typically, if you're on Kitchen Nightmares, then don't expect Gordon to like you food.

  3. Superbot

    Superbot14 時間 前

    I like how he's got like a whole dictionary for when he doesn't like the food but when he does he's just like "delicious"

  4. Kaitohs

    Kaitohs16 時間 前

    The best part is littary the cameramann shaking ,,Dont give me that shit ,,

  5. Rishabh Raj

    Rishabh Raj21 時間 前

    ASMR 100

  6. Daren Leonardy

    Daren Leonardy22 時間 前

    my nenek cook lebih baik than the koki bty this is ingriss and Indonesia mix

  7. bideo gaems

    bideo gaems日 前

    You ever notice there's no chinese restaurants on kitchen nightmares? It's like 90% Italian places.

  8. someguy onyoutube

    someguy onyoutube日 前

    i LOVE how the servers/waiters/waitresses hell even some of the part owners all agree with him when he critisies the food.. :')

  9. Dusty_Owlxx

    Dusty_Owlxx日 前

    25:10 got me laughing my arse off XDDD

  10. Game Master

    Game Master日 前

    Gordon is shit.... haha how come he know exactly that the food were Microwaved? Damn, need to learn that skill in my empty slot... And Gordon comment something like bland, less seasoning and a lot... and that girl said, "I expect him to help fix my food, not disgusted"... hahahaha then what did he just said????,

  11. Mia's Book Blog

    Mia's Book Blog日 前

    i was hungry before starting this video, now I am not hungry.

  12. Das Wienerle

    Das Wienerle日 前

    BuT tHat'S aN hOuR ANd 45 sECoNDs

  13. CoffeeCup Gaming

    CoffeeCup Gaming日 前

    Am I the only one that actually wants to cook something for Gordon just to hear his criticism

  14. Sue Van Etten

    Sue Van Etten日 前

    30:43 "it's like.. caca"

  15. xNADZo

    xNADZo日 前

    Let’s be honest here, no ones afraid of Gordon but they sure as hell get offended and pissed😂😂

  16. Lily Sweetie

    Lily Sweetie日 前

    Chef Mic 😂😂😂

  17. mlfergie2

    mlfergie22 日 前

    6:46 is it chef Onwuachi, 2019 James Beard Award “Rising Star Chef of the Year” and Top Chef Season 13 cheftestant?

  18. Inspiratone

    Inspiratone2 日 前


  19. Frostkyte

    Frostkyte2 日 前

    These stupid owners expect him to help them but get mad when he complains and is disgusted by the food, I haven’t tasted the food and just by looking at it behind my screen I am disgusted🤮

  20. Jacqueline Kezema

    Jacqueline Kezema2 日 前

    Ok bare with me here. Why would anyone in thier right mind. Serve a world renowned icon chef who's coming to your establishment. FROZEN OR MICROWAVED OR CANNED CRAP! C'mon really it's Chef fucking Ramsay!

  21. Joaquin Alba

    Joaquin Alba2 日 前

    Ai use de maicrowave for de chimichangas

  22. black creature

    black creature2 日 前

    gordon ate so many bad food im surprised his taste buds didnt die off his tongue

  23. Taesty Jam

    Taesty Jam2 日 前

    you know the foods bad when they can’t even make a successful salad 🤧



    I don't know why but I just don't feel like Saki is from Calamatta!🤔🙈

  25. Anaisa Mohamed

    Anaisa Mohamed2 日 前

    Me : binge watches kitchen nightmares for 3 days Also me : eats leftover pasta salad over 2 days 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

  26. Anaisa Mohamed

    Anaisa Mohamed2 日 前

    Guy Fiori needs to partner up with Gordon Ramsay... 🤣🤣 I am surprised that Gordon never got food poisoning in any episode.. Especially with the state of the kitchens 😬😬

  27. Anaisa Mohamed

    Anaisa Mohamed2 日 前

    Where in Greece are you from? 30 seconds to reply? Wow.. 🙄

  28. Sana Abu

    Sana Abu3 日 前

    I am shocked where people in America throw a day old food are serving frozen microwave food to customers that is disgusting even a small stall food people in India make the food fresh there might be issues regarding hygiene but this is way too disgusting.

  29. WizKhalifa69

    WizKhalifa693 日 前

    "they would foking kidnap me" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Zero .Karma

    Zero .Karma3 日 前

    I always wondered how Gordon keeps so trim and fit. Its because he only ever gets to eat one bite of food and ends up spitting out a lot of it.

  31. CAWAxMiliM

    CAWAxMiliM3 日 前

    34:26 . if i was the owner of that restaurant that waiter would be fired by now . you can't be standing on one side and all of a sudden change your location . you see the customer (Gordon) leaning to one side - which was to his left - you moved to that side and made him uncomfortable . very bad waiter behavior .

  32. Jakethesnake

    Jakethesnake3 日 前

    Gordon trying to get the cameramen to eat was gold😂

  33. Alexandra M

    Alexandra M3 日 前

    " they would kidnap me if I served that in Jamaica" 🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  34. mia

    mia4 日 前

    17:37 *because we have been running this food for many years* exactly thats why ur business is shit

  35. Josh Gabriel Ramoso

    Josh Gabriel Ramoso4 日 前

    "he's here to help me not tell me that everything is bad" People these days can't take a criticism anymore

  36. Todd The Humble

    Todd The Humble4 日 前

    3:35 Nuff Said.

  37. Gaming Madness

    Gaming Madness4 日 前

    People: Mircowave food* Gordon: Doesn’t like it* People: I tHiNkS iTs rEaLlY gOoD

  38. Tibba

    Tibba4 日 前

    this channel is gold

  39. Jeremy Burri

    Jeremy Burri4 日 前

    Fuck you gordon. Thank you my darling ☺️

  40. Jeremy Burri

    Jeremy Burri4 日 前

    Chef:Its fresh but frozen Gordon:🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  41. Crap Snap

    Crap Snap4 日 前

    9:09 some wholesome ramsay ;D

  42. Alex Lefkò

    Alex Lefkò4 日 前

    Thank you JPreporter recommendation, best 1 hour of my life😂

  43. June Ver Dela Peña

    June Ver Dela Peña4 日 前

    Me okay that looks good tho Chef Ramsay: It's fuckin bland

  44. koelin krishh

    koelin krishh4 日 前

    paties at 4:08 is a joke i eat a doller paties which is better

  45. MidnightWolf108 209

    MidnightWolf108 2094 日 前

    New movie coming out 2021! When Zucchinis Attack Directed by Gordon Ramsay Produced by Chef Mike

  46. RichieV

    RichieV4 日 前

    43min mark what a fat sack of shit

  47. Danielle Harrison

    Danielle Harrison4 日 前

    The thing that annoys me why microwave when it takes a few mins to put food in a oven to keep it warm

  48. Dragon Prince

    Dragon Prince4 日 前

    this is the one thing keeping me sane rn- i panicked bc there was a moth in my room and i’ve been sitting out in the hallway since 2:57am it’s 4:22am now- but ya know gordon ramsay hating ppls food to calm me down

  49. De Ja Vu

    De Ja Vu5 日 前

    This show made me clear my fridge. Now it only has water but it is still bland if Ramsay will take a sip.

  50. Eronis Ajvazi

    Eronis Ajvazi5 日 前

    One hour of gordin ramsay vs shit food

  51. Amr Salama

    Amr Salama5 日 前

    Its like eating the inside of a golf ball 😂

  52. Natalia Eden-Winn

    Natalia Eden-Winn5 日 前

    29:05 THE ONLY SITUATION THAT IT WOULD EVER BE OKAY TO TELL A WOMAN TO GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN!!! When the food she cooks is better than that being served in her restaurant and she can do much better!!!! Gotta love Chef Ramsay

  53. Ravnite Sanchez

    Ravnite Sanchez5 日 前

    Brits, who else laughed when they said Eggplant cos of how dumb it sounded.Tbh Aubergine sounds sooo much better and sophiticated. Eggplant sounds like a 6 year old named it lmao

  54. Ravnite Sanchez

    Ravnite Sanchez5 日 前

    Does anyone else think that its really kind of Chef Ramsey to call aubergines, eggplants when hes in America. Cos he could call it what we call it but he puts in the effort to call it eggplants when he would natrually call it aubergine.

  55. Johanna Jepsen

    Johanna Jepsen5 日 前

    Did dis gal just trynna tell me the Jamaican chicken is supposed to be DRY???? My ancestors are shaking in their graves rn

  56. Yaaba Bansimba

    Yaaba Bansimba4 日 前




    It'S dRy - Gordan Ramsey

  58. emily playz

    emily playz5 日 前

    Her:hope it's moist Gordon:there like wet newspaper

  59. McNea

    McNea6 日 前

    i'd be kidnapped if i served that in Jamaica LOL

  60. Nikolka

    Nikolka6 日 前

    Gordon: this is not good Waitress: is sad Cooks: are sad Chef cook/manager/owner: i think its good 👀

  61. • ᴋʀʏᴘᴛᴏɴɪᴛᴇ •

    • ᴋʀʏᴘᴛᴏɴɪᴛᴇ •6 日 前

    Mom: Okay just one more clip. Me:

  62. janmichael

    janmichael6 日 前

    20:09 that is disaster, looks like a toppings of ring worms

  63. jamie Marshall 6

    jamie Marshall 66 日 前

    Please watch the video with subtitles. I wont spoil it.

  64. jamie Marshall 6

    jamie Marshall 66 日 前

    PJ's steakhouse, 2 cuts of steak, as a steak lover, I'm disappointed.

  65. jamie Marshall 6

    jamie Marshall 66 日 前

    Somebody mute sammy, I want to punch him Edit: as someone who loves lasagne, and enjoy making it including the pasta seen that one makes me want throw up. That is not a lasagne, that is something you find at the bottom of a bin and call it a meal.

  66. Em Gem

    Em Gem6 日 前

    Love him

  67. E M

    E M6 日 前

    "That's dreadful, thank you."

  68. Akita GamingTV

    Akita GamingTV6 日 前

    Who else got a Gordon Ramsay masterclass add for this video? 🤣


    SHANNON SA6 日 前

    Chef Mike lol. Very diligent, arrives first, leaves last, doesnt complain much or talk back...

  70. PrimeTube

    PrimeTube6 日 前

    Gruyére is a swiss cheese. Lmfao what the fuck does that in america.

  71. Dog Lord

    Dog Lord6 日 前

    This video is perfect for if your'e shiny hunting pokemon

  72. Fatal Code

    Fatal Code7 日 前

    i'm italian, i ate that pizza with my eyes and i can say "è una merda!"



    Me: God, those food are so dry looking and nasty. You tell them Ramsey! Also me: "Eating a 3 piece chicken meal from KFC"

  74. Judy

    Judy7 日 前

    Watching this while eating 🤣

  75. JK

    JK7 日 前

    i dont know how but this makes me hungry and disgusted

  76. walhalla254

    walhalla2547 日 前

    fresh frozen out of the can?

  77. Rory Bartlett-Tisdall

    Rory Bartlett-Tisdall7 日 前

    Just finished the first one. That was hilarious!!

  78. iiYourLocalAnimeBixch

    iiYourLocalAnimeBixch7 日 前

    Imagine a fight with Gordon Ramsay, Abby Lee Miller and Simon Cowell. KARENS HAVE ENTERED THE CHAT

  79. Robo Death cry

    Robo Death cry8 日 前

    Okay I'm dumb okay so don't judge. How do you keep stuff fresh? Like nobody has ever told me so can somebody tell me.

  80. AverageGrub Rust

    AverageGrub Rust8 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey one is the best chefs in the world. A restaurant owner that thinks her food is good when it's shit : he's British the fuck he know about pizza

  81. Mr Anonymous

    Mr Anonymous8 日 前

    12:58 real life Lois Griffin