1. Ron Tate

    Ron Tate12 時間 前

    awe sukkkz,thatz thu 1 that is a put down of Bruce Lee..maybee utherz azz wayull.

  2. Basita Fouda

    Basita Fouda14 時間 前


  3. Fl0r3tt Tv

    Fl0r3tt Tv15 時間 前

    I felt satisfied when I saw those hippies got killed end of the movie love u Clint ;) oops spoilers

  4. MySteriouS HaKi

    MySteriouS HaKi18 時間 前

    Bruce Lee was an real joke

  5. Frank Olsowski

    Frank Olsowski20 時間 前

    The range of 20 movies is necessary to see for only one really worth seeing, isn`t it. That does not apply to Tarantino's films. Even at an advanced age, he tells his films in a fresh Tarantino-Style. He knows the film language, has developed it significantly with his work and sets almost unattainable standards for most filmmakers. I had a very nice movie night, which still has an effect today.

  6. Tammy Ruggles

    Tammy Ruggles20 時間 前

    My favorite Tarantino movie of all, for several reasons: One, this is one of his story lines told in a mostly linear style. Two, the subject matter of behind-the-scenes Hollywood mixed with real-life people. Three, it has a more dramatic/mellow versus chaotic vibe. Four, the very surprising and overly satisfying if not poignant ending.

  7. Luca Iaconangelo

    Luca Iaconangelo日 前

    The last 30 min moved me.great final.

  8. Janice Soh

    Janice Soh日 前

    i dunno why but this movie is sooo bad that made me fell asleep first time in the movie, its boring omg they talk so much

  9. Sam Higgins

    Sam Higgins日 前

    yeah.. worth going to the movies to see. baby boomer"s blast from the past some GenX's mite like it ..millennial's may not like it

  10. Ray man

    Ray man日 前

    It was the best worst movie in a while. 130 minutes of pure nonsense and 30 minutes of ridiculous action. I know the backstory of Sharon Tate and the Manson minions bud the alternative ending is just so stupidly done. I am a big fan of quentin tarantino bud man, bad really bad!

  11. Jimmy

    Jimmy日 前

    Great fucking movie - loved it!

  12. shomak

    shomak日 前

    no uma turman?

  13. Aria Beyea

    Aria Beyea日 前

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  14. whited63

    whited63日 前

    It didn’t live up to the hype for me. I was expecting so much more.

  15. Lee Wright

    Lee Wright日 前

    Seeing this again tomorrow. Can't wait.

  16. Doug F.

    Doug F.日 前

    It's even better the second time around. Imao,anyway. :-)

  17. Black dot

    Black dot日 前

    Before i take my stupid friends to the movie,is it action packed like pulp fiction and django or is it slower like inglorious basterds?

  18. Black dot

    Black dot日 前

    @Doug F. ok thank you very much

  19. Doug F.

    Doug F.日 前

    It's not like anything else Tarantino has done. If your friends are truly stupid, they won't like it. Personally I think it is his masterpiece, but opinions differ.

  20. Maximus Gigantos

    Maximus Gigantos日 前

    Feet again...

  21. Jorji Costava

    Jorji Costava日 前

    A tramontina ad on a trailer , like wtf

  22. N

    N日 前

    So proud that I recognised all the songs in the trailer

  23. Rala La

    Rala La2 日 前

    Margot Robbie’s role is null

  24. Ben Upton

    Ben Upton2 日 前

    You might have to shake him awake. I fucked his brains out this morning 😂😂😂

  25. Sum Boi

    Sum Boi2 日 前

    Both Leo and Brad deserve oscars for this film. Their performances were phenomenal

  26. Matthias Reinger

    Matthias Reinger3 日 前

    Don't know why everybody is so hyped. I watched it. And I love EVERY Tarantino movie. But the first 2 hours were boring as hell. And now the fan boys will come and say: you don't understand anything blah blah blah,, I bet if it wouldn't be made from Tarantino you would also say it sucked

  27. Tudor Renegade

    Tudor Renegade3 日 前

    Tarantino's worst movie, don't waste your time.

  28. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez3 日 前

    What is the music/songs in this trailer used?

  29. cassiusclayboy

    cassiusclayboy3 日 前

    There’s so much in this trailer that was cut from the final version I really hope there’s an extended version!!

  30. illaveyoubutler2

    illaveyoubutler211 時間 前

    Tim Roth says Tarantino told him his deleted scene would end up on a four hour miniseries on Netflix

  31. Emin Alıcı

    Emin Alıcı3 日 前

    Hollywood ends if a missile falls there :D

  32. Chris Mahoney

    Chris Mahoney4 日 前

    Typical Tarantino movie. decent watch..but his little groupies like to make out he's some kind of messiah

  33. Nacho Canfranc

    Nacho Canfranc4 日 前

    Could someone tell me the title of the song?

  34. John Grenchenko

    John Grenchenko4 日 前

    Look up Mark Ramze

  35. Elma

    Elma4 日 前

    What a waste of time and money, only thing I enjoyed in cinema was snacks! 😒

  36. Paulo

    Paulo4 日 前

    You don't know better 🤷‍♂️

  37. marc layne

    marc layne4 日 前

    QT knows more than he tells of CM family and killings.....

  38. Scooter's Gaming

    Scooter's Gaming4 日 前

    No story. No plot. No character arcs at all. Lots and lots of long pretty shots of driving and walking in Hollywood. 2 hours 40 minutes of that. Bored out of my mind.

  39. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen3 日 前

    @Scooter's Gaming. You're right. Bernie wasn't mediocre. It's a classic. Could be? Interesting theory. Certainly not as obvious as the Hollywood theme in a film titled Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

  40. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen3 日 前

    @Scooter's Gaming. I didn't see Tex as a devil worshiper. It was a line he also said in real life. He also gave people horseback riding lessons on Spahn Ranch in real life. That's reality. I don't know what you can do about that.

  41. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen3 日 前

    @Scooter's Gaming. I didn't mean to insult you. My apologies if I came across that way. I don't feel I'm grasping. To me it was obvious.

  42. Scooter's Gaming

    Scooter's Gaming3 日 前

    Eli Kronen Weekend At Bernie’s wasn’t a mediocre comedy. Bernie was a metaphor for postmodern man and Andrew McCarthy’s character was carrying the weight of man’s aggression towards humanity. Don’t you get that?? lol

  43. Scooter's Gaming

    Scooter's Gaming3 日 前

    Eli Kronen lol. It shows you are grasping when you have to insult people and talk about the metaphorical Hollywood. And the Manson family was just thrown in, and in a lazy way. Their characters at the end were nothing like the characters earlier. Tex giving people horseback rides versus the devil worshipper? rofl. Totally incongruent. Lazy writing. Mediocre.

  44. john smith

    john smith4 日 前

    Brad is the star in this film-He out acts Leo-and I never thought I'd write this.

  45. Butter

    Butter5 日 前

    It was a great movie

  46. Matt Colley

    Matt Colley5 日 前

    The meltdown in the trailer by LEO DICAPRIO is prob funniest scene ive ever seen 😆😁😆

  47. Rajan K

    Rajan K5 日 前

    Leo looks young

  48. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader5 日 前

    This is my favorite movie of the year so far.

  49. Nicole Khella

    Nicole Khella5 日 前

    Wait Luke perry is in this😢😭♥️

  50. Elder Mountain Dreaming

    Elder Mountain Dreaming5 日 前

    hate hate hate tarantino

  51. dora williams

    dora williams5 日 前

    I never hear about Tino getting Awards for his mov. Everyone of his movies are worth watching twice

  52. dora williams

    dora williams5 日 前

    I just love Tino movies

  53. Vocea HipHop

    Vocea HipHop5 日 前

    Anissa Kate is a better franch then you Margot Robbie !

  54. jp a

    jp a5 日 前

    On a tellement dit a tarantoni que c etait un genie il y a cru. Le petit genie nous a pondu une daube, une bouze monumentale. Ce film ne repose que sur le noms des 2 stars que sont brad depíté et leonardo di carpatcho

  55. De Enriqo

    De Enriqo5 日 前

    What is wrong with Spaghetti Westerns ?? Some of them are better than Hollywood western.

  56. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen5 日 前

    Tell Rick. He's afraid of change and the foreign.

  57. IceWolf 16

    IceWolf 165 日 前

    So what is this movie really about??

  58. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen5 日 前


  59. caljn 1

    caljn 15 日 前

    Who knows, but I dug it.

  60. Chris Kroell

    Chris Kroell5 日 前

    What a WEIRD movie is was...

  61. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith5 日 前

    This is a pure self indulgent wet dream from Tarantino with this one, made for himself, wait for the DVD.

  62. M_a_ Shaunee

    M_a_ Shaunee5 日 前

    Rick Dalton & the stunt man

  63. taeminty

    taeminty5 日 前

    The acting in this movie is just 👌

  64. Maira Velduma

    Maira Velduma6 日 前

    Briesmiigaakaa filma ko esmu skatiijusies.

  65. Am I The First African Humanist

    Am I The First African Humanist6 日 前

    I thought that was the Lady from My Name IS EARL show. 1:35

  66. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen4 日 前

    @Am I The First African Humanist. I just transposed a name but ok.

  67. Am I The First African Humanist

    Am I The First African Humanist5 日 前

    @Eli Kronen That's just something I made up. Like you are sleep walking and using the computer and commenting, but not aware and typing the wrong stuff.

  68. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen5 日 前

    @Am I The First African Humanist. Sleeping walking my comment? I'm not familiar with that term.

  69. Am I The First African Humanist

    Am I The First African Humanist5 日 前

    @Eli Kronen Your are sleeping walking your comment, but that's right.

  70. Eli Kronen

    Eli Kronen5 日 前

    @Am I The First African Humanist. I meant Jamie Presley. The actress from My Name is Earl. My bad. Kennedy is a male comedian.

  71. holygoalie3

    holygoalie36 日 前

    I'm sorry, but if you NEED the last scene to make the first 3/4ths of the movie worthwhile, you might be retarded.

  72. Antonis Mandranis

    Antonis Mandranis6 日 前

    Im a huge Tarantino fan... But this one was unfortunatelly one of his worst films along with Jackie Brown and Death Proof... Same goes to Leo and all the cast as one of their worst choices... Just because it is Tarantino it should be praised? No! Absolutelly no! It was pointless with no meaning in any of the scenes... Why??? Why they did it like this?? It could be an interesting story... Tarantino said that this was the closest thing to Pulp Fiction... Am i the only one who didnt see nothing close to Pulp Fiction?

  73. Zappa Doo

    Zappa Doo11 時間 前

    @Antonis Mandranis well he isnt one of the greatest director's of all time for one he takes from so many many other directors which he admits himself, he is however one of the greatest screenplay writers to have ever existed, kill bill vol 2 was his worst by far and I've never heard him say death proof is his worst, whenever he talks about it sounds to me like he was proud of that film

  74. Antonis Mandranis

    Antonis Mandranis4 日 前

    @Zappa Doo Tarantino became one of the greatest directors ever because of Reservoir Dogs and mostly Pulp Fiction. He said that his worst movie is Death Proof when they asked him.

  75. Zappa Doo

    Zappa Doo4 日 前

    Umm... Jackie brown and death proof are some of his best

  76. Antonis Mandranis

    Antonis Mandranis5 日 前

    @skyv987 But i didnt say that my opinion is a fact.. Everyone has an opinion ok? And my opinion is that this film has been loved as you say only because it is from a famous director. If you tell me that if the director was someone unknown with unknown actors the audience would praise it in the same way then you 're lying. It was a pointless story with great actors great production and great cinematography. If these are enough for you im ok.

  77. skyv987

    skyv9875 日 前

    People aren't praising it because it's Tarantino. They're praising it because they loved it. It must be hard for you learning for the first time that your opinions aren't facts and 2 people can leave a film having totally different views.

  78. queeneva3

    queeneva36 日 前

    My 12 year old self is not okay with this

  79. NowImDancing 30

    NowImDancing 306 日 前

    hahah love this

  80. Killua wassim

    Killua wassim6 日 前

    I hated it, soo boring the last scenes were funny but the ending was stupid 👎👎👎👎

  81. Oktay Kaya

    Oktay Kaya6 日 前

    Sakın gitmeyin çöp film

  82. Florentina Chitu

    Florentina Chitu7 日 前

    A total waste of time...

  83. Crab Burger

    Crab Burger7 日 前

    So f**king ol' Polanski' had a bit of kit like that little number wat the f**k was he messing around wid those other nobody's no one knows.... crazy m**** f**ker..