ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)


  1. Sukhchain SIngh

    Sukhchain SIngh時間 前

    Leonardo DiCaprio love

  2. Higor Queen

    Higor Queen時間 前

    Cadê os br

  3. Vinoth Vino

    Vinoth Vino時間 前

    Lee,,, miss u 😭

  4. Feel Good Music

    Feel Good Music時間 前

    *Acting level:* *💎LEGENDARY💎*



    Tamizhans hit like 😅✌️

  6. Bee

    Bee時間 前

    Pitt+DiCaprio =deadly combination

  7. Bruwer van Vrede

    Bruwer van Vrede時間 前

    This is gonna be great

  8. mike mun

    mike mun時間 前

    Bruce lee is in this

  9. Your Opinion Matters

    Your Opinion Matters時間 前

    This movie will be remembered for a long time. Because of acting. because due to heavy use of CGI, today we can't see "acting" anymore. Hope the old vintage "acting" will be back.

  10. Azharuddin Quazi

    Azharuddin Quazi時間 前

    Goose bumping..

  11. Himalaya Dhungel

    Himalaya Dhungel時間 前

    3 Oscars in a single trailer.

  12. Ryu Cartel

    Ryu Cartel時間 前

    Why did they end the trailer that way? That was awkward and weird.

  13. Kartik Pandit

    Kartik Pandit時間 前

    The movie is directed by Quen....Take my money...

  14. Thomas joseph

    Thomas joseph時間 前

    അടിപൊളി ❤❤

  15. Ovi Ahamed

    Ovi Ahamed時間 前

    This would be epic

  16. Sachin Jadhav

    Sachin Jadhav時間 前

    Wolf of wall Street Part 2

  17. U Can

    U Can時間 前

    I see three legends in this movie Bruce Lee ,Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad pitt

  18. Part of Everything & nothing

    Part of Everything & nothing時間 前

    Now this is coooooooool... 😎

  19. Den Noch

    Den Noch時間 前

    Wanna watch it now

  20. Subhadeep Misra

    Subhadeep Misra時間 前

    I'm a normal person, I see Leo in the trailer, I click it and like it! BTW happy Holi to everyone!!😍😘

  21. GovindRover

    GovindRover時間 前

    How many Indians feel the movie title is similar/inspired by the movie Once upon a time in Mumbai?

  22. Eagle Grande

    Eagle Grande時間 前

    Looks dumb

  23. David Barsan

    David Barsan時間 前

    Where is all the blood? 0_0

  24. Donny Tru

    Donny Tru時間 前

    Дату выхода кто нибудь может по русски написать?

  25. 吳克洲

    吳克洲時間 前

    Leo's signature fist crying here we go again.

  26. Cybroz

    Cybroz時間 前

    Bruuuuuceeee Leeeeewe

  27. Chandler Bing

    Chandler Bing時間 前

    Margot robbie as sharon Tate! This casting couldn't be more right!!

  28. Genexolev Ashtiani

    Genexolev Ashtiani時間 前

    Better than her miscast role as Harley Quinn, which they should've given that role to Kat Dennings.

  29. Belthazor22

    Belthazor22時間 前

    "And the Academy awards for casting goes to.."

  30. faryal aziz

    faryal aziz時間 前

    Where is alpacino...?

  31. Isidio Garcia

    Isidio Garcia時間 前

    ......👷✝🚷👷✝🚷👷✝🚷🍅,,,,, Só Jesus Cristo salva

  32. enghin ciaus

    enghin ciaus時間 前

    it's funny how Margot Robbie plays in this movie with a small actress named _Harley Quinn_ Smith, daughter of Kevin Smith

  33. Korina ki

    Korina ki時間 前

    Omg... Watching Leo talking is like seeing Kurt Russell

  34. bit4285

    bit4285時間 前

    Another movie with Margot Robbie and Leonardo Dicaprio? This is gonna be good

  35. deep mind beats

    deep mind beats時間 前

    Its goin to be great film

  36. Dr.SumedhVlog

    Dr.SumedhVlog時間 前

    Is that Bruce Lee? Are those Real heroes ? 😂😂

  37. Mental Maud

    Mental Maud時間 前

    Margot Robbie 😍😍 So glad she’s playing Sharon, I think the only actress in Hollywood beautiful enough too.

  38. Eashwar A

    Eashwar A時間 前

    This is goin to be epic

  39. Jeon

    Jeon時間 前

    Leo could still beat these cheeks 😶

  40. World The on

    World The on時間 前


  41. DisEezPrabin.

    DisEezPrabin.時間 前

    Holy sh*t Dicaprio and Brad in samd movie? When it's coming online i wanna download from torrent and watch it in home threatre environment. 😍

  42. Yogesh Raj

    Yogesh Raj時間 前

    2 Legends together what else you want in a movie.

  43. Eka Arief Setyawan

    Eka Arief Setyawan時間 前

    1:05 his dancing is so fancy :v

  44. The Shadowless

    The Shadowless時間 前

    Brad Pitt? Check Leo Di Caprio? Check Quentin Tarantino? Check Hotel? Trivago

  45. Danny B

    Danny B時間 前

    BRUCE LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. DeathWalker

    DeathWalker時間 前

    Это будет просто охуенно, товарищи!

  47. The Gignerd

    The Gignerd時間 前

    I liked before watching

  48. sabi ,

    sabi ,時間 前


  49. Xola X The Xilaman

    Xola X The Xilaman時間 前

    My 2 favourite actors!!!!!

  50. Abhishek Kumar

    Abhishek Kumar時間 前

    lionardo ,brad pitt sharing screen .nothing can be as big as this one ....

  51. Kevin S ツTM

    Kevin S ツTM時間 前


  52. 1 2

    1 2時間 前

    quentin tarantino movies are always a cause for celebration. were watching history in the making!

  53. pulphope

    pulphope時間 前

    Waiting in anticipation of how that kick works out for Brad Pitt


    OMOR KHAN時間 前

    I was just waiting for this masterpiece 😍

  55. Happiness Bunny

    Happiness Bunny時間 前

    I'd actually like a Bruce Lee movie now

  56. Gemini

    Gemini時間 前

    YOOOO this looks DOPE

  57. Phillip Alvarado

    Phillip Alvarado時間 前

    Rip two great actors burt & luke perry

  58. irem altındağ

    irem altındağ時間 前

    Unfortunately, there is only one moview left. Don't leave us Tarantino, stupid Marvel movies make me sick :(

  59. Akash Akash

    Akash Akash時間 前

    Tamil hollywood fans like here🖒

  60. Nippo Hippo

    Nippo Hippo時間 前

    Leo’s bringing everything on the table! While Brad’s doing what he’s always done baby!

  61. drvicks7

    drvicks7時間 前

    You had me at Question Tarantino 🤘🤘🤘... Leo & Pitt makes it even better... You got my money... Cheers

  62. Random Videos

    Random Videos時間 前

    just seeing brad pitt and leo in one movie makes me wanna watch it right now

  63. Sidemen Nation

    Sidemen Nation時間 前

    me too

  64. gsdddsf

    gsdddsf時間 前


  65. Ricky Singh

    Ricky Singh時間 前

    I can smell Oscar 👃 🏆

  66. Surya Steve

    Surya Steve時間 前

    😍God I'm dead😍

  67. Siva ca

    Siva ca時間 前

    This movie grab my money

  68. Zohaib Khan

    Zohaib Khan時間 前

    I came for that fake Bruce Lee guy!

  69. Dr Dildo

    Dr Dildo時間 前

    yay another quentin tarantino movie with 10 hours of unrelatable dragged out monologue.

  70. Abeel Rasendriya

    Abeel Rasendriya時間 前


  71. Jacob Ettinger

    Jacob Ettinger時間 前


  72. TheRicokilla

    TheRicokilla時間 前

    Brad Pitt looks old here

  73. T James

    T James時間 前

    This is I why I rock wits Quentin.........c u in July

  74. Samin Anan

    Samin Anan時間 前

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywoo .

  75. vipul jha

    vipul jha時間 前

    Trending number 12 in India , this is the power of Leo and Robbie .

  76. Zenarchy

    Zenarchy時間 前

    Bruce Lee stole the trailer.

  77. Isaac Ali

    Isaac Ali時間 前

    Too many Legends in one Frame 💥

  78. だてんし

    だてんし時間 前

    thanks tarantinoo

  79. Shujath Hussain

    Shujath Hussain時間 前

    Tarantino? no need for trailer. I'm in

  80. Jyotirmoy Choudhury 007

    Jyotirmoy Choudhury 007時間 前

    *What?!!* *DeCaprio ,Brad Pitt,Margot Robbie and Tarantino !!!!Reallly????? Perfect Combo for Oscars Guaranteed*

  81. Enrique Landeros

    Enrique Landeros時間 前

    Now I know witch feet would I see in this tarantino's film.

  82. Yolanda Reyes

    Yolanda Reyes時間 前

    Leonardo DiCaprio is still so sexy to me 😭😭

  83. Rishabh Patil

    Rishabh Patil時間 前

    Name that music someone

  84. TheItalianSoul

    TheItalianSoul時間 前

    that's great!!

  85. aviral singh

    aviral singh時間 前

    Can't wait :D

  86. Farhan Sadiq

    Farhan Sadiq時間 前

    This trailer is very bad.

  87. Krishnanshu Yog

    Krishnanshu Yog時間 前

    3 legends

  88. shifty11able

    shifty11able時間 前

    DiCaprios final 3 seconds in the end is the strongest moment of trailer...good job Quentin

  89. Afro Ahmed

    Afro Ahmed時間 前

    judging by the fact that this is a Tarantino movie , we're gonna follow the those 3 people all the way untill they get slaughtered by the Manson family at the end of the movie.

  90. Karan Shukla

    Karan Shukla時間 前

    Gentlemen you have my attention and my money

  91. GameingUboxings+

    GameingUboxings+時間 前

    this movie is ironic

  92. shifty11able

    shifty11able時間 前

    9th film of Quentin Tarantino....I hate waiting.

  93. TheShadowfire204

    TheShadowfire204時間 前

    I cannot motherfucking wait

  94. Hammad Ali

    Hammad Ali時間 前

    Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the few who have the star power to make Brad Pitt his stunt double.

  95. Heriyadi Ahmad

    Heriyadi Ahmad時間 前

    Best duo ever

  96. Pappan Jeevan Das

    Pappan Jeevan Das時間 前

    "My hands are registered as lethal weapons " Bruce Lee

  97. Blue Plays

    Blue Plays時間 前


  98. Adrian

    Adrian時間 前

    plot twist: everyone dies

  99. JoEnathan

    JoEnathan時間 前

    So many actors we haven’t even seen that are in it and yet it’s still a perfect teaser. I hope the full trailer isn’t like 4 mins long. I’ve gotten used to not knowing too much about a QT film before it cones out, it makes the excitement bigger. I just really wanted to see Dakota Fanning as Squeaky. I read that she absolutely kills the role. Punny & seriously...

  100. sharique mallick

    sharique mallick時間 前

    leo i missed u bro..

  101. focus maya

    focus maya時間 前

    1:26 tamil actor Sivaji Ganeshan made many performance better than that. Believe me friends 😊

  102. B.A.M. Studios

    B.A.M. Studios時間 前

    Already looks like a masterpiece SUPER HYPED

  103. Mnpop mklo

    Mnpop mklo時間 前

    Where is blood?