Omarion Reacts to Video of DMX Impersonating Him (Part 8)


  1. Barry Breazy

    Barry Breazy20 時間 前

    This guy is different ! He talks so calmly and humbly

  2. Paula Key

    Paula Key22 時間 前

    Omarion is so humble; He’s on a different level. I’ve ALWAYS liked him💕👑

  3. hyrsk1552

    hyrsk1552日 前

    This brotha has mastered the art of being above petty shyt hahahaha

  4. Amon

    Amon日 前

    I told dmx to do that....Tk Kirkland

  5. Odell Goodman-Bey

    Odell Goodman-Bey日 前

    Omarion Did the best interview made Vlad give the phony laugh and all cause he couldn't get O of his Square

  6. Eklipse

    Eklipse2 日 前

    His reaction was genuine laughter at DMX impersonating him...most other guys would let their ego speak first. Mad respect to O.

  7. Dooo they tho

    Dooo they tho4 日 前

    Omarion seems to be to modern day poster child for stoicism.. way to remain calm, unbothered, and indifferent and focused throughout all this recent drama

  8. dr troy turner

    dr troy turner5 日 前

    He could play Marvin Gaye, No?

  9. Rocio Ochoa

    Rocio Ochoa5 日 前

    Omarion gives a good interview. Ive seen plenty Apryl interviews, and she is hostile.

  10. Tamesha Cunningham

    Tamesha Cunningham6 日 前

    He is so calm and nonchalant about everything. I love it.

  11. Rodney Smith

    Rodney Smith7 日 前

    “Wow.. That is so awesome.” This mf comedy 😂😂😂😂

  12. H.T.A Television

    H.T.A Television7 日 前

    Stand up guy .... all love O

  13. clifford4755

    clifford47558 日 前

    Smooth Scorpio...

  14. Dave hud

    Dave hud8 日 前

    Always liked Omarion. That "Touch" song and vid was my shit. Love how hes handling all the stuff Vlad throwing at him. Vlad like " damn ummm so he aint getting mad" naw vlad he in a good place right now and he Aint letting the Negativity in.

  15. Ville

    Ville8 日 前

    He reminds me of Lil Uzi for some reason...

  16. Mia Scruggs

    Mia Scruggs8 日 前

    It’s that meditation that has his mind at ease

  17. Stealth Star

    Stealth Star8 日 前

    Vlad was looking bait and it failed.

  18. Lobo Lobo

    Lobo Lobo8 日 前

    After this I went to listen to Touch Boom Boom Boom

  19. rhonda bullard

    rhonda bullard8 日 前


  20. Kevin Thomas

    Kevin Thomas8 日 前

    Media training is not needed when you are humble and grateful...

  21. Felix Maina

    Felix Maina8 日 前

    When an OG mentions ur name,people know you....Omarion u aint,...B2K aint

  22. Matthew Mauro

    Matthew Mauro9 日 前

    He didn't even take it as being disrespectful. You gotta be able to laugh at yourself. Salute to O for being mature and not taking the bait.

  23. Legaceybeats

    Legaceybeats9 日 前

    This is one of the greatest and favorite interviews I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. The level of poise that he shows amongst all the hatred and everything that is going on I need to take notes. Shout out to Omarion.

  24. Audioplugg Music Productions, LLC

    Audioplugg Music Productions, LLC9 日 前

    Dude has done so much arguing with people in the industry that he's just not bothered by anything anymore #salute


    ORINGI TV9 日 前

    Omarion favors The Late Great Marvin Gaye👀

  26. TheReal RobbDee

    TheReal RobbDee10 日 前

    I like the many people that VLAD does interviews wit. Get tired of his ass always trying to stir the shit pot tho

  27. FitzChivalry Farseer

    FitzChivalry Farseer10 日 前

    Vlad tryna stir the pot.

  28. MatureBeauty12

    MatureBeauty1210 日 前

    Very mature, humble and calm. Omarion got that “I’m making money” laugh. He ain’t bothered. 🤣“I don’t know what X is doing right there.” LMAO

  29. Free World Hype

    Free World Hype10 日 前

    That ninja cool as fuck

  30. Samoan_AceO3

    Samoan_AceO310 日 前

    Why O looks like his ex Apryl?

  31. Brother Tough Love

    Brother Tough Love10 日 前

    O is just too cool 😎

  32. perrier gaz

    perrier gaz11 日 前

    Lil uzi vert

  33. Bryce Thoma

    Bryce Thoma11 日 前

    fuck this fagit ass wannabe

  34. Hoze Jonas

    Hoze Jonas11 日 前

    Learned so much in this 4 mins.

  35. Sina Ala

    Sina Ala11 日 前

    Given what he did to Fizz, I’m a little afraid for DMX. Omarion seems to be all about the ‘revenge is best served (ice) cold’ philosophy 😂



    That dangling ass ear ring tells the story

  37. Carol Jane

    Carol Jane11 日 前

    Omarion wasn’t fine to me back then, I thought lol I thought lil fizz was but it’s definitely reverse now. Lil fizz looks so washed up and O definitely glowed up!! Man that girl a fool she took a major L

  38. Drew Dahlen

    Drew Dahlen11 日 前

    Yo if X was talking about me and didn't say something foul I'd he happy as hell!

  39. Yoso Mejia- Moik

    Yoso Mejia- Moik12 日 前

    He looks like Apryl to me & their kids look just like them 🧡❤️

  40. jari uronen

    jari uronen12 日 前

    Just stupid people whit Talent