Omarion Breaks His Silence on B2K Groupmate Lil Fizz & Babymother Apryl Jones Relationship (Part 13)


  1. YooForik

    YooForik22 分 前

    It scares me on how unbothered he is. Apryl and fizz might disappear 🤣🤣🤣

  2. R. Harris

    R. Harris2 時間 前

    Man.. My little brother and O have the same unconcerned unbothered don't give a shit just leave me alone nonchalant type attitude and I love it man😂😂😂😂😂

  3. SADD22

    SADD222 時間 前

    He's a Scorpio they are always keep your secret they sting when ready

  4. Bri C

    Bri C4 時間 前

    Naw . Fizz is fkd up . Idc if we broke up or not. You dont fk wit baby mama that's t.o.s.

  5. Brian Marr

    Brian Marr4 時間 前

    Love those answers... We will never know how he really feels because he will never drag April because of his children. Great man it was funny how he dropped bike off the tour days after this interview. ... lol Fizz needs a job cause he won't get paid with O..... Ha!

  6. Tj

    Tj4 時間 前

    Bro No Capp He Can Have Any Girl He Want💯



    He’s unbothered and honestly don’t care, what a respectful gentleman. However Fizz need his ass whooped you just don’t do certain shit and get away with it. Sorry not sorry

  8. Boz GodzHand

    Boz GodzHand4 時間 前

    Success is the best revenge

  9. ShyneGuttaOnDaBeat

    ShyneGuttaOnDaBeat5 時間 前

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  10. nie a

    nie a5 時間 前

    That brother is vibrating on a different frequency. He's handling this maturely and I'm proud of him.

  11. radiatrex17

    radiatrex177 時間 前

    Vlad desperately trying to get a reaction instigater

  12. Genia Zimmerman

    Genia Zimmerman7 時間 前

    I love this energy...

  13. Tonio Santana

    Tonio Santana7 時間 前

    Keep it real o'marion had more hits solo than wit b2k

  14. Ts. Crystal Douglas

    Ts. Crystal Douglas8 時間 前

    Bitch he could get it damn he's fine as hell

  15. P R

    P R9 時間 前

    I dont date or sleep with women any of my associate know or have been with leftovers.....

  16. devayon lett

    devayon lett10 時間 前

    Lil Fizz is a whole hoe out chea.

  17. Alexis Williams

    Alexis Williams10 時間 前

    His answers are impeccable!!!! He's amazing!!!

  18. Ghemony Rygar

    Ghemony Rygar11 時間 前

    😂😂😂😂😂 not today Vladimir

  19. yimij5

    yimij511 時間 前

    He must be dating RiRi on the low cause he's TOO calm

  20. Jonathan Robinson

    Jonathan Robinson12 時間 前

    Man o is the shit

  21. Ralph S

    Ralph S13 時間 前

    Drama free

  22. skipperbloodwolf

    skipperbloodwolf13 時間 前

    I don't feel bad for Omarion after shit he did to his bandmates

  23. Larry Mcintosh

    Larry Mcintosh14 時間 前

    Big ups to O fuck fizz n Apyrl

  24. Olivia Huizar

    Olivia Huizar21 時間 前

    Wow!!! I absolutely loved how smoothe he answered all those questions. Much respect to Omarion and I wish him all the best in his love life.

  25. LCR

    LCR21 時間 前

    Omarion: ion feel no ways So calm yet so savage

  26. Murse Montez

    Murse Montez23 時間 前

    Having a break-up? Take advice from Omarion.

  27. T Todd

    T Todd23 時間 前

    He look like april

  28. Lotus Aguilera

    Lotus Aguilera23 時間 前

    He vibrates higher than most 💖 he surely does his mother proud. Omarion is beautiful at peace aka balanced, he represents the real definition of a MAN. 💯💖🌎#Respect🙏🏽

  29. marco baker

    marco baker日 前

    His boy is really f up for that

  30. dmansion. 21

    dmansion. 21日 前

    O handled it well he honestly don't give af bout them two. They are more worried about him and Apryl is bitter ASF. This what bitter bms do it happen to me and I seen it too many times. The best thing to do is not give two fucks. Congratulations to success Omarion.

  31. Just Follow Instructions

    Just Follow Instructions日 前

    Omarion so smooth...How smooth is he?...The Weeknd thinks about him when he is intimate with Bella Hadid!!!!

  32. justjayinoc

    justjayinoc日 前

    Dude messy as hell

  33. David Stephens

    David Stephens日 前

    Im confused. Did she cheat on Omarion or something. Some people just have a connection. If she didn’t cheat or go behind his back there should be nothing wrong. If he had a girl that I broke up and my friend finds out he has a connection with her I’m going let it go. We broke up for a reason. So maybe it might work for them. I ain’t going to be mad. And kicking your group members of the tour doesn’t seem like unbothered to me. That seems like you mad so you gave a response which was that.

  34. OshiaBLACKirish

    OshiaBLACKirish23 時間 前

    You must have had sex with your boys baby mama shame on you 😂

  35. Jared Grimes

    Jared Grimes日 前


  36. Wayne Bal

    Wayne Bal日 前

    Vlad messy lol 😆 he want a reaction so mfeezy bad

  37. kartell 66

    kartell 66日 前

    That shit creep asf mannn ong

  38. Asia Smiley

    Asia Smiley日 前

    Omarion was trying hard to answer correctly. Much respect to you, continue to be unbothered by the foolishness! #teamomarion

  39. NicoleDeloncre NolaPeach

    NicoleDeloncre NolaPeach日 前

    Damn O looked a lil shocked when Vlad told him fizz said they're just co workers.

  40. Tu Bal

    Tu Bal日 前

    I appreciate his videos but trying to bait people into shit talking & getting a certain reaction? Come on, Vlad. Shout out to the calmest mf I ever seen. Omarion 👏🏿👏🏿

  41. Mark Nellons Jr.

    Mark Nellons Jr.日 前

    Then he shits on Fizz on his birthday 🤣🤣🤣