old town road, but played on my synth


  1. SethEverman

    SethEverman27 日 前

    hey guys thank you for the nice comments and always being so supportive! i just played around with "old town road" for a few hours and this is... well.. this is the result...! yeehaw like and subscirng

  2. Sha dow

    Sha dow8 時間 前

    @Eicca She cry in yeehaw

  3. Eicca

    Eicca8 時間 前

    I have cried at you smiling like, 4 times total in this month, thank you for including hillbilly.

  4. xQuiero

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  5. Sha dow

    Sha dow日 前

    *cries in yeehaw*

  6. Kenneth Rutter

    Kenneth Rutter4 日 前

    1:38 - 1:49 loop that shit bro

  7. Клоузи/Clouzy - standoff

    Клоузи/Clouzy - standoff57 秒 前

    Subtitres +

  8. Sargschreiner

    Sargschreiner23 分 前

    Sometimes you stare like Vinheteiro

  9. Vaibhav saini

    Vaibhav saini25 分 前

    I'm not a music enthusiast but what kind of instruments are- Yes Depression Sad

  10. _Freya_moon

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    New Subscriber!!! Love your videos, made my day UwU 👌👌 Thank you!!!!!

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  12. Shiina

    Shiina2 時間 前

    The instrument for Mario Kart genre should have been “YAHOO!” xd

  13. Trashiyana

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  14. Justice Haarsatd

    Justice Haarsatd3 時間 前

    Anyone know what kind of instrument @setheverman uses I don't know what it is but I'd really like to get one

  15. Marcus Vinícius

    Marcus Vinícius3 時間 前

    Guys, you all should turn on the captions. Like, really. Trust me.

  16. SKGamming S

    SKGamming S4 時間 前

    My favorite instrument Depression

  17. Kanchi

    Kanchi4 時間 前

    Genre: *M A R I O K A R T*

  18. noonecfcf

    noonecfcf4 時間 前

    This must be watched with captions on for the full experience

  19. Femur_Lemur

    Femur_Lemur4 時間 前

    I just watched this video with both headphones and realized the part with nickelback and Billy ray cyrus has nickelback in the left ear and Billy ray cyrus in the right ear

  20. Paradox Bryan

    Paradox Bryan5 時間 前

    WHERES THE COUCH INSTRUMENT?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  21. Tux Penguin

    Tux Penguin6 時間 前

    My favs were techno and hillbilly

  22. Police weapons and more

    Police weapons and more7 時間 前

    "I'm the bald guy"

  23. Jon Loser

    Jon Loser7 時間 前

    Genre: Mario kart Instrument: yes Perfect

  24. Sm0keyR0bin

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    Lol, instrument:yes. That’s a good one

  25. Pinheddidzeabra 551

    Pinheddidzeabra 5518 時間 前

    Friend: what instrument you play Me:yes Friend:that’s not a- Me:YES

  26. tvMisha

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  27. Galaxy The sexy kitty uwu

    Galaxy The sexy kitty uwu9 時間 前

    Genre- help

  28. Galaxy The sexy kitty uwu

    Galaxy The sexy kitty uwu9 時間 前

    I use the depression one every day, let's just say I'm really good at it

  29. YoUr SisTer

    YoUr SisTer9 時間 前

    Teacher: what instrument do you play? Me:deppresion

  30. Tapue locket

    Tapue locket9 時間 前

    He knew what he was doing 1:26

  31. ClumsyFunnyLiam

    ClumsyFunnyLiam10 時間 前

    Instrument: yes

  32. Lia’s World

    Lia’s World11 時間 前

    Why’d I think this was a bald kryoz

  33. SinistreDead

    SinistreDead12 時間 前

    You look so much like Michael from prison break BRASIL

  34. Dadi Beats

    Dadi Beats12 時間 前

    Can you do PNL-AUDD Please if you can 🙂

  35. Baby Bleach

    Baby Bleach12 時間 前

    The Hillbily is so funny even he laughed

  36. J4ck.612

    J4ck.61213 時間 前

    I want new videoooooooooo!!!!!! Where are theeeeeeeeem?!?!???

  37. MXZZY

    MXZZY13 時間 前

    Bold town road

  38. Actual TeddyBear

    Actual TeddyBear13 時間 前

    A wizard truly. Also you have a really clean house. Like really clean.

  39. Grace Kittie

    Grace Kittie15 時間 前

    0:15 I kinda feel like this is the new "Laurel vs Yanny" Do you hear Rockstar or Old Town Road?

  40. CrispyBlazin

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  41. こんにちは

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    you yee'd your last haw

  42. Eryn Power

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    What a shit-eating grin 😂

  43. Thomas Schlicher

    Thomas Schlicher16 時間 前

    Oh my dog the captions!

  44. CTRL_ Iced-Out

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    Turn on captions thank me later😏

  45. Killer Queen

    Killer Queen16 時間 前

    instrument: depression

  46. Aosc2

    Aosc216 時間 前

    The techno version was my fave. Full version plz.

  47. yaya kiut

    yaya kiut16 時間 前

    Hey Seth. You're cool. I like your music.

  48. Kilian Rochowicz

    Kilian Rochowicz17 時間 前

    Hey seth evermen, speak Swedish on the next video🇸🇪🇬🇪!!!🇸🇪

  49. Elysia dhanasar

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    *_Y E S_*

  50. AirineChan

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    anon: favorite genre? me: help anon: what? me: yes *also me: *cries in yeehaw*

  51. Grek

    Grek20 時間 前

    Instrument: yes xDDDDDD

  52. Lloyd

    Lloyd20 時間 前

    Can you just have a full video dedicated to the Mario Kart version pls?

  53. NinjaAir47

    NinjaAir4720 時間 前

    Teacher: what is your favorite instrument? Me: Yes

  54. これはジョジョの参照です

    これはジョジョの参照です21 時間 前


  55. Life Is good

    Life Is good23 時間 前

    You could smile sometimes and not having so negative face lines!

  56. E. T

    E. T日 前

    The genre :French music film instrument : depression killed me 😂😂😂

  57. BLUK Music

    BLUK Music日 前

    Look Ma, i made it to the Caption Authors. Oof

  58. Souhim Rohella

    Souhim Rohella日 前

    Wat about portals

  59. Oksana Bartkeviča

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    0:35 is my favorite

  60. mike manusia

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    So nice

  61. ĸarмa тне ротато

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    **cries in yehaw**

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  63. Colin c

    Colin c日 前

    What's the Eminem song, can't think of it

  64. DPSAce

    DPSAce日 前

    Judges: Alright what song are you playing, genre, and instrument? SethEverman: Yes

  65. Alpana Kallianpur

    Alpana Kallianpur日 前

    Then: Oh yeah what instrument do you play? Me: *y e s*

  66. sumaznkid

    sumaznkid日 前

    Need to hear the full techno version please!

  67. SoccerIsEpik

    SoccerIsEpik日 前

    Anybody notice where it says nice when it’s in Mario kart theme

  68. The Gentle - Hooter

    The Gentle - Hooter日 前

    Friend: do you play an instrument? Me: Yea Friend: what instrument do you play? Me: *Pain*

  69. coolveil

    coolveil日 前

    Is that Mario planking?

  70. Chichi Uwu

    Chichi Uwu日 前

    Style *pain* instrument *help*

  71. Yuga Nugraha

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    Kkona song right there

  72. Hossam Walziki

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    I approve of this

  73. Bloom [000000[ff]]

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    My favorite instrument is Yes

  74. sadiq2008able

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    The CC is gold

  75. P.J Art

    P.J Art日 前

    i didnt know depression was an instrument

  76. LANimaniac

    LANimaniac日 前

    Mom: What instrument do you play? Me: *y* *e* *s*

  77. : I

    : I日 前

    Hello, welcome to music class. Today, we are going to discuss popular musical instruments. A few are guitar, piano, drums, organ, yes, depression and pain.

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    TheNoSkillSquad日 前

    Thanks for my eye ligma

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    this guy is a goddd i love it

  80. *AnThon*

    *AnThon*日 前

    Genre: Mario cart Instrument: *yes*

  81. Abra

    Abra日 前

    The nerd I am thought with the first 2 chords that it was going to be the Brinstar theme from Metroid

  82. Sebz

    Sebz日 前

    The subtitles though lmao 🤣

  83. Wheathley ;3

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    Delete this

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  86. Crystal

    Crystal日 前

    I love when you have that erious face but in some you have a smile too....subtle but it's there.

  87. Supreme Sour Cream

    Supreme Sour Cream日 前

    9:55 Indtrument: *depression*

  88. Nothing

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  89. DupliHD

    DupliHD日 前

    Is it bad if I actually think the french film music could be an actual sad song

  90. Hi I’m Just Here

    Hi I’m Just Here日 前

    Music teacher: what instrument do you play? Me: depression

  91. Adrian writes

    Adrian writes日 前

    m-mario kart hahaha lol

  92. nina richon

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    *sad yeehaw 🤠*

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    pure talent.

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    that mario tho

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    That's smile giving some *SIN*

  96. yes

    yes日 前

    Friend: What instrument do you play? Me: yes Friend: Yes isn’t an intru- Me: *yES*

  97. Hayden DaOrca

    Hayden DaOrca日 前

    The hip hop, mario kart, french stuff, world, latin, techno... Fuck it it was fuckin awesome

  98. Adrian Chepp

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    You is a fucking legend , holy shit

  99. Jesus take the wheel

    Jesus take the wheel日 前

    0:48 I sense Amelie

  100. CrAzy_Fisch_xD

    CrAzy_Fisch_xD日 前

    Du siehst mit dem hut ein bisschen aus wie nebelniek

  101. Bella Delliquadri

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    I only watch for the captions

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    I can’t stop watcing this over and over again, It’s just to good

  103. Bluey Colors

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    Teacher: What kind of genre of music do you play? Me: *Nickelback, Eminem, Mario Kart, and "World".*

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    Ar u gae?

  105. Neko Chan

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    Top captions, man . Shameless plug u