old town road, but played on my synth


  1. SethEverman

    SethEverman3 ヶ月 前

    hey guys thank you for the nice comments and always being so supportive! i just played around with "old town road" for a few hours and this is... well.. this is the result...! yeehaw like and subscirng

  2. OutLogs

    OutLogs13 日 前

    SethEverman nice smile

  3. Elijah Thompson

    Elijah Thompson15 日 前


  4. OutLogs

    OutLogs22 日 前

    Best channel

  5. bavorec

    bavorec30 分 前

    Activate the captions and thank me later. 😅

  6. Ronin

    Ronin時間 前

    Turn on captions

  7. DarkFael

    DarkFael3 時間 前

    - What type of drug do you use? Me:

  8. Alex Mueller

    Alex Mueller5 時間 前

    I think seth smiled They've gained emotion and must be put down immediately

  9. Kevin Jeong

    Kevin Jeong6 時間 前


  10. Pricipal

    Pricipal8 時間 前

    Mario kart best one no cap

  11. NetanDaEgyptian

    NetanDaEgyptian8 時間 前

    The genre at 0:35 sounds more of an Africa by Toto genre lmao

  12. Liotrix

    Liotrix10 時間 前

    0:49 Jesus I never thought I'd hear Comptine d'un autre été mixed with Old Town Road

  13. Kai 707

    Kai 70711 時間 前

    vetements glasses...omfg

  14. Viceroy Duskren

    Viceroy Duskren13 時間 前

    I'll take an order of the full 'World' version, please. I saw that smile, I know you were feelin' that one, too.

  15. James SAP

    James SAP14 時間 前

    Genre: HELP Instrument: PAIN

  16. Rushan Hiok101

    Rushan Hiok10118 時間 前


  17. O C T A H E D R O N

    O C T A H E D R O N18 時間 前

    Depression is my favorite instrument

  18. Maxi TV

    Maxi TV18 時間 前

    0:39 "nice"

  19. человек с интересной фамилией

    человек с интересной фамилией18 時間 前

    Bald town road

  20. Zehani Mohamed Youssef

    Zehani Mohamed Youssef18 時間 前

    noticed this guy on the bad guy video s' comment section , glad I subscribed ^_^

  21. Roulo de PVC

    Roulo de PVC18 時間 前

    how resume france : 0:48

  22. dekichi

    dekichi22 時間 前

    i was listening with my earphones on then at 1:30 i thought someone was behind me and started singing

  23. CarCat

    CarCat23 時間 前


  24. arboireau thomas

    arboireau thomas23 時間 前

    i realy love "pain" x)

  25. Top Hillz

    Top Hillz23 時間 前

    is it just me, or does he look like Hitman? 0:02

  26. TheTomac 228

    TheTomac 228日 前

    Nobody: Russia cartoon music: 1:24

  27. ahish bhat

    ahish bhat日 前

    captions are underrated

  28. Andrew 2000

    Andrew 2000日 前


  29. OlafurArons

    OlafurArons日 前

    All those views, and you're still using a 720p camera, at only 23,97 fps. oof, my dude.

  30. Thuy Nguyen

    Thuy Nguyen日 前


  31. BigBoyDomZ

    BigBoyDomZ日 前


  32. kapil power

    kapil power日 前


  33. Manuel Barro

    Manuel Barro日 前

    2020, still waiting for your epic remix of this 2 songs

  34. Magma

    Magma日 前

    What if: Someone made a Mario Kart mod Karts are horses Characters have cowboy hats Only course is moo moo meadows

  35. NotYourBusiness

    NotYourBusiness日 前

    JESUS Chad Kroeger scared the shit out of me xD

  36. BGIk YT

    BGIk YT日 前

    У одного название и описание на Русском???

  37. Jose Gabriel

    Jose Gabriel日 前

    Mario is dead

  38. RainBow4Fun

    RainBow4Fun日 前

    Wer Fand den Techno auch Am Geilsten🤷‍♂️😂

  39. Jazz joy

    Jazz joy2 日 前

    You remind me Davie504

  40. Fancy Taco

    Fancy Taco2 日 前

    ah yes, my favorite genre; help

  41. Hongsun

    Hongsun2 日 前

    I love playing the *DEPRESSION*

  42. Press f to respect

    Press f to respect2 日 前

    what have you synthesizer?

  43. HmongNinjatsu

    HmongNinjatsu2 日 前

    Lmfao the Mario Kart version is funny

  44. MrDarkTails V.2.0

    MrDarkTails V.2.02 日 前

    Original speed: 1.00 Nightcore: 1.25x and 1.75x God Mode: 2.00x

  45. Cosimo Sara Schirò

    Cosimo Sara Schirò2 日 前

    The "Yes" are born in the 1968, the are a Progressive Rock Band. The singer is Jan Anderson, the bassist Squire, the guitarist Steve Howe, the pianist Wakeman and the drummer Bruford.

  46. Machine Zero

    Machine Zero2 日 前

    The groove In the "World" rendition is a thing of beauty

  47. 1'000 subs with no videos challenge lol

    1'000 subs with no videos challenge lol2 日 前

    Ah my favorite instrument *d e p r e s s i o n*

  48. Kasper 10

    Kasper 102 日 前

    1:19 best part

  49. Amr Badr

    Amr Badr2 日 前

    you have just seen a bald guy staring right at your soul.

  50. Isham Ul Haque

    Isham Ul Haque2 日 前

    Cries in yeehaw! Hahahahahaha

  51. Gamer Kiddy

    Gamer Kiddy2 日 前

    Is it wiered i love it

  52. Trey Bañez

    Trey Bañez2 日 前

    what is the unit of his piano?

  53. Konrad Rucki

    Konrad Rucki3 日 前

    No one: The subtitles:......

  54. Victorian the Nameless

    Victorian the Nameless3 日 前

    if you could make genre:help and instrument: pain into a whole song that would be very much apreciated because for the past 3 months I've been suffering from listening to these 5 seconds of a song that doesn't exist !!! Some tried, BUT FAILED, I need you Seth, the WORLD needs you to right this wrong!

  55. Panda Bro

    Panda Bro3 日 前


  56. Sam Forderer

    Sam Forderer3 日 前

    Not a synth

  57. Jessie24031

    Jessie240313 日 前

    i like the last one help pain

  58. Very Very Weird thing channels

    Very Very Weird thing channels3 日 前

    The marimba version sound good

  59. Extil

    Extil3 日 前

    This video has made it into Antihero 2, looks like the charters know what they are doing

  60. Krążownik gwałciciel alfa 50

    Krążownik gwałciciel alfa 503 日 前

    Not yes but BASE

  61. avocados are lit

    avocados are lit3 日 前

    to anyone who may be confused about the whole Eminem/ hip hop thing going on, in rap god, he states his songs are pop, but no pop radio station plays him, and people basically think of his music as hip hop. "It's not hip hop, it's pop, cause I found a hella way to fuse it" I dunno I just found that part pretty creative and funny. points to Seth :)

  62. Dark Shades

    Dark Shades3 日 前

    My favourite genre is Emin3m

  63. Waterflame89

    Waterflame893 日 前

    Seth: *smiles three times* Everybody: Wait, that's illegal.

  64. CendreTaxe07 5

    CendreTaxe07 54 日 前

    Seth : smile Me : OMG MOM GIVE ME THE CAMERA

  65. Spaghetti Straps!

    Spaghetti Straps!4 日 前

    I know this is only two minutes long but it feels like an eternity

  66. MR Negative

    MR Negative4 日 前

    The way this guy looks at me looks like Markus from Detroit become human😂🤘

  67. Valentin.M

    Valentin.M4 日 前

    Hitman playing some music before going into mission

  68. Baxxter

    Baxxter4 日 前

    Make full songs out of each covers. Seriously. I would pay to listen to them xD

  69. AZOÂ Ñ

    AZOÂ Ñ4 日 前

    Guys he acually talks turn on sub titles

  70. lay lover

    lay lover4 日 前

    I want a full version of the Marimba cover. I keep looping it.

  71. Kyndal Hubbard

    Kyndal Hubbard4 日 前

    bruh, did anyone watch tis with the captions on XDXDXD

  72. RubyXDboy

    RubyXDboy4 日 前


  73. Bewm Bewm

    Bewm Bewm4 日 前

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that's always found "world" to be an odd genre name. As if America isn't part of the world

  74. IconI Plays

    IconI Plays4 日 前

    Ah, my favorite instrument, yes

  75. Mack riggs

    Mack riggs4 日 前

    Ah yes, my favorite instrument *DEPRESSION* I use that one quite frequently

  76. Pakken11

    Pakken114 日 前

    rofl French Film Music #YannTiersenIsOverratedDont@Me

  77. jangerannt

    jangerannt4 日 前

    he bald lul xd , no for real good job (havent even listened to the original) butt yea ood job

  78. Ryan’s Random Videos

    Ryan’s Random Videos4 日 前

    I feel like I’m being watched

  79. heulveul games

    heulveul games4 日 前

    I'd recommend this to anyone.

  80. just perpetually bothered

    just perpetually bothered5 日 前

    French film music reminded me of Ludovico Einaudi

  81. Age 19

    Age 195 日 前

    Нихуево делаешь

  82. Lina A.

    Lina A.5 日 前

    I enjoyed this so much because of your facial expression

  83. Chong Chin Herng

    Chong Chin Herng5 日 前

    The subtitles though