old town road, but played on my synth


  1. SethEverman

    SethEverman年 前

    hey guys thank you for the nice comments and always being so supportive! i just played around with "old town road" for a few hours and this is... well.. this is the result...! yeehaw like and subscirng

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  3. Laguerremondiale

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  4. baraa is cool

    baraa is coolヶ月 前


  5. hatschi k

    hatschi kヶ月 前

    Im the 500 comment now the Champions are full.

  6. andrew sangil

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  7. Pikachu wants 50 000 subscribers⚡👇🔥

    Pikachu wants 50 000 subscribers⚡👇🔥37 分 前


  8. Helmaks

    Helmaks57 分 前

    to be honest, after seeing his dead stare for so long, his smile at 1:27 is kind of scaring me.

  9. Rico Douthett

    Rico Douthett時間 前

    Genre: Mario kart Instrument: yes

  10. Sneaky_Wolf YT

    Sneaky_Wolf YT3 時間 前

    Instrument: yes There is indeed a instrument

  11. Nappa The Ghost YT

    Nappa The Ghost YT6 時間 前

    I just want and old town road mixed with nickelback from the end of the video as a full video. Cause that shit was boppin.

  12. John Mar

    John Mar7 時間 前

    1:26 dont smile

  13. autumnescalator

    autumnescalator10 時間 前

    I’m not a fan of old town road. But this, this is amazing lol 😂

  14. NorthernLeigonare

    NorthernLeigonare12 時間 前

    I still am looking to hear the whole song done in synth. Sounds amazing. The other kind of synth ay the end though, debatable.

  15. Darkrai Bricks

    Darkrai Bricks13 時間 前

    In the first part, the headphones make him look like those bald guys in bespin from Star Wars empire strikes back lol 😂

  16. Karol C.

    Karol C.15 時間 前

    Am I wrong that I see Nintendo 64 and joypad on the shelf at right side? :D

  17. almonder 01

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  18. Артур Романов

    Артур Романов19 時間 前

    Я так понял русских нема?

  19. Cake’s House

    Cake’s House19 時間 前

    Instrument: Depression

  20. RodrygueS

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  21. Jam undermine

    Jam undermine19 時間 前

    1:13 I need a full version

  22. Akif Aiman

    Akif Aiman19 時間 前

    English Subtitle had gone

  23. Timmy & Tommy

    Timmy & Tommy20 時間 前

    Music teacher: what’s your favorite genre Me: *mario kart*

  24. Mihajlo Marković

    Mihajlo Marković21 時間 前

    Remember when this song was popular?

  25. Marcos G Payà

    Marcos G Payà22 時間 前

    1:27 Seth trying not to laugh while thinking about the edit he'll do. Art

  26. 2.000 subscribers before quarantine is over

    2.000 subscribers before quarantine is over22 時間 前

    He has to make the astronomia song for sure

  27. blake mckillip

    blake mckillip22 時間 前

    Just threw up laughing in public. Thanks for the content Seth now everyone thinks I got Covid

  28. YoutubeWanderer

    YoutubeWanderer23 時間 前

    fried, just like i like it

  29. Darth Vinder

    Darth Vinder23 時間 前

    I like playing some nice help with my favourite instrument of pain

  30. KoT

    KoT日 前

    Вы просто amazing)

  31. Tatyana

    Tatyana日 前

    Почему я это смотрю😰😂

  32. Blackshep

    Blackshep日 前

    At the end, if you have non monotone head phones you’d know that they just repeat the same line

  33. whitetail1437

    whitetail1437日 前

    GOSH 0:49 threw me back to Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses... Thank you for this awesome genre compilation AND reminding me of a good as heck other tune...

  34. Helioisk Pal

    Helioisk Pal日 前

    Bald town road

  35. Lorrainy

    Lorrainy日 前

    So crazy and so funny !!!!

  36. Timelord Sherlock

    Timelord Sherlock日 前

    Oh my god we got to see you break and smile. Yaaaas.

  37. Finn Prince

    Finn Prince日 前

    That’s not techno

  38. J Trugs

    J Trugs日 前

    The mario kart sooo gooood

  39. Likard

    Likard日 前

    Так ты русский, ти не? 🤔🚬

  40. freudiannipslip

    freudiannipslip日 前

    The ad under this was for Midwest sperm bank. Thanks, I hate it.

  41. freudiannipslip

    freudiannipslip日 前

    I like to imagine he wears that hat all the time

  42. Ravan

    Ravan日 前

    You look like slim version of JerryRigEverything.

  43. JakeMN

    JakeMN日 前

    m.jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html 18+

  44. Chris Riv

    Chris Riv日 前

    I really want you to remake the whole song, but only use pain and help

  45. Miles w

    Miles w日 前

    Our summer 2019 🔥😍

  46. cucubau

    cucubau日 前

    Somebody get this guy a keyboard stand already !

  47. Mr. two

    Mr. two日 前

    The perfect smile doesn’t exi- 1:27

  48. Chrisly 31

    Chrisly 31日 前

    1:08 First time are you Not Angry in your Video 😂😂😂😂😂

  49. Cuz Im Fxntxstic

    Cuz Im Fxntxstic日 前

    Mario Kart could be a musician

  50. NitroToxin

    NitroToxin日 前

    guys enable subtitles, trust me

  51. Kxwes 11

    Kxwes 11日 前

    *D*-e-*p*-r-*e*_sion_ _100_

  52. Not a prodigy!

    Not a prodigy!日 前

    I want the Nickelback&Billy Rae mash up in my table immediately!!!

  53. Leafair

    Leafair日 前

    My favorite genre, Mario Kart The best instrument, Yes

  54. Max Russo

    Max Russo日 前

    I’m sorry but the techno version will always be my favorite.

  55. Jonathan Jonathan Choi

    Jonathan Jonathan Choi日 前

    1:18 that's an ohshit.bat

  56. Fire_Hero

    Fire_Hero日 前

    You are a Great Music Artist! Thanks for your funny Videos!

  57. K Waffle

    K Waffle日 前

    that was a really wild ride, especially for the mashup at the last part. that was quite, unsettling

  58. Sergio Håkansson

    Sergio Håkansson日 前

    Whats the name of the synth Yamaha you use ?

  59. idk whattoname

    idk whattoname日 前

    the german subtitles 😂

  60. Christian Kruse

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  61. CynicalSpheres

    CynicalSpheres2 日 前

    I hope you beat your depression one day

  62. mayrarebecca _

    mayrarebecca _2 日 前

    I can't be the only one that wants a full World version

  63. Glenavy Store

    Glenavy Store2 日 前

    That Face tho

  64. Chrlmgn G

    Chrlmgn G2 日 前

    1:00 personal use

  65. Treelayn

    Treelayn2 日 前

    Instrument: Yes Genre: Mario Kart Mario kart is my favorite game.

  66. Carolyn Nicholson

    Carolyn Nicholson2 日 前

    What is this😅😅😅

  67. Nagibator 228

    Nagibator 2282 日 前

    Почему название ролика на русском? Или для каждой страны название видео переводится?

  68. Theo Vue

    Theo Vue2 日 前

    This shows that Old Town Road could’ve been so much better.

  69. Dameks bro

    Dameks bro2 日 前

    Bald town road

  70. Yankee with no brim?!

    Yankee with no brim?!2 日 前

    There is no way that this was a year ago ... how does the time fly so faaaast!?😂

  71. Melonegaming

    Melonegaming2 日 前

    Pls do pigstep

  72. Lord Doot

    Lord Doot2 日 前

    I'm convinced techno works with everything

  73. Bin trunken

    Bin trunken2 日 前

    00:37 Da steht "Nice" für eine Milli Sekunde

  74. Seszer 06

    Seszer 062 日 前

    bald town road

  75. Bin trunken

    Bin trunken2 日 前

    Like my comment my comment is under yours😂 We will be the 2 famous Comments Okay then not

  76. Bin trunken

    Bin trunken2 日 前

    Im the old guy

  77. Ben Wells

    Ben Wells2 日 前

    he doesn’t need words he expresses them through his music

  78. ItsYoBoi Galaxy

    ItsYoBoi Galaxy2 日 前

    What video that seth has a million comments? I forgot

  79. Ab

    Ab2 日 前

    A few of these actually sounded a bit better than the original

  80. Goblin Slayer

    Goblin Slayer2 日 前

    We know Seth as a nerd but just imagine a tall bald guy wearing a leather jacket and who doesn’t smile passing you on the street he sounds terrifying

  81. ЗОЖник по ЖИЗНИ

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  82. TheBritishkid

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  83. Nightmare Zo

    Nightmare Zo2 日 前

    Love how at one point he literally dropped his synth

  84. Nightmare Zo

    Nightmare Zo2 日 前

    Instrument: yes

  85. M. Aiman Hakim

    M. Aiman Hakim2 日 前

    he kinda looks like crazyrussianhacker while wearing glasses

  86. Joe Baker

    Joe Baker2 日 前

    Mario kart killed it