OLD TIK TOK COMPILATION we probably never forget


  1. Visicks

    Visicks9 ヶ月 前

    *HIT OR MISS* Like the video and comment if you want a second part with season 2! SECOND PART HERE: jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-SxE9iT7p2vU.html 👀

  2. Spec_ ter

    Spec_ ter22 時間 前

    Visicks no lol

  3. Winter Howard

    Winter Howard日 前

    @Niklas that was the funniest thing I have heard all day

  4. javiercc76

    javiercc76日 前

    Hey can I post this on my channel?

  5. 爪ㄖㄖᗪ シ

    爪ㄖㄖᗪ シ3 日 前

    mannnnn... i guess they never miss huh?! 😞 😭

  6. Violet, Girl with a Gecko

    Violet, Girl with a Gecko7 日 前


  7. Ana Medins

    Ana Medins32 分 前

    12:02 BEST ONE-

  8. SamuelTheGamr09

    SamuelTheGamr09時間 前

    When tiktok was good

  9. Avz

    Avz時間 前


  10. KittyKay Kohlenberg

    KittyKay Kohlenberg2 時間 前

    I remember all 😭

  11. Sophie

    Sophie2 時間 前

    Ok I’m actually crying now bc Tiktok is most likely being banned and all the memories we made on it, good and bad, will be gone, and especially since I had also been here since musically it’s all gonna be gone, and so many people make their main source of income Tiktok, and won’t be able to afford things anymore. If it does happen I wanna speak for all of us saying we’ll miss you

  12. Smoothb0bRoss 21

    Smoothb0bRoss 212 時間 前

    24:31 Right after “ Want a Sprite Cranberry?” I’M WHEEZING

  13. 1000 subscribers Before I get a life

    1000 subscribers Before I get a life3 時間 前

    These are TikTok we will remember

  14. Kate Whiting

    Kate Whiting3 時間 前

    15:35 Dont kick your phone kids

  15. I luv jungkook UwU

    I luv jungkook UwU3 時間 前

    who else is watching this because there sad of tik tok is getting banned

  16. Craftkiller 777

    Craftkiller 7773 時間 前

    I remember the gamer vs furry war😖

  17. cinwar

    cinwar4 時間 前

    Cool tiktok

  18. Pêach_x_Juïce

    Pêach_x_Juïce4 時間 前

    Remember when people but “Inspired by____* ahh yes

  19. Samsritha lavu

    Samsritha lavu5 時間 前


  20. Samuel Majer

    Samuel Majer5 時間 前

    Man I actually cried watching this from nostalgia. The good old times where there was no charli damelio and hype house. But why was there not grandmascoochie he was my favorite with his crew. I want to go back it was fun and now tik tok is ending

  21. REE_PsyCh0_2K8

    REE_PsyCh0_2K85 時間 前

    The ones with paper were amazing... I wanna cry just thinking about old tiktok before the overrated people era. And the gamer war😢

  22. iiBxtter_Flyii :3

    iiBxtter_Flyii :36 時間 前

    What is the song that was playing at 18:47 ?

  23. Sophie

    Sophie2 時間 前

    Ohhh ummm I keep forgetting what it’s called but I’ll reply to this again when I remember

  24. TheWhiteCrescent

    TheWhiteCrescent6 時間 前

    sometimes you come back to see what you miss

  25. Leonardo Bento

    Leonardo Bento6 時間 前

    Seeing this one last time before tik tok gets deleted

  26. Ruby

    Ruby7 時間 前

    I’m here watching these as tiktok falls apart...

  27. Simple Music

    Simple Music7 時間 前

    It’s sad tiktok is getting banned in America all these good memories. 😔☹️💖 TikTok Lives Matter. ✊🏻

  28. coolboydotcom

    coolboydotcom7 時間 前

    7:50 why u show ur mouth and also 7:57 please get this girl not staring at me

  29. murder

    murder7 時間 前

    Good times good times indeed

  30. Anu L

    Anu L7 時間 前

    8:49 im just gonna not talk a out it

  31. danna Rodriguez

    danna Rodriguez7 時間 前

    Who is here when tiktok gets banned tomorrow

  32. Arturo Almanza

    Arturo Almanza8 時間 前

    The sad thing is that in the U.S there are rumors of tik tok getting banded

  33. Artsy Stormy

    Artsy Stormy8 時間 前

    Let's be real. Back then life was good.

  34. zara n.

    zara n.8 時間 前

    whos here when tiktok is about to get banned?

  35. EvilBird

    EvilBird8 時間 前

    Good things never last😔

  36. ãesthetiç Vîbés

    ãesthetiç Vîbés8 時間 前

    This literally makes me wanna CrYyYyY

  37. Miya Punter

    Miya Punter8 時間 前

    who else just watched 25 minutes of old tiktoks coz they thought tiktok was about to shutdown yeah me to

  38. Jackson Feldman

    Jackson Feldman9 時間 前

    Who else is here while Tiktok is possibly getting banned

  39. ERIC YU

    ERIC YU9 時間 前

    WARNING: delete this app unless you want your personal info to be shared to the chinese goverment, your data will be sold or your location will be shared etc

  40. Y0551F Ek

    Y0551F Ek10 時間 前

    Tik tok was ruined by hype house, nazifeminists, politics, celebrities, snowflakes,kids, dances, vegans, girls crying for clout, Fortnite kids, gacha and blm

  41. Story Pszczolkowski

    Story Pszczolkowski10 時間 前

    I’m only here bc tiktok is shutting down in the U.S. :(

  42. qyte

    qyte10 時間 前

    The most unfunniest video I've ever seen

  43. qyte

    qyte4 時間 前

    @Samuel Majer u say I play fortnite and you have an itsjerian video in you 'oh yeah yeah' play list bruv shut the fuck up twat

  44. Samuel Majer

    Samuel Majer5 時間 前

    fuck you bitch u r probably 12 playing fortnite and doing shit so shut the fuck up

  45. • Slxshiee •

    • Slxshiee •7 時間 前

    Ok boomer

  46. Dione Dione

    Dione Dione10 時間 前

    Im very sad thinking that tiktok may be bannded in usa

  47. Alex Williams

    Alex Williams12 時間 前

    Grandson in the future: grampa what was life like when you were a kid? Me:

  48. son of a kar

    son of a kar12 時間 前

    Here before TikTok gets taken down 😭

  49. son of a kar

    son of a kar12 時間 前

    I don’t want it to go 😭😭

  50. J González

    J González12 時間 前

    Anyone can put the name of the song of the minute 12:20? Please I love the song

  51. Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken13 時間 前

    I used to have titktok but everyone said it was cringe back then so I deleted it and watched TikTok son you tube so I knew most of the trends 😗😨

  52. Lydia Kidd

    Lydia Kidd13 時間 前

    i’m here in 2020 because apparently tik tok is getting ‘banned’, so enjoy the memories:) they can take our app but not our memories

  53. Sasha Tchigirinski

    Sasha Tchigirinski14 時間 前

    Never thought I'd be getting Nostalgia from this :(

  54. Ryan B

    Ryan B14 時間 前

    Hater miss !!!!!!!

  55. Mateo Alcantara

    Mateo Alcantara15 時間 前

    This app has changed so much, and not for the better. And as soon as I try to bring this back, TikTok might get banned.

  56. lasha paul

    lasha paul16 時間 前

    Big chung

  57. English Man

    English Man16 時間 前

    10:07 his username

  58. Hugo Martinez

    Hugo Martinez17 時間 前

    I swear fucking Charli and the hype house had to come, I miss the old tiktok

  59. Anime_beast0

    Anime_beast017 時間 前

    Love you bro or girl cause I miss soo much

  60. Hajer Tawfeeq

    Hajer Tawfeeq17 時間 前

    I'm in the bus watching these old tiktoks and having so much trouble holding back my laughter und staying quiet..... ahhh good memories!

  61. Joshua mijares

    Joshua mijares19 時間 前

    17:39 why do they look like family

  62. Ljuta Kokoš

    Ljuta Kokoš19 時間 前

    7:41 Johnatan Galindo real facereveal

  63. • Slxshiee •

    • Slxshiee •6 時間 前


  64. lexi s

    lexi s19 時間 前

    1:57 LMAOOOO

  65. Bernd Schmid

    Bernd Schmid19 時間 前

    9:20 I'm dying... 😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  66. Ella Perez

    Ella Perez20 時間 前

    I miss old tiktok and musically

  67. Penelope Whitlock

    Penelope Whitlock20 時間 前

    oh.. i finally found memory lane...... this was before things were waaay too shitty

  68. Penelope Whitlock

    Penelope Whitlock20 時間 前

    i miss this so much... i legit am crying :(((((((( this is so nostalgic.. i miss uwumi......

  69. Penelope Whitlock

    Penelope Whitlock20 時間 前

    gamer national anthem hit diff :((((

  70. Brandy Knowles

    Brandy Knowles20 時間 前

    Here before tik tok gets banned

  71. vicky

    vicky21 時間 前

    if you do any of these trends you now get called a theatre kid

  72. vicky

    vicky21 時間 前

    and now if you do any of these trend you get called “cringe” or a “theatre kid”

  73. Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones22 時間 前

    alt tiktok is now our enemy

  74. Tactical Raiding Battalion

    Tactical Raiding Battalion22 時間 前

    Anyone know the song for 15:50 I’ve been looking for it for 3 years now

  75. bruno el papito

    bruno el papito22 時間 前

    17:21 bendito sea newtoon

  76. シシᴄʀᴀᴢʏ ғᴏʀ ᴍʏsᴇʟғ

    シシᴄʀᴀᴢʏ ғᴏʀ ᴍʏsᴇʟғ22 時間 前

    Can somebody tell me the song name at 21:59

  77. tongue. tied.

    tongue. tied.22 時間 前

    I can’t be the only one here crying because of TikTok getting banned and is just looking back at all the good memories 😔

  78. Marife Ricaforte

    Marife Ricaforte22 時間 前

    I miss yhe old tik tok section

  79. DreAsh Thedead

    DreAsh Thedead22 時間 前

    12:12 I got you fam

  80. CCK ChickenNugget

    CCK ChickenNugget23 時間 前

    21:57 does anyone know the sound

  81. Stacy Stupid

    Stacy Stupid23 時間 前

    back when people actually moved their legs when they danced, furries and gamers were at war, people made tiktok cringe compilations, there were no celebrities, hype, or straight vs alt tiktok...just people vibing and having fun. 2018 tiktok was the golden era.

  82. ItzPolar

    ItzPolar23 時間 前

    Got tik tok ad while watching and thought that it was the video

  83. SAX Games

    SAX Games23 時間 前

    8:00 those guys aren't funny they make me want to get coughed on and get the rona

  84. Irvin Delapaz

    Irvin Delapaz日 前

    12:53 got me

  85. Laura Sharp-Wheadon

    Laura Sharp-Wheadon日 前


  86. Ben

    Ben日 前

    Back when TikTok wasn’t a nuclear plant of toxicity. Ahhhh..the good days.

  87. Rabia Mahmood

    Rabia Mahmood日 前

    Ive finally found my people in the comments

  88. Lego Riddler

    Lego Riddler日 前

    19:29 I thought he was finna start levitating

  89. Red Aces Gang

    Red Aces Gang日 前

    Back when charli wasent on here no throwing it back and people made good content and to racist comments I will always remember the gummy one and hit or miss :) good times

  90. Aika

    Aika日 前

    song at 19:20?