Old Fashion Miso Soup - How To Make Sushi Series


  1. Thelma Carter

    Thelma Carter2 日 前

    I’m sorry, but I didn’t understand, Hiro needs a microphone so we can better hear him. Sometimes the cameraman over talks Hiro and it’s not clear. Unfortunate, it sounds as if this recipe cannot be made at home because of the special ingredients. I think I will just order it out.

  2. D Ann

    D Ann27 日 前

    Hi thank us for your very informative video on mkn Meso soup. I am a black American older person and would love love! To b able to fix this Japanese soup! Seems so scrumptiously healthy n light n DE’ LISH!!😋, but I will admit that I will add rice noodles, n bokchoy wen I mk mines along with some white fish n shrimp. Hope that’s okay bc it look delicious!!!!!! I hope I can find all these ingredients here in Manhattan, sadly I am not a big fan of tofu but will add a little. Thaaaaaank u!

  3. ravvraj

    ravvrajヶ月 前

    Who boils miso so much

  4. Tala Wolf

    Tala Wolfヶ月 前

    Why do you swap the kombu for wakame? Why don’t you keep the kombu in the soup? 😶

  5. Philip Zhao

    Philip Zhao2 ヶ月 前

    Useful for old fashioned.

  6. Tee Sabai

    Tee Sabai4 ヶ月 前

    No green onion???

  7. soca

    soca4 ヶ月 前

    bonito scale i need that for my natto. american think this gross eating fishscale.

  8. Jordan Snow

    Jordan Snow4 ヶ月 前

    um... whos gonna tell him. he just boiled the miso... you never boil the miso...

  9. Britney

    Britney4 ヶ月 前

    Jordan Snow oh okay thank you!!

  10. Jordan Snow

    Jordan Snow4 ヶ月 前

    @Britney yeah it is. it doesn't really matter what colour you use weather it is red or white just comes down to preference. white miso is what most people use in western society but in Japan it varied on where you lived. in Kyoto they use white miso and in Osaka they red.

  11. Britney

    Britney4 ヶ月 前

    Jordan Snow do you know what type of miso this is? Would it be white miso ?

  12. Barni Yamum

    Barni Yamum4 ヶ月 前

    un able to find how to steam/cook different kind of mushrooms and stuff together even u did it so often... damn thats frustrating T.T

  13. norakat

    norakat4 ヶ月 前

    Is that enough time to steep kobu from being bone dry?

  14. Hong Dang

    Hong Dang5 ヶ月 前

    I am surprise,,I store all of things to make miso soup ,,( I love Japanese cooking ) I will make it for sure ,,thanks to share ,,👍👍👍

  15. Usama Alhaj

    Usama Alhaj5 ヶ月 前

    Hi I have a few questions, and I hope answer them. 1-Dose miso contains alcohol ? 2- What is the malt rice? How we can make it? Note: I made koji rice with koji-kin but someone told me that malt is not the same as koji rice

  16. 100PercentOS2

    100PercentOS25 ヶ月 前

    Hondashi can now be bought in the jar by just home cooks. I bought a jar and it actually taste better than making Dashi from Kombu and Bonito flakes. It will most certainly go a lot and I mean a lot further then kombu/Bonito Dashi too so I probably will just buy the jars for now on.

  17. Deborah Kennedy

    Deborah Kennedy6 ヶ月 前

    Hiro, love your videos, but what about a more simple version of the recipe for global and/or American home kitchens? Blessings, ❤ and 🙏s from Seattle. BTW, it's not enunciated "Geo" duck. It's "gooie/gooey" duck. April, 1960, I was 6 weeks old when we moved into the Puget Sound basin, there "goeyducks" 🤗 are natural habitat along the coastal beaches of Washington State in the USA. I am almost 60 years old and live just north of Seattle. My mom was raised in Japan. If you ever get the opportunity to come to Seattle, I'd love to be your tour guide. I know the hidden gems of the Pacific Northwest. Please, Hiro-San (honoured friend), if you can afford a week or so up here, please let me know. I, in turn, would be honoured to serve your cause... Kudos to your camera man and the entire production team. Our City's Chief Executive Officer also has Japanese heritage, and I often forward your videos to her - at least weekly. Much honour, prayers and blessings.

  18. Alexis Laurent

    Alexis Laurent7 ヶ月 前

    Funny to see a Japanese chef who heats miso with the dashi. I was taught never to do that as it destroys the miso properties

  19. Chris M

    Chris M5 日 前

    Sometimes people are taught wrong.

  20. Tony

    Tony7 ヶ月 前

    I love Hiro, but God Damn Dude, You DRAG the fuck out of shit when there is nothing left. Son of a bitch! I want to kill something by the time I listen to your STUPID fucking questions. I just went outside and shot a fucking Squirrel in the yard that my WIFE feeds just because of your bullshit. SHIT THE FUCK UP! Let HIRO do what he does. Jesus Christ! You USED him enough to make money from JPreporter over the years. BACK THE FUCK OFF! Jesus Christ!!!

  21. indrajit sinh

    indrajit sinh7 ヶ月 前


  22. Doll Face

    Doll Face7 ヶ月 前

    Please NEVER put the miso paste in a boiling water or stock. The heat will kill the probiotics in the miso. So you're basically left with a miso with no nutrients and just all sodium.

  23. Reyna Martinez

    Reyna Martinez7 ヶ月 前

    I tried this recipe for the first time ever tonight and it came out delicious!!! THANK YOU!!!🥰🙏🏽

  24. Gary Norris

    Gary Norris7 ヶ月 前




    By slurping their soup they are incorporating air with the soup which enhances the flavors which are missed by just swallowing the soup.. The olfactory nerve pathway reacts to small of the soup Try it ! You’ll like it. The soup becomes more. Flavorful.

  26. norakat

    norakat8 ヶ月 前

    House Tofu, Shirakiku abura age 🤢💩 Another thing you can add for dashi are little fish called niboshi.

  27. Eric Forsberg

    Eric Forsberg8 ヶ月 前

    I enjoy watching Chef Hiro; especially when he is out in nature fishing and foraging on the sea coast. Only recently have I seen the "How-To" videos (just this Miso Soup video and the Sushi rice Video). I learn a lot from these, but I miss some of the details that I already know, like in this one, he did not wash off the tofu. Tofu storing liquid has a bad taste and tofu should be thoroughly rinsed if not blanched for a second also, to make it taste it's best. And when he cut it there was a crumbly part that he should not have used, because all of the other pieces were perfect little squares, and Japanese Food presentation so strives for perfection and harmony and this seemed like such an easy fix that I don't know why he did it. But other than little things like that he is a great teacher and video personality. I look forward to learning more.

  28. llen Star

    llen Star8 ヶ月 前

    Man, why you didn't taste that great soup yourself & tell the audience? He already made 2 cups & you could've just grab the other one.

  29. aemer je

    aemer je9 ヶ月 前

    i like him.. bcoz he cruel toward animal while cooking it..

  30. olevia donald

    olevia donald年 前

    so where's the green onion?

  31. Dominique Chester

    Dominique Chester年 前

    Does miso soup have to have tofu in it? Is there something I could use as a substitute ? I love miso but I hate tofu lol

  32. Jeremy Metcalf

    Jeremy Metcalf年 前

    Nope. Miso soup is just a base. Some people add vegetables, and different meats. Different types of miso can be used as well to get a different flavor profile.

  33. Christa Alyssa Beaverstock

    Christa Alyssa Beaverstock年 前

    Hiro! You are my Hero! Well done! I wanted to know how to make really good miso! Thank you!!!

  34. Emrah Tuncer

    Emrah Tuncer年 前

    Use, metric, systeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem!

  35. Jessica Hitchen

    Jessica Hitchen年 前

    I swear miso should be added at the very end when the soup is off the heat, because miso shouldn't boil?

  36. Monkey Boy

    Monkey Boy6 ヶ月 前

    Ehhhh, yes and no... you can add it while its boiling to make sure it disperses equally, but you wont recieve the benefits of the miso, as the healthy bacteria is killed when you boil it.

  37. Erwin Bastian

    Erwin Bastian年 前

    Can we replace the bonito flakes with other fish stock?

  38. BLF

    BLF年 前


  39. awesomeguynamedjon

    awesomeguynamedjon年 前

    I would have to think about it but off the cuff, watching this video, I'd be like : My fave chefs to watch 1. Ramsay 2. Bourdain 3. Hiro

  40. Janwa Janwa

    Janwa Janwa年 前

    There are also miso pastes you can buy that already have the dashi mixed into it so you can skip making the dashi stock and just dissolve the paste directly in hot water then just add whatever you wanna add.

  41. 1MSally1965

    1MSally1965年 前

    You’re not supposed to boil the miso!!

  42. 1MSally1965

    1MSally1965年 前

    You can get ALL these ingredients on EBay. I do all the time. Moms also carries it.

  43. Luciana Borinato

    Luciana Borinato年 前

    You are a chef, and you should know that, you never, ever, let miso paste boil, as it would kills all the enzymes!!!!!

  44. One Journey

    One Journey年 前

    🎬 1 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🌎🌍🌏 ★★★★★ 🧐 Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing🤔 😋 😋 😋 😋 One Journey Lett's Make It Count!

  45. Barry Adams

    Barry Adams年 前

    Thank you, Hiro-san!! No scallions?

  46. Donald Roman

    Donald Roman年 前

    Working with ell's. .If you pour coke over the ell it will remove all the slime so it can be handled without slipping from your grip.

  47. Michael Dangler

    Michael Dangler年 前

    I'm glad that you've shown everyone how to make a basic and traditional miso soup. My mother is from Japan and always made this type of miso soup using the same ingredients. The only difference was she always put the aburaage in boiling water first. She always said it always must be boiled first for just a minute to remove the oil or it will put too much grease in the soup.

  48. san dy

    san dy年 前

    i made this today. it was so good even though i forgot to add mirin, ty for video.

  49. Mark Zambelli

    Mark Zambelli年 前

    Amazing vid, thanks. For a vegetarian version I swap the Bonito for Dried-Shitake shrooms (then slice them for a garnish) but stew them for longer... no, it doesn't taste exactly the same but Yes, it's still bloomin' gorgeously yummy.

  50. Mark Zambelli

    Mark Zambelli年 前

    @Hiroyuki Terada - Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef Thankyou Sir for even posting your version of this amazing soup. I love your addition of the fried bean-curd (as did my family, especially my vegetarian daughter). :)

  51. MsJavaWolf

    MsJavaWolf年 前

    The wakame looks like it's so little, but it expands so much when you put the miso in. The first time I used it I ended up with a miso flavoured wakame salad instead xD

  52. WW Suwannee

    WW Suwannee年 前

    It's a restaurant, I understand, and I'm sure it tastes very good, but he boiled the miso, effectively killing it. All the probiotics were destroyed.

  53. Lofi Cicada

    Lofi Cicada年 前

    In America, we have instant dashi packets that may be carried at asian grocery stores. Kombu is just as readily available, as I've found, even though it may be a shot in the dark to get them both at the same place. :)

  54. 1MSally1965

    1MSally1965年 前

    Bryton Jenkins moms markets carry all kinds of unusual foods.

  55. Alan Hernandez

    Alan Hernandez年 前

    Hiro can you please show us how to make miso udon shrimp tempura?! 😊

  56. Alejandra Yahush

    Alejandra Yahush年 前

    And the bonito fish?

  57. Azalea Rosid

    Azalea Rosid年 前

    You really should not bring miso to a boil. It knackers the flavor. Also, put the miso in a ladel, let some of the broth get in and whisk it with some chopsticks. Let the dilute pour out and get more broth in the ladel and continue the process. The flavor will be much more full and you will not need to use as much miso in the soup.

  58. Elvis Ourfali

    Elvis Ourfali年 前

    I love how clean the kitchen is... amazing

  59. Sincere Thunderstorm

    Sincere Thunderstorm年 前

    What type of tofu should be used?

  60. Patti Zayas

    Patti Zayas年 前

    I love soup........n yea soup takes some effort

  61. Robert Pirlot

    Robert Pirlot年 前

    You know what people might go crazy to know about. What makes this soup so good is the MSG. Naturally in the ingredients. LOL Because people are ignorant.

  62. Virgo v

    Virgo v年 前

    I thought that you couldn't boil premade miso because it burns the miso away making it lose flavor

  63. Dmac 740

    Dmac 740年 前

    I like the video but never been a fan of seafood soup I'll eat the fish or shrimp but I think fish and shrimp are better fried or grilled have much more flavor now crab or lobster I could go with boiling it but other than that no thanks water takes away to much of the flavor .

  64. martin vegas

    martin vegas年 前

    Why didn't the camera man try the soup?

  65. Helen-Lynn Malcolm

    Helen-Lynn Malcolm年 前

    These are my favorite videos to watch i wish we had places like this near by. I'll be getting a miso tomorrow but no were near as good as this.

  66. Daisy Lais

    Daisy Lais年 前

    Hiro just made the slurp when tasting soup. They say that it both cools and more evenly distributes the broth for maximum pleasure.

  67. Em Jay

    Em Jay年 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="247">4:07</a> Well, I'm enjoying your videos but I hate to break the news... that's not making it from scratch, that's like a Food Channel semi-homemade. Making it from scratch is if he was to shave the katsuobushi block in a kezuriki. It's not unapproachable, you can get everything online, and even home Foodies are shaving it themselves from genuine blocks of katsuobushi from Japan. I'd imagine that it's not far-fetched to expect at a high-level Sushi Joint would be doing the same thing that Foodies do at home. And yes it does matter, that pre-shave stuff is what everybody feeds their cats these days.

  68. lil moe

    lil moe年 前

    Maybe a good way to explain what the konbu adds to the flavor is that it adds the umami?

  69. Adam Digilarmo

    Adam Digilarmo年 前

    The soup looks so good. I'm gonna make it. Thanks so much for sharing the video you made.

  70. S Colbert

    S Colbert年 前

    Thanks for the video.

  71. Bejan Hamawandi

    Bejan Hamawandi年 前

    Thank you both.

  72. Felicia Yang

    Felicia Yang年 前

    I thought you’re not supposed to boil the paste with the broth?

  73. Blu X

    Blu X年 前

    The only hero I know is Hiro-san

  74. Arturo Beltran

    Arturo Beltran年 前

    😂🤣anyone else watch the Nectar mattress AD? Lol

  75. michelle wolyniec

    michelle wolyniec年 前

    I love watching Hiro ❤

  76. POV NW

    POV NW年 前

    These videos would be better with less comments from the camera guy.

  77. Rick Alwaysprepared

    Rick Alwaysprepared年 前

    Good afternoon Hiro! Thank you for the recipe! I made this today after visiting an Asian supermarket and my three year old ate 3 bowls. Lol

  78. Mais Mousa

    Mais Mousa年 前

    We love you Hiro... thanks for sharing all your great recipes...

  79. Ajay Dagala

    Ajay Dagala年 前

    Mais Mousa hi how are you friends mi

  80. Fairy Lady

    Fairy Lady年 前

    If you can't get the seaweed because you are standing in the middle of a corn field in Nebraska and there is no Oriental Market nearby, then I guess you are SOL :)

  81. Ajay Dagala

    Ajay Dagala年 前

    Fairy Lady hi how are you friends

  82. Imthecoach1

    Imthecoach1年 前

    Love it. Thanks for the video brother.

  83. Vasili Leung

    Vasili Leung2 年 前

    Old fashion miso and he serves it in a mug lol

  84. Penny Tuhoro

    Penny Tuhoro2 年 前

    I LOVE Miso soup the best that I would drink 24/7 hot or cold got intro'ed at Daikoku here in Auckland....Im gonna learn how to make this so my kids can have it all the time

  85. Emmy

    Emmy2 年 前

    Ugh. I can't quite tell the color of the miso used here. Eyesight or computer settings or both. What color miso soup do restaurants in the US typically use?

  86. James Rae

    James Rae2 年 前

    Here's a quick tip for anyone making this at home. When adding the miso paste to the dashi, pour out a cup of dashi and whisk the paste into that. It's much easier. Then just add it back to the pot and stir. Also, don't boil the soup once it has the miso in it. Boiling can give it a grainy texture. A simmer is all you need.

  87. william yamasaki

    william yamasaki2 年 前

    What is the type of seaweed that you are eating inside of the miso soup Is it kombu as well

  88. Johan Titulaer

    Johan Titulaer2 年 前

    In the description it says it is quite expensive to make and indeed, when I looked for bonito flakes and konbu, I noticed that the price was actually very high just for one dish. But it's all well worth it. :)

  89. Danny Herrera

    Danny Herrera2 年 前

    "I'm not a soup guy but this looks phenomenal, well not this soup" Hahaha love the camera guy and, of course, Hiro! 🇯🇵

  90. ToxicVortex8

    ToxicVortex82 年 前

    theres a hibachi grill and sushi restaurant near me and their miso soup is really good and they server a salad with ginger dressing on it and that is worth the meal to me, unless you get their sushi, i think it is the best sushi in all of the northeastern u.s. its called Takumi and its about 45 minutes to an hour away from Boston. its in Nashua NH

  91. Lila 1

    Lila 12 年 前

    mmm yummy and easy, with the Hondashi lol. I've made it both ways before but my Japanese baby love says he even makes it with Hondashi at home. I'm half-Japanese.

  92. Lila 1

    Lila 12 年 前

    Oh P.S. I didn't have aburaage so just garnished with some scallions.

  93. Lila 1

    Lila 12 年 前

    I especially like the touch of adding a little mirin and soy sauce. I added all the ingredients to the pot though. I am not crazy about the miso with the dashi already in it. Maybe the brand I got was so-so.