1. Megan Forrester

    Megan Forrester日 前

    Everyone "Hey panini head is at 5:40

  2. History Egg

    History Egg2 日 前

    Hey kids, want salmonella?

  3. Nathan Zheng

    Nathan Zheng2 日 前

    you know something is wrong when the violin plays

  4. Alfonsoo

    Alfonsoo3 日 前

    5:40 so this is where Lil Nas X got inspired the Panini song

  5. Rachel *Raych* Walden

    Rachel *Raych* Walden3 日 前

    Panini head, idiot sandwich, there's a theme here 🤔

  6. TheJayfa

    TheJayfa6 日 前

    *Hey Punani head!!*

  7. Dean Polis

    Dean Polis11 日 前

    Didn't know 'panini head' is actually simons dad from the inbetweeners, is this why he had to move his family to swansea? "Fucking Swansea"

  8. hmu babes

    hmu babes12 日 前

    Valentine’s Day 2008 the day I lost my virginity

  9. mr. random guy

    mr. random guy13 日 前

    If Gordon don't remind them about the unserved food, it will remains there until next year valentine

  10. II SALT II

    II SALT II13 日 前

    Even fucking 10 year olds know that raw and cooked chicken don’t FOOKING GO TOGETHER

  11. MrZer000

    MrZer00013 日 前

    5:20 Jackpot, Gordon finds cooked next to raw chicken *MUSIC INTENSIFIES*

  12. Zacky Ducky

    Zacky Ducky13 日 前

    don’t you be a meanie~

  13. How To Train Your Dragon And Pikachu Fan 2003

    How To Train Your Dragon And Pikachu Fan 200314 日 前

    Ayyy, Panini Don’t You Be A Meanie

  14. Itty Bitty Titty Committee

    Itty Bitty Titty Committee14 日 前

    6:14 pogchamp

  15. dengamleidiot

    dengamleidiot15 日 前

    "a valentine-fucking-massacre... IT'S A DISGRACE!"

  16. Matthew Keisoglu

    Matthew Keisoglu16 日 前

    "youve just contimated the town"

  17. нσиєу вεαя

    нσиєу вεαя16 日 前

    Once i had to wait over an hour for a salad and some fries

  18. Thrashes

    Thrashes17 日 前

    Oh we get it pre washed... I guess that makes it completely fine! got my car that way too.

  19. Daniel Snell

    Daniel Snell18 日 前

    Why was there a shrimp in the bread pudding?

  20. Stan Explains the Joke

    Stan Explains the Joke18 日 前

    Imagine Gordon playing Cooking Simulator

  21. Control Account

    Control Account18 日 前

    Ramsay: Switch it off! Me: :D

  22. ComicHoe Reactions

    ComicHoe Reactions19 日 前

    Gordon: What that?! Chefs: Bacon... Gordon: Yeah it’s bacon, smart ass! Why are they smart asses? They answered you’re question... 😂😂


    GOLDENSPIKE300019 日 前

    I've worked with a guy who was like Gordon Ramsay, he was always fired up, the smallest imperfection he wouldn't tolerate it, he asked so many question, would completely embarrass you if you did something slightly lazy, would end your bullshit before it got started, and if he said he was going to do something he wouldn't wait till he felt like it, he would just do it no matter how he felt or how busy he was, he always seemed to have time for everything. At first it seems like a pain in the ass to work for these kinds of people, you completely hate them but once you see their results and productivity compared to those who don't always push the extra inch at everything is night and day. Once you worked for these kinds of people, you begin to pick up their habits and then you start to really see how lazy you and alot of people are.

  24. Norage

    Norage20 日 前

    Partners ? Partners in crime ! YOU VE JUST CONTAMINED THE TOWN

  25. Puppet Master

    Puppet Master20 日 前

    Hey panini don't you be a meanie

  26. TIm Dyer

    TIm Dyer21 日 前

    I'm no chef but I know you cant put out of date, raw and cooked stuff together - and then give it to people - unless you want them to be sick or dead. Don't these people go to school? Takes a basic education to know that food deteriorates and raw food (esp Chicken!) has to be cooked before served. These people should be jailed for attempted assault by food poisoning! I am sure the food smells and tastes like a dead man's shit as well. Close the place!

  27. TIm Dyer

    TIm Dyer21 日 前

    Why are American food standards so shocking

  28. l CRON l XBL

    l CRON l XBL22 日 前

    "This is not a romantic, eat out, it's a valentine fucking massacre" the passion on his face as he said it was just comedy gold

  29. Lee Berry

    Lee Berry22 日 前

    What episode was this? I really want to see what happens.

  30. Lee Berry

    Lee Berry22 日 前

    Found it jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-zihhHEg-IZc.html

  31. Eric R. Burton

    Eric R. Burton24 日 前

    Only Gordon can call someone a panini head in seriousness and not sound like an idiot.

  32. Conventional Sims

    Conventional Sims25 日 前

    Oh the classic raw chicken

  33. Melody 22

    Melody 2225 日 前

    I’m just thinking of the “How we talk to Josh VS How we talk to Tyler” meme..... Josh: “Awwww darling, it’s okay....” *vs* Tyler: *”OI PANINI HEAD!!!!!”*

  34. kihyunseyesmile

    kihyunseyesmile26 日 前

    brian looks fucking dumb and i wanna fucking slap him in the face

  35. Destructo X-6

    Destructo X-628 日 前

    I’ve never seen him this pissed 😱

  36. defiraphi

    defiraphi28 日 前

    Proof that opening a Restaurant isn't easy to do . People are all dreaming to get easy money without doing any effort by selling shit food without even be ashamed of it . Yet they're sanitar inspectors but i guess they're identical like these owners from these restaurants . These inspectors are just paid illegaly by a certain amount of money to close their eyes and sign the papers that everything is ok and clean . God how i hate such twisted minded people . And if it isn't enough some restaurants are overpricing their "Carte" and "Menu" like crazy . $5€ for a fucking half bottle of sparkling water ?? $35€ for a steak,salad and french fries with some sauce ?? Pizza with non-nescessary ingredients just because it's fashion or the fake tendency and are asking $25€ or more for it ?? The biggest problems with restaurants today is 1) they don't make anything themselves anymore all is pre-baked , pre-cooked you only need to put it in the microwave and tadaa it's ready , they only cut some basil or such on the dish and claims it's home-made 2) too many tables best prefer small restaurants to be cozy than an all crowdy one with 50 tables or more .

  37. Black Chandelier Mirage

    Black Chandelier Mirage29 日 前

    Those chefs never heard of DIY replica to display meals?

  38. Levent Surenkok

    Levent Surenkokヶ月 前

    Owner is just derping around the whole time 😂

  39. Metalhammer1993

    Metalhammer1993ヶ月 前

    fucking hell. never ran a restaurant, never worked in one, fuck it i can´t cook for the life of me, but not even a restaurant run by me would look like that. this is a disaster. Wasn´t that the episode where they called an ambulance? These guys need to fucking go to jail. At least in my country they WOULD go to jail. ANd for a long time at that

  40. Viktor Riquelme

    Viktor Riquelme20 日 前

    In The episode someone order a lobster and The client almost die

  41. Muhammad Aqil

    Muhammad Aqilヶ月 前

    That cheff who have pen on hes ear look like dr octopus on spiderman

  42. venger

    vengerヶ月 前


  43. John Franks

    John Franksヶ月 前

    Those two are like if Beavis and Butthead open a restaurant

  44. Julie M Davis

    Julie M Davisヶ月 前

    Escape from poison...it's not even funny .. they need TRUMP laws to stop these people from opening a restaurant

  45. Henry Dean Cornico

    Henry Dean Cornicoヶ月 前

    "This is not a Romantic Eat-out, this is a Valentine f*ck*ng Massacre" LMAO

  46. Dills Bruv

    Dills Bruvヶ月 前

    This can’t be real 😂.

  47. Shaan Singh

    Shaan Singhヶ月 前

    ah, yes. the Valentine's massacre of 2019.

  48. trexation

    trexationヶ月 前

    Brian helped himself to a lot of Tramadol that morning.

  49. Richard Richmond

    Richard Richmondヶ月 前

    You know that sh*t is about to fly when Gordon goes to the fridge.

  50. androc75

    androc75ヶ月 前

    I've often imagined a trio of cellists following the camera and stringing away, keeping pace with Gordon's acerbic comments

  51. David Peterson

    David Petersonヶ月 前

    5:39 Its what you clicked for? I guess

  52. Mr Roboshadow

    Mr Roboshadowヶ月 前

    Owner: gordon telling us that what we do is wrong just doesnt work for me oh im sorry did he hurt your delicate feelings? tell ya what why doesnt he just write ya a fucking check for a million dollars and ya can go back to sitting on your ass and hey maybe ya'd like a reach around too? newflash!! you're in fucking debt!! do ya thing thats cause your doing everything right? of course ya do, cause ya must that freaking entitled to think ya just need to show up and people should just had you their money, not even sit down to eat just walk in and spray a few hundreds on the table

  53. KidBuuu

    KidBuuuヶ月 前

    That’s how @lilnasxvevo got the idea for Panini

  54. born_

    born_ヶ月 前

    Oi Panini, don't you be a meany!

  55. Christopher Fisher

    Christopher Fisherヶ月 前

    I really wish gordon would yell at them even louder

  56. シzizzy

    シzizzyヶ月 前

    The first 2 words in the title should be Hey Panini

  57. bya guterres

    bya guterresヶ月 前

    everytime he says "2 seconds" I'm like: oh no

  58. Alex Paul Young the Muso

    Alex Paul Young the Musoヶ月 前

    "why's it bubbling?" *In harsh British voice* "Yeh we'll throw those out" *Gordon in legit denial at the low standards* "No no no no no no no no " Funniest fucking bit

  59. Suitwo

    Suitwoヶ月 前

    6:14 When you dodge the food poisoning bullet

  60. TheTradge

    TheTradgeヶ月 前

    Good god, the guy saying "chef Ramsay telling us we do things the wrong way just doesn't really work for me", is he actually fucking stupid??He's there to turn your business around, it always astounds me how many arrogant cunts there are out there who ask Gordon for help, yet when he gets there just expect him to give them an ego boost and pretend everything is perfect! Honestly, be a man and take the criticism, rather than being a little child and pretend you're being fucking bullied! XD

  61. Rahul Thirumala

    Rahul Thirumalaヶ月 前

    Gordon:you are a donkey Brian:I am a donkey Gordon:this is very bad Brian:yes this is very bad Gordon:how are you sending this out Brian:you're right this should not be sent out Lol what a joke

  62. SBA

    SBAヶ月 前

    "You'll kill someone." "Oh, that's not right."