Official Trailer: Disney’s Jungle Cruise - In Theaters July 24, 2020!


  1. L.E Carpe Díem

    L.E Carpe Díem日 前

    If you smelllllll What The Rock is Cooking...



    And that is how you kids can see marry popins collab with jumanji

  3. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith2 日 前

    Dwayne Johnson: Natives! (Mouths) COME ON!

  4. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith2 日 前

    Emily Blunt: I can NOT swim! Dwayne Johnson: You booked a river cruise and you can’t swim?!

  5. Hudh Ziyau

    Hudh Ziyau2 日 前

    The Rock: “Go Away!!” Disney: “I Have A Lot Of Money.” The Rock: *Opens The Door

  6. The Reviewer

    The Reviewer3 日 前

    It's weird when my main sell on this is that Jack Whitehall is in it.

  7. Terrill Goodwine Jr

    Terrill Goodwine Jr3 日 前

    Black Adam coming out Dec. 22 2021

  8. Dolirn

    Dolirn3 日 前

    When was the last time you saw The Jungle Book?

  9. pikeyNLD

    pikeyNLD3 日 前

    Where is brendan fraser when you need him

  10. m1h8r

    m1h8r4 日 前

    Thank you for casting Emily blunt

  11. Saiba Mais

    Saiba Mais4 日 前

    40 Best Animated Disney Movies In my channel.

  12. Review e Miojo

    Review e Miojo4 日 前

    toquinho the new name for woody

  13. Utopic Mania

    Utopic Mania6 日 前

    They made a movie based off a Disney ride? Fuck.

  14. Juan Risa

    Juan Risa7 日 前

    People: Disney only does remakes now Jungle Cruise: Hold my river water-filled cup

  15. itz_ LunaMoon

    itz_ LunaMoon8 日 前

    That is the day before my birthday

  16. Chad Stone

    Chad Stone8 日 前

    Emily blunt is gorgeous

  17. BeastGamer

    BeastGamer8 日 前

    0:51 doesn’t look like he saying anything. His mouth is moving

  18. Lais Nogueira Cardoso

    Lais Nogueira Cardoso8 日 前

    This movie could be called "Pirates of the Caribbean meet Indiana Jones". Not a critic, tho. Totally gonna watch it.

  19. Taylor Libby

    Taylor Libby8 日 前

    Disney remakes the African Queen 68 years later.....

  20. Fabiana Costa

    Fabiana Costa9 日 前

    Essa atriz americana é identiga a uma atriz brasileira de novela a novela qui está passando agora das seis meu Deus nossa kkkk muito parecida só pinta o cabelo

  21. Julian Morris

    Julian Morris9 日 前

    Wow Disney has run out of ideas . They are throwing one of three rides into a movie lol

  22. Maggie Rose

    Maggie Rose9 日 前

    I think the rock really loves the jungle

  23. Mufnstuf

    Mufnstuf9 日 前

    Great! Yet another Disney movie based on a 50+ year old ride! Nostalgia sells well to the brain-dead masses, sometimes. I guess Disney wanted to take a day off from remaking their classic cartoons into live action films or destroying the Star Wars franchise. Creativity has been dead at Disney for quite some time now. SPOILER ALERT: This movie is going to flop harder than Maleficent 2 and Solo.

  24. Dirk Kramer

    Dirk Kramer9 日 前

    Will never support Disney again and will campaign hard to reverse cable TB carriage fees and stop paying for all Disney owned channels. It’s coming.

  25. João Dias

    João Dias10 日 前

    Hey Walt Disney Studios! At 01:09 Emily Blunt says the name of the place she wants to go in Portuguese and she misspronounces it. The tone for the word "Lágrimas" is in the first "á" and not in the "i". It should be "lÁgrimas" and not "lagrÍmas". Just wanted to let you know since you still have a long time to fix it and would be really sad for me, as a Portuguese, to see this beautifull language being butchered :/

  26. Jordan Denny

    Jordan Denny10 日 前

    The poster had me mad hype this trailer is a bit disappointing

  27. Anak pintar tv

    Anak pintar tv10 日 前

    Anak-anak memang tidak pernah bagus di bidang mendengarkan orang yang lebih tua, namun mereka tidak pernah gagal untuk meniru mereka.

  28. Dan Burden

    Dan Burden10 日 前

    Will they do a movie about Disney Cruise Ships visiting Epstein island? They own ABC and they spiked the story about Epstein because they didn’t want to reveal they’re supporting pedos like Epstein. Disney CEO might be another Weinstein pervert.

  29. Kirubel Melaku

    Kirubel Melaku10 日 前

    there's a tree in the amazon that possesses healing powers (Amazon burns down) oh oh..........

  30. Chad Stone

    Chad Stone8 日 前

    Right. People need to open their fkn eyes to the real world. Save the Amazon

  31. Can we hit a thousand subs In a month

    Can we hit a thousand subs In a month10 日 前

    When I clicked on this video I thought this was Jumanji

  32. xomthood

    xomthood10 日 前

    The Mummy without the Mummy.

  33. Sikra Sikra

    Sikra Sikra10 日 前

    Fisney promotes pedophily... Take care about What your children look at disney movies.

  34. The Triplets

    The Triplets11 日 前


  35. Jonathan Valjan

    Jonathan Valjan11 日 前

    Check out my book on my channel thanks

  36. WRJ WRJ

    WRJ WRJ11 日 前

    Can’t wait for my tower of terror movie

  37. kaz

    kaz11 日 前

    This is basically, what if the mummy had better effects and used Dwayne Johnson...

  38. Azrael Talon

    Azrael Talon11 日 前

    Next the PARKING LOT TRAM movie.



    bagus ini film sudah berkali kali nonton tidak bosan

  40. Sophia Smith

    Sophia Smith11 日 前

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  41. Ryan duron

    Ryan duron12 日 前

    Disney is the Mummy oh wait I mean Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean wait jungle book I mean jungle Cruise!

  42. BDNeon

    BDNeon13 日 前

    We scoffed at Pirates of the Caribbean. It turned out to be amazing. Following that, we gave Haunted Mansion a chance. We regretted doing that. Neither excited nor pessimistic about this one. Although the tone does concern me, the tone in the trailer reminds me a lot of the tone in the haunted mansion's trailer rather then pirates of the caribbean. Guess we'll have to just wait and see. Director seems to have a reasonable track record but hasn't really done anything in this sort of genre.

  43. Ramdom Commenter

    Ramdom Commenter13 日 前

    Predictable as all heck!

  44. wiki firdiyana

    wiki firdiyana14 日 前

    Love herrr!!!

  45. Ban Y E E T os

    Ban Y E E T os14 日 前

    There's always a few faces a recognize in each movie lol

  46. D W

    D W14 日 前

    Next Disneyworld movie: THE MONEY LINE- a hilarious romp about a family that has spent $2,000.00 to go to Disneyworld to stand in a line for 3 hours waiting to go on a ride.

  47. Tadashi Satoru

    Tadashi Satoru14 日 前

    I'm still looking for trailers for Scoob, SpongeBob SquarePants 3, Soul, and Minions 2. All of these movies arrive in theaters BEFORE this one, yet NONE of them have a teaser trailer right now.

  48. ScrapDraws

    ScrapDraws14 日 前

    Pirates of the Caribbean worked out , maybe this will too

  49. Anthony Larsen

    Anthony Larsen15 日 前

    Who is doing the music?! Every time when I do Google search for Jungle Cruise movie composer it is always showing James newton howard and John williams. But the only information that I can find is James newton howard and not John Williams. Is it official that James Newton Howard is doing the music? I hope so. I love James Newton Howard. John Williams needs to get off of Google Search when ever I am searching for Jungle Cruise movie composer! Let James Newton Howard do the music and him alone.

  50. Ashaf.

    Ashaf.15 日 前

    Back then it would be braden fraser I think in every movie

  51. Suirad001

    Suirad00115 日 前

    This looks like a reboot of "The Mummy" but with a Disney skin.

  52. Jere Hoover

    Jere Hoover15 日 前

    So, Emily blunt is in two Disney live action movies now?

  53. LOOK

    LOOK15 日 前

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  54. brenda vandewalker

    brenda vandewalker15 日 前

    What in the new dr dolittle shit is this shit fucking garbage

  55. KWEST kwestgroup

    KWEST kwestgroup15 日 前

    F u c k you

  56. Party Tomorrow

    Party Tomorrow16 日 前

    why did i comment on this movie or this section i dont know but it was recommended and why is the rock in every trailer my guys making 20 movies every year

  57. Party Tomorrow

    Party Tomorrow16 日 前

    shes alight she isnt bad but id give her 9/10 rating and shes not as funny but she is awesome and sweet

  58. Party Tomorrow

    Party Tomorrow16 日 前

    thanks for the response my good ol friend she hasnt been on for a min but yall see her

  59. Chintana Vanderslice

    Chintana Vanderslice16 日 前

    I will watch this wend it comes out

  60. rahul gr

    rahul gr16 日 前

    Looks like Anaconda hunt for the blood orchid but without an anaconda.

  61. Chancess Official

    Chancess Official16 日 前