Oda CONFIRMS Wano's Connection To The FINAL Chapter Of One Piece (2025)


  1. Maralitang Dukha

    Maralitang Dukha2 日 前

    It will be Surprising Because Luffy won't Defeat Kaido at this Arc .

  2. Slowjohnson

    Slowjohnson2 日 前

    We not going to Elbath...

  3. Maher Alamri

    Maher Alamri4 日 前

    I'm in Saudi 😒

  4. Johnny Walker

    Johnny Walker4 日 前

    Oda, I hope the finale doesn't end up like GoT. The Kaido reveal in the most recent episode is the kind of tone and pace I'd like to see throughout the rest of the series.

  5. MistaCloudStrife

    MistaCloudStrife5 日 前

    Everyone already knows how One Piece will end. They get to Raftel, also known as Sniper Island. One Piece was in our hearts the entire time.

  6. Thunder Thighs

    Thunder Thighs5 日 前

    Luffy dies

  7. Azsiryoda

    Azsiryoda5 日 前

    Brook getting Big Moms Glyph opened the door for the ending.

  8. ShadowHawk14

    ShadowHawk146 日 前

    I swear to fucking god if the one piece is the essence of adventure and friendship I am going to be mad.

  9. taren sahmbi

    taren sahmbi8 日 前

    who actually thinks that in 250-260 chapters (depending on if we actually get one every week) that we'll have covered wano act 3 aka the throne wars, blackbeard fight, world government fight, and the actual ONE PIECE, that's just too much... id give it 10 years max strictly for the content that he has to cover; considering he's "rushing" wano I don't believe that for a second If he wanted to rush it, he would've let these last couple of chapters into one "montage" and then went straight into act 3

  10. taren sahmbi

    taren sahmbi8 日 前

    Sure it may seem rushed, but at the end of the day we all know Oda takes these breaks for a reason, hes going to continue writing the best story of his life until he cannot or is forced to stop

  11. badsf madf

    badsf madf9 日 前

    what if Luffy dies to protect everybody & Zolo has to captain the crew to the end o,o

  12. badsf madf

    badsf madf9 日 前

    All the Yonkos will show up & Shanks will probably die, maybe to protect Luffy again. i'm guessing 1 or 2 of Luffy's crew/ friends die and it sets him off. Somebody with a big name will shockingly join the crew along with Jimbe for the final fight after the Wano arc.

  13. pnoy cannbistv

    pnoy cannbistv9 日 前

    Kaido and big mom will become luffys allies then another super great war will happen blackbeard vs the strawhats grand fleet

  14. Gordon Bird

    Gordon Bird10 日 前


  15. David Baragiola

    David Baragiola10 日 前

    At the End of (Wano Kuni) when the rest of the alliance comes togather and they gain 2,500 more allies, Luffy will face the World government and Say. "I am Captain Monkey D Luffy, I have an army of 8,000 men. Usopp won't be lying anymore.

  16. RobzWRLD

    RobzWRLD11 日 前

    From looking at the opening for Wano, we can see Luffy and Kaido going head to head. Kaido transforms into a dragon. We see clearly that Luffy goes *head to head* with Kaido. This within itself is a crazy jump. We can also see from movies and specials that Luffy has a habit of saving countries, the world and beating people that the Navy has a hard time with. Most if not all of the admirals see the Straw Hats as "good" people. In the sense that they do a hell of a lot more good than they do bad, infact we never see the Straw Hats doing bad. I even think that some of the admirals have saved the Straw Hats. There was an episode where we saw Shanks consult the elder dragons about a "certain pirate", ofc we know who that is. I also want to state that we saw someone sit on "The Empty Throne" which raises alot of flags when they cleared stated that nobody sits in the throne symbolizing the countries ruling together. We end up seeing that The World Gov. is actually a autocracy. The person in the dark cloak, whomever it is the runs the world had a scene where they were shown with a sword through the wanted posters of Luffy, Robin and Kidd. Luffy being the next king, Robin Being able to read the hieroglyphs and unlock the secrets of the world and the secret weapon and Im not sure about Kidd. All of this and the cloaked figure was mad about this. Interesting. Im sure Big Mom gets beaten aswell, Shanks appears soon. I am hyped to see how this goes. Also, im pretty sure another war is about to happen during or after the Wano arc. The World Gov. is going to fall, due to admirals leaving, The Rev Army is about to start a war, the blind admiral that uses gravity even stated that the system is broken etc. Cheers to another five years ladies and gentlemen.

  17. D Antho White

    D Antho White11 日 前


  18. Christian

    Christian11 日 前

    4:44 Thought my computer "Blue Screened of Deathed" for a second there

  19. Eclectic Cerebro

    Eclectic Cerebro11 日 前

    I think Kaido will be Zoros.. He may not win but he will injure him.. I think this since a sword is the only thing that damaged him. Besides, doesnt kaido carry a sword around?

  20. Harsh Choksi

    Harsh Choksi11 日 前

    Oda said soooooo many times that he is going to end one piece soon , he said it like 3-4 times , but he is still going on keeping his fans happy In my opinion one piece will take at the very very least a good 10 years could be 15 as well as there are so many things yet to unfold and there will be surely another 1300-1400 manga chapters and 1200-1300 anime episodes in one piece as there are loads of things yet to be unfolded Let's be honest guys we only know and understand the secrets in one piece about 20-30 percent. So even if oda does rushes it will take him another 10 good years to finish one piece properly so chill guys , don't take his words to heart and get depressed.


    LEOMESHI11 日 前

    what do you mean the faster we accept it the better the ending will be?

  22. Teh_Turtle

    Teh_Turtle12 日 前

    I feel like at the ending of one piece there will be no treasure and just be like, "ThE rEaL trEASUre iS frIEnDsHiP" And then nami kills everyone

  23. mantyxxx

    mantyxxx12 日 前

    I have this thought for a long time goin' that Zoro will defeat Kaido (cutting dragon - Zoro being able to cut anything, defeating the one who 'don't lose 1v1', and being a legend like Ryuma. To achieve that Zoro awekens... Asura), and if that is going to happen it means Luffy should defeat Big Mom. Defeating two Yonko, by one pirate group would be surprising, wouldn't it? No crew did that ever before. Though Kaido has higher bounty than Lin Lin, so I'm not to sure. And even more 'touching' ending. What if. What if Ace can be brought back to life. The Ope Ope no Mi - "This fruit is called the "Ultimate Devil Fruit" (究極の悪魔の実 Kyūkyoku no Akuma no Mi?), because of its unique power to grant another person eternal youth in exchange for the current user's life. The Marines were willing to pay as much as Beli5,000,000,000 to buy the fruit from a pirate named Diez Barrels. The fruit is also renowned and coveted for allowing the user to perform miraculous surgeries as well as to cure diseases without any known cures and even circumvent physical disabilities." What if Trafalgar D. Water Law will sacrifice himself awakeing ultimate powere of that fruit (resurrecting someone, not 'just' giving youth). Donquixote Rosinante sacrificed himself so Law could live. Who knows better what pain it is to lose a brother that is everything to you than Law?

  24. Juan Aguirre

    Juan Aguirre12 日 前

    Luffy should solo Kaido and every one else should take on big mom 😂🤷‍♂️

  25. AsTRo NoT

    AsTRo NoT12 日 前

    Through Oden Adventure we will know great adventure of Roger, who is roger and all of the mystery we waiting for

  26. The Monotheist

    The Monotheist12 日 前

    I think another time skip is the "surprise".

  27. Miss Judy Babyy

    Miss Judy Babyy13 日 前

    I really hope he take his time on this & make it great like he wants it to do

  28. Strawberry Dragon

    Strawberry Dragon13 日 前

    My friend(a seafarer) died 5 years ago. He was one of the die hard fans. Weeks before he was leaving he even told me he don't want to die before one piece ends. Sadly after a few months I was informed his cargo ship sank. I am always sad after watching new episodes.

  29. The Monotheist

    The Monotheist12 日 前

    Thats sad..

  30. Muls Shij

    Muls Shij13 日 前

    Surprise will be something like Shanks using luffy from the beginning.

  31. Trenton Ghorley

    Trenton Ghorley13 日 前

    Kaido will be revealed to be Oden

  32. Slik Pooh

    Slik Pooh13 日 前

    I'm sorry. One Piece already had dozens of anticipated and extremely liked characters, plots and conflicts. Wano is EXTREMELY drawn out. It took me completely away from EVERY other part of One Piece that I was already struggling to follow. I'm yawning.

  33. 170skeith

    170skeith14 日 前

    The anime monga thing I think just meant he doesn't wanna put too much stran on them like mangakas have for shonen jump idk though

  34. Brandt Michael

    Brandt Michael14 日 前

    Zoro is Odens son I'm calling it right now. He taught Momo the Snatch chant but also admits to never having said it himself. To me that implies that he has a name that hasn't been discarded. Sanji is a monster because of the Vinsmokes, so why is Zoro a monster? Because Oden is his father 😈

  35. Rey john Ona

    Rey john Ona14 日 前

    If luffy will die in wano thats the surprising thing 😤

  36. Joshua Osmeña

    Joshua Osmeña14 日 前

    u know why oda only want ussop to be the bravest? because at the end of wano arc he'll die for protecting his nakama

  37. Joshua Talabucon

    Joshua Talabucon14 日 前

    The end of time travel of Kozuki clan i think that is the one that happen in wano ending.

  38. Bex Clue

    Bex Clue15 日 前

    It makes sense Oda would tell the anime staff that "anime is different and that they don't have to be stressed". It's pretty common in Japan to view the manga and anime very separately. Of course. Because the author of the manga isn't actually directing the anime. And the anime is also - when it comes down to it - just "promotion" for the manga. It's the *manga* the japanese people are paying money for. The Manga is the "original work". People watch anime to enjoy the voice actors, well executed fights, nice scenes with soundtrack etc. But no one judges a manga (story) based on the anime. That wouldn't make sense. So w/e the anime team does - it doesn't get back at the manga One Piece

  39. oh yeah

    oh yeah15 日 前

    suprising like brook dies? İ dont know about you but for me that's the most suprising thing ever

  40. Anønymøus Víds

    Anønymøus Víds15 日 前

    Just pray you are alive to know the ending.

  41. Bg Link24

    Bg Link2415 日 前

    Lol! I'm gonna me 34 by the time One Piece ends. If it ends in 2025. Damn, that's a significant age!

  42. trevor stroud

    trevor stroud15 日 前

    i wanna see Blackbeard vs Luffy! Luffy gonna whip that ass!