"Obama out:" President Barack Obama's hilarious final White House correspondents' dinner speech


  1. Cecilia Richter

    Cecilia Richter6 時間 前

    27:50-28:29 This is how a real President handles the press.

  2. Phyllis Martin

    Phyllis Martin6 時間 前

    Good ole Barry Hussein Soetoro . . . the greatest FRAUD ever perpetrated against the American people.

  3. Ghost Mortalisone

    Ghost Mortalisone7 時間 前

    This guy is one of the worst Presidents and was Ebsteines buddy.

  4. Fashly Faris

    Fashly Faris8 時間 前

    That charisma in his speeches

  5. Fashly Faris

    Fashly Faris7 時間 前

    3 times already to make comfort to my heart and brain

  6. bigscale1

    bigscale18 時間 前


  7. renzoqu

    renzoqu9 時間 前

    It was actually THE last one

  8. ABSK2489

    ABSK248910 時間 前

    Trump won, ha ha.

  9. shahafnagar

    shahafnagar10 時間 前

    With a charming smile, wit and personal charm, President Obama manages to create a cult of personality around him, and makes us all want to listen to him forever, it's an intellectual failure, just like the cult of personality around former tyrants, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, all these monsters, enjoyed academic support, Obama is no different from any of them, a person who creates a cult of personality around him, is not a Democrat, and a cult of personality attacks the critic intellect.

  10. undead9999

    undead999911 時間 前

    "the end of the republic has never looked better" Oh boy, it's almost like he knew xD

  11. Robert G.

    Robert G.12 時間 前

    Everybody laughing until their turn... lotsa sweating, and more sweating.....

  12. j h

    j h13 時間 前

    Mr president Obama i wish you were here

  13. Maribel Roos

    Maribel Roos15 時間 前

    Who ever could have known how close his words would be to the truth ! Gotta love Obama he is so good at making jokes about himself and laughing at them ..I miss him xoxoxo

  14. Much Equinox

    Much Equinox17 時間 前

    Yeah he’s a cool guy and a funny person, but a horrible president

  15. Memenay Berhe

    Memenay Berhe18 時間 前

    we miss you 😢😭

  16. Dustin James

    Dustin James18 時間 前

    Obama is a rasict. How about jokes black should not say you Hippacrit

  17. Robert Cross

    Robert Cross19 時間 前

    Thank GOD!

  18. Survivalist Nomad

    Survivalist Nomad19 時間 前

    Weak minded scum bag like this guy should've never been elected to be a President.

  19. Jesus Wong

    Jesus Wong19 時間 前

    Can't lie, Obama was a great orator and likable. But the man as POTUS did very little for the people who supported him. Yes he was a calming force in a way.. he was "a first".. what many were so proud of. Sorry to report but the man did next to nothing except set the US backwards in the world view. All of a sudden the rest of the animals are not afraid of the lion. That's too bad and dissapointing. As much as everyone that is a loudmouth hates 45.... 45 > 44.

  20. Patrice Dhanis

    Patrice Dhanis20 時間 前

    I miss obama...how did we go from obama a great man ...to trump who tells reporters where he likes to grab women

  21. Yvonne Daniels

    Yvonne Daniels21 時間 前

    The class as a president and first lady left when the Obama's left.

  22. INTEGRE8T Wellness

    INTEGRE8T Wellness21 時間 前

    I'm here in 2020 wondering how we got here.

  23. Jennifer Peterson

    Jennifer Peterson21 時間 前

    We miss you.

  24. cindyq52700

    cindyq5270022 時間 前

    Bad boys bad boys what ya gonna do when Trump comes for you! TRUMP 2Q2Q

  25. Johannes Werle

    Johannes Werle22 時間 前

    What a privilege to have known him as the last great American leader. A true husband, family man and authentic leader with a wonderful sense of humor.

  26. Data was a treacherous android

    Data was a treacherous android22 時間 前

    22:50 eloquent response to a Trump presidency.

  27. Kishan Kishore

    Kishan Kishore23 時間 前

    who watchin this in august 2020

  28. Rons Dad

    Rons Dad23 時間 前

    I miss the days when the media coddled our leader and made us believe he was a great president

  29. Lindsey F

    Lindsey F日 前

    I love how at least one of Trump's Satan spawns (Eric I think?) was in the shot at 20:19 when Obama said he was going to talk about Trump.

  30. Flori Zumeri

    Flori Zumeri日 前

    I still see him as a President

  31. D Terelly

    D Terelly日 前

    I am Canadian I would like to see Michelle Obama

  32. D Terelly

    D Terelly日 前

    As President

  33. Drunken Leaf

    Drunken Leaf日 前

    Make America Not a Laughing Stock Again. Dump Trump 2020



    thank you sir for the service to this nation

  35. Jennifer Lee

    Jennifer Lee日 前

    It’s only when it’s all over that this man can be his true smart, cutting, bold, sensitive, courageous and funny self. His position restricted him from his own personal freedom. His dignity kept him cool with protocol. He knew better than to say all this while he was pres. I love hearing it now. . Free at last!

  36. Vedang Thakur

    Vedang Thakur日 前

    The last time intelligence reigned. Will that return?

  37. james fiero

    james fiero日 前

    Joe biden in 2020,help make china great again!🇨🇳

  38. Candi Kane

    Candi Kane日 前

    What an evil piece of chit

  39. Karol Iyer

    Karol Iyer日 前

    Grace and dignity

  40. Steve Evans

    Steve Evans日 前

    Worst president in US history. A Criminal that should be in Jail.

  41. D3LT4

    D3LT4日 前

    I mean it's all jokes and fun but he's basically telling us how everything had to go through congress. His idealism got shattered. He got old trying to fix things but couldn't. At this point, It's just sad to see even if the president is someone competent, the whole system will prevent them from being useful. So at least, now we get to enjoy Trump. Both Useless and a clown for the world to laugh at.

  42. Anita Visram

    Anita Visram日 前

    Now America... This man is a Statesman. A President and a good speaker. Wish he could do another term! And I'm English.

  43. Sunia Kamakorewa

    Sunia Kamakorewa日 前

    Thank you and Mr President Obama you're the best

  44. Sunia Kamakorewa

    Sunia Kamakorewa日 前

    Mr President Obama, you're the best.

  45. Kevin Scannell

    Kevin Scannell日 前

    I feel like he was holding back his whole time in the office, and now that he knows it's over he can let loose

  46. fishdave40

    fishdave40日 前

    A president with class and a brain. Trump is drawing hurricanes with black markers on weather screens and mispronouncing "plasma".

  47. Girlssome

    Girlssome日 前


  48. Girlssome

    Girlssome日 前

    I despise this devilish creep...

  49. Qing W

    Qing W日 前

    Obama is not only a president, but also an artist.

  50. Jim Lyttle

    Jim Lyttle日 前

    Mr Slime

  51. efonefiddy

    efonefiddy日 前

    "The police acted stupidly" oh, wait, my bad let's have a beer fest. 57 States Obama? Really? "Those jobs aren't coming back, theres no magic wand to bring those jobs back." " Donald Trump will never be president " 2016 Trump wins, brings jobs back, provides 3 times more money to Historicly Black Colleges than Barrack Hussain Obama, record low unemployment across the board. Nah, I don't miss him at all.

  52. teddy bear

    teddy bear日 前

    I know what Biden will say “I don’t remember anything.”

  53. Will Abernathy

    Will Abernathy15 時間 前

    At least he knew it to begin with. Unlike a certain annoying orange.

  54. stephen yhelka

    stephen yhelka日 前

    jokes white people shouldn't make: "i was running on C.P.T." - but it's fine for mix-breed Obama to say it!?! he sucks

  55. C Rutherford

    C Rutherford日 前

    He seemed a genuinely decent guy. Low key, didn't make waves and thought everything through carefully. Probably the opposite of Trump on almost all counts, lol.

  56. Michael Tran

    Michael Tran日 前

    We were/are of an era known as The Once in A Lifetime President. (s)

  57. Nicole Long

    Nicole Long日 前

    Vote Trump 2020

  58. Wee Maggie jiggs

    Wee Maggie jiggs日 前


  59. Dennis Svitak

    Dennis Svitak日 前


  60. TeacherWingman

    TeacherWingman日 前

    Obama is actually an intelligent president - imagine. And the world misses him as the 44th. God bless him.

  61. Denise Parker

    Denise Parker日 前

    God I miss that man.

  62. Gina Gibbs

    Gina Gibbs日 前

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 love Love LOVE this man!!!

  63. Rosemary

    Rosemary日 前

    AMERICA, I guess you are just not much better a country now, since you have TRUMP

  64. Cindy Hildebrand

    Cindy Hildebrand日 前

    Obama is a wolf in sheeps clothing