NYC Protests Continue After Citywide Curfew Begins | NBC New York


  1. Doug Ryan

    Doug Ryan13 日 前

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  2. ping pong

    ping pong17 日 前

    These are criminals they are no longer protesters America is getting tired politicians need to restore law and order

  3. MTN Productions

    MTN Productions26 日 前

    A lot of protesters marching on the Erika Bridge. I saw it.

  4. Luke Wilkinson

    Luke Wilkinson27 日 前

    Corrupt Mayor =Corrupt system=Demoncrats

  5. Timo Puente

    Timo Puenteヶ月 前

    is anyone over there watching this in real time on TV?

  6. Tony Nguyen

    Tony Nguyenヶ月 前

    prosecute and imprison for one year protesters who sabotage or attack police

  7. Nova Typhoon

    Nova Typhoonヶ月 前

    wow yep Don’t destroy your neighborhood destroy everybody else’s

  8. Synamix One

    Synamix Oneヶ月 前

    This is all so crazy but I have to stop and think to myself. Why as a white man before all this happened why I don't have a right to be pissed because I don't like being called honky ,or cracker or being told by a mob" get out of our neighborhood" when all I was doing is getting gas on a public street. If people want change then we need to talk about it without the attitudes associated with it when people are trying to understand both cultures. The fact is racism goes both directions it's not Black Lives Matter it is "ALL Races Matter", and we all bleed red regardless if you white, brown or black, purple, or even another religion this is where the equality needs to start the common bond between all races and build from there. But you can't get mad at other races for trying to understand your culture or belief and asking questions. The term Black lives matter in my opinion is racist cause once again it's a separation between races, and between the people in the country the African American community is asked to be single out but you can't ask for that if you are looking for equality. And before y'all ask yes I have black family members in my family I have Hispanic, and even Middle Eastern. Bottom line who gives a shit about the color of skin just have humility and try to understand each other every day. No one race is innocent of racism or stereotypical profiling. Everyone talks about reform this, cut this out but not one person has said we all need to reform ourselves and be tolerant and understanding of everyone. Reform starts with all of us it's not a program you can flip the switch on but yourself you can flip that switch instantly

  9. Yao Jason

    Yao Jasonヶ月 前

    "white house" should be revise the name to "state house", USA is not belong to white only.

  10. mixio hili

    mixio hiliヶ月 前

    Don’t throw advertisements on videos like this

  11. monika laosi

    monika laosiヶ月 前

    Downfall of U.S.A

  12. LA TAINA

    LA TAINAヶ月 前


  13. Eugen Green

    Eugen Greenヶ月 前

    An ordinary criminal died. The herd took to the streets.

  14. mixio hili

    mixio hiliヶ月 前

    Dsm! Burn baby 🔥 disco inferno!

  15. Ken Lombardi

    Ken Lombardiヶ月 前

    Why is this okay but us working is not?

  16. monika laosi

    monika laosiヶ月 前

    Thay look like zombies

  17. james moriarty

    james moriartyヶ月 前

    Everyone that’s breaks the curfew should be shot ,then maybee they would have more respect for authority

  18. Angel karim Romo

    Angel karim Romoヶ月 前

    wher can i find todays footage

  19. okow tina

    okow tinaヶ月 前

    Ah United States burning itself while a global pandemic is going on. Seems like gods will now.

  20. ED h

    ED hヶ月 前

    I just tired of these biased network coverages even more than Trump.

  21. okow tina

    okow tinaヶ月 前

    Curfew is for kids..

  22. ED h

    ED hヶ月 前

    Biased network. I don't like Trump's character but I can't stand these biased networks like NBC, CNN anymore

  23. ED h

    ED hヶ月 前

    @okow tina Agree. But when some protesters are not behaving well, then we need to treat all of them as kids. If you are adult, then don't let those irresponsible kids ruin your message. Deter them and don't let them do those unlawful things. Not acceptable!

  24. okow tina

    okow tinaヶ月 前

    Curfew is for kids..

  25. Igor Tchernowitzer

    Igor Tchernowitzerヶ月 前

    Trump must immediately resign




  27. Hayden Watson

    Hayden Watsonヶ月 前

    NO COP IS GOING TO HELP YOU IF YOU'RE BLACK!!!!! They will drive slow when they hear African American!

  28. Charlie Freedom

    Charlie Freedomヶ月 前

    Obama sent me my check!

  29. Lisa van Weyden

    Lisa van Weydenヶ月 前

    that is so sad that George Floyd had to die just because he was black. the value of a person is not determined by skin color. All the best for family and friends. I very much hope that you will chase Donaldv Trump out of his Office in November.heonly sows hatred and discord.

  30. Fixed

    Fixedヶ月 前

    why are you all protecting drug addicts and criminals?

  31. michael

    michaelヶ月 前


  32. Tim Villareal

    Tim Villarealヶ月 前

    Same people who were yelling to social distance - funny how convenience works in their favor

  33. ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏʙʟᴏꜱꜱᴏᴍ

    ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏʙʟᴏꜱꜱᴏᴍヶ月 前

    Social distancing who?

  34. Rapmagic Deleon

    Rapmagic Deleonヶ月 前

    Dsm! Burn baby 🔥 disco inferno!

  35. M Almalki

    M Almalkiヶ月 前

    Thay look like zombies

  36. Shawn Li

    Shawn Liヶ月 前

    Pushed 75 yo man

  37. Shawn Li

    Shawn Liヶ月 前


  38. ping pong

    ping pongヶ月 前

    If democrats thing with all these demonstrations will help them and they don’t want the guard or the military in there states for law and order they are wrong, we the people want law and order always. What happen was wrong but now it’s worst so start bring in the military and control this or you will not be in office. Don’t listen to these athletes and starts there safe in there million dollar mansions wake up America

  39. Db Berns

    Db Bernsヶ月 前

    George Floyd's porno vids must not be good



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  41. Stephanie Luke

    Stephanie Lukeヶ月 前

    Curfew is for kids..

  42. Anonymous

    Anonymousヶ月 前

    nice zoom

  43. Barbi Button

    Barbi Buttonヶ月 前

    All according to plan. A pallet of bricks magically appear for the looters, police knew where to put up the fence before the event occurs, Trump telling us last year ...well, it's predictable. But hey, good news is - since Covid no one is dying from cancer, heart failure, diabetes complications, overdoses....Predictable too

  44. poeniiii

    poeniiiiヶ月 前

    Why people of America still keep underestimating CCP? The y are just trying to bring down the risk of losing your leader as low as possible. As a Hong Kong protester I really wish people to understand CCP's power of controlling media and engaging riot is beyond our imaginations...

  45. maria gon

    maria gonヶ月 前


  46. The Perfect Storm

    The Perfect Stormヶ月 前

    And what happened to the COVID lockdown?

  47. Vasco joseph luis Da gama

    Vasco joseph luis Da gamaヶ月 前

    Whitey wants to be forgiven for what they did to blackie 200 years ago. Blacky is still pissed off about the way whitey ( copper ) is treating blackie as whitey steps on his neck. Whitey has all suspects arrested and blackie still goes out and loots with whitey. Blackie decides that the 4 arrests are not enough so whitey gets attacked by blackie. I'm not a whitey or blackie but we are doing it all wrong and we have to listen to our elders black or white otherwise we are doomed.

  48. Joseph Magar

    Joseph Magarヶ月 前

    So the corona thing over???

  49. That Hotty Spongebob

    That Hotty Spongebobヶ月 前

    No ones gonna listen to the curfew why bother putting it

  50. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn coseヶ月 前

    They were just out jogging.

  51. Walter Velez

    Walter Velezヶ月 前

    U get rid of the man give you the governor of two stupid motherfukers

  52. Fabulous Life Of Frenchies

    Fabulous Life Of Frenchiesヶ月 前

    New York Police Department needs reform ASAP. I am absolutely horrified by the videos that I have seen of their police officers brutally attacking American citizens. The police officers they drove their patrol cars into the crowd of protesters all need to be charged with felony crimes. We the people need to stand up and put a stop to this police brutality. We need to change the laws in the legislature.

  53. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn coseヶ月 前

    Automatic minimum 25 years prison term for police officers using police brutality

  54. Joey Fajardo

    Joey Fajardoヶ月 前

    I'm very happy these protests are happening for George Floyd. So does that mean social distancing doesn't matter or....

  55. Blackbear Bear

    Blackbear Bearヶ月 前

    China trying to divide the people and the traiders are helping wake up America

  56. Chen Fang

    Chen Fangヶ月 前

    this thing is going very wrong now! What is the TRUTH and what really happened? people need to know the whole story and focus on THE STORY!


    ESSARGEEヶ月 前

    this is america

  58. ping pong

    ping pongヶ月 前

    It will get worst when you defund the police you haven’t seen shit yet you dip shit politician

  59. Meme Dog

    Meme Dogヶ月 前

    I hope every last one of these people protesting catch covid 19 hahahaha

  60. IP Rainwater

    IP Rainwaterヶ月 前

    All this disorganization and Chaos makes me believe we are witnessing the pre-game show for the next 9/11. There are enough distractions for the nation's enemies to hurt/murder a large amount of people gathered tightly packed together. It would not surprise me to find out the Democrats are cooking up a plan n an attempt to make Orange Man Bad look bad. I hope and pray nothing like that happens but they do need to bring in the National Guard and potentially the military to restore the rule of law.

  61. IP Rainwater

    IP Rainwaterヶ月 前

    All the people rioting just tested positive for stupid. Trump is right again. For a city to have 38,000 cops on the payroll this walk across the bridge speaks volumes that the Democratic Communist rule over NY by Deblasio and Cuomo is a failed one. Are all the cops working dayshift only? They should of had about 6,000 cops waiting on the other side of the bridge. The free bail to get out of jail easily should of never happened

  62. Arush S

    Arush Sヶ月 前

    Is no one going to address crime from 1980-2008? Feel free to search it up (you tube blocks it for some reason..) Thirteen percent of the population performed fifty-two percent. I don't think this whole problem is based off of nothing.

  63. mistercoors

    mistercoorsヶ月 前

    Where the hell is TARZAN when you need him??

  64. Trump

    Trumpヶ月 前

    “How dare those people want America to reopen, so WAYTHIST! Such NAWTZEES!!! The virus is happening now!” -Democrat cucks “Let’s all stand close together in mass gatherings! Virus? What virus?!” -also Democrat cucks

  65. Lizzardly Goon

    Lizzardly Goonヶ月 前

    Disgusting behavior held by people with Trump derangement syndrome. Urged on by people in media' with Trump derangement syndrome

  66. Great Salvation

    Great Salvationヶ月 前

    Jesus is God! Seek God while you have the chance. No man no religion just a relationship

  67. Hugh M.

    Hugh M.ヶ月 前

    Cato ato the windowo Humanoid lifeforms exercising together close quarters well all around the virus* Waits for no 1 m meowo

  68. Joy Division

    Joy Divisionヶ月 前

    Automatic minimum 25 years prison term for police officers using police brutality

  69. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christヶ月 前

    kill NYPD

  70. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christヶ月 前

    We nee more DEAD COPS!

  71. L K

    L Kヶ月 前

    @4:20 was that man knocking the cones necessary?

  72. L K

    L Kヶ月 前

    What message are sending by doing a childish act like that. Stupid

  73. Joaquin Lomeli

    Joaquin Lomeliヶ月 前

    MICHELE SAID, "DONT BOO, VOTE" why do you think she said that? because the people have control of those who pass these laws that affect all of us DONT LIKE INJUSTICE? THEN VOTE

  74. Joaquin Lomeli

    Joaquin Lomeliヶ月 前

    *BEST WAY FOR JUSTICE IS VOTING* If you dont like how the police is ran, then vote for a different police chief. The leaders of the police are voted in, YOU HAVE CONTROL FOR THAT. so go and vote in all elections.

  75. Joaquin Lomeli

    Joaquin Lomeliヶ月 前

    *THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKE, ARE YOU LISTENING GOVERNMENT?* You now know the concerns of the people, so lawmakers should act on it or BE VOTED OUT

  76. Joaquin Lomeli

    Joaquin Lomeliヶ月 前

    *IF YOU PREACH BLUE LIVES MATTER DURING THIS TIME* you're probably racist, i support the cops but you cannot say blue lives matter right now because you would be taking Derek Chauvins side in killing George Floyd by saying that.

  77. UnderratedSZN

    UnderratedSZNヶ月 前

    Heard on the news George Floyd Had the virus I think corona bout to come back with a vengeance

  78. Gen Olaes

    Gen Olaesヶ月 前

    i don't understand why protest during this bad time?! for what??? for d crime of 1 authority... by risking Ur self of getting d virus & spreading it into Ur family later on?! & just look of what it brings to Ur city... it's been destroyed by those heartless & mindless thugs & looters that joined Ur protest... & look at those who did that, are they not d people who's asking for justice? they just showed d whole world d root of this problem... everyone probably said "now we know... that's why... oh we'r not surprised why someone killed someone" jeezzz... U don't need to do this... let someone or community leaders speak on d media or on d head of d state to speak out what U people want to say...

  79. Origin-AL

    Origin-ALヶ月 前

    When the coronaviris started (which still going on), spitting was a charge of terroristic chemical warfare, but now it’s just “protesters” expressing their anger! I agree with protesting and what happened to George Floyd was horrible and that cop needs to fry, but rioting and throwing bricks and spitting is just bad!

  80. Ben

    Benヶ月 前

    Why is the right more offended about countless rioters targeting property than countless police targeting innocent people? Is their loyalty to the President as a Republican stronger than their opposition to tyranny as an American?

  81. Boi Bou

    Boi Bouヶ月 前


  82. burtonrules123

    burtonrules123ヶ月 前

    This actually might be a good thing. Seeing so many people together or not social distancing might show the world what is scam the covid-19 has been all along in that we can now reopened the city.

  83. Chris Ammar

    Chris Ammarヶ月 前

    Where were the protesters when Obama was giving our jobs to immigrants for eight years? Try being a contractor or working in the trades. What a scam!

  84. love love

    love loveヶ月 前

    "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind" Mahatma Gandhi.

  85. Baiyang Montano

    Baiyang Montanoヶ月 前


  86. Subzeronte

    Subzeronteヶ月 前


  87. Rhianna Dodd

    Rhianna Doddヶ月 前

    I know you guys are boarded in the air but this is where we need you ok thank you so much

  88. Wrel Rel

    Wrel Relヶ月 前

    Mark Sargent flat earth Clue's