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    that 's not my Nuka , because I think Nuka was a healthy cub , I think he was born when the lioness need food and try 'd to trade food with other's lions pride .

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    Did The lion king characters have a toilet and did humans build it pls make a video about itt

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    do a story about askari by the way not you about the lion in lion guard

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    I think kovo was Mufasa first son but Zara stole him

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    Add if Kovu was simba son that will make Kiara and Kovu siblings

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    And his name is Kovu

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    Most of the lion king relatives look alike like Mufasa and simba and Nala and Safafina

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    And it’s a theory

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    Asubuhi + Terru= Vitani

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    Scar’s “children” are simba’s cousins because scar is his uncle

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    Arsenault Family we know

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    i think there could be a lion called scarlett theres a scar in a name of scarlett

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    Can you do a story about Hata? ( Ahadi’s dad)

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    My guess is nuka is zira’s biological son and vitani is her adopted daughter. Zira care more about nuka than vitani.

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    He is not the dad

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    KOVU right full king 👑

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    Zuri and tifu Askari

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    Zika was never a mother

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    Cause that's what I actually mean

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    I mean scar and zira could have children together.😇❤

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    Scar could have had children of his own I mean seriously.

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    Sorry I was wrong kovu is mufasa's second son and simba was kovu's big brother I am sure now those who think this is right ✔️please like my comment

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    I think that kovu is simba's another son 🤔??

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    Nuka parent is Zira and Scar

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    Hi vitane is the time of time to get your new was the day you die

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    Tama and Tojo didnt appeared in 6 new adventures, they're actually from different comics, Tama from "trouble in paradise" and Tojo from "the orphaned birds"

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    I do not really know a lot about Lion King´s universe but I really thing that Scar and Zira are Nuka´s parents. When I saw for first time to Nuka, he made me remember immediately to Scar

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    Because Nuka is weak i think that Nukas parents were Scar and Zira because he was weak zira went in search of a different lion and she did but they had a girl. They wanted a male. So Zira went out for ages. during this Simba wins against scar. So zira found a couple of lions and decided to steal their kid because he wasperfect and thats Kovu. But when she returned Scar was dead...

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    Have a story baout NOA

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    scar and zira have cubes nuka,vitani and kovu

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    I think tama and tojo are vitani parents they look so similar tama and tojo vitani and I think nuka parents have died but I think nuka was to stay in the pride lands to be king with a mate who to be his queen

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    My theory is Nuka was older so he was obviously born first, Scar and zira made a cub to be king but- he turned out weak.. so he didnt end up to be king A few years later scar forced nahla to make a vub with him but the cub turned out to be a girl and he wanted a king And scar had no females that were interesting so. He ordered zira to steal a cub and that's where kovu came from (I believe this theory from a different video and to me it makes sense)

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    Also nahla gave away vitani because 1. She didnt want to be reminded about scar or 2. She wouldn't want to be betraying simba by having a cup with scar

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    Do who's simba's auntie

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    Did Simba now that Nala mated with Scar?



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    It's Holly Herrmann I believe Nuka is Scar and Zira's son has it had been confermed as he looks a lot like Scar but with red eyes and a messy mane, he was born when Scar was ruling the Pridelands and Vitani is Scar and Nala daughter as in a deleated version Scar chose Nala as his queen but at the time Nala did'nt want Vitani to continue Scar's rein and was'nt ready to be a mother so while Scar was out Nala snecked away and gave Vitani away to Zira and after Scars death Zira married Chumvi and got Kovu but when Chumvi discovered who Zira really was and how loyal to Scar she was Chumvi left her to be safe and married Kula and got his second son Afua so Kovu never really knew his real father as Zira never told him after feeling betrayed

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    I love your theroy about that Tama and Tojo are Vitani's parents that have lots of sence

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    Vitani parents are tama and tojo but when vitani was born zira kidnapped her and attacked tama and maybe killed her??????

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    I realized they kinda look like scar I'm talking about kovu

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    They do not , scar has reddish orange fur with reddish black mane , while Kovu had brown marron fur , with dark brown mane . Hope this helps

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    vitanis parent is zira i know becuase i watch lion king family and it is real becuase nala had kopa and kopa was in that clip it the exsact same thing for nuka.

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    Can you make a video did Zira have any cub?

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    Zira and scar been together for a long time she ran away from home as a cub bc of her father and scar saved her from drowning and he was a teen she was a cub and they grew a bond after he broke up with sarafina and years later scar mated with sarafina and meethu and then scar mated with zira had nuka and scar mated with Nala and had vitani that's my theory.


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    I like your videos but MTOTO is kovus father

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    Can you do tama tojo parentes

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    Awesome. But I thought that Scar and Zira was there parents

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    I believe Scar and Zira are the parents of both Nuka and Vitani

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    nuka got not fit king by scar maybe he got rejected so nuka is the child of scar and zira



    Nuka looks like a child of a lion and a hyena 😘😘😂😂😂😂

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    I think he was kinda healthy when he was born . He just got unhealthy because of the outlands

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    who is ziras mother and father and sister

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    Theory: Nuka's mother is Nala.

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    That 's really think outside of the box

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    Some people think nala was vitani mother

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    The real parents of Vitani are Tojo e Tama, and i think, the real parents of Nuka are the real parents of Kovu.

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    My theory: Zira may have had a relationship with another lion a long time ago, perhaps Tojo (from the comic books) or Chumvi (from the books) so that she could have Nuka, and after a while, Vitani. Zira before had only two cubs, but then, she relates to another lion, who ends up giving birth to Kovu. Scar probably allowed outsiders to hunt and has also spoken to Zira during his reign, Mufasa probably did not allow outsiders to hunt so he could keep gazelles, antelopes, wildebeests, and other animals in balance in the circle of life. However, Simba returned and after a great battle with Scar, causing Scar to fall from Pride Rock and be devoured by the hyenas, and after that he was burned by fire, he became king. Zira believes (or knows, but with the hyenas having killed) that Simba caused Scar's death. Zira then gives birth to cub Kovu after Scar's death. Zira says she will avenge Scar and kill Simba, so Simba exiles her and all the outsiders. In a deleted scene, Scar talks to Zira (in the same way that Mufasa talks to Rafiki in Lion King 2: Simba's Pride) and says that Kovu may be Scar's successor, because they are very similar. So, Zira pays more attention to Kovu than to Nuka and Vitani.

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    They do not look anything like each other , the only thing is the green eyes , but kovu his emarled . And kovu's fur is brown marron

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    To me it’s always been Nuka was scar and Zira cub, vitani was the result of scar assaulting nala and Kovu was just found or stolen.

  100. Foxy011

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    From the sentence Nuka says where he’s complaining about Kovu: ‘Scar wasn’t even his father, he just took him in’. I believe Scar is Nuka’s father as Nuka is implying that he should be king because Scar isn’t Kovu’s father. It’s possible Nuka is the son of Zira as they share similar characteristics such as eye colour. I think from the deleted scene where Scar wants Nala to be his queen, it’s highly possible Vitani is the unwanted child of Nala and scar. Then before Nala went to find help (and found Simba), Nala gave her unwanted cub to Zira. Vitani shares very similar characteristics to Nala and Scar, as mentioned in the video. I love your theory videos!

  101. Regina Colon

    Regina Colon日 前

    I kinda agree with you , but I do not think scar 's the father , I can a grandfather

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    I think nuka is the true son of Zira and Scar and Vitani and Kovu are twins from Zira and another lion.

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    My Theory! Nuka's parents During Scars time as King Zira and Scar had Nuka, went Simba came back and killed scar Simba banned Zira And Nuka from the pride lands Vitain's Parents 1 When scar was King scar needed to have good offspring (strong, confident, evil) and scar didn't think Nuka was good enough so he turned to Nala as she was strong and wasn't scared to stand up for her pride against scar. When Nala rejected Scar went to his teenage girlfriend Sarafina (nala's mum) and she agreed as she probably still had feelings for him. Therefore Vitani was born. Because of the state of the pride land Sarabi (the queen and simbas mum) grow to hate Sarafina who was until that point her best friend because Sarafina had mated with scar and was being given time off to look after her daughter while Sarabi was going though hell morning her spouse and son Sarafina was having fun raising her cub so Sarabi kill her best friend. Which explains why Scar didn't hesitate to hit Sarabi and also why we didn't see Sarafina in the end of the lion king, because of this Nala hated her little sister as she thought Vitani was the reason her mum was dead, Why did Zira Have Vitani in the Lion king 2?

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    Nuka don't call scar ,, dad" because scar love kovu and vitani more

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    Zira and scar is not is the real parenet

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    Vitani parents are actually scar and Nala crazy right and I don’t know what nuke’s parents are sorry

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    My theory is nuka is scars and ziras kid and malka and a lioness that had the same eye colour and fur colour as kovu was kovu and vitani parents. They had them during kopa and kiara was born and after scars death, she turned insane and killed malka and the lioness and the reason I think nuka dosent call scar dad or father is because when he was born during scars reign, he hated zira and nuka and mabye even the reason nuka is skinny is because probaly scar abused him and nuka only wants the king role is because of selfish reasons and to make zira proud.

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    Do a video about Choyo ( the selfish lion )