Nothing else is even close - Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor


  1. Gene Delicano

    Gene Delicano12 時間 前

    1000cm is 10m! Not 1m >:/

  2. Yash Sharma

    Yash Sharma15 時間 前

    This is really futuristic

  3. H8ts

    H8ts18 時間 前

    No review at all... simply a paid ad. WTF.

  4. Flat4Buggy 2

    Flat4Buggy 27 時間 前

    His review is on the main channel:

  5. Mark Black

    Mark Black日 前

    It's wide enough so you can ignore your wife.

  6. Alejandro Gomez

    Alejandro Gomez日 前

    not even a 2080 TI can max out a game and use anywhere near that 240 Hz refresh rate, so what is the point?

  7. Mario K

    Mario K日 前

    1000 cm is 1 m, eh?

  8. Alexander B

    Alexander B2 日 前

    ok not 1000 cm but 1000 mm radius

  9. Abhranil Dey

    Abhranil Dey2 日 前

    Starting price: your house

  10. skapunker1986

    skapunker19862 日 前

    Who the hell needs RGB lights on the back of the monitor, what we need is AMBI LIGHT on the back of the monitor, so that it fully lights up the wall behind your monitor in the colors displaying on your monitor, which is great with explosions, turning your room orange , or when your in a jungle or country side make it all green, and on the ocean all blue. Ambi light is an awesome experience !!!

  11. Thomas Marshall

    Thomas Marshall2 日 前

    49 inches is nearly the size of my tv

  12. Beau Long

    Beau Long3 日 前

    And all for the low low price of how many thousands of $$$??? Rich boys and their toys.....

  13. Patent Nerd

    Patent Nerd3 日 前

    I tried the G9 and the G7 as my first curved monitor rigs. I hated both for everything except gaming. The VA panel has noticeable backlight bleed and text is hard to read if you're not looking at the perfect angle. I don't recommend either for productivity but I can see the appeal if you're using it strictly for just gaming.

  14. Leftside08

    Leftside083 日 前

    I don't really get who this is marketed to. Anyone who can afford this probably doesn't have time for games. Anyone who would want this probably cant afford both this monitor and the gaming PC necessary to power it and get the benefit. I kinda just think it's a joke.

  15. Bit Stream

    Bit Stream4 日 前

    Thoughts on the Glorious mouse? C:

  16. Pradyumna D

    Pradyumna D4 日 前

    Imagine watching wide Putin walk on that lmao

  17. MONTheKiller

    MONTheKiller4 日 前

    league of legends on this monitor?

  18. Kaylee Somthin

    Kaylee Somthin4 日 前

    Its not a monitor its a fricken tv

  19. Juhani Lauteala

    Juhani Lauteala4 日 前

    Bought mine 2 weeks ago. Looks and feels really good (especially HDR with 240Hz)! [Running with 2x RTX 2080 TI on SLI]

  20. Buju Rocks

    Buju Rocks4 日 前

    Can you compare this to the Asus pvq35? It would make an interesting comparison

  21. lol Gaming

    lol Gaming4 日 前

    Lol that samsung oddysey g9 connected by windows 10 lol

  22. kyle

    kyle4 日 前

    What is an RTX 2080 Super compared to a RTX 2080 Ti 11GB?

  23. kyle

    kyle4 日 前

    NVM I looked it up. The RTX 2080 Ti is better sort of, not really, but it is.

  24. Dowstry

    Dowstry5 日 前

    hold on, so he works with numbers and measurements all the time (he’s measuring things all the time) and he just said that 1000cm = 1m 😂 Linus mate. Come on....

  25. Joseph Mahoney

    Joseph Mahoney5 日 前

    Hey Linus, think maybe you should take this video down? Isn’t this monitor RECALLED and removed from store shelves? And the reason it is not in stock anywhere? Dude! Really? Misleading 3 million people? Take it down!

  26. Trevor L

    Trevor L5 日 前

    Dumbass nearly broke it 3 times and touched all over the screen. Linus has really became a jackass.

  27. Muhammad Nimji

    Muhammad Nimji5 日 前

    could you run a flight sim on this monitor! thank you

  28. vahid Aria

    vahid Aria5 日 前

    Fk I bought 24inch monitor yesterday I was so happy but now I'm feeling I bought a phone Nokia 3610 not monitor 🥺🥺😔

  29. DM P

    DM P5 日 前

    can you imagine browsing pornhub or xhamster on this ?? SWEET

  30. Joao Carpio

    Joao Carpio6 日 前

    Does this work for ps5?

  31. Eradicator 44

    Eradicator 446 日 前

    bloody heck!!!! that's HUGEEEEEEE - I thought my 34" 1440p ultra wide curved monitor was big.. OMG - BUT I do have thunderbolt ports built into the back MWHAHAHHAHAHAHAhh *cough*

  32. Nik Nabrotzky

    Nik Nabrotzky6 日 前


  33. mikefly562

    mikefly5626 日 前

    Wow...just in time for Flight Simulator 2020, though buying a real plane will probably be cheaper than this monitor.

  34. Fred Flinstone

    Fred Flinstone6 日 前

    This just goes to highlight the limited nature of a new release item youtube review. You have to have a lot of people have it for a while before the flaws MIGHT become apparent (some may take a year+ to manifest). Don't buy a new product. Wait a few weeks or so and check out amazon etc reviews to see if a pattern develops (but by then there will probably be a youtube video talking about it)

  35. OFF HEAP

    OFF HEAP7 日 前

    you need to look across the room to see the other side of the screen

  36. creator Space

    creator Space7 日 前

    It's fun.

  37. Mewson

    Mewson7 日 前

    he has a 49 inch monitor but doesn't have windows activated...

  38. nowew owkelw

    nowew owkelw7 日 前

    Shill content. These monitors are borken.

  39. Bekir Hadžić

    Bekir Hadžić8 日 前

    Who else was waiting for Linus to drop that monitor?

  40. CraizyRox

    CraizyRox8 日 前

    That Activate Windows in Tomb Raider killed me...

  41. CraizyRox

    CraizyRox8 日 前

    Aww this looks like paradise compared to robot Linus.

  42. something unknown

    something unknown8 日 前

    This is perfect for race games

  43. Stevke

    Stevke8 日 前

    Where the fk is League of Legends test ?

  44. Dogo gaming

    Dogo gaming8 日 前

    This cost more than my setup

  45. Abdullah Azhar

    Abdullah Azhar8 日 前

    Hey you really missed that back side dazzling RGB illuminator reactor something - GORGEOUS. I would say Samsung just take my money :D

  46. artenman

    artenman8 日 前

    The way Linus handles electronics always bothers the shit out of me. Like that person that just doesn’t care and throws shit around and you’re always afraid to let them borrow any of your stuff because you know they’re careless af. Look at how he flips the monitor down on the counter to install the stand and just lands on the counter, barely on one side almost slipping off the edge.

  47. Prof. Dr. Mike Hawk

    Prof. Dr. Mike Hawk8 日 前

    This is NOT FALD this is Edge Lit. WTF was Linus thinking? Know the product first you idiot. Dislike.

  48. James X

    James X8 日 前

    Upvote if you keep having the urge to smack Linus.

  49. Datenschutz Datenschutz

    Datenschutz Datenschutz9 日 前

  50. Datenschutz Datenschutz

    Datenschutz Datenschutz9 日 前

    this monitor sucks hard: .... backlight issues and dead pixel like hell^^

  51. Escobar

    Escobar9 日 前

    It is wide enough you can feel the pain when you die on a fps game!

  52. yasza gaming tv

    yasza gaming tv9 日 前

    Whats going on linus tech tips 😒😞😞

  53. Ale

    Ale9 日 前

    Esperando esse monitor chegar aqui no Brasil

  54. Brian Miller

    Brian Miller9 日 前

    For monitors like this, with similar stands, what's the minimum width the base needs to support it, if you use a riser shelf? I've got a desk from Carettaworkspace with a 60" wide by 10" (in the middle ) deep shelf. UGH nevermind, I see now that the majority of the stand sits above the surface, that sucks. If it were flat could maybe still use it on a riser shelf.

  55. Paizon Ryker

    Paizon Ryker9 日 前

    Can we get a Monitor we can actually Buy?

  56. top 10

    top 109 日 前

    Apple creats mystery , samsung creats history love you samsung ❤❤😉

  57. Xavier Carvalho

    Xavier Carvalho9 日 前

    Alem do monitor gostei do video pelo fato de ter legendas em português brasileiro

  58. Unknown Person

    Unknown Person9 日 前

    Since when ded dis geezer have a beard

  59. SAJAD Best

    SAJAD Best9 日 前

    Samsung best 😀

  60. Икс мэн

    Икс мэн9 日 前

    Activate Windows

  61. Bryce Turner

    Bryce Turner9 日 前

    these socks and sandles man

  62. Waky whatever

    Waky whatever9 日 前

    You look good with a beard.