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NLE Choppa - FREE YOUNGBOY (Shot By @Ftystudios1) Prod. CashMoneyAP


  1. Christopher Copeland

    Christopher Copeland2 分 前

    nle trending knew dis was coming💯🔥

  2. synn kritikal

    synn kritikal2 分 前

    He coping NBA steal d man flow

  3. Vitor Cunha

    Vitor Cunha2 分 前

    oooooh tnx for this

  4. Christian94 19

    Christian94 193 分 前

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  5. Jana Sparenberg

    Jana Sparenberg3 分 前

    Watch my vids Ps. I have cute dog videos

  6. GamingWitDae

    GamingWitDae3 分 前

    Here b4 2 mill


    TACOS CLAN3 分 前

    Only og NLE fans can like 👇(It’s your chance to be mine)

  8. iiHyperPrince

    iiHyperPrince3 分 前

    Wtf choppa got a label now

  9. Blake Wolfplum

    Blake Wolfplum3 分 前

    Ayye let’s get it!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. WebMadeIt

    WebMadeIt4 分 前

    cashmoneyap: How many 808 in beat? NLE Choppa: Yes!

  11. Cornelius Collins

    Cornelius Collins4 分 前

    This how many people fw this

  12. SpaceTimeMyles

    SpaceTimeMyles5 分 前

    I showed this to my dad Then walked out of his life

  13. Josh B.

    Josh B.5 分 前

    Outa here with your hand symbols.

  14. complex cloudyy

    complex cloudyy6 分 前

    Nice hair

  15. Hunter Olson

    Hunter Olson6 分 前

    free nba

  16. Officer Bacon

    Officer Bacon6 分 前

    Who’s better like: NLE Choppa Comment: NLE Choppa

  17. Slat Yb

    Slat Yb6 分 前

    Choppa go hard but let’s be real this trending cause youngboy name in the title.

  18. Ivy Vaughn

    Ivy Vaughn6 分 前

    Another plant 🙄

  19. Honesty McCollum

    Honesty McCollum6 分 前

    So was Freeddawg ab NLE??

  20. Kingslayer Z9Z

    Kingslayer Z9Z7 分 前


  21. VOXLIO

    VOXLIO8 分 前

    young boy in his cell wylin rn

  22. Bswagg _

    Bswagg _8 分 前

    I thought that was his sister in the thumbnail 😲

  23. H MessiladiesMan

    H MessiladiesMan8 分 前

    Fee youngboy💯💯

  24. Ashton Smith

    Ashton Smith8 分 前


  25. Scrilla Lee

    Scrilla Lee8 分 前

    Ain't nun about young boy on this song

  26. Xtra.ChrisYT

    Xtra.ChrisYT8 分 前

    Read the Bible

  27. masterbrice

    masterbrice9 分 前

    this is stupid

  28. pj vitty

    pj vitty9 分 前

    #1 trending OK NLE Choppa u earned it🔥🔥🔥😈😈😈

  29. texacorp

    texacorp9 分 前


  30. oK dexterous

    oK dexterous9 分 前

    I use to like NBA till everyone over played it got tired of hearing him

  31. keylo houston

    keylo houston9 分 前

    not taking sides but people do yall know what youngboy them done got they selfes into in thats a bad situation his career might be over & whoever was involved in the death of gee money i know yall done heard about it so how he go be free cant nobody get away with crime if they done it

  32. A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!

    A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!9 分 前

    Freeyoungboy cash money lol what the actual fuck is wrong with this world

  33. Bazzmino

    Bazzmino10 分 前

    says same shit every song.

  34. myty07 07

    myty07 0710 分 前

    This some heat frfr🔥🔥

  35. Lala Land

    Lala Land10 分 前


  36. Jay Slime

    Jay Slime10 分 前

    damn choppa beat taylor swift💀🐐

  37. Darcy Walker

    Darcy Walker10 分 前

    I hope this fucking piece of shit dies cuz this faggot got joji down to a number 3

  38. Nick Eh 30 CD

    Nick Eh 30 CD10 分 前

    Maldito seas Dios

  39. Kidtosaucy 310

    Kidtosaucy 31010 分 前

    “Aint ever fuck with josh but i love totin drakes”🥵🥵🥵🥵

  40. wheely yum

    wheely yum11 分 前

    Sound like freeddawg

  41. Anime Antonio

    Anime Antonio11 分 前

    This is lit🔥🔥🔥 but slow down on the drugs

  42. Skooma Tox

    Skooma Tox11 分 前

    Is that the only shirt you own

  43. Weef

    Weef11 分 前

    Mufasa was a lion tho

  44. AJ

    AJ11 分 前

    This song is bubblegum asfck. All views were from middle and high school kids

  45. Resident NotEvil

    Resident NotEvil11 分 前

    This nigga is absolute trash!

  46. Jayce Vlogs

    Jayce Vlogs11 分 前

    This is fire 🚫 🧢

  47. calia mongo

    calia mongo12 分 前

    this is fire ok

  48. Kidtosaucy 310

    Kidtosaucy 31012 分 前

    1:38 bruh this nigga can rap sing and dance

  49. Shadow _

    Shadow _13 分 前

    1like=1prayer to youngboy

  50. amir bahmani

    amir bahmani13 分 前

    at least his saying these stuff to get promotion for his tour and become popular....the situation would have much different if someone leak this video as "confessions "

  51. SackchaserAlen

    SackchaserAlen13 分 前

    Choppa has autism

  52. Kyle Espiritu

    Kyle Espiritu13 分 前

    choppa really made more songs than more rappers that been rapping for 10 years🥶

  53. Jonathan Edme

    Jonathan Edme14 分 前

    #1 Trending Like this so it can be the most liked comment in the world

  54. JekovanTv Goat

    JekovanTv Goat14 分 前

    Copied da hell out dat man😭

  55. Kendall Brooks

    Kendall Brooks14 分 前

    Keep youngboy

  56. james GHOST6

    james GHOST614 分 前

    This trending 1 in germany



    Something wrong, Mr.Beast latest video isn't number 1 on treanding

  58. Aliyah Torres

    Aliyah Torres14 分 前


  59. Isaiah_Ligma

    Isaiah_Ligma15 分 前

    I make music but it’s trash

  60. Ali Rob

    Ali Rob15 分 前

    Free this guys Dad🤦🏽‍♂️

  61. Supreme 4 TV

    Supreme 4 TV15 分 前

    #1 Trending 🔥🔥

  62. RNV2729

    RNV272915 分 前

    This shit is sorry and keep young boys dumbass locked up

  63. tmistn

    tmistn16 分 前

    Past Taylor swift in trending wtf this is a Fr goat/Legend💯💯

  64. Govani Contreras

    Govani Contreras16 分 前

    We got a banger

  65. Courtney Green

    Courtney Green16 分 前

    HOW IS THIS #1 TRENDING... crap is TRASH

  66. Kreme Dela Creme

    Kreme Dela Creme16 分 前

    "I ain't never fw Josh but I lovee toatin Drakes" 🔥

  67. Playyboiii 213

    Playyboiii 21316 分 前

    Go listen it’s better than dis chit

  68. TREMXB

    TREMXB16 分 前

    Da song aint got none to do with Freeing YoungBoy but 🌋🌋as always

  69. Alexander Galvan

    Alexander Galvan16 分 前

    Who’s better like nle choppa comment blue face

  70. Abdel Girard

    Abdel Girard17 分 前

    Lyrical Lemonade should collab.

  71. Playyboiii 213

    Playyboiii 21317 分 前

  72. Red Clan

    Red Clan17 分 前

    Here before 10 million views I make fn content

  73. Tony 1x

    Tony 1x17 分 前


  74. kill Bill

    kill Bill17 分 前

    Bro snapped😎💯👌

  75. Not Shamon

    Not Shamon17 分 前

    Free youngboy

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  77. Javier Arias

    Javier Arias19 分 前


  78. Ernesto Gomez Jr

    Ernesto Gomez Jr19 分 前

    Lets see how long we can keep this #1 on trending, this the world record video right here!

  79. Nahi Hai

    Nahi Hai19 分 前

    Çlever' stole that song

  80. Chris Cheng

    Chris Cheng21 分 前

    tfw this just passed Talyor Swift on youtube trending./

  81. Jose Eleazar

    Jose Eleazar21 分 前

    Eww black music

  82. Anthony Merino

    Anthony Merino22 分 前

    Leave a like if you like NLE CHOPPA AND NBA YOUNG BOY

  83. Juss K

    Juss K22 分 前

    #1 Trending on him Question mark?...


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  85. C No

    C No22 分 前

    Look up Lilcoreyloc

  86. Gordan gone

    Gordan gone23 分 前

    Gonna call ice

  87. skeety 2

    skeety 223 分 前

    #1 on trending 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  88. Dynamic Dizzy

    Dynamic Dizzy24 分 前

    Here before 1.5 mill!

  89. Ty The Great

    Ty The Great24 分 前

    Dis song really trending bruh🔥🔥

  90. RIchard Allen

    RIchard Allen24 分 前

    sounds like every fucking rap trash out today.

  91. mer meh

    mer meh24 分 前

    This sucks

  92. Swagg Team

    Swagg Team24 分 前

    This shit fire

  93. Pablo Agustin

    Pablo Agustin24 分 前

    Whoever reading this , hope you get rich🎖 and famous🙏🙏🙏

  94. Jairo Ozuna

    Jairo Ozuna24 分 前

    Mans went #1 on trending

  95. RioCarterr •

    RioCarterr •26 分 前


  96. Spencer Blackmon

    Spencer Blackmon26 分 前

    Nle choppa it me Spencer so you are so good at rapping

  97. Lajordan Smith

    Lajordan Smith26 分 前

    Who was here way before 1.1 mil??

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    Se7en Beatz28 分 前

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  99. Caleb Davila

    Caleb Davila29 分 前

    Fredo bang fans punching the air right now

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