NLE Choppa & Clever "Stick By My Side" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)


  1. firebat128

    firebat128時間 前

    It was awesome till all that ignant ass nigga shit kicked in. What's a scrawny ass little shit gonna do like that talkin all hard. Little shit couldnt hit the broad side of a barn

  2. Mason Taylor-Pryor

    Mason Taylor-Pryor8 時間 前

    man called the snitch out

  3. Mykol12's Minecraft channel

    Mykol12's Minecraft channel15 時間 前

    Good luck

  4. Derek Gabor

    Derek Gabor20 時間 前

    Clever and post Malone collab?

  5. Zzzz

    Zzzz20 時間 前

    that nigga clever is trash. ruined the whole song

  6. DoobyLmao

    DoobyLmao21 時間 前

    Clever looks like a lesbian

  7. Kam Barnes

    Kam Barnes23 時間 前

    fucking trippie red

  8. Very Rare

    Very Rare日 前

    This song needs to be way longer with a verse from clever

  9. Not JuSt9

    Not JuSt9日 前

    That's is how many minutes the song is too short 👇🏼

  10. BrathaEx Christ Saves

    BrathaEx Christ Saves日 前

    This mug 🔥🔥🔥 straight from Indianapolis

  11. Jellyboy 21

    Jellyboy 21日 前

    At the first it sounded nun like the video in till NLE hopped on

  12. Gabby Bitson

    Gabby Bitson日 前

    Donotdissthismibookiykitty but yung homie this and yo paccer wood partner go h.a.m_x

  13. Tsehai Scott

    Tsehai Scott日 前

    baddest industry plant stills

  14. Vincent Ramirez

    Vincent Ramirez日 前

    He only sound good in this song

  15. Yahir Luvianos

    Yahir Luvianos日 前

    HE did 69 dirty😂😂

  16. Lil Vacationland

    Lil Vacationland2 日 前

    I'd ultra like this if I could

  17. Derek Burdem

    Derek Burdem2 日 前

    This song is very fire 💥

  18. Unleashed Kills

    Unleashed Kills2 日 前


  19. LifeIsShørt

    LifeIsShørt2 日 前

    These niggas be snitching I call them tekashi😂

  20. Joanne Ford

    Joanne Ford3 日 前

    Clever. Is. Not. Cool. Nle. Is. Cool. Sorry. Clever

  21. Panda Nuggetz

    Panda Nuggetz4 日 前

    girls locker room: Omg I hate P.E!! :( boys locker room:

  22. Cappin’

    Cappin’4 日 前

    Whys this song, actually as long as a lil tecca preview😂😂😂😂

  23. keaton kuhlman

    keaton kuhlman4 日 前

    That man is literally dawn off trailer park boys

  24. Fee Skinner

    Fee Skinner4 日 前


  25. Micheal B

    Micheal B4 日 前

    the white guy look like peter griffon with his jaw

  26. Kyle Carattini

    Kyle Carattini4 日 前

    Nle has 4 dance moves

  27. itsnotmalus

    itsnotmalus5 日 前

    so no one's gonna talk about choppa flexing his condoms?

  28. Number #1

    Number #15 日 前

    At 1:06 he said these Nigas be snitching I call him Takashi

  29. Desmond/Desmatic Davis

    Desmond/Desmatic Davis5 日 前

    Interesting not bad

  30. LeeWetItUp

    LeeWetItUp5 日 前

    Is it



    0:46 choppa road that bihh like nothing to 1:16

  32. Rami Elaine

    Rami Elaine6 日 前

    Money shit old and shawty whatever the fuck we called! Tupac please come back! Oh how the world has changed!!!

  33. Miguel Crizm

    Miguel Crizm6 日 前

    Me when ur bae says bring protection 0:45

  34. Young. Redd17

    Young. Redd176 日 前

    Better if clever wasn’t their

  35. Breright

    Breright7 日 前

    Nle is beast an jonthan

  36. Mr Diamond

    Mr Diamond7 日 前

    My man said "uh uh under"

  37. Timmy Turners a thot

    Timmy Turners a thot7 日 前

    Why people saying clever good he ass

  38. Ruben Yeno

    Ruben Yeno7 日 前

    It’s Clever ft NLE choppa not the other way

  39. Ruben Yeno

    Ruben Yeno7 日 前

    Clever x Meek Mill next 🔥

  40. samuel emmanuel

    samuel emmanuel7 日 前

    sound like lukas graham

  41. Justin Sanders

    Justin Sanders7 日 前

    Clever really looks like he’s in a Motley Crue cover band.

  42. The Joe Sankovich

    The Joe Sankovich8 日 前

    NLE be Killinn' Ittttt!!! Dude is Fire

  43. TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity

    TheBestYoutubeChannelEverTimesInfinity8 日 前

    blue face been working out

  44. Annefranksghost

    Annefranksghost8 日 前

    Everything was fire untill the chorus ended and he started rapping I mean mumbling I mean I don’t know what that was 🤦‍♂️

  45. Apollo4

    Apollo48 日 前

    dam this nigga clever is FIRE

  46. iPhone User

    iPhone User8 日 前

    Apollo4 fake Fan Alert

  47. iPhone User

    iPhone User8 日 前

    Apollo4 you fake

  48. Apollo4

    Apollo48 日 前

    dam this nigga dropping 2 much bangers

  49. Blake Alverson

    Blake Alverson8 日 前

    I have to listen 2 or 3 times in a row so it feels like i listened to a whole song.

  50. Juan Jose Quinones Jr

    Juan Jose Quinones Jr8 日 前

    1:06 Choppa said He a snitch like tekashi

  51. Juan Jose Quinones Jr

    Juan Jose Quinones Jr8 日 前

    1:06 he said they snitch like tekashi

  52. Z a L i K

    Z a L i K8 日 前

    bitch im rich till i die yea

  53. Z a L i K

    Z a L i K7 日 前

    @iPhone User ok

  54. iPhone User

    iPhone User8 日 前

    Z a L i K No

  55. Jordan Foust

    Jordan Foust8 日 前

    Anyone else realize how much this beat sucks. Bad 808 one backwards halftime loop and weird drum pattern

  56. Jordan Foust

    Jordan Foust6 日 前

    iPhone User oh yeah well when I was 9 I posted a JPreporter video and it got 28 views soooo😤😤

  57. iPhone User

    iPhone User8 日 前

    Jordan Foust It got 14M views

  58. @kinglord_

    @kinglord_9 日 前

    Dat hook sooo fukn cold

  59. Clayton Moore

    Clayton Moore9 日 前

    Clever coming up in the game. Without him this song would be ass.

  60. iPhone User

    iPhone User8 日 前

    Clayton Moore fake Fan lmao

  61. John Maradiaga

    John Maradiaga9 日 前

    Clever is the Sound we All needed 🔥🔥🔥 I should probably wear a vest for all the Stress I’m onto !

  62. Matthew Stanley

    Matthew Stanley9 日 前

    His face 100% ruined the song4me

  63. Chris Sachpazidis

    Chris Sachpazidis9 日 前

    clever so shitty singer vlearly.NLE CHOPPA the reason this track has views

  64. Nimo van Calsteren

    Nimo van Calsteren9 日 前

    tabtoe hard niffauwwww je weeet

  65. CODGAMING 18

    CODGAMING 189 日 前

    Am I the only one dying about the white guy🤣🤣🤣

  66. Jose F

    Jose F9 日 前


  67. Douglas Harvey

    Douglas Harvey9 日 前

    Dope asf especially clever