1. GiantsJets718

    GiantsJets718ヶ月 前

    Holla looks for something to punch or kick... na too expensive, gotta find something worthless... OK hat! Lololol

  2. Antt Perez

    Antt Perez2 日 前

    Nick going to learn Eminem's the rap God

  3. J Sin

    J Sin2 日 前

    Checkers and rallys are the same restaurant. Triple entendre!

  4. Tariq Abdul

    Tariq Abdul2 日 前

    Got to a review of the one he did with Royce and Black Thought

  5. Josue Leyva

    Josue Leyva5 日 前

    Lupe n Eminem top for sure agree a 100

  6. aiden mcneil

    aiden mcneil6 日 前

    ☆☆☆☆☆Five Star Pizza's Garlic Rolls!

  7. aiden mcneil

    aiden mcneil6 日 前

    Take Royce's lyrics and Imagine the same exact words from Em. Pretty dope lyrical concept.

  8. Anthony Chamarro

    Anthony Chamarro6 日 前

    Tee grizzly diss at the end not nick cannon.

  9. Jeremy Hutt

    Jeremy Hutt7 日 前

    Respect on that shout to Lupe being up on the lyrics list. Cause he is not givin the recognition he deserves

  10. A G

    A G8 日 前

    Yo....monopoly you build your property up and charge people for landing on it

  11. ThePurplenurple91

    ThePurplenurple918 日 前

    he started chocking up when he was comparing royce and em to basketball haha only real lyricist can do that to you

  12. Turpdaddy

    Turpdaddy10 日 前

    That part where he said you are so off beat its not even worth dissing you I believe was meant for tee grizzley.

  13. brokenexcitement

    brokenexcitement12 日 前

    You're the only person I've seen that feels the same way about me Lupe & Eminem that I do...subscribed!

  14. Josue Leyva

    Josue Leyva13 日 前

    Eminem and Lupe I agree

  15. AnticommentWarrior

    AnticommentWarrior18 日 前

    "I am too grizzly to bear" omfg

  16. AnticommentWarrior

    AnticommentWarrior18 日 前

    Such fire, we bumping this in the hood...

  17. Au 21

    Au 2118 日 前

    You just killed me when you kicked the cap 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Tara Hanley

    Tara Hanley19 日 前

    Garlic knots for days

  19. Lomso Ntebe

    Lomso Ntebe19 日 前

    Fuuuuuuuck Eminem!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Thee real rap God baby 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. LoganBurton

    LoganBurton20 日 前

    “So when you refer to the doc, you meant shredder. But document shredder. Bar? No? Yes? Idk but it was fire🔥🔥

  21. Jazzrama2

    Jazzrama220 日 前

    Royce verse was against America and the powers that really sleep on Royce's message...he said if yall against the thought of reparations then I'm not against the talk of separation....meaning if you don't give us what you cheated us out of we can bounce...and this ain't the old days when we where slaves he free now and woke and we will leave this bitch like ludacris did and go where ever we want to go...

  22. 9treyzay

    9treyzay21 日 前

    I think he was dissing t grizley talking bout be in the back seat can't keep in beef kuz he ain't gonna really go at him kuz he to small but he gave him a smack for running his mouth

  23. Andrew Ryan

    Andrew Ryan21 日 前

    Garlic knots are the shit!!

  24. Joshua Perez

    Joshua Perez23 日 前

    Its a tee grizzly diss

  25. ghostblack305music

    ghostblack305music24 日 前

    Awesome video man, great reaction Here is something great for the culture. #HollaAtKrazy Life Saver -

  26. ASMR Spardarx

    ASMR Spardarx24 日 前

    I like this song af bro

  27. Steven D Smith

    Steven D Smith24 日 前

    Two thumbs up for garlic knots

  28. Swayy

    Swayy25 日 前

    The too grizzly to bear & kick and the snare line was about Tee Grizzly not nick cannon LMAO



    That was a Tee Grizzly diss and you would know that if you listened to the bars that set up the punchline. Niggas really out here spreading misinformation.

  30. Jo jo

    Jo jo26 日 前

    Bro you missed so many bars from both of them but you missed a lot of what em said

  31. Roy Cuffee

    Roy Cuffee26 日 前

    Eminem is NOT a better lyrics than lupe that’s blasphemy

  32. juan leal

    juan leal26 日 前

    Royce is one of the only real mc who can Preety much go toe to toe with em

  33. thtop it

    thtop it26 日 前

    FF7 poster, DB poster and knowledge on bars, yeah im in homie.

  34. Ros

    Ros26 日 前

    I miss Jose

  35. Samantha Cross

    Samantha Cross26 日 前

    Hey fun fact: when I found shack he had less subs than you. You gon’ make it bro!!

  36. Charles Jones

    Charles Jones27 日 前

    You forgot about King Los when you mentioned the best lyricist...

  37. adam wood

    adam wood27 日 前

    He’s an alien

  38. Larry Parr

    Larry Parr27 日 前

    This makes a lot of rappers look lazy af.

  39. Hsiwje Jdjdhe

    Hsiwje Jdjdhe27 日 前

    Bro you should react to some lupe. Just to put some people on game.

  40. SwisherSweaty

    SwisherSweaty27 日 前

    Garlic knots do be slappin

  41. Aaron Urias

    Aaron Urias28 日 前

    You're the only one who caught the disses

  42. nate jordan

    nate jordan28 日 前

    Ur channel trash bro...stop talking so damm much

  43. D'shaunn Dixon

    D'shaunn Dixon28 日 前

    Does it say in the background that "I like satan?"

  44. MrArsh

    MrArsh28 日 前

    I like the way he said hold on

  45. Scotty miller

    Scotty miller28 日 前

    This whole rap beef BS is phuqing childish at best. They're supposed to be adults about their shit. If the shit they say aint true than why respond and stoop to that same lowlife level? PLAIN IGNORANT

  46. JD Allen

    JD Allen28 日 前

    Baxter Stockman was the evil doctor employed by Shredder. "The guy next to the Doc (Dr.) You Meant Shredder"

  47. Shawty Lo

    Shawty Lo28 日 前

    Everybody keep going in about this beef between Nick and Em, but if you look at stats Nick is killing the game.. Nick has NEVER been a rapper lol but he KILLING the business.. Far more successful than Em.. Nick didn't back down so I applaud him.. Who cares if he's bi, sucks dick, or whatever he chooses in his PERSONAL life. Em can rap but if you pull up net worth Nick wins the battle HANDS DOWN

  48. Zach p

    Zach p28 日 前

    11:04 I litterally almost choked while eating. 😂😂😂😂

  49. Bars Anonymous

    Bars Anonymous28 日 前

    This is a tgtizzly diss track

  50. Oscar Salgado

    Oscar Salgado28 日 前

    His face , lol 🤣

  51. Sean Long

    Sean Long29 日 前

    Nobody's a GOD.. only GOD is...💯

  52. Jamal Skidmore

    Jamal Skidmore17 日 前

    Besides, God's name isn't God.

  53. Lefty Hernandez

    Lefty Hernandez19 日 前

    No........ he's a god! A Rap God! But nobody tryin to be all religulous

  54. Ryan Boulet

    Ryan Boulet29 日 前

    Hey man i seen on the net today Orlando brown saying in a video that he let nick cannon give him head as a woman and that he like it too and didnt nick call em gay but it turns out he is the one that plays for both teams 😂😂😂😂

  55. Jordon Oakley

    Jordon Oakley29 日 前

    Buddy come on you’re reviewing hip-hop music but aren’t up to speed with anything ?? Eminem already responded to nick on fat joes new album He didn’t even diss nick on the new album it’s not worth his time

  56. A M

    A M29 日 前

    Shit 🗑

  57. Danny _

    Danny _29 日 前

    Nigaa Stop reaching

  58. Cleo Riddley

    Cleo Riddley29 日 前

    Beefing with nick cannon is like beefing with stevie j..😂😂😂.. Nick not a battle rapper or a lyricist.. So big up to nick for not backing down to a rhyme bully.. Em always been a beast so this was expected.. But at the same time look at nick career he doin big thangs regardless of losin rap battles..

  59. Shawty Lo

    Shawty Lo28 日 前

    And those are big ass facts💯

  60. Mike bass

    Mike bass29 日 前

    Play the song and get off their nutz, couldn't finish the video

  61. Mr. V

    Mr. V29 日 前

    We talkin garlic knots??? X)

  62. DWillMadeIt

    DWillMadeIt29 日 前


  63. Firya

    Firya29 日 前

    At the end, Em said "snare" on the kick, and "kick" on the fucking snare!!