New video: What Nearman did after letting protesters in


  1. Edwin tomlinson

    Edwin tomlinson3 時間 前


  2. Charles R Sullivan

    Charles R Sullivan4 時間 前

    Look,a like bearman was the key player in the captiol riot.He opened the door for those guy's to come in and he walked right through the crowd to the other side of the captiol like he did nothing wrong.

  3. Nathan Hale

    Nathan Hale13 時間 前

    Wtf is Nearman?

  4. Nathan Hale

    Nathan Hale13 時間 前

    What Capitol building in what city or state? These Newsreporter are INCOMPETENT... I can get more information from a fifth grader you’re a literally no help whatsoever is anyone there capable of communicating like an adult? Does anyone even know what news means/north east west and south. If you’re not telling us who what where when why and what the intentions are about a story you’re not really telling us the news you’re just running your mouth. Thank you

  5. Tobias Birmingham

    Tobias Birmingham21 時間 前

    But hearings are occurring and he is not a part of it???

  6. Christina Wallace

    Christina Wallace日 前

    Murder 2

  7. Georgi Taylor

    Georgi Taylor日 前

    Truth will set Republicans FREE!!

  8. Jade Davis

    Jade Davis日 前

    Needs to go to jail!!!

  9. Thomas Lentz

    Thomas Lentz2 日 前

    Why wasn't this clown held accountable for letting those rioters into the capital? He intentionally let those people in!

  10. Valerie Peddie

    Valerie Peddie2 日 前

    Nearman senator who let the people in the emergency exit xx

  11. christy G.

    christy G.2 日 前

    Really!!?? Like he didn't see them. He knew exactly what was up. I WONDER HOW MANY MORE KNEW.... like Pelosi, etc etc

  12. Shirley Rampersad

    Shirley Rampersad2 日 前

    He had no reason to leave the building. But he not only left he allowed those rebels outside to barge in. You have a keycard because the building is secured and you are authorized to be there. As such you should not have allowed anyone to enter without a keycard. And if they are thereto conduct business they should enter through the front door, the public entrance.

  13. likeit576

    likeit5762 日 前

    This is such bullshit

  14. forgiven 11

    forgiven 112 日 前

    This criminal treasonist should be arrested, tried in the court of law, and punished accordingly.

  15. eme eme

    eme eme2 日 前

    Lmao, lefties learned a new word and now everyone is "treasonist"

  16. n n

    n n3 日 前

    Idiots they're not Trump supporter

  17. Eleanor Turner

    Eleanor Turner3 日 前

    They investigating they have the evidence right before their very eyes never mind where he was going he left them in he is part of the problem and should be prosecuted

  18. F FakeNews

    F FakeNews3 日 前

    And faster

  19. F FakeNews

    F FakeNews3 日 前

    He could have stayed in the building and got to where he needed to go

  20. F FakeNews

    F FakeNews3 日 前

    He should be in prison

  21. Andrew Cavers

    Andrew Cavers3 日 前

    Mike is for the people 👍🏻 ,nobody got hurt , The people wouldn’t have been their if they jobs 🤔 clean up your act

  22. Soo Ching hock

    Soo Ching hock3 日 前


  23. Vinny Fuifui

    Vinny Fuifui3 日 前

    Is he arrested?

  24. White Weaker

    White Weaker3 日 前

    D Trump and all his family screwed his supporting rioters (and the ones that died) at the capitol hill raid by denying he incited anything to them, yet it was clear they where acting under his words. -- Once his reputation is in danger, he will drop you so quick, you wont see it coming -- -- Trump supporters are IDIOTS who dont do enough research about him, he's just another Walter mitty --

  25. J. Cleveland

    J. Cleveland3 日 前

    Charge, prosecute, make him pay for damages...lengthy jail sentences after he is disbarred, and never allowed to hold ANY job of public trust.

  26. Annie Oakslee

    Annie Oakslee3 日 前

    Arrest nancy....she knew about this a week in advance and did nothing

  27. Grand Am

    Grand Am3 日 前

    This sounds and looks about white!!!

  28. Grand Am

    Grand Am3 日 前

    White privileges at its finest. SMH

  29. eme eme

    eme eme2 日 前

    *Muh racism*

  30. Daniel Yeh

    Daniel Yeh3 日 前

    Just like how science goes in one ear and out the other. He went out one door and in another.

  31. Dwight Shupe

    Dwight Shupe4 日 前

    That my friends is high crimes and mistermeaners , a republican with a motive to do harm to make the presidents look dirty , prosicuter him ...and them that abused the cops .

  32. james

    james4 日 前

    He deliberately let them in to create havoc in the courthouse for the media to film and escalate the situation!

  33. Icon Canada

    Icon Canada4 日 前

    Where's jim Acosta...what a coward

  34. Frances Parker

    Frances Parker4 日 前

    Sir those were not Trump Supporters but people dressed and acting like Trump supporters and got blamed for what was a planned attack to blame us for this evil that happened that day. I was not there but saw it on television. This was planned by never trumper Republicans and the Democrats a d cnn fake news media who hired this BLM photographer. It’s got to stop. I hate what happened there and the people who lost their lives. I feel this was done on purpose to again attack the true Trump supporters who are mostly Christians and never would think of doing something like this. I pray God will continue to expose the people who really did this!

  35. Guinness

    Guinness4 日 前

    So why isn't he being indicted

  36. letmetellya

    letmetellya4 日 前

    I don’t think the Trump supporters did anything different than the anti kavanaugh dem protesters did when they barged into the capital during the kavanaugh hearing. Screaming and yelling and trapping Flake in an elevator.

  37. Kim Monasarra

    Kim Monasarra4 日 前

    He his no special, he should be in prison, he is a coward like rest of those terrorists who stormed US capital on Jan 6..

  38. eme eme

    eme eme2 日 前

    This happened in Portland...

  39. Serrita Johnson

    Serrita Johnson4 日 前

    Jesus Christ lord of all save our babies. #newsmax #FoxNews #cnn #abc #bbc #nbc #vox #msnbc #GoodMorningAmerica #60minutes #newyork #NewYorkTimes #SaveOurChildren

  40. James Bass

    James Bass4 日 前

    If it was supposed to be an open meeting then why are Trump supporters being kept out? Why would supporters of anyone be kept out? Sounds more like a set up to me. Just like Jan 6 in DC with what now looks like the head conspirator being "PISS PANTS PELOSI"!

  41. blue fish

    blue fish4 日 前

    why did they not pull a gun on them ?

  42. Kevin Methner

    Kevin Methner4 日 前

    These are the disgusting individuals that my Republican party has inflicted upon our nation. People like Mike Nearman have no business being in public service and have no idea what it means to serve the public interest. The GOP itself has become the party of Anti-American and Anti-God actions and rhetoric. The GOP no longer believes in the constitution and they only want power without any responsibility or accountability to govern and protect the rule of law and the citizens of our nation. As a life long Republican I urge everyone to delete your Facebook accounts and write any sponsors of any Fox Programming stating that we will no longer buy their products while they continue to support anti-American propaganda organizations who openly lie for profit while being complicit in hurting and killing American citizens. We the people need to defund Fox and Facebook. Pass it along folks lets all take it to their pocket book.

  43. faith nelson

    faith nelson4 日 前

    why delete facebook? and if you really want to defund fox, you need to cut your cable. 90% of their revenue comes from cable companies, not advertisers.

  44. melamarillotx

    melamarillotx4 日 前

    yes... open means OPEN>

  45. LilLiza

    LilLiza4 日 前

    Haha, trying to associate "Trump-supporters" and "patriots" with violent rioters. What a joke. Most of the right-wing violent people are fringe anarchists who ignorantly think the Constitution backs them. They're no fans of police and have probably had their own run-ins with law enforcement before. And therefore, they are no fans of Trump who supports the police.

  46. W D

    W D5 日 前

    Why were "Oregon Constitutionally open" legislative proceedings being hidden behind closed doors in the first place? How dare Nearman open a locked door to a public building, a building bought and paid for by the people protesting outside who wanted to hear first hand what was going on legislatively, without having to rely on a less than trustworthy press who never ask the right questions and seldom give all the facts. This terrible "mob" would probably have been a lot less irate if their elected officials had the courage to do what they do in public. If Nearman opened that door on purpose, then thoughtful, freedom loving people should hail him as a hero. Or are the only legitimate protesters those that burn down entire downtown areas?

  47. Rick Davis

    Rick Davis5 日 前

    you need to prove intent. He walked out the door. He didn't purposely hold the door open. He walked out.

  48. richard millward

    richard millward5 日 前

    Put him in jail!

  49. Debra Tefs

    Debra Tefs5 日 前

    What does Nancy have to say about this?

  50. T j

    T j5 日 前

    Watch new today. Cops are under investagate

  51. BS1

    BS15 日 前

    Dear: Republican Party When it came time to protect America you refused when the Alt-Right and the Neo-Nazis came you kept the door open for them. When Trump back these hate groups you protected him, a P.R. statement saying you refuse to support racism, then back Trump's hatemongering declarations the very next day. Who are you people to accept racism as a political platform? When David Duke supports Trump you did nothing, just give me my Tax Cuts and my Judges Mr. Trump. African Americans are being attacked on the streets by Americans for, cooking, sleeping, shopping by Trump Supporters you could care less. When Trump broke the law dealing with Russia you protected him again. Meanwhile, the hate groups are getting stronger, Anti-Governments Groups increase, but you Republicans do nothing. I say this as an independent voter you have permitted Donald Trump to become an American Dictator to keep your power. He Attacked Black Lives Matter for his supremacist racist base, for a Photo Op. The Republicans did nothing, Terrorist attacked Michigans Capital you did nothing to stop Trump. Trump told the Proud Boys, I'm with you The Republicans did nothing. The Capital Has Been Attacked and you have settled back and have allowed Donald Trump and his followers to commit treason. I say this to you honestly all of you are cowards to the Ameican People. It might not feel that way with the backing of Right-Wing Media, The Power and Money you have gained. We all saw it though, time after time watching you allowing Trump to do anything he wanted. A police officer has died and yes every one of you Republicans is to blame for his death, Fox News can't help you spin out of this. There is no honor, no integrity, or compassion within your party. Why do you ignore white supremacy and their organizations? Time won't heal this one, you have shown us who you are and we will never forget. Never Forget.

  52. George Wade

    George Wade5 日 前

    things happen when the Constitution is trampled upon for year and decades now...

  53. Jachelle - MJ

    Jachelle - MJ5 日 前

    Fucking nuts

  54. Maurice A

    Maurice A5 日 前

    And so the Republican Party will see nothing wrong with this🙄

  55. Shelia D'Antonio

    Shelia D'Antonio5 日 前

    Put him in jail.

  56. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson5 日 前

    What an ass wipe

  57. halimatun radiah

    halimatun radiah5 日 前

    This is the inside man of the capitol riot. Why is he not arrested?? Another thing I simply don't understand why the capitol police did not slam shut the door after discovering the door was opened and they pushed people out. It looks fishy to me.

  58. eme eme

    eme eme2 日 前

    This has nothing to do with DC Capitol. And no one was hurt during this clash

  59. Dannan Tavona

    Dannan Tavona5 日 前

    Show Congress what we in Oregon do such men who believe they are above the law. *Nearman should be expelled.*

  60. dickrizzzo

    dickrizzzo5 日 前

    Rep. Mike Nearman, R-Independence, was stripped of his legislative committee assignments and fined $2,000 for damage that occurred after he allowed demonstrators to breach the building. HUMMM thats a lot more than a democrat would get for doing much worse. Like planning the attack on the white house. they did and you all know it.

  61. Glitzed&Blitzed

    Glitzed&Blitzed5 日 前

    Did they really sing the star spangled banner to a bunch of cops inside?? LMFAOOO. They have GOT stop lolol. This is becoming comedic😂😂😂


    DEANNA FORD5 日 前


  63. eddie brown

    eddie brown5 日 前

    Republicans should never be allowed to be leaders .this is a crime against the country. People of color know who the republicans are a white raciest group. And the Democrats are now the party of LTBG movement imagration movement and the me2 movement. One of the oldest movement in this country is the black movement why have we been forgotten again. COVID-19 was no accident. When reparations talks come up something like this happens. America keep your welfare and your 15 dollars hr. Give us what is owe to the black man. Are woe to you!

  64. Luis Oliveras

    Luis Oliveras5 日 前

    Neraman trump hater

  65. maria utsick

    maria utsick5 日 前

    I had a feeling. How clever she is.

  66. Its Me

    Its Me5 日 前

    Judging from the comments here he did the right thing, also according to what has been done by state governments and officials in the past several months.

  67. M B

    M B5 日 前

    You let the mob in. You should have mob justice. Willingly take what you willingly dish out.

  68. Lisa Ramirez

    Lisa Ramirez5 日 前

    They planned for those rioters to enter ! To blame trump shame on them they wanted that to happen it’s a plot for Nancy pelosi plotted this!!! Wake up America !!!

  69. Jamie Taylor

    Jamie Taylor5 日 前

    He did it on purpose!!!

  70. Henrietta Dailey

    Henrietta Dailey5 日 前


  71. Maureen Thyne

    Maureen Thyne5 日 前

    Tyrant he should go to jail for a long time 👎👎👎👎👎

  72. Munch Benj

    Munch Benj6 日 前

    Has this video been sent to the FBI, if it hasn't then a respectable news outlet needs to do that. Why wasn't this on the news feeds earlier. It's very very disturbing.

  73. Tina Green

    Tina Green6 日 前

    I guess we call your demonic side "a crowd of luciferian puppets" GFY!

  74. Der Graf

    Der Graf6 日 前

    insurrection is high treason; high treason is a death sentence!

  75. Sandra Lyons

    Sandra Lyons6 日 前

    Yep when around the building n went in. Probably to tell Pelosi that plans in action

  76. Dave Williams

    Dave Williams6 日 前

    There are literally HUNDREDS of pictures and videos on line clearly showing that the vast majority of those storming the building are antifa dressed up as Trump supporters.

  77. Elias D

    Elias D6 日 前

    Why does didnt the cops start beating everyone up when they got hit with bear spray? I seen cops get triggered by someone giving them a side eye look, here they were actually attacked and did nothing

  78. Barney Ruble

    Barney Ruble6 日 前

    Aiding and abetting clear case of betrayal of office


    STAY WOKE6 日 前

    This is a blatantly obvious setup, and if you think it's not, you need to get your eyes checked, and then your brain!!

  80. Michael Stuart

    Michael Stuart6 日 前

    Could we say the protest/riot was "largely peaceful"?

  81. Oshun's Life

    Oshun's Life6 日 前

    This will not be the last time.

  82. Oshun's Life

    Oshun's Life6 日 前

    America is a poisonous snake that's repeatedly biting itself.

  83. LeeCole Bush

    LeeCole Bush6 日 前

    The DEFLECTION to BLM is strong af on this one ❗😝

  84. song yardbird

    song yardbird6 日 前

    So it is a month since this bs happened. Update please

  85. Melanie Hart

    Melanie Hart6 日 前

    So why didnt they close the fucking door?

  86. C J

    C J6 日 前

    Near Manchester better get a prison sentence. Another traitor to our democracy

  87. Ludmila M

    Ludmila M6 日 前

    Fake news

  88. LeeCole Bush

    LeeCole Bush6 日 前

    😆How so?

  89. Øbi

    Øbi6 日 前

    The white house belongs to the american people. Any American can go in when ever they want. Because the people are the power not the 1%. This is our world now. This shows that you can't pay police and army enough to open fire on their citizens. So when you finally push us over the line, you're all goners.

  90. Jess Lowry

    Jess Lowry6 日 前

    Lol!! Inadvertent. Stop with the propaganda.

  91. LeeCole Bush

    LeeCole Bush6 日 前

    Well what's the real your opinion

  92. jack l

    jack l6 日 前

    Imagine how bad this would have ended if it was Biden supporters/antifa/BLM that had been let in

  93. Greg sol

    Greg sol6 日 前

    What state. What actions. What. Whats going in in building. Why are there so many officers. Must have some bad stuff going on in there to make crowd angry.

  94. Mariana C.

    Mariana C.6 日 前

    My question is how do you know it was Trump supporters or are anyone involved in protests that enter federal buildings.

  95. Mariana C.

    Mariana C.6 日 前

    @LeeCole Bush .I didn’t stutter in my reply I said exactly what I said. You know the attack on the capital is a prime example of how it was a set up and shown that it wasn’t just Trump supporters the FBI released a statement stating such. But that’s how things are and that’s how things are assumed. And no I am not a Trump supporter Biden supporter, I support the US Constitution

  96. LeeCole Bush

    LeeCole Bush6 日 前

    WTH...are you serious ❓

  97. Larry Leighton

    Larry Leighton6 日 前

    YOU KNOW WHAT, foreign countries WHO ARE OUR ALLIES, will investigate and report on corruption in the US, while our Democratic state run media will suppress it. You need to watch and share this video, from website below, with everyone you possibly can including your brainwashed left leaning friends hiding in their cushy protected shells. It will come as a great shock to them when the Oscillating rotator hits the fan, and it will. You can already see the Demonic leaders plans falling apart and being exposed for what they are as they scramble to protect themselves.. COPY AND PASTE TO SEEK THE TRUTH if needed.>

  98. Freddie Santini

    Freddie Santini6 日 前

    Nearman why did you let all those rioters in? In another country you would of been executed or hanged.

  99. SOS

    SOS6 日 前

    Traitor to America!

  100. Austin Lavey

    Austin Lavey6 日 前

    They should of killed all them traders attacking the capital

  101. VoiceIt Publishing

    VoiceIt Publishing6 日 前

    Typical busy politician. Mind is too busy.

  102. Lucia Delia

    Lucia Delia6 日 前

    He went out solely for the purpose of letting those protesters enter the building and then goes back in through the back door. What a scumbag! Lock him up. 🔒

  103. Mary Hodgson

    Mary Hodgson6 日 前

    I always wanted to no this ??? Someone let them in WHAT'S THAT ABOUT ??

  104. Irene Walters

    Irene Walters6 日 前

    His actions speak louder than words.

  105. Gerald Moore Jr

    Gerald Moore Jr6 日 前

    He clearly knew what he was doing and needs to be held accountable

  106. Robert Pryor

    Robert Pryor6 日 前

    Lock him up

  107. aldane reynolds

    aldane reynolds6 日 前

    Its like he went out the door and said " i dont give fuck"

  108. Earon Jaena

    Earon Jaena6 日 前

    Wow! Just wow...😳

  109. Robert Regalado

    Robert Regalado6 日 前

    They should’ve opened fire...

  110. LeeCole Bush

    LeeCole Bush6 日 前

    💯 They damn sure had the right to*