1. Flavorsome!

    Flavorsome!10 時間 前

    I like it new ideas when it comes to chicken recipe

  2. Milford Civic

    Milford Civic19 時間 前

    It's great this show is back. Sick of all the competition and reality garbage shows.

  3. waRr3nxx

    waRr3nxx日 前

    I love the Indiana Jones reference lol

  4. Grust

    Grust日 前

    I guess 940 people judged him.

  5. arjnsdca

    arjnsdca日 前

    I love W! Glad to see her back! I do my sauce & cheese on the side, so there’s no time for sogginess!

  6. Colin Velius

    Colin Velius日 前

    Cutthroat Kitchen was amusing at first, but got stale real fast. I'm glad we're returning to the glory days of making cooking a science again.

  7. Kyle Richards

    Kyle Richards2 日 前

    so glad this show is back!

  8. Sahgee

    Sahgee2 日 前

    Why did i enjoy this and the mustache pulling bit so daggone much 😭💜 oh alton how ive missed thee!

  9. Rachel Barton

    Rachel Barton2 日 前

    This was everything I needed it be and even more!! My love of science and food first enamored me to this fabulous show and I am so glad that it's back!! Only Alton could do this, you're the best 😍

  10. Maverick21FM

    Maverick21FM2 日 前

    Thank you Alton for the original Good Eats. You inspired me to start a lifetime of cooking for friends and family. You are the reason I cook every meal at home. Keep up the good work!

  11. Charles Williams

    Charles Williams2 日 前

    That’s not Alton Brown; it must be his grandfather.

  12. Kayla Gordon

    Kayla Gordon3 日 前

    This makes me so happy! Welcome back!!

  13. The Girl Who Wears Pants

    The Girl Who Wears Pants3 日 前

    Why did I secretly want Tomato Tommasino to be Bobby Flay?

  14. Ryan Walsh

    Ryan Walsh3 日 前

    Return of a classic! Practical advice delivered in an engaging way. Love AB!

  15. djwaglmuffin

    djwaglmuffin3 日 前

    I hate canned tomatoes...always taste like metal to me. :

  16. Brastius

    Brastius4 日 前

    W made 936 alternate accounts just to downvote this video.

  17. DigitalSynapse0101

    DigitalSynapse01014 日 前

    Alton is back? Awesome! Much better than some deep fried mayonnaise guy advocate.

  18. Artur Lukin

    Artur Lukin5 日 前

    What an amazing episode Alton! The new Good Eats feels modern, yet still preserves the essence of the original show. Keep up the great work!

  19. pipbuster

    pipbuster5 日 前

    At the dinner table scene, I was waiting for a cameo appearance of Peyton Manning singing "Chicken Parm You Taste So Good"... @AltonBrown #AltonBrown

  20. Adam Churvis

    Adam Churvis5 日 前

    The very best part about making "glove hands" from a repeated caking of flour, egg, and bread crumbs is after the breading is done you get to chase the small children around the house like Frankenstein and they all run away screaming, "GLOVE HANDS!!! GLOVE HANDS!!! GLOVE HANDS!!!" just before the mother runs into the room and says, "Who are you, and what are you doing in my house?!"

  21. Adam Churvis

    Adam Churvis5 日 前

    Expertly done, sir! I missed you. Great to have you back.

  22. Samantha Redd

    Samantha Redd5 日 前

    I forgot how much I loved this show! Def needed in my life!!!

  23. Oshit Irwin

    Oshit Irwin5 日 前

    Goddam that l/d r

  24. Bradley Nugent

    Bradley Nugent5 日 前

    Best cooking show in the history of cooking shows, it has been gone too long

  25. Skiddy Macon

    Skiddy Macon5 日 前

    This feels like a Jontron video. I the style.

  26. Douglas Curtis

    Douglas Curtis5 日 前

    are these all gonna be on youtube? Y'all ALMOST made me buy cable again

  27. Daniel Wayne

    Daniel Wayne5 日 前

    This brings back good memories.

  28. Artful Cooking with Dawn

    Artful Cooking with Dawn5 日 前

    Woah, woah, woah, did he just hate on Tyler Florence! Savage

  29. Anon

    Anon5 日 前

    So happy to see scabigail!

  30. Dex Jones

    Dex Jones6 日 前

    I'm so glad the mad genius is back to playing the good guy.

  31. spencerdasilva

    spencerdasilva6 日 前

    13:12 I’ll just drop this time stamp right here and say nothing...

  32. Shody T

    Shody T6 日 前

    The only cooking show I enjoy, glad he's back

  33. joshmbrown42

    joshmbrown426 日 前

    I feel like the new intro could use a bit more color. Maybe some green? Still, looks like it'll hold up better over time than the old one.

  34. Durch

    Durch6 日 前

  35. HellJustFroze

    HellJustFroze6 日 前

    The only cooking show I ever have, and ever will watch. I've missed you, Alton. We all have.

  36. Benjamin Harbour

    Benjamin Harbour6 日 前

    So, does anyone know where Alton got his flame styled mixer? Are those decals, or did it come like that?

  37. BA

    BA7 日 前


  38. Shackaloo

    Shackaloo7 日 前

    Who the hell is hitting the thumbs down?🙄 Alton Brown & Good Eats is a classic!

  39. Brastius

    Brastius4 日 前

    Kids who have never watched it, or people angry that it's not broadcast in their native language. Or just assholes.

  40. Maderyne

    Maderyne7 日 前

    favorite moment? the whole video!!

  41. Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas7 日 前

    wish they would remove him and Bobby Flay......lets get passed being dramatic for the sense of entertainment and get back to COOKING.. He is not inspiring or even remotely interesting. Just trying too hard to be the Simon Cowell of the food network... He is the reason I stopped watching the food network.

  42. Gulf Relay

    Gulf Relay7 日 前

    Koko Karl is back as well? How about W?

  43. Gulf Relay

    Gulf Relay7 日 前

    Yaaaayyy! W!

  44. Scrap5000

    Scrap50007 日 前

    I'm so proud of you for knowing San marzano tomatoes.

  45. Michael J

    Michael J7 日 前

    Likely the best, down to earth and relatable, cooking show to have ever aired! As most of us are disconnected from cable, air it on YT and watch your subscriber count & revenue skyrocket, @FoodNetwork.

  46. mrnickbig1

    mrnickbig17 日 前

    I found out Alton did an episode that featured tomatillos, though I did not see it. Did he finally ADMIT that tomatillos are, in fact, closely related to tomatoes, and that Cape Gooseberries are, in fact, not real gooseberries? Or, should I ask Bobby Flay to chide him again over his lack of food knowledge?

  47. shaninnmarie

    shaninnmarie7 日 前

    Alton, you must be back in the South because I see you with your Publix bread crumbs. Edit: And your Publix mayo and potato chips.

  48. Frank F

    Frank F2 時間 前

    shaninnmarie he films Good Eats in Georgia.

  49. Katherine Tillery

    Katherine Tillery7 日 前

    I love learning about the food from a science level to a history level. I loved this show so much. So sad when it stopped. I hope it starts a food network revamp. I used to love watching the network now it's just boring competitions.

  50. JC Barton

    JC Barton7 日 前

    About TIME!! though, it looks like Alton Brown is about to turn in Neo and join Mr. Smith 🤔

  51. jon hillman

    jon hillman7 日 前

    alton brown and good eats improved my life by giving me the know-how to make better food. thanks for this.

  52. Fiction Addiction

    Fiction Addiction7 日 前

    My favorite food network show

  53. Greg Evans

    Greg Evans7 日 前

    OMG, Alton I am so glad you are back. Everything I ever learned truly useful about cooking was from Good Eats!


    GRANDIOSE _8 日 前

    Alton Brown is the Bill Nye of cooking shows.

  55. Doodah Gurl

    Doodah Gurl8 日 前

    I was wondering if W would make an appearance and there she is on the first episode! I loved her in the original Good Eats.

  56. Michael Grumbach

    Michael Grumbach8 日 前

    Hey, Alton! So glad you're back! I love your style and all the science and history you bring to us in every episode. I was wondering if you have any interest in improving foods for those of us who are avoiding breads, sugars, and various thickening agents that can be very damage to gut and overall health and well being. If not, oh well, we still love what you do. Take care

  57. Material Defender

    Material Defender8 日 前

    Awesome watch! Is that a Glaschutte?

  58. TheGrowGeek

    TheGrowGeek8 日 前

    Awesome 😎

  59. Louise Heiwood

    Louise Heiwood8 日 前

    The nostalgia is too much =^//^= good to have you back, felt like a kid again and excitedly watched with my fiancé... now we’re both hungry lol

  60. James Bailey

    James Bailey8 日 前

    I was talking to my friend just earlier today about Alton Brown, and this pops up on my recommended. To whatever FBI agent assigned to me, thank you.

  61. Off Road

    Off Road5 日 前

    Big brother is always watching my friend.

  62. evporretta

    evporretta8 日 前

    Stopped watching the Food Network when entertaining, informative shows like Good Eats disappeared. Thanks for bringing it back. Now I’m inspired to make this. 😊

  63. Stephen Pelo

    Stephen Pelo8 日 前

    I used Cento San Marzano tomatoes. Not DOP but imported from Italy. Did everything step by step with garlic bread! My home smells like heaven and the dish is unreal! I play good eats while my kids play and they love getting involved in the show! Thank You!

  64. kagondemon

    kagondemon8 日 前

    I made this, the general consensus with my family was it was the best they've had. From a cooking perspective not sure its entirely worth the effort. To me the shining star of the recipe is the sauce, going to try it on homemade pizza this week.