1. Freddylsx

    Freddylsxヶ月 前

    🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑Guys don’t forget to pick up some gear check out the website 👉🏼

  2. Alberto Ramirez

    Alberto Ramirez11 日 前

    Manda una calca para aca a durango compa

  3. Julian Velasco

    Julian Velasco25 日 前

    Not in Texas

  4. Milan Lewis06

    Milan Lewis0627 日 前

    More videos of the red truck and what engine did you get did you get a 6.0

  5. anthony veleta

    anthony veletaヶ月 前

    Omar don’t talk back. Listen to your daddy Freddy 😂.

  6. B_A_G_G_S

    B_A_G_G_S17 日 前

    have a question where you buy the tent and what size is it? thx dope vids

  7. julian_acosta_13

    julian_acosta_1319 日 前

    Omar no sabe when to shut up but everyone always cappin on that nigga, cut him some slack

  8. Street

    Street21 日 前

    I really think Omar should be more appreciated

  9. joseph mendez

    joseph mendez22 日 前

    Hey Freddy what kind of exhaust should I get for my Chevy Silverado SS 03

  10. O967 G16

    O967 G1623 日 前

    24:56 como se llama esa canción

  11. Ricardo Rodriguez

    Ricardo Rodriguez25 日 前

    Anyone know what Grille and Bumper is on the gmc?

  12. Daniela ScratchOff

    Daniela ScratchOff25 日 前

    Come on freddy moreee videoss vlogs🤘🤘🤘🤘😎

  13. Angel woodz

    Angel woodz25 日 前

    That bitch was annoying af

  14. Jonathan Simental

    Jonathan Simental26 日 前

    Omar please record better man . Why is it that you always recording Freddy / everyone else in the video from the neck down

  15. Saul H

    Saul H26 日 前

    Y'all need to give Omar more credit!

  16. Colossus 2.0

    Colossus 2.026 日 前

    Haha that’s what’s up that’s me @ 25:08 Arctic Blue Camaro !! aka Colossus !! Thanks Freddylsx

  17. Sy Lesneski

    Sy Lesneski27 日 前

    What part of Houston y’all from bro?

  18. Felipe Martinez

    Felipe Martinez27 日 前

    Omar made y’all respect the camera man

  19. Alex Urrutia

    Alex Urrutia27 日 前

    Waiting for the next video

  20. 909 Official

    909 Official27 日 前

    13:27 the takuache crew with bowl cuts and there botas 😂

  21. yAyO

    yAyO27 日 前

    WHATABURGER ain't even "Texas" no more....u can tast the difference😒....

  22. Andrew Vega

    Andrew Vega27 日 前

    Get tow mirrors for the black Silverado

  23. King11Kevin

    King11Kevin28 日 前

    How did he make so much money?! What he do for work before JPreporter?

  24. Manuel Palacios

    Manuel Palacios28 日 前

    Omar you should quit n move on n do ur own shit

  25. Jonathan Infante

    Jonathan Infante28 日 前

    Omar your dope asf compa

  26. Ivan Cano

    Ivan Cano28 日 前

    Haha “JOP” .. pura regida!

  27. emilio varela

    emilio varela28 日 前

    Congrats on the 120k

  28. JaaayUpNext

    JaaayUpNext28 日 前

    Omar stay hating 😂 I’d be kissing ass if I was an editor for the biggest truck youtuber.

  29. Jose R

    Jose R29 日 前

    Hey Thanks OMAR DAMN Family Fued Mexican Style Ya Too Funny

  30. Project V-MAX

    Project V-MAX29 日 前

    Who did your trans?

  31. Johny Hernandez

    Johny Hernandez29 日 前

    This channels is cool it keep me coming back for more videos. Btw i got a projects torque sticker on my truck. Repping in Bakersfield ca 💯

  32. Edgar Xavier Meza

    Edgar Xavier Meza29 日 前

    Freddy is the one with the bread but if it wasn’t for Omar’s editing skills.. This Channel wouldn’t have 100k subscribes! Keep At it Omar! You’ll get there one day!

  33. Rodolfo Almanza

    Rodolfo Almanza29 日 前

    Bro the rims you got on your black GMC I want to get adapter and put the same one on my 98 s-10 81k mills the truck is clean picked it up off of a older lady 🤙🤙🤙🇲🇽🇲🇽

  34. lx_KingxCobra_ xl

    lx_KingxCobra_ xl29 日 前

    I did the tranny on that red single Cab At the beginning of the vid check us out @elwuero.luna_ @rvracingtrucks

  35. josezamaniego13

    josezamaniego1329 日 前


  36. Erick Verdejo

    Erick Verdejo29 日 前

    Lmaoo I got locked up with that dude in pink

  37. Ruben Hdz

    Ruben Hdz29 日 前

    honestly editing has a major role in a video but its the content that really keeps the people coming . people dont go to movies for the editing they go to see their favorite actors acting out good content . So MLP todos 🥴

  38. Omar Torres

    Omar Torres29 日 前

    Low key is a hater. But they still funny asf 😂. Freddy got a WIFE WIFE !

  39. dani gil

    dani gilヶ月 前

    Omar start your own JPreporter channel. People will follow you.

  40. Luis A

    Luis Aヶ月 前

    Omar needs more credit!!

  41. Christian Tablas

    Christian Tablasヶ月 前

    I don’t mind seeing the truck being washed pa

  42. pimppimp1127

    pimppimp1127ヶ月 前

    Ur trucks are clean and u put out good entertaining content, but the filming and edits make ur videos. Hopefully u hook Omar up with some money cause he is a huge part of ur channel.


    IDABAYAREA650Iヶ月 前

    *Where can I get those hats Freddy?*

  44. Gamaliel Bravo

    Gamaliel Bravoヶ月 前

    What year is that GMC

  45. Marcus Mendoza

    Marcus Mendozaヶ月 前

    Bro why your ubolts rusted ?

  46. Vincent Grimaldo

    Vincent Grimaldoヶ月 前

    They both be doing some good work

  47. R Lopez

    R Lopezヶ月 前

    De pasan de verga con Omar no mamen😂

  48. Lones skazziltin

    Lones skazziltinヶ月 前

    Just paint the truck meanwhile the engine is out so you can paint the engine bay

  49. possibleluck101

    possibleluck101ヶ月 前


  50. Kobe Hernandez

    Kobe Hernandezヶ月 前

    Freddy c'mon bro I kno that's ur wife but it's always that's a women that's the down fall my guy

  51. Julio Dominguez

    Julio Dominguezヶ月 前

    Lol your girl talk the most shit when she hasn’t done nun #omardontgetenoughcredit

  52. Giovanni Rothman

    Giovanni Rothmanヶ月 前

    more day to day stuff. vlog style

  53. Rafael Caceres

    Rafael Caceresヶ月 前

    19:22 What is he sitting on??

  54. Christian Hernandez

    Christian Hernandezヶ月 前

    Saludos freddy and Omar síganle chambiando