Ndlovu Youth Choir Puts AMAZING Spin On "Higher Love" - America's Got Talent 2019


  1. Langa Luphahla

    Langa Luphahla27 分 前

    Am ready to take over the world. Am so inspired.

  2. Woodlake City

    Woodlake City20 時間 前

    I wish africans had colonized the Europeans. :D Their culture is much more joyful and lively than our cold grumpiness.

  3. Ken Wagnholt

    Ken Wagnholt22 時間 前

    I have listened a lot to the Ndlovu Youth Choir, there is so much joy and love. continue doing that, it can only become a better world, when your singing

  4. Farhana Zulkhairi

    Farhana Zulkhairi日 前

    This is so beautiful even I feel like crying 🥰😍

  5. Haidee May Delgado

    Haidee May Delgado日 前

    im from the phil. and i really love them singing... may i ask what is a vuvuzela... thanks for the answer

  6. Mr R

    Mr R52 分 前

    @Haidee May Delgado It’s the plastic trumpet being played at 1:44, usually used during football games in South Africa to cheer up one’s club.

  7. Tweety Bird

    Tweety Bird2 日 前

    Who ever gave a 1.1k thumps down on this video is definitely no South African.

  8. Living Life As Christine

    Living Life As Christine2 日 前

    Whitney Houston would be proud ❤️❤️❤️😘I loved this

  9. Justin Harvey

    Justin Harvey3 日 前

    Shame they didn't win. They were fantastic!

  10. My Kitchen by Nana

    My Kitchen by Nana4 日 前

    It's like the 20th time am watching this video

  11. Teddy Tipo

    Teddy Tipo4 日 前

    اكتر من رائع لكم التحية

  12. nondumiso modakana

    nondumiso modakana5 日 前

    This is beautiful 🔥❤️❤️well done to their mentor

  13. Tavia Wilkinson

    Tavia Wilkinson5 日 前

    I feel so much pride watching them

  14. Arther Steve

    Arther Steve5 日 前

    I love the lead singer she has the best voice ever

  15. nailij ord

    nailij ord6 日 前

    they should’ve won

  16. Sila H

    Sila H6 日 前

    This is reminiscent of Sarafina 😥 gonna go look for that movie again...

  17. Magda NReis

    Magda NReis6 日 前

    Way too good.. pitch perfect❤❤❤ the dance tho💕

  18. irene gitau

    irene gitau7 日 前

    I keep watching, congratulations your future is bright

  19. sofie #

    sofie #7 日 前


  20. Beth Wamkoya

    Beth Wamkoya7 日 前

    We 💖 u guys.Make us proud.

  21. Beth Wamkoya

    Beth Wamkoya7 日 前

    We 💖 u guys.Make us proud.

  22. lumu timothy

    lumu timothy7 日 前

    OMG these guys are amazing I could listen to this all day

  23. Nyasha Makumbirofa

    Nyasha Makumbirofa7 日 前

    I'm proud of you the Ndlovus keep the fire burning.

  24. Chipo Chibizwa

    Chipo Chibizwa7 日 前

    this was amazing 😍😍😄😍watched it more than twice

  25. Greeneyes93

    Greeneyes937 日 前

    So beautiful ❤️

  26. we got next077

    we got next0778 日 前

    They give me the lion King vibes. Every song is like out of " The Lion King" movie

  27. Michel Nalunva

    Michel Nalunva8 日 前

    So proud of Africa. I'm blessed to be a part of it

  28. emily changa

    emily changa8 日 前

    I have watched this like 50000 times.... Proudly African... Viva Ndlovhu choir Viva

  29. George Liria

    George Liria9 日 前

    That beaitiful girl was amazing.(lets talk about her voice and the vuvuzela gentleman another day).The group was hands down incredible.saving money so that you will be on my wedding day.(no you no marriage🤣🤣)🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪Nairobi Kenya fan.

  30. Eli Isaac

    Eli Isaac9 日 前

    Their first album is out proud of you Ndlovu

  31. Makusaro Tesha

    Makusaro Tesha9 日 前

    The conductor is having a ball 😂😂😍

  32. Aminah Khan

    Aminah Khan10 日 前

    I still get goosebumps everytime I'm watching this choir

  33. Ale Giordano

    Ale Giordano10 日 前

    I want a choir

  34. Tamajong Michael Nkeh

    Tamajong Michael Nkeh10 日 前

    This is one of the most sensational and touching choirs I've seen

  35. Tamajong Michael Nkeh

    Tamajong Michael Nkeh10 日 前

    There's no African choir I've seen this good in my life. Go Ndlovu!!

  36. Okuhle Osh

    Okuhle Osh7 日 前

    Go watch South African choirs here on JPreporter.

  37. Kevin LORDAN

    Kevin LORDAN11 日 前

    Tellement vous me rendez fière d'être Africains.....Dieu vous bénisses....Ramenez nous la coupe les gars....

  38. Michelle Horen

    Michelle Horen11 日 前

    Can this be a hit single?! This is amazing!

  39. moroccangirl

    moroccangirl11 日 前

    This is my new jam

  40. maxtahn

    maxtahn13 日 前

    1.1k thumbs down? If you were one of them you know deep down inside you're racist because this was fkn awesome! ❤

  41. Dotty yyz

    Dotty yyz13 日 前

    They have given golden buzzer to people worse than them and they deserve it !

  42. Zaynab Ahmed

    Zaynab Ahmed13 日 前

    The climax of their performance just goes higher and higher and your last with so much adrenaline every performance gets you so exited