1. 해야

    해야11 分 前


  2. Eli Wiji yanti

    Eli Wiji yanti26 分 前

    Dear J nanakuu.

  3. It WaS sO eAsY

    It WaS sO eAsY37 分 前

    Goodnight 💚💚💚 cheers to another mil closer to up 🥃(this is apple juice😳) I’ll be sleeping when this gets to 37mil

  4. sari kim

    sari kim38 分 前

    Ice cream nya jaemin❤

  5. Karol GP

    Karol GP時間 前

    ¡¡Pero qué canción!! No he podido dejar de repetir en mi cabeza: "We got that boom, boom, boom, boom, boom..." 🎵

  6. nct_trash

    nct_trash時間 前

    bro i’ve literally been watching this about 10 times everyday and the vi3ws are barely going up :( the vi3w rate is slowly decreasing so i wanna who is STILL str3aming this masterpiece 😔🙋‍♀️

  7. ARMY NCTzen

    ARMY NCTzen時間 前

    Is NOMIN real??

  8. Rovan alkhabyah

    Rovan alkhabyah2 時間 前

    Renjun, I love you ❤️ Jeno,I love you ❤️ Haechan, I love you❤️ Jaemin,I love you ❤️ Jisung I love you ❤️ Chenle I love you ❤️ Nct dream the love 😂

  9. ɴᴇᴏ ɢᴏᴛ ᴍʏ ʙᴀᴄᴋ

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  10. รตีญา ราชภักดี 10

    รตีญา ราชภักดี 102 時間 前

    Who thinks Jano is cute? Click like.

  11. Kyosuke

    Kyosuke3 時間 前

    I am curious, which sub-unit do you guys listen to a lot or like a little bit more? My choice would be NCT DREAM 🥀

  12. Kim Thaetang

    Kim Thaetang2 時間 前

    Himepiiouk Piiouk same as me

  13. Himepiiouk Piiouk

    Himepiiouk Piiouk2 時間 前

    Actually i cant choose because im listening all sub-unit everyday, like really everyday u 127 dream wayv

  14. Kim Thaetang

    Kim Thaetang3 時間 前

    It slowly increasing.. Fighting Czennies let's make ths era memorable for dreamies 💚💚💚 37m soon..


    DYING IN LIFE3 時間 前


  16. FOX_레베카

    FOX_레베카3 時間 前

    Amazing song

  17. Moon _Girl

    Moon _Girl3 時間 前

    I tried dancing to the chorus in 2x speed and OMG AM I DEAD FROM THE SPEED MAN

  18. мzя Ø

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  19. andi mario

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  20. Maci B.

    Maci B.5 時間 前

    There’s no goddamn way these boys are my age they look too heavenly. I refuse to believe it. Why the heck can’t the boys at my school actually take a freaking shower?

  21. Himepiiouk Piiouk

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  22. Yuza Dani

    Yuza Dani5 時間 前

    Stiil waiting for 37M,,

  23. Park Emi

    Park Emi5 時間 前

    Me gusta ;")

  24. jungkook ouo

    jungkook ouo6 時間 前

    No ones gonna talk about jisungs voice at 0:40?????

  25. June Shawshaw

    June Shawshaw6 時間 前

    I just can't accpt that their arr going to graduate from this group ㅠ.ㅠ

  26. alie ant

    alie ant6 時間 前

    ทำมั้ยน่าาาา อันไรเทห์ๆแบบนี้ไม่มีมาร์ค😂 วงวารมาร์คคลี5555

  27. Kim Thaetang

    Kim Thaetang6 時間 前

    Have a great day Czennies 💚💚🌱🌱

  28. Swadha Singh

    Swadha Singh6 時間 前

    aggressive dancing in 3..2..1..boom. 2:50

  29. Oh Canada

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  30. trishaarts

    trishaarts7 時間 前

    i try so hard not to stan nct, but i end up to come back here:')

  31. andi mario

    andi mario5 時間 前

    trishaarts stan nct!!!! u wont regret it believe me lol

  32. Mihai Catalina

    Mihai Catalina8 時間 前

    I'm not nct dream fan,but this song is so f*cking good

  33. Thia Ty Track

    Thia Ty Track8 時間 前

    We got that!

  34. Sug

    Sug10 時間 前

    Dreamies appreciation comment

  35. Mad Leo

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  36. ELF Chitta10

    ELF Chitta1011 時間 前

    Don't get hurt our little babies, we love you always..let's grow up happily and have a good mental happy everyday..take care of yourself and each other's too..

  37. Safia Kabiri

    Safia Kabiri12 時間 前

    lol they're all miserable in the thumbnail because they couldn't find a comb

  38. Kim Thaetang

    Kim Thaetang12 時間 前

    Good nyt y'all 💚💚🌱🌱

  39. seungwan's left toenail

    seungwan's left toenail12 時間 前

    the way jaemin's "ice cream" basically saved the whole song

  40. It WaS sO eAsY

    It WaS sO eAsY11 時間 前

    wendy's maid mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm idk about that but it does really add a good addition to the song it’s one of my favorite parts 💚

  41. BabyBoo

    BabyBoo12 時間 前

    Still in love with this song khukhu~╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

  42. starsappear

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    my daily haechan is god comment Day 5

  43. rlonnt chen

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    2019.10.15 23:00 36 893 502 like 1 394 178 +165 883

  44. Mark Lee

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    Please be fine and seek for help when you encounter problems

  45. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee14 時間 前

    We are going to protect you no matter what

  46. Mark Lee

    Mark Lee14 時間 前

    I hope you guys will grow old mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. I hope you won't go through any mental health problems. Just please pleaseeee

  47. Mad Leo

    Mad Leo10 時間 前

    So that's also a part of our responsibility. We should wisely thinking anything that we want to speak and write about them. We need to be more careful of our words if we won't to hurt anyone of them. Word can be sharper than knife.

  48. Sug

    Sug13 時間 前

    😶 yea

  49. nhomgiew

    nhomgiew14 時間 前

    / ฉีกสัญญาแม่ลูก!

  50. Keila Diaz

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    Guys we REALLY have to take care of our babies~ every time we see a comment report!!! Right only good messages and try to give likes to those messages so their the first ones to appear! *REMEMBER JISUNG CHECKS THE JPreporter COMMENTS EVERYDAY*

  51. Keila Diaz

    Keila Diaz14 時間 前

    *For new fans who are liking this concept and are not fun of cute concepts or just want to listen to more songs, I just did this for a new fan so I might as well share it* Cool/mature songs: 119 Drippin Boom We go up 1, 2, 3 Don’t need your love feat HRVY Stronger Fun/Energetic songs: We Young Fireflies Dream Run Best Friend My First and Last My Page Trigger the Fever Cute songs: Chewing Gum Ohh la la Dunk Shot Joy Hair in the air (just NoRenMin) Chill songs: Dear Dream Bye my first Walk you home Beautiful Time Candle light

  52. alyrra christine

    alyrra christine15 時間 前

    road to 40M

  53. Lin Mei Li

    Lin Mei Li15 時間 前

    Jaemin please take my heart

  54. Keila Diaz

    Keila Diaz15 時間 前

    It’s so sad to think that my babies haven’t been in the industry for even 5 years and they’re already going to go to their second funeral 😞 2 label mates, when is SM going to protect their artist 😔

  55. Yuna

    Yuna12 時間 前

    @Lone Wolf Sulli has passed away

  56. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf12 時間 前

    What happened?

  57. Ciara Espeleta

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    Yass! Road to 37million v13ews yeorobun! Like here if your still watching this before 40M v13ws🌱💚

  58. Zoie Garcia

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    My babies grew up so much🥺🥺🥺

  59. Mysteryst

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    Goisssss stR34m!! 💚

  60. Ria Fytri

    Ria Fytri16 時間 前

    Love NCT Dream, Love Jisung Pwark💖💚

  61. It WaS sO eAsY

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    Good morning 💚💚💚

  62. Felix_Hyunjin _skz

    Felix_Hyunjin _skz16 時間 前

    Am I the only one that noticed that Haechan was in his own scenes but not the group dance ones?!?!

  63. Felix_Hyunjin _skz

    Felix_Hyunjin _skz7 時間 前

    @Sug oh ok thank you,I'm obviously a new fan .. :)

  64. Sug

    Sug13 時間 前

    He was touring with NCT127

  65. Nexus879 KJI

    Nexus879 KJI17 時間 前

    This is the one of best songs

  66. Nexus879 KJI

    Nexus879 KJI17 時間 前

    In the world man boom

  67. Christine Melody Mutia

    Christine Melody Mutia18 時間 前

    Let's keep str3aming guys. Let's reach our goals.

  68. xXAmixX xXxX

    xXAmixX xXxX18 時間 前

    Oh My God! I think I'm in love again 😍

  69. na jaemin

    na jaemin20 時間 前

    Still watching. Who's with me?

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  71. Sug

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  74. Yuza Dani

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  75. dorkteria

    dorkteria20 時間 前

    every time i listen to this song I swear I hear something new - another vocal harmony, another sound, another instrument layered underneath....

  76. lala hana

    lala hana20 時間 前

    can NCT Dream had another song like this if they comeback again ? i really love this song!

  77. Mark me in your heart

    Mark me in your heart22 時間 前

    Good night ♡

  78. Leena Lee

    Leena Lee22 時間 前

    This video needs more views 😩❤️❤️

  79. Fantasy Universe

    Fantasy Universe22 時間 前

    The current dream members, is it 6 or 5 members coz some parts of the vid made me confuse at times if it was 5 or 6.. New fan here after ive started listening this song in school attack. Z😊

  80. Amira Shahira Mokhtar

    Amira Shahira Mokhtar16 時間 前

    Nct Dream has 6 members but Haechan was busy with his schedule with 127 while the rest are shooting the mv

  81. Mark me in your heart

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    Hi guys!! How was your day today? ♡