NBA players reflect on the legacy of Kobe Bryant after his death | NBA on ESPN


  1. MrQuacklingz

    MrQuacklingz11 時間 前

    World war ||| Bushfire Coronavirus Now death of kobe and his daugter Thanks 2020

  2. SmokeGoodEatGoodLiveGood

    SmokeGoodEatGoodLiveGood11 時間 前

    I could just imagine kobe telling and holding gigi saying “were going to be okay, daddy’s got you”😓😓

  3. food

    food11 時間 前

    Many many players will play in the nba but only about 3 players will define the legacy of the nba

  4. Bubba Jaxx

    Bubba Jaxx11 時間 前

    I’m still trying to wake up

  5. Alexander Dela cruz

    Alexander Dela cruz11 時間 前

    January is full of tragedy (australia wildfire - corona virus - iran vs usa - taal volcano erupted - kobe and Gigi death) freakin january

  6. The Gman

    The Gman11 時間 前

    Chopper going down Kobe: "hold on to me Gigi, don't let go okay?" Gianna: "Daddy we're falling please daddy do something!" Kobe holds his daughter tight and whispers in her ear Kobe: "Close your eyes baby girl, I won't let go"

  7. Ziv Adam paduyos

    Ziv Adam paduyos11 時間 前


  8. Arwill Arroyo

    Arwill Arroyo11 時間 前

    The words death and kobe at the same sentence just dont seem real

  9. Canna Zavala

    Canna Zavala11 時間 前

    If you sad. Take a shot a for every time a player days um.

  10. clientjacob24

    clientjacob2411 時間 前

    Such devastating news to wake up to, aftér hearing the news and reading a lot of stuff I'm still in denial that I typed "Kobe Bryant is alive" hoping I can find an article saying this all just a fake news or something. This just unreal! I thought to myself when he's still playing in the NBA that how can I cope when he retired, his games brought life into me giving me the motivation to live this tough life, but hearing this news put me in this black hole that seems impossible to get out to. You'll forever be missed Kobe "Bean" Bryant. Hope the days get better after this tough long day.

  11. Sergio M

    Sergio M11 時間 前

    Man watching all these guys talk about what Kobe meant to them and how he impacted them really made it sink in. He’s really gone. All of today felt like it just wasn’t real. He was healthy yesterday and was congratulating Lebron on passing him up. Now he’s passed on. Life is crazy and this goes to show you never know what will happen tomorrow. My heart is heavy. My prayers go out to him and his daughter, their family, all the other passengers, the pilots, and their families and friends. This was a sad day. A legend that will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace

  12. Matej Nikolovski

    Matej Nikolovski11 時間 前

    Is it just me or zion dont care and he is just saying that like he gives me that vibe

  13. Jimmy Larmour

    Jimmy Larmour11 時間 前

    I just slept woke up after cryin all yesterday .. Im up and its still real. I cant believe it kobe were so sorry

  14. Oris Nisbett

    Oris Nisbett11 時間 前

    KOBE. King of Basketball everywhere

  15. Michael Grey

    Michael Grey11 時間 前

    They're doing to much to get news stories

  16. barry hill

    barry hill11 時間 前

    So devastating!. Trae sounds like the Walter whites son

  17. I love your vlog

    I love your vlog11 時間 前


  18. Tin Tin

    Tin Tin11 時間 前

    Can’t believe this.

  19. Trustyourself

    Trustyourself11 時間 前

    I also feel Bad for Shaq man

  20. Bryant kobe

    Bryant kobe11 時間 前


  21. cipherP9

    cipherP911 時間 前

    Man, even after his career Kobe was still helping NBA players without asking for a thing in return. It’s amazing that he kept in contact with so many people, even kids of NBA players like Shareef O’Neal. Sad to see him go like this, him and his daughter were seen at games all around the NBA, seems like he was trying to build her into a future star and letting her soak in the experience. I send my respect to everyone who lost their life in this accident.

  22. Alexander Dela cruz

    Alexander Dela cruz11 時間 前

    Spencer dinwiddie is hard to watch

  23. TheWalrusIsRagu Goo Goo g'marinara

    TheWalrusIsRagu Goo Goo g'marinara11 時間 前

    Most of these guys are just being pc on camera. But Dimwidee, I felt that. Me too brotha, me too. My heart is with you. ♥️

  24. bobby Valentino

    bobby Valentino11 時間 前

    Kobe had nore to teach man. His book series For children. His detail break down of players. We did not even get to hear his Hall of Fame speech.... Its jus taken away jus like that.... And i feel the same way Spence feels right now...

  25. Real Reynaldo

    Real Reynaldo11 時間 前

    There's no words

  26. MissKate Joker

    MissKate Joker11 時間 前

    Lots of love from United Kingdom 💔💔💔

  27. Bil Cozbi

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  28. TLS

    TLS11 時間 前

    Dude, even Kawhi has tears in his eyes. And that bloke never shows any emotion, proper heartbreaking

  29. man like ming

    man like ming11 時間 前

    A hero, mentor and father figure to so many across the entire planet. When we get old and yell out "KOBE!!", our kids and grandkids are gonna ask what it means.. And we will all say "Greatness". 😪

  30. MissKate Joker

    MissKate Joker11 時間 前

    Whole world cry ...💔 I'm not basketball fan but Kobe Bryant and many guys from NBA melted hearts because of their good ❤️

  31. Festive Trackers

    Festive Trackers11 時間 前

    Can you even imagine how difficult it was for him in that moment? The moment he knew that not only his own life was about to end, but that of his daughter...a life he helped create. Can you imagine how he felt as a father knowing he couldn't protect her? Can you imagine him holding her, consoling her, telling her he loved her as that helicopter went down? I can tell you, Kobe Bryant's greatest fear was realized today. And it wasn't the fear for his own life, but for that of his beautiful daughter. rest in peace gigi and kobe :(

  32. Coolie Bambo

    Coolie Bambo11 時間 前

    Spencer Dinwiddie you know the vibes, do it for the Mamba

  33. FD Uchi

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  34. Winglap Li

    Winglap Li11 時間 前

    Please restart 2020

  35. DrinkMoWater

    DrinkMoWater11 時間 前

    Kawhi being trained by Kobe is hurt still got to stay poised. He feels for bro u can hear it

  36. Older General Skywalker

    Older General Skywalker11 時間 前


  37. HADES Music

    HADES Music11 時間 前

    Dinwiddie made me cry

  38. Domo_ 22er

    Domo_ 22er11 時間 前

    Kobe had a good work ethic , he never took the easy way out and never cried and bitched about anything he was LA

  39. Jamarcus King

    Jamarcus King11 時間 前

    The most well spoken I've ever heard Kawhi.

  40. TL & Hboogie

    TL & Hboogie11 時間 前


  41. Charles ᄑ1Ne

    Charles ᄑ1Ne11 時間 前

    Wish you all KOBE BRYANT24 ❤😇

  42. Flow_ Easy

    Flow_ Easy11 時間 前

    I still don't want to believe it. It just feels like a horrible dream 🤦‍♂️

  43. A Tem

    A Tem11 時間 前

    i thought it was a hoax, man this is real

  44. Abbey Rich

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  45. The Explosive Hitman The Explosive Hitman

    The Explosive Hitman The Explosive Hitman11 時間 前

    No words to say not a fan of basketball but knew Kobe Bryant was always a legend and legends never die rest in peace 🙏🙏

  46. Jordan Merced

    Jordan Merced11 時間 前

    Lebron is gonna be torn apart 😭😢

  47. ronnie thornton

    ronnie thornton11 時間 前

    I think the league should continue to go on this year, but the Lakers should automatically get the championship in honor of Mr. Bryant....😥

  48. James Wheeler

    James Wheeler11 時間 前

    This hit Trae Young and Kyrie the hardest

  49. John Ielmorini

    John Ielmorini11 時間 前

    I've never felt this way about a death of a man I didnt know....The passion and determination to be great at everything he set his mind to makes me want to be a better man. Cherish what you have, live in the present time, and be kind. 8RESPECT24. My heart goes out to all the families and friends of the people lost in this tragedy. ✌❤

  50. Travis Pogue

    Travis Pogue11 時間 前

    It took me forever to Believe that he was really retired....this right here just crazy

  51. Sunset Island

    Sunset Island11 時間 前

    Today just sucks.

  52. Cali love

    Cali love11 時間 前

    Spencers tears tho. .

  53. Mico Cuadra

    Mico Cuadra11 時間 前

    We love you so much Kobe. I hope you, Gigi, and your friends are up there enjoying in heaven. Thank you for everything. You will be forever in our hearts. Rest in Peace.

  54. Redbeans & Rich

    Redbeans & Rich11 時間 前

    None of this feels real or right. This isn’t supposed to go down like this

  55. Deku

    Deku11 時間 前

    Image someone asking Westbrook what he feels about Kobes death and he answers with "next question" or "did a good job executing"

  56. OnlyNoah Clutch

    OnlyNoah Clutch11 時間 前

    I just can’t tell believe how this happened like, how

  57. Tweak Jerry

    Tweak Jerry11 時間 前

    Kobe impact will live on forever GOAT 🐐 AKA KOBE

  58. Mr Brightside

    Mr Brightside11 時間 前

    you know who`s missing, who`s reaction or words im dying to see, the kid who challenge Kobe on his younger days and ended up being one of Kobe`s disciple, Kyrie Irving i know the story of him leaving the game against knicks after hearing the news but his one of those who really idolises him

  59. Michael Cabbigat

    Michael Cabbigat11 時間 前

    Jersey no. 8 vs jersey no. 24

  60. Dr. Rick

    Dr. Rick11 時間 前

    Ot was on Vince Carters birthday too😮😔