Naya Rivera Used Last Of Her Strength To Save Her Son, Authorities Say | TODAY


  1. oSolaire

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  2. Samantha Sharp

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    So she magically put the kid on board while drowning? Or on her last burst of energy threw him up into the air like a whale surfacing?

  3. Kim Harrison

    Kim Harrison時間 前

    DAMMIT.. Why she bring another adult with her💔

  4. Ya_BoY_mAc YT

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    That lakes in gta 5!!!!!!!

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    Never heard of her

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  8. Jessy Steve

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  10. Dead Man Drifting

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    Who’s her?

  11. Austin Elliott

    Austin Elliott時間 前

    Why was she alone wit her son anyway. She should of had someone wit her

  12. cici farrior

    cici farrior時間 前

    My prayers and condolences to her family's, friend's and fan's all over the world. R.I.P sweet angel Naya. Amen

  13. the pot

    the pot時間 前

    so sad. i miss her so much. shes with cory they are reunited for eternity now. rip naya, love and miss u forever💗👼

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  16. A Rose

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    Naya was such a great actress, she's a hero. Who cares if we don't know what happened, she is gone and may she rest in peace.

  17. Kody Spicer

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    I think there's something more to the story. The kid was wearing a life jacket when found. Why would she put him on the boat first instead of resting herself either on the boat or hanging on to it and floating. The kid also said he returned to the boat but his mama didnt.

  18. chief 1 redwolf

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    I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in me will live even though they die Jesus said. John 11:25 We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness , and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17 KJV, NKJV ❤️👑✝️📖

  19. Hey Life ?

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    The Illuminati got her man

  20. Aqua_Finessa

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    Am I the only one who thinks when a Hollywood Actor/tress dies that there was foul play involved. #tinfoilhat #conspiracy #theory #privateeyedetective

  21. Holly Slaughter

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    I find it extremely hard to believe any mother would go out on a boat with only her 4year old son ??? I mean unless its like a big yacht or a cruise ship an even then wouldn't be likely obviously its more to the story let's be forreal also every mother would have brought proper life jackets that's a fact !!! Especially being the child was so young

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  24. Gkïñg556 Montana

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    It’s just so fishy how the glee cast is Just ending up dead💔💔💔

  25. C Thomas

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    So very sad.

  26. Michael Merritt

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  27. Clytons

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    Yay she’s ded XD

  28. mimi mimi

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    احم. احم

  29. Doug 7RM

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    How do they know that?

  30. Random Person • 12 years ago

    Random Person • 12 years ago時間 前

    They literally found her dead body.

  31. Aniga Johnson

    Aniga Johnson時間 前

    When are you going to call me

  32. cell 20527

    cell 20527時間 前

    she not have a life vest? but her son did ?!? smh

  33. Random Person • 12 years ago

    Random Person • 12 years ago時間 前

    In most US states, people 18+ are no required to wear life vests. In fact in Georgia where I live I can be on a boat without a life vest at 14. In fact almost never do they even give life vests to adults

  34. WolfThorn

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    This sounds like such made up crap, they couldn't find her body for days but they somehow know she did this.

  35. Student Livon O`neal

    Student Livon O`neal時間 前

    The cameras show a large portion of the lake. Maybe we could possibly see the incident happening?

  36. Kurt Coleman music

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  37. Destdrom

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    Shad gaspard did the same thing. Crazy.

  38. Queen Leopard Lover

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    How evil do you have to be to give this video a thumbs down, smh

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  40. BList

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    If her and her son were off the boat swimming there should have been an anchor somewhere couldn't she have just held on to that chain to make sure she doesn't go I don't know all the way underwater there are just too many things that don't add up like how do you rent a boat but you don't know how to float and you don't know when you're too tired to stop swimming 🤔

  41. Marlon Jackson

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    Well she’s gone now and not how she died thats all that matters not how she died RIP MAYA

  42. tonylollollol

    tonylollollol時間 前

    :30 “THEY look back”.. who’s they??🧐

  43. lifeisgoodll

    lifeisgoodll時間 前

    RIP brave momma

  44. Elias

    Elias時間 前

    Shad Gaspard did it first.

  45. BList

    BList時間 前

    How on Earth are you able to rent a boat but you don't know how to float on your back.

  46. Michael King

    Michael King時間 前

    She paid the ultimate price for her ignorance.

  47. May jane

    May jane時間 前

    This is so sad. I never watched Glee but was planning on watching it. Rip Naya Rivera.

  48. Na Li

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  49. lotus fish

    lotus fish時間 前

    Swimming lessons everyone, let's get it

  50. S G

    S G時間 前

    how is that even possible you have "just enough energy" to propel a toddler onto boat and not enough to push your self up? That sounds ridiculous..

  51. Random Person • 12 years ago

    Random Person • 12 years ago時間 前

    Bro she literally just died and your like “SHes RIDicuLoUs FOr NOt PulLING HErselF uP.” Like stfu she died

  52. Thegulp 66

    Thegulp 66時間 前

    That little boy will become a good person and do something to the world

  53. B!tchSlapper

    B!tchSlapper時間 前

    Makes no sense...she's physically fit and he has a vest on. She boards first and then picks child out of water.

  54. Random Person • 12 years ago

    Random Person • 12 years ago時間 前

    Like the video said. The current swept her away. By the time that she would get on the boat her son would be gone.

  55. Amiya Young

    Amiya Young時間 前

    ,ta . B I5?3 6!*€¥ (**££(( ][《■°|😁😇😇😇🐑🐑👗👗👗👗🐓🐐🐱🐓🐓🐁🐁🐁🐁🐃🐃🐽🐴🐏🐏🐏🐏🐏🐶🐶🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐶🐶🐶🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔

  56. Sandara Domani

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    We need more mothers like Naya Rivera. God rest her soul🙏❤️

  57. Wykita West

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  58. Buddy Ratcliff

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    They dont know

  59. 420protoman

    420protoman時間 前

    boating with no lifejackets eh? sounds like foul play anyway there are already theories, this is a cover up story for someone really big named that kidnapped her.... so whatevs.. who knows what is real... the mainstream media is just beginning to fall apart wait a few weeks and see what happens here soon... she's gone tho..either way...

  60. Kent Tyler

    Kent Tyler時間 前

    Always wear a life vest, especially with children. It's so sad that people don't. This woman put her own child in danger and ended up dying herself just because she thought she didn't need one.

  61. pokemon go channel

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    People are dying because of covet

  62. Random Person • 12 years ago

    Random Person • 12 years ago時間 前

    Yeah and someone else just died from cancer. Yet do you care?

  63. c pavao

    c pavao時間 前

    6 Today Show is crazy man you cannot believe it might be faults they staged everything these people evil kids khon-tv lie to the world the airports these people TV airports that's all I got they're Liars can be trusted

  64. c pavao

    c pavao時間 前

    Don't believe it might be staged they do all the time I hope she's okay if it's true

  65. c pavao

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    S*** back again what's fake news what a big joke bye don't pull you on the list JPreporter getaway get out you have no no one always lies can trust no more

  66. Random Person • 12 years ago

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  67. ThatFagGuy Returns

    ThatFagGuy Returns時間 前

    But how do they know she saved her sons life? Sounds like the news just wants eyeballs

  68. Random Person • 12 years ago

    Random Person • 12 years ago時間 前

    Because there were witnesses on the boat?

  69. T Gibb

    T Gibb時間 前

    I just don’t understand... what did she save him from... ?

  70. Sichael Mcott

    Sichael Mcott時間 前

    How sad

  71. Deen Fredericks

    Deen Fredericks時間 前

    Second singer with Rivera as lastname mysteriously dead.

  72. Looney Fan Productions

    Looney Fan Productions時間 前

    Sad that we’re losing a lot of people this year. It just makes me sad. I can’t imagine what 2021 would be like.

  73. The Duckster 1231

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    hewwo beep

  74. Roger Sotelo

    Roger Sotelo2 時間 前

    It seems silly that the authorities say that she saved her son with her last breath. From what I can tell, only her small child saw what happened.

  75. 宋健熙

    宋健熙2 時間 前

    True mother rest in peace

  76. Robert Eaves

    Robert Eaves2 時間 前

    Actors are stupid.

  77. longarooni_xv

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    Ocean: I don’t f*ck with youuuu

  78. eVCephei

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    Dont they have to use lifevests to rent these out?

  79. សំបូរ វុធ

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  80. Robert Eaves

    Robert Eaves2 時間 前

    Can we deport her kid?

  81. Random Person • 12 years ago

    Random Person • 12 years ago時間 前

    Why? He’s 4 what do you exepect. “Do worry mother I will save you with my 4-year old body.”

  82. Grand Oblivion

    Grand Oblivion2 時間 前

    May she Rest In Peace. Naya will never be forgotten

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    Rest in Peace

  86. G.G. Reilly

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    Seven years to the day sounds like a suicidal coincidence.

  87. M1of23 GAMES

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    Calling back star platinum

  88. tyler

    tyler2 時間 前

    why are we praising an abuser again? to be honest, I truthfully can't feel remorse for someone who went through her life abusing her exes.

  89. Aduha Dx

    Aduha Dx2 時間 前

    She's one of Ghislane Maxwell and Epstein's, so it figures