Myles Garrett on the fight with Mason Rudolph: Browns beat Steelers


  1. Nail Onin

    Nail Onin2 日 前

    The Browns will forever be the biggest JOKE in sports not the nfl... SPORTS

  2. James Crisp

    James Crisp4 日 前


  3. Richard Gallardo

    Richard Gallardo8 日 前

    U dumbass

  4. Brayden Lewis

    Brayden Lewis9 日 前

    Myles didn't start it if you look closely mason was trying to take the helmet off of myles, then myles didn't let it happen so he just pulled Rudolph Elmer off and managed to

  5. Brian Hall

    Brian Hall10 日 前

    Lol lose your cool in Baltimore and see what happens.

  6. D L

    D L11 日 前

    Y'all kno! Myles was out of character for a reason. Right or wrong Yo as wuda did the same thing

  7. michael espinoza

    michael espinoza12 日 前

    Whatever jussie smollett jr

  8. Clayton White

    Clayton White13 日 前

    Like Rudolph didnt start it...

  9. Michael Stone

    Michael Stone13 日 前

    Turkey Jones says you let Rudolph off easy

  10. Political Optimist

    Political Optimist13 日 前

    Garrett says to himself "I really fucked up! So how can I get out or this?...... Oh I have an idea!!! I'll play the race card! It works every time! :)"

  11. Casey Clark

    Casey Clark13 日 前

    Hope you never play again sir. You don't deserve it.

  12. charles ryan

    charles ryan13 日 前

    Well that was stupid

  13. Mitchell Campana

    Mitchell Campana13 日 前

    If someone tried to rip my helmet off, i reversed it and got his helmet off instead, and then his dumbass is STILL coming after me, i'd definitely swing the helmet at him. Bengalls 0-11 go steelers

  14. 우삒까추

    우삒까추14 日 前

    사진너무 좋아요! 자주봐요


    TIMEFORFUN14 日 前

    KICK HIM OUT OF THE NFL! Does not deserve the platform . He is garbage !

  16. 우삒까추

    우삒까추14 日 前

    사진너무 좋아요! 자주봐요

  17. AmeliYah Barboza

    AmeliYah Barboza14 日 前

    I hate how we always have to be sorry or ashamed for defending ourselves when attacked. Fk being docile mason wasn’t being docile and sorry when he started the fight. GTFOH.

  18. R.S Herrera

    R.S Herrera14 日 前

    The interview with Rudolph had me wondering because he would say "you gotta go look it" and kinda be dismissive of any questions. Then watching Garrett say the same thing when asked if he was called anything makes me believe it became about who was trying to rip the others helmet first. The obvious. If Rudolph called him anything Garrett isn't overly bothered and say " the league will hear about it " or " he knows what he said " it sounds more like " you can see.what he did to me first and I reacted "

  19. John Truxal

    John Truxal13 日 前

    no more like let me find out if any mics on so i can then claim race card btw myllie smollet your subway sandwich is ready

  20. Big Monk

    Big Monk14 日 前

    He's talking like he's going to still have a job after that

  21. Professor X

    Professor X14 日 前

    he will lol

  22. J Giza

    J Giza14 日 前

    He says it was an accident. Really? So he calls you the N word and you state your reaction was an ACCIDENT? Garrett needs a lifetime ban for not only bashing Rudolphs head, but falsely accusing him with saying the worst word in the history of mankind. F GARRETT

  23. Matt Ryan

    Matt Ryan15 日 前

    Put this thug in jail assualt with a deadly weapon, could have killed the guy. His career should be over

  24. Matt Ryan

    Matt Ryan14 日 前

    @JStay Positive You must be black. If it was white guy doing it to a black guy you would crying in the streets screaming racists whites lol

  25. JStay Positive

    JStay Positive14 日 前

    Cry baby

  26. Ichthyology Guy

    Ichthyology Guy15 日 前

    "Did Mason say something?" "I'm not gonna comment on it"

  27. yshd hshs

    yshd hshs15 日 前

    Took balls to say what he said. From a bears fan I respect him.

  28. Ready Set Terrible

    Ready Set Terrible15 日 前

    well at least you owned it... and thats good, but did you go to the other guy, man to man and apologize.. you're adults playing a game and whether you want to be or not...... you ARE a role model . Be a man of substance

  29. Sean Mooney

    Sean Mooney15 日 前

    Of course they gonna feel some kinda way u lied about a racial slur.wait to u come to pittsburgh its gonna be a highlight reel of hits lol

  30. Jizzle 412

    Jizzle 41215 日 前

    THIS NINJA LYING!! Not another Jussie this is embarrassing as a black man another L

  31. Anthony Muzyczek

    Anthony Muzyczek15 日 前

    Rips helmet off Qb than hits him in the head with the damm thing and says it was an accident.... That was no accident!

  32. luvsilly60

    luvsilly6015 日 前

    If the field microphones prove he lied about a racial slur he should be gone all next year. If QB is using racist talk he should be gone all next season. Someone needs to be gone.

  33. J Giza

    J Giza14 日 前

    I bet 1 million dollars Garrett is LYING. This is just like all the other Hate Crime hoaxes...

  34. Lenny Pignatello

    Lenny Pignatello15 日 前

    But Miles Rudolph is a gentleman he will not pursue charges

  35. Lenny Pignatello

    Lenny Pignatello15 日 前

    Embarrassing is an understatement how about salt with a deadly weapon

  36. Aaron Thompson

    Aaron Thompson15 日 前

    He said no comment he didn't want to throw Mason under the bus like that to the media.

  37. Chris CoolCracker

    Chris CoolCracker16 日 前

    This man should never play ball again.

  38. hdzjsjsjdhuz

    hdzjsjsjdhuz16 日 前

    Mumble rap... Mumble talk... Mumble idiots

  39. Korrina Miles

    Korrina Miles16 日 前

    So all you guys are worried about a dinosaur?!? Think if he has kids?!?! Hello?!?!

  40. Catalysticx

    Catalysticx16 日 前

    OJ has interesting stuff to say to you Myles lmao

  41. Forest

    Forest16 日 前

    I have to honest I wanted him off for good for using potentially deadly force to the head with a weaponized helmet.... I still kinda do... Fighting like that on the field is stupid... It's not worth it. He could have killed that guy, then what? All those kids messed up! But he stands out because he used a helmet as a weapon.

  42. Jeff Lind

    Jeff Lind16 日 前

    A mistake is spelling a word wrong or getting a math problem wrong that boy has no character (violence is in his culture or lack there of)!

  43. Seargent AR-10

    Seargent AR-1016 日 前



    BELLA MORPIS17 日 前

    So he was asked was something said and he didnt mention a racial slur so........he was coach to lie about the racial slur afterward!

  45. Zach Fritz

    Zach Fritz16 日 前

    he didnt say nothing was said though. he said he wouldnt comment and they should go look at it

  46. longduck dong

    longduck dong17 日 前

    The 30-second Mark says a lot

  47. J Giza

    J Giza14 日 前

    He said, you gotta go look at it, not going to comment on it. He said to LOOK at it, not Hear it... He is a liar just like his buddy Jussie Smollet

  48. John Oliver

    John Oliver16 日 前

    I was thinking the same. Makes his accusation more credible in my eyes.