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  1. Revay Roofener

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  2. D Lenae

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    Much love 💜💖🧡

  3. Siphon boy 88

    Siphon boy 886 時間 前

    Good job Dan I agree with you good

  4. Din Abdullah

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  5. Mr_ Meows

    Mr_ Meows9 時間 前

    We need to do it!!!

  6. chris Rosevear

    chris Rosevear9 時間 前

    Big respect for Dan! Blacklivesmatter and we shouldn’t fell lucky to be white because everyone is human and black peaple aren’t diffrent and I’m an aboriginal and murindindi in my school says “all aboriginals are brothers” and so we can’t make fun of peaple because of there looks.

  7. Sno Man

    Sno Man10 時間 前

    Yeah, I agree with all of this except I’ll be honest, I haven’t liked what BLM, well more specifically the rioters, have been doing recently. They are using tragedys as an excuse to burn, loot, murder, and generally cause destruction. Defunding the police will not solve the issue.

  8. Bonnie TheBunny

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  9. mahnoor

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    my respect for him went 📈📈📈

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  11. Alpha Causiess

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  12. Spike gamer

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    7.2K people who disliked the video probably because they just wanted a video and don't care about this problem i this world with racism and I respect this video

  13. creppypasta girl

    creppypasta girl17 時間 前

    I cried so hard at this,my parents don't listen to me when I talk about LGBTQ topics and this video reminded me I'm still loved.


    KORAY CND18 時間 前

    Who is watching in quarantine

  15. Saif Albar

    Saif Albar22 時間 前

    I agree stop racism

  16. drage c-w

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    Been here since 2015 and ur still amazing ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

  17. _Ash.qwp_

    _Ash.qwp_23 時間 前

    Stop racism!

  18. angel polangcos

    angel polangcos日 前

    this is REALLY important to teach a younger audience about these topics.. i’m only a tiny bit older than the intended audience that dan makes videos for, so i’m already educating myself. i grew up with countless youtubers (not naming names) that have been such bad influences towards kids my age. they’ve said racist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, transphobic, etc. comments or “jokes” in their videos, and my peers have learned that those things are acceptable. it’s really, really sad. we watched these people on a daily basis and were taught that it was okay. it’s definitely not. so i’m really proud of dan for not being one of those people and for using his platform for the generation after mine. thank you for being on the right side of history.

  19. Liam Mario

    Liam Mario日 前

    Thank you dan

  20. 10k subs challenge

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    All lives matter

  21. 10k subs challenge

    10k subs challenge日 前

    No ones different, were all human

  22. Zen Lee

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    Black and white lives matter!!!!! 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿

  23. Sino

    Sino日 前

    Who disliked

  24. Rosa Romero

    Rosa Romero日 前

    I'm just waiting to see a comment about black people are bad

  25. dawrapper

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  26. Charlene Smith

    Charlene Smith日 前

    amazing dan

  27. Stinkymicpoopsplat :D

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    Yes sir

  28. TheUltimateWolf

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    Oml thank you ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🏳️‍🌈❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎

  29. Frank Rondon

    Frank Rondon日 前

    blacks started black lives matter they just started the illegal protests and they hate whites

  30. Dalbert Halim

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    @thelazy dudeyup i may be 10 years old but i understand u

  31. thelazy dude

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    You are the dumbest human being I've seen

  32. Frank Rondon

    Frank Rondon日 前

    black lives matter illegal protests

  33. Jesus Medina

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  34. m e

    m e日 前

    thank you so much dan for spreading awareness about this moment to your audience

  35. Avery Diegnan

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  36. Nolan Peterman

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  37. Itz Ivy

    Itz Ivy日 前

    Stop racism you are not helping if you are being rasist, stop 👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿👊

  38. Manny Linares

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  39. Andrei Ceraneri

    Andrei Ceraneri日 前

    "I have a dream"



    I wonder what the people who disliked the video was thinking.

  41. Harry Harry

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  42. Dalbert Halim

    Dalbert Halim10 時間 前

    @CraizFantominy JPG im not attacking just reminding ok

  43. Dalbert Halim

    Dalbert Halim10 時間 前

    @CraizFantominy JPG then we forget children starving in africa

  44. CraizFantominy JPG

    CraizFantominy JPG15 時間 前

    You should care for yourself more than anyone else.

  45. Siimple Sxnsets

    Siimple Sxnsets日 前

    Black lives matter



    Well done Dan 👍🏿

  47. Let’s see if Gabe can get 1k subs

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  48. Spurryツ

    Spurryツ2 日 前

    the people who disliked this video are probably racists

  49. dawrapper

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  50. milkyxmia

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    Trump supporters*

  51. YEET

    YEET2 日 前

    My respect for u watching this 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  52. Sergeant_Nolan

    Sergeant_Nolan2 日 前

    I totally agree with you discussing this topic, its a real-world matter and shouldn't be memed on or not taken seriously. I cannot help but believe a black male was killed by a racist officer, just because of their skin tone. I also can't comprehend how police brutality exists, it disgusts me to know that some officers of the law are not there to help you but to kill you because of your sexuality or skin tone. Racism is still a real-world topic that probably will not end, but we can try. Homophobia too, will not end any time soon.

  53. Careless

    Careless2 日 前

    I agree stop rasicum but for somereason I thought we was speaking in Spanish

  54. Tareq Wilson

    Tareq Wilson2 日 前

    I have been hated but not that hard and also not because of the colour of my skin. All younger viewers, do not think this as a joke. Racism ain't good and never will be.

  55. mnep5

    mnep5日 前

    im not young (i dont think it is a joke)

  56. shove

    shove2 日 前

    black lives matter - respect ✊🏽

  57. Awesome Crusader

    Awesome Crusader2 日 前

    👊👊🏻👊🏼👊🏽👊🏾👊🏿 black lives matter

  58. Haley Productions

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  59. ŠtårKîwî

    ŠtårKîwî2 日 前

    i am black, and this video is exactly what i thinking. 💕 thank you for this

  60. Mathis Cloutier

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  61. Dcsgaming 23

    Dcsgaming 232 日 前

    We need to stop racism and hate

  62. ItsAidos

    ItsAidos2 日 前

    We will never end racism. And I don’t really care if it ends or not.

  63. Argument Baiter

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  64. Professor Parabeetle

    Professor Parabeetle2 日 前

    Thanks pal that makes me feel better because all the black kids keep on beating me up and calling me the n word

  65. Rainbow

    Rainbow2 日 前

    * "Daddy changed the world"* - George Floyd's daughter 2020

  66. Giraffy

    Giraffy2 日 前

    Racism is a disgrace to this world. This needs to stop. Now.

  67. ThatRobloxFamily

    ThatRobloxFamily2 日 前

    There are 5 kinds of people I hate, Racists, homophobes, sexist people, and people who think there are only two genders.

  68. Shy Guy Dood

    Shy Guy Dood2 日 前

    Racism is disgusting I agree but it was always exist there always be people who are pieces of garbage and we will never achieve piece I’m sorry that’s the way the world is (and it sucks). Lives matter if you need a race color or name for it you’re racist.

  69. Oscy 7909

    Oscy 79092 日 前

    Freaking 7.2 dislikes

  70. Explorer Fun

    Explorer Fun2 日 前

    i know

  71. Ricardo Garay

    Ricardo Garay2 日 前

    Dan's right...We. Are. All. Human.

  72. William Bogle

    William Bogle2 日 前

    The ppl who dislike this vid wow rlly this man is talking sense and educating us

  73. backon gaming

    backon gaming2 日 前

    This made me sad

  74. Fire Dog

    Fire Dog2 日 前

    😕👉🏼👈🏼😢😩😫🤧😞😔👏😔😥😭🤔😶awwww... I don't know what that means😶🤔

  75. That one bespin guard who died #3

    That one bespin guard who died #3日 前

    A black man was recently killed for no reason by a white cop.

  76. Nathan Sengseng

    Nathan Sengseng2 日 前

    What do you mean

  77. Owen K

    Owen K3 日 前

    well when I was a kid all the Different Skin colour people was kinda mean to me and I thought that all Black People was Mean but now I know (and I was also dumb as a toddler)

  78. Grape man

    Grape man3 日 前

    To all those 7.2 k people who disliked you need to go get educated

  79. Charles Roof

    Charles Roof日 前

    no no no thats not right they need to go to H E L L!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Anees.Mehmood

    Anees.Mehmood3 日 前

    Daniel we understand its hard I'm white to

  81. Ari Tamir

    Ari Tamir3 日 前

    So what if there skin is different colour there still living beings and your right dan people need to stop bullying black people just because of there skin

  82. day vay

    day vay3 日 前

    the dislikes are from all the karens

  83. mnep5

    mnep5日 前

    karens dont watch this stuff

  84. Nicholas Myers

    Nicholas Myers3 日 前

    I would pledge to that dan. Good on you!! 🤘🤘🏻🤘🏼🤘🏽🤘🏾🤘🏿

  85. Cozmiccoder 683

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  86. Kathryn Guthrie

    Kathryn Guthrie3 日 前

    my respect for you went 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  87. Aaron_Rules1 hi

    Aaron_Rules1 hi3 日 前

    There is racism and there is black on black racism

  88. Ignatius Lahorra

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  89. Report of the day

    Report of the day3 日 前

    Call me racist but all lives matter

  90. Report of the day

    Report of the day2 日 前

    @my life is a mess black lives do matter I know that but every life matters when I hear black lives matter I think of the little kids that live in the ghetto and get hit by a stray bullet from gang members I think there lives matter but the media only talks about them once but when a white man does is it is the biggest headline of the news

  91. my life is a mess

    my life is a mess3 日 前

    All lives can't matter until black lives matter

  92. Rosestar of RoseClan

    Rosestar of RoseClan3 日 前

    I don't support it. *Because All lives matter*

  93. max mr.awesome

    max mr.awesome3 日 前

    i agree

  94. Gangstachu

    Gangstachu3 日 前

    Stop racism

  95. Anthony Davies

    Anthony Davies3 日 前

    Didn't expect this from Dan because of the age limit , nice one Dan👍

  96. davemadson fan

    davemadson fan3 日 前

    What a role model. He is an amazing gamer who spoke out about his opinions. Still can't believe the sheep in this world. Some people need to learn respect.

  97. puppy endorsement

    puppy endorsement日 前

    Yes, cannot believe the sheep in this world! They are the sheep... because I said so. Mwahahaha. /s

  98. runeswipe

    runeswipe3 日 前

    Sometimes I wonder, why did someone dislike this.

  99. Mr Man

    Mr Man3 日 前

    Don't forget, a lot of Dan's fanbase are the "normal kids" because a lot of kids already know about this because all memes are wholesome, and being smart is cool now. The normal kids probably disliked this thinking " the hell this ain't a gaming video disliked"