my stream caused me pain for 12 hours in minecraft


  1. MyNameMello

    MyNameMelloヶ月 前

    Donation Timestamps Drop What I'm Holding 1:14 7:34 10:37 28:08 Dig Straight Down 2:18 4:49 5:32 9:47 10:50 11:29 12:37 13:26 15:27 16:12 19:02 27:24 29:50 Punch Pigman 21:00 Clear Inventory 6:07 28:41 34:33 Reset 6:54 14:59 18:24 30:55 36:22 Any categories not listed were not in the video. Chronological Order of Video 1:14 2:18 4:49 5:32 6:07 6:54 7:34 9:47 10:37 10:50 11:29 12:37 13:26 14:59 15:27 16:12 18:24 19:02 21:00 27:24 28:08 28:41 29:50 30:55 34:33 36:22 All Deaths/Restarts 3:12 6:54 11:49 13:47 14:59 15:34 16:19 17:43 18:24 21:33 25:52 29:25 30:55 36:22 Me -----> 7:44

  2. Joe Natt

    Joe Natt3 日 前


  3. Ajyn Apy

    Ajyn Apy4 日 前


  4. Not ooboo

    Not ooboo5 日 前

    Oh yea

  5. Nicole

    Nicole7 日 前

    @Birchberry A small price for salvation.

  6. Michael Solomon

    Michael Solomon9 日 前


  7. Jørgen The Horse

    Jørgen The Horse48 分 前


  8. Isaloy _23

    Isaloy _23時間 前

    nice way making money XD

  9. Watchirin

    Watchirin時間 前

    At least he Can buy a new computer

  10. Apoapsis Periapsis

    Apoapsis Periapsis2 時間 前

    Mr.beast joins Traves: now this is an avengers level threat.

  11. Jakezter444 gaming

    Jakezter444 gaming7 時間 前

    What if they did this with dark souls

  12. EmemonD

    EmemonD11 時間 前

    It's Kinda Pure of U to not Monitize ur Video

  13. RedSparrows

    RedSparrows12 時間 前

    When he screamed that genuinely startled me.

  14. Curtical

    Curtical12 時間 前

    how much money did you make off of this?

  15. isabelle

    isabelle12 時間 前

    this man’s laugh gives me life

  16. jjug2029

    jjug202913 時間 前

    Is it just me or is his GPS insane

  17. Silly _ Noodles

    Silly _ Noodles14 時間 前

    at 4:20... ( *snort* ) listen with just audio “yo can i sick yo sick no homo” “ooooh”

  18. Legendary Failure

    Legendary Failure14 時間 前

    28:32 best moment

  19. How To Everything

    How To Everything18 時間 前

    I don’t really like this sort of challenge because it convincing the chat to give him money.

  20. Kaiser Ax

    Kaiser Ax18 時間 前

    How long ago was this you have like 230k now

  21. Ace_ofchaos

    Ace_ofchaos19 時間 前

    Cscoop challenge.

  22. Juice Box

    Juice Box19 時間 前

    This is how you make money

  23. Vintage Soul

    Vintage Soul22 時間 前

    13:47 was golden

  24. daily doggo

    daily doggo日 前

    please somebody tell me what the subscription sound is... the ‘HELLO’... it makes me happy

  25. Hannah Moline

    Hannah Moline日 前

    Bruh I love this video I've watched this video 8 times XD

  26. Ean VanPool

    Ean VanPool日 前

    I’m not so much annoyed about how much money this guy made as I am about how stupid these people are for donating large sums of money for something so pointless.

  27. Ean VanPool

    Ean VanPool日 前

    I’m not so much annoyed about how much money this guy made as I am about how stupid these people are for donating large sums of money for something so pointless.

  28. Ean VanPool

    Ean VanPool日 前

    I’m not so much annoyed about how much money this guy made as I am about how stupid these people are for donating large sums of money for something so pointless.

  29. resturhead_

    resturhead_12 時間 前

    Ean VanPool cry about it babey

  30. Abraham E

    Abraham E日 前

    i love ur screams 😂

  31. Maria Martinez

    Maria Martinez日 前

    Me on a bad day: 😔🥺😭😫😔👊🏻🤬 Travis: *laughs* Me now: 🥰💕🎀❤️🌸😁

  32. Whejed

    Whejed日 前

    no one like the video so that it can stay at 69k likes.

  33. Kaivy Magday

    Kaivy Magday日 前

    I need to know your intro

  34. M1necraftLover20

    M1necraftLover20日 前

    12 hrs of suffering but you know whats not suffering? His bank account. 💸💸💸

  35. Hayleigh Ruonavaara

    Hayleigh Ruonavaara日 前

    Creeper awwwww mannnnnnnn

  36. kiki aaa

    kiki aaa日 前

    pls marry me 😔✌️

  37. Ryan Rocha

    Ryan Rocha日 前

    Nice oculus cape

  38. kiki aaa

    kiki aaa日 前

    ur so cute aw

  39. kiki aaa

    kiki aaa日 前

    i lov u

  40. Conner C

    Conner C日 前

    I would have made you drop all of your stuff and dig to bedrock by hand😂😂

  41. Salahuddin Mansour

    Salahuddin Mansour日 前


  42. Corea Corea

    Corea Corea日 前

    what does he use to stream?

  43. Jakobe

    Jakobe日 前

    Mah boi gettin rich

  44. Yeahits Eleanor

    Yeahits Eleanor日 前

    He’s so cute oml

  45. Helplure

    Helplure日 前

    25$ just for you to drop the item you're holding? Really? I get like 15 dollars a month. Lmao. What a waste of money.

  46. Sneaky Dingus

    Sneaky Dingus日 前

    Yeah he streams to make money, ITS HIS JOB, it’s not any different from yours but he’s making way more

  47. Melt Elemental

    Melt Elemental日 前

    Lmao he made more money than you’ll make in 10 years

  48. uwujesus

    uwujesus日 前

    28:42 IM DEAD THAT *S H R I E K*

  49. uwujesus

    uwujesus日 前

    i cant wait for this man to do a face reveal.

  50. Hope R

    Hope R日 前

    Danger! Danger Will Robinson!

  51. Turkish Communist

    Turkish Communist日 前


  52. Tmoron

    Tmoron日 前

    If that was sarcasm you have no humor

  53. SLoFT21

    SLoFT21日 前

    I’m deadass trying to find where the “attempt #” theme/sound effect is it almost sounds like it’s from banjo kazooi

  54. Mr. Familiar

    Mr. Familiar日 前

    Conker's Bad Fur Day - Good Cog, Bad Cog & Bats Tower

  55. Nathaniel Abel

    Nathaniel Abel日 前

    This has to be the most lucrative 13 hours of Minecraft ever played

  56. relativelygood

    relativelygood日 前

    What's the song between tries?

  57. Violet Fletcher

    Violet Fletcher2 日 前

    how is his voice so nice like i dont understand

  58. Dewi van Wessel

    Dewi van Wessel2 日 前

    whenever he talks my brain goes “BABIE”

  59. BbyBoy Yoongi

    BbyBoy Yoongi2 日 前

    This is the first video I’ve ever seen on this channel and omfg his voice is so adorable! So ᵀᶦⁿʸ :(

  60. get trolled libtard

    get trolled libtard6 時間 前

    same for me did not expect a minecraft video to make me uwu

  61. Anna Spanovich

    Anna Spanovich2 日 前

    attempt 11 was big sad

  62. VaughnKindaFishes

    VaughnKindaFishes2 日 前

    What was the transition music?

  63. Murvax

    Murvax2 日 前

    i wanna do this myself but have no twitch subbase lmao

  64. Chef Pampered Pooch

    Chef Pampered Pooch2 日 前

    Shake your tail like that funny cat doe S

  65. alex kind

    alex kind2 日 前

    nobody: Me when i burn the pizza: 10:10

  66. james seabrook

    james seabrook2 日 前

    18:17 Reaction time of the century

  67. MrAirForce1s

    MrAirForce1s2 日 前

    I couldn’t sit for 12 hours playing bruh

  68. nibble coin

    nibble coin2 日 前

    how did u find buried treasure so fast .. i had to terraform a small island

  69. Jo Golding

    Jo Golding2 日 前

    Stop hating he only did this for entertainment some of you guys are dust salty...

  70. Quinn Bramwell

    Quinn Bramwell2 日 前

    My Twitch sub is in this!!! 32:14

  71. PresidentYeet

    PresidentYeet2 日 前

    can we acknowledge that he reset even though he only got 73$ 6:56

  72. uglygal

    uglygal日 前

    PresidentYeet it filled the donation bar

  73. Cringe

    Cringe2 日 前

    conkers bad furday- crude cogs is the transition music

  74. ii3ii

    ii3ii19 時間 前


  75. Ashiwol

    Ashiwol2 日 前

    i dislike people

  76. Evan Gaulin

    Evan Gaulin2 日 前

    Your hey siri triggered my Siri 😳

  77. e

    e2 日 前

    Do it again peasant

  78. Rais Ryhas

    Rais Ryhas2 日 前

    *_H E L L O?_*

  79. Hag

    Hag2 日 前

    22:02 Travis: [drowning] K.K.: ♪♪♪♪

  80. mark weening

    mark weening2 日 前

    a good way to make money

  81. Your typical Filipino

    Your typical Filipino3 日 前

    I still dont get what happened in 0:01 ??

  82. Melt Elemental

    Melt Elemental日 前

    He heard a creeper but for some reason the hissing wasn’t able to be heard in that clip

  83. Heathex

    Heathex3 日 前

    Could anybody tell me the song he used between attempts?

  84. Mr. Familiar

    Mr. Familiar日 前

    Conker's Bad Fur Day - Good Cog, Bad Cog & Bats Tower

  85. qtartiste -

    qtartiste -3 日 前

    Hint: y'all can just pick it back up :p

  86. Samie Crix

    Samie Crix3 日 前

    Stoinks *up*

  87. Luke Sivad

    Luke Sivad3 日 前

    200 iq

  88. Dave Mustang

    Dave Mustang3 日 前

    what's the attempt music?

  89. NoYo

    NoYo3 日 前

    Whats the song in between each death?!

  90. Karikuto

    Karikuto3 日 前

    Think of the profit he got from this

  91. Bad Skills

    Bad Skills3 日 前


  92. TrollRush

    TrollRush3 日 前

    31:35 😂😂😂

  93. Lobster Jerky The Meme Guru

    Lobster Jerky The Meme Guru3 日 前

    H e l l o ?

  94. мел и тина

    мел и тина3 日 前

    Love your voice

  95. Infamous Hampster

    Infamous Hampster3 日 前

    If he did this everyday for a year, or at least made as much as he had this stream every day, he’d have over a million dollars. That’s a bit Pog.