my stream caused me pain for 12 hours in minecraft


  1. MyNameMello

    MyNameMello4 ヶ月 前

    Donation Timestamps Drop What I'm Holding 1:14 7:34 10:37 28:08 Dig Straight Down 2:18 4:49 5:32 9:47 10:50 11:29 12:37 13:26 15:27 16:12 19:02 27:24 29:50 Punch Pigman 21:00 Clear Inventory 6:07 28:41 34:33 Reset 6:54 14:59 18:24 30:55 36:22 Any categories not listed were not in the video. Chronological Order of Video 1:14 2:18 4:49 5:32 6:07 6:54 7:34 9:47 10:37 10:50 11:29 12:37 13:26 14:59 15:27 16:12 18:24 19:02 21:00 27:24 28:08 28:41 29:50 30:55 34:33 36:22 All Deaths/Restarts 3:12 6:54 11:49 13:47 14:59 15:34 16:19 17:43 18:24 21:33 25:52 29:25 30:55 36:22 Me -----> 7:44

  2. Biblical Jedi

    Biblical Jedi3 日 前

    k thx

  3. chilliadistudios

    chilliadistudios8 日 前

    *høłý fŕįçķ*

  4. brownbaby xx

    brownbaby xx13 日 前

    when I go to church I pray for more people like you

  5. Roman Laws

    Roman Laws29 日 前

    subscribed for your awesomeness

  6. Raphtalia Is My Waifu

    Raphtalia Is My Waifuヶ月 前

    Pinned, liked by the creator and 10k likes what more can you ask for?

  7. meghan kelsey

    meghan kelsey23 時間 前

    the kk slider playing in the background of some clips is what we call *TASTE*

  8. FullCatHd

    FullCatHd3 日 前

    25:22 there is nothing so dont look

  9. YDkay

    YDkay5 日 前

    bruh u got 3k subs in FOUR MONTHS!?!?!? you r do lucky

  10. Summer

    Summer6 日 前

    this was an incredibly distressing video to watch

  11. Peachy Fuzz

    Peachy Fuzz6 日 前

    All of the strange Trav noises In the first five minutes Enjoy pls GASP: 2:48 GASP: 2:56 GASP: 3:08 ACK: 3:10 GASP: 3:14 GASP: 4:25 OOO: 4:26 GASP/OOO: 4:30 Ooo: 4:36 GASP: 5:07 OOOO: 5:08 Yeah x4: 5:09 GASP: 5:21 DOH: 5:41 no x5: 5:54

  12. Buni

    Buni7 日 前

    Travs is the most wholesome person ever

  13. Jared Crosby

    Jared Crosby7 日 前

    Attempt 11 hurt to watch

  14. Wolfcub05

    Wolfcub058 日 前


  15. UniiKai

    UniiKai8 日 前

    Lmao mans a genius

  16. Tasty Acey

    Tasty Acey9 日 前

    Every 100K

  17. ashkechum101

    ashkechum1019 日 前

    25:53 this is the run that will be it!! *Jojo theme plays* *Herd Of creepers appear*

  18. Miko Niko

    Miko Niko10 日 前

    Why did you reset? he only donated 73$

  19. K.

    K.10 日 前

    The bar filled

  20. Михаил Агарков Official

    Михаил Агарков Official11 日 前

    1:08 What's the music?

  21. Ryan Brown

    Ryan Brown12 日 前

    What’s the song at 10:23 and at 11:17? I know their from TLoZ Skyward Sword.

  22. GetWellSunye

    GetWellSunye12 日 前

    I replayed traves screaming 8 times After this comment it’ll be 9

  23. PopinDaPanda Minecraft ;D

    PopinDaPanda Minecraft ;D12 日 前

    rewatching this again

  24. Luke Moritz

    Luke Moritz13 日 前

    he has 420k subs nice

  25. Chrisuendo

    Chrisuendo13 日 前

    Da poor boi got put into _d an g e r_ multiple times

  26. Hey You

    Hey You14 日 前

    when Carson’s voice was as young as traves’

  27. stal

    stal14 日 前

    Traves: "pls don't ruin my life even though i'm literally setting up a system so you can" The entire twitch chat: "The council will decide your fate"

  28. DerpyMD

    DerpyMD15 日 前

    All I need is some lapis and I’ll be on my way! Literally 4 creepers: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

  29. Jacob Christopher

    Jacob Christopher15 日 前

    It was fun to listen to Travis scream while playing borderlands

  30. SUB2MRbeast OR LAZARBEAM or pewdiepie

    SUB2MRbeast OR LAZARBEAM or pewdiepie17 日 前

    Anyone mad how he reset when someone donate 73$??

  31. K.

    K.10 日 前

    The top bar filled

  32. Charles Sandoz

    Charles Sandoz21 日 前

    I want a compilation of him saying “oouuu” from this video (if you know what I mean) And each scream would be an amazing second compilation

  33. Shotgun Mac Gaming

    Shotgun Mac Gaming22 日 前

    Anyone have the original vid of Carson at 7:11?😂

  34. K.

    K.10 日 前

    Just look up callmecarson face reveal

  35. M Ornitier

    M Ornitier23 日 前

    Just know this probably around 25 people have a crush on Travis which is sad because he's just a twitch streamer

  36. Jared navarro

    Jared navarro23 日 前

    Fine JPreporter I will click on the video

  37. I may be gay, but

    I may be gay, but23 日 前

    the dude at 7:00 only donated 73 ??

  38. Aloe Nasin

    Aloe Nasin24 日 前

    Now do it again ;)

  39. Archie

    Archie24 日 前

    19:20 Traves swore! :o

  40. Fyre Storm

    Fyre Storm25 日 前

    can you please not have swear words in the vid kthxbai

  41. Bryan Gomez

    Bryan Gomez25 日 前


  42. Persephone Hana

    Persephone Hana25 日 前

    O yeA mIsTeR cRABs *_down_*

  43. linda

    linda26 日 前

    i cant believe that in this one good run where you didnt die in the nether you just decided to ran past 4 creepers

  44. Scythe 10295

    Scythe 1029526 日 前

    25:56 we’re just all gonna ignore how many creepers spawned there right?

  45. Mattoshie

    Mattoshie26 日 前

    Traves has black lung

  46. Emma Mix

    Emma Mix26 日 前

    28:43 Top Ten Scariest Jumpscares of All Time

  47. Jamil Abiodun

    Jamil Abiodun27 日 前

    Notch: accidentally makes creeper Notch: do you want to be like the Japanese Only history buffs will get this

  48. Fernando Contreras

    Fernando Contreras24 日 前

    cringe comment.

  49. Melissa V.

    Melissa V.27 日 前

    Song at 25:53?