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  1. AlondraDessy

    AlondraDessyヶ月 前

    NEW MERCH IS NOW OUT BABES! should I do a giveaway?

  2. MakeupBy Ale

    MakeupBy Ale5 日 前

    Been wanting to start my business for 2 years already I also have problems trusting vendors, i want good quality lashes and don't want to get scammed. I just don't know which ones are the good ones

  3. Elvia Zamora

    Elvia Zamoraヶ月 前

    Lash style ?

  4. Savannah Gonzales

    Savannah Gonzalesヶ月 前


  5. Daniel Valadez

    Daniel Valadezヶ月 前

    @Evelyn your cute

  6. Lupe Escobar

    Lupe Escobarヶ月 前

    & yes girl do a GIVEAWAY!!!💞💞

  7. Diana Rivera

    Diana Rivera16 時間 前

    Amazing video! Love it ... subscribe to my channel guys 🙏🏼❤️

  8. ulyssa aguirre

    ulyssa aguirre3 日 前

    did no one notice that in 0.23 she said "and my hair does smell really soft" yo wtf...

  9. Samantha Kuahiwinui

    Samantha Kuahiwinui4 日 前

    More talks like this !!!!!!!!

  10. Omar Niño

    Omar Niño4 日 前

    PI'm pull

  11. Cynthia Ochoa

    Cynthia Ochoa4 日 前 😩

  12. Gisselle Solano

    Gisselle Solano6 日 前

    Congrats on 1M babygirl 🥳🥳👑🥳🥳

  13. ashley rodriguez

    ashley rodriguez7 日 前

    So inspiring🥺 I am starting a new business and this is so cool to watch 💖✨🙌🏽🙏🏽

  14. Gabbi Gomez

    Gabbi Gomez7 日 前

    What straightener do you use ??! 🙏

  15. Eric monroe

    Eric monroe9 日 前

    This video helped me !! I’m thinking about starting my own cosmetic line

  16. Naomi Olavarria

    Naomi Olavarria9 日 前

    give us business tips ❤️

  17. Danielle Leyva

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  18. Danielle Leyva

    Danielle Leyva10 日 前

    Damn elsys a real one.

  19. ashley gonzalez

    ashley gonzalez11 日 前

    Loved this video!! It was very inspiring to me. Not everyone is open to offering tips and help on how to start a business. My dream is to one day have a clothing boutique and would really appreciate if you make a video on how to find manufacturers and the proper way to get in touch with them. Thank you for being so nice and inspiring!

  20. Micah Roman

    Micah Roman11 日 前

    So ur telling me if I buy ur merch I’m Paying Ur Workers I’m paying for it to be made, the stitching I’m paying for the fabric I’m paying YOU ur warehouse light and Gas bill..... y’all MAKE UR OWN DAM SHIT LMAO WTD

  21. cindy olivas

    cindy olivas13 日 前

    Yeesss!! Make more videos of inspiration 💖 btw i love you 💕

  22. Mel Garcia

    Mel Garcia14 日 前

    Can i buy those hair products at walmart?

  23. mexicana houstonTx

    mexicana houstonTx15 日 前

    Alondras make up is horrible, way too much baking and too white around her eyes

  24. alejandra Chavez

    alejandra Chavez14 日 前

    Better than yours df

  25. alejandra Chavez

    alejandra Chavez14 日 前

    Bruh shut up

  26. Sally Vargas

    Sally Vargas15 日 前

    Finally had some sit down time to watch. I noticed how your shirt, makeup, and hair match the first video I ever watched of yours. I'm soo glad to see that you are soo happy now. I've enjoyed watching you grow. You moved on to bigger and better and that honestly makes me soo happy for you. You literally deserve the world Alondra.

  27. Felicia Kristina

    Felicia Kristina15 日 前

    ugh you're so cute and pure 😭

  28. Felicia Kristina

    Felicia Kristina15 日 前

    ugh you're so cute and pure 😭

  29. Crystal Mendoza

    Crystal Mendoza17 日 前

    Yessss girl

  30. Jocelyn Andrade

    Jocelyn Andrade17 日 前

    Yessss boo!! Talk about your business and how it works ? Please love you 💓

  31. JenniferAlexandraFlores

    JenniferAlexandraFlores17 日 前

    love this video! thank you!

  32. Princess Gonzalez

    Princess Gonzalez21 日 前


  33. Sandy Chang

    Sandy Chang21 日 前

    girl you were working with the wrong companies!!! I work for a packaging company and I’ve NEVER heard of companies not refunding you or not replacing your products!! I’ve NEVER heard about wrong packaging!!! They have to provide you proofs and even samples!! EXPEDITED shipping must be an option!! I can’t believe you put up with all that!!

  34. Jenna Thaoo

    Jenna Thaoo22 日 前

    Song title? Starts at 1:52 !!

  35. John Heddon

    John Heddon22 日 前


  36. John Heddon

    John Heddon22 日 前

    Holy God

  37. brianna diaz

    brianna diaz22 日 前

    I just started my own lip gloss business @beautyglowlux on insta & tik tok 💗 seeing this video really motivates me so thank you alo 🥺💖💖

  38. brenda v

    brenda v22 日 前

    I've been loving aussie since I was in 4th grade I miss the first peachy rose shampoo they had back then :(

  39. Michelle Morales

    Michelle Morales23 日 前

    I love that you posted this ily Alo💕💕💕

  40. Faviola Serrano

    Faviola Serrano23 日 前

    Much love & support gorgeous ♥️

  41. Moo Moo

    Moo Moo24 日 前

    But how did you know how to run your business after you found a manufacturer? Ive been wanting to start a business for years now too but idk where to even start or how to run a business. And I don’t even have social media and these days you need to be an influencer to be successful

  42. Andrea Alcantar

    Andrea Alcantar24 日 前


  43. Deziree Monique

    Deziree Monique24 日 前


  44. Ojos Tristez

    Ojos Tristez25 日 前

    Who in the hell complains of packaging? Like you ain't wearing the mother effin packaging, sis! 😂 those who bitch are just hating!

  45. tashia and ila

    tashia and ila26 日 前

    Can your share our channels

  46. GabbyEspn Lifestyle

    GabbyEspn Lifestyle26 日 前

    Thank you 🙏🏻

  47. Dulce Aguiniga

    Dulce Aguiniga26 日 前

    What flat iron do you use? I’m in desperate need of recommendations. Lol

  48. Jenny Echavarria

    Jenny Echavarria26 日 前

    Love the hair ..looks so pretty...

  49. Mariaa Cardenas

    Mariaa Cardenas26 日 前

    I want to start my own cosmetology business (:

  50. Yasmine K

    Yasmine K26 日 前

    Your amazing I love that your helping others and encouraging people by making this video❤️

  51. Lisette Angelique

    Lisette Angelique26 日 前

    Loved this video! It was cool getting to learn more about your business and how you got started! Would love to see more videos with details on how you run your business ! ☺️

  52. Just Mel

    Just Mel27 日 前

    The honesty and your humbleness is beautiful, never change

  53. gersoncastillo12

    gersoncastillo1227 日 前

    I fuck with you you’re a real one 💯

  54. Ashley Morin

    Ashley Morin27 日 前

    Thank you for sharing 🤍

  55. Ashley Morin

    Ashley Morin27 日 前

    So sweet.. 🤍

  56. Star Star

    Star Star29 日 前

    Moneeeeeeeeeee she loves saying moneyeeeee

  57. Lizzy Gonzalez

    Lizzy Gonzalez29 日 前

    Benny is always hyping his baby mama up 😭 y’all need to have a baby right now 🥺💞

  58. Rosa Calderon

    Rosa Calderon29 日 前

    I hopeeeee money dont get in to her head

  59. Evelyn❤

    Evelyn❤29 日 前

    Omg 🥺 still remember when I started following u on ig you have grow so much you are my inspiration and u are so humble keep it up alondra ♥️

  60. Emily Arriaga

    Emily Arriaga29 日 前

    i wanna know where her bed frame is from 🥺

  61. novatare

    novatare29 日 前

    Can someone summarize this video for me? This person's voice is so grating I can't even get through 45 seconds of it.

  62. Carmen Alvarez

    Carmen Alvarez29 日 前

    so happy for you!

  63. Brianna Tso

    Brianna Tso29 日 前


  64. Elisabeth Arroyo

    Elisabeth Arroyo29 日 前

    Im happy for you 💛💛💛🤗

  65. Lyly

    Lyly29 日 前

    I love you so much I’m genuinely so happy for you and this video really inspired me,I just turned 16 and I already know I’m going to have to get a lot of things on my own without my parents help but this video makes me feel ready for life and for making something of myself by myself

  66. Mia Delacruz

    Mia Delacruzヶ月 前

    yess make a video in business tips

  67. Melony Leon

    Melony Leonヶ月 前

    loveee thiss !❤️