My Pregnancy Scare


  1. The Fortnite Llama

    The Fortnite Llama日 前

    Story booth:real stories Other channels: I aDdEd MaLe PiLls To My MoMs FoOd

  2. Michael Santacrose

    Michael Santacrose日 前

    The stupid teenager thing was that he forgot a condom

  3. Lili Reinhart and Anime

    Lili Reinhart and Anime日 前

    0:52 I need a boyfriend like that

  4. Self-Diagnosed Stupidity

    Self-Diagnosed Stupidity日 前


  5. nessa

    nessa日 前

    dad:*dies* daughter:*tries to get pregnant*

  6. L2dopee Rose

    L2dopee Rose日 前

    Archie and Betty anyone

  7. Honeybunny /ハニーバニー

    Honeybunny /ハニーバニー2 日 前

    1994: Makes ESRB and smoking weed is illegal 2020: Parents ignore ESRB and 4-year olds smoke weed Me: **NANI?!**

  8. muffin gang ayye

    muffin gang ayye2 日 前

    “Stupid quote on quote teenager things” girl I haven’t even gotten my first kiss yet lmao 1:01

  9. Nut Master69

    Nut Master692 日 前

    So is she still with her boyfriend? Just wondering

  10. Gabi Xoxo

    Gabi Xoxo2 日 前

    Must be rlly scary going through this.

  11. Lulu Television

    Lulu Television3 日 前

    The doctor looks like me! Yay 😁

  12. GachaLuv YT

    GachaLuv YT3 日 前

    Me: *reads title* Yeah I know how this is gonna go Me: *watches video* Me: *surprised pikachu face*

  13. Kaan Caglayan

    Kaan Caglayan3 日 前

    you ugly noob your bad at fortneit ich bein der aller bëschte forteight spielr

  14. Oof E

    Oof E3 日 前

    School: teaches you health and pregnancy Girl:almost gets pregnant School: Am I A Joke To You

  15. Semira Animates

    Semira Animates4 日 前

    Uh oh they had a “sleepover”

  16. LaQueena Sterns

    LaQueena Sterns4 日 前

    My friends always make fun of me when I say that I’m saving myself for marriage but at least I don’t have to deal with this lol.

  17. mylife asanna

    mylife asanna5 日 前


  18. I skaberchlyn I

    I skaberchlyn I5 日 前

    “wE dId sTupId tEeNagER tHinGs” *EXCUSE ME MA’AM-*

  19. Jula Moon

    Jula Moon5 日 前

    Storybooth: My Pregnancy Scare. Other "true story" channels: My Best Friend Got Pregnant From Watching the Neighbors' Dog And Now Her Dad Is Gay!!!

  20. Live your dream Sksksksk

    Live your dream Sksksksk5 日 前

    Feel bad

  21. Hayden Harris

    Hayden Harris6 日 前

    She’s a dumb fucking twat. “I’m 15 but my dad died so I think a baby will make me happy” stupid ass child

  22. elcoslick

    elcoslick7 日 前

    Story booth: a pregnancy scare Other story channels: My dad got my brother pregnant and My mom made toast out of a pregnancy test

  23. RoAsTeD ToAsT

    RoAsTeD ToAsT7 日 前


  24. Friends Allied

    Friends Allied7 日 前

    I bet that guy looks like archie andrews from riverdale in real life

  25. Natasha Casasola

    Natasha Casasola8 日 前

    This bitch crazy ngl 💀

  26. 4step_yt Animates

    4step_yt Animates9 日 前

    Storybooth: *GOOD STORY* Every other story sharing channel: *IM ALLERGIC TO AIR AAAAAAAAAA*

  27. Geeky Hacker

    Geeky Hacker9 日 前

    This is why you ask him to wear a condom before you make out

  28. huneyyy

    huneyyy9 日 前

    but she plays video games and watches anime

  29. Gravity Falls in Detective Ladybug's Universe

    Gravity Falls in Detective Ladybug's Universe9 日 前

    Oh wow Steven universe fans, back to back

  30. Hey 3dgy

    Hey 3dgy9 日 前

    goddamit Jeager

  31. Kamil Aliev

    Kamil Aliev9 日 前

    Ah . Classic

  32. Olivia Summer

    Olivia Summer10 日 前

    Of course she wasn’t pregnant, she was just having a period.

  33. gamergirlnothing

    gamergirlnothing10 日 前

    if that that was my mom she would send me back to the country i was born

  34. Freezing__ Weekdays

    Freezing__ Weekdays10 日 前

    Dang supportive boyfriend much

  35. Clara and Heidi Thompson Makeup

    Clara and Heidi Thompson Makeup10 日 前

    pregnancy test can’t come out positive if your not but they can come out negative if you are so this doesn’t make sense

  36. モカgacha mocha

    モカgacha mocha10 日 前

    The only thing that really interested me was they being the otaku couple like cmon they watched anime and played video games. I love the relationship between them

  37. Wølfy Wəəb

    Wølfy Wəəb10 日 前

    *'I couldn't find any other joy then spending time with my boyfriend and best friend'* Her mom: I a joke to you?_

  38. Scribble Sconez

    Scribble Sconez10 日 前

    “And of course, one thing lead to another...” *_*screams in Portuguese*_*

  39. Michelle Martinez

    Michelle Martinez11 日 前

    So you were "scared" and "shy" so having unprotected sex was the solution for you?... great logic sweetie. Also you weren't ready for a baby but you were ready to have sex at 15...

  40. ItzShiacツ

    ItzShiacツ11 日 前

    Install a firewall next time

  41. Yourbigidiotgaynoob

    Yourbigidiotgaynoob12 日 前

    Nah the spotting is for periods

  42. Nicole Lee

    Nicole Lee12 日 前

    Hey Just Wanna Ask.. How Can I Send A Story?

  43. JJ T

    JJ T13 日 前

    She sounds like 15 like if u agree

  44. Eleanor Wilson

    Eleanor Wilson13 日 前

    Storybooth: pregnancy scare My story animated: I got pregnant from 4 men (they actually posted this video I'm not making that up)

  45. Aidan Dalisay

    Aidan Dalisay13 日 前

    i will say that man is a smart man and a good one

  46. tracy norman

    tracy norman13 日 前


  47. Samantha Curcio

    Samantha Curcio13 日 前

    why is no one talking about how chill her mom is with all of this

  48. Toxic_ Dream's

    Toxic_ Dream's14 日 前

    *i love how kind the mother was*

  49. Melody Laubscher

    Melody Laubscher14 日 前

    "tEnagE tHingS"

  50. NaaaYYY Watching

    NaaaYYY Watching14 日 前

    What kind of anime? H................................

  51. KarenPlayz Animations

    KarenPlayz Animations14 日 前

    Everyone: Dangg she got pregnant that's bad... Me: THEY WATCH ANIME?!! *Let me meet them now!*

  52. shakingmyhead

    shakingmyhead14 日 前

    why do you build me up buttercup....

  53. Alexa Lozano

    Alexa Lozano14 日 前

    I would never do that to myself

  54. Mori Chan

    Mori Chan14 日 前


  55. Kailee Cunningham

    Kailee Cunningham15 日 前

    I watched your ig

  56. Heavenly Pets

    Heavenly Pets15 日 前

    “My first official relationship” What do you call an unofficial relationship.... friends? I wouldn’t know what that feels like......

  57. 《•Green_Tea•》

    《•Green_Tea•》15 日 前

    I actually understand what she saying tbh

  58. Jgvjvjvg Yiybuhih

    Jgvjvjvg Yiybuhih15 日 前

    this girl is trippin

  59. Lizzy Mensah

    Lizzy Mensah15 日 前

    Moral of the story kids: just don’t have sex

  60. Simrah S

    Simrah S15 日 前

    Please keep putting english subtitles on your videos! Deaf people like me would like that better :/