MY NEW HOUSE!! **Full Home Tour**


  1. Jacob Paul

    Jacob Paul11 時間 前

    rug will be your roomate

  2. Jacob Paul

    Jacob Paul11 時間 前

    this is more sick then the new faze house

  3. Pedro Seda

    Pedro Seda11 時間 前

    Where's the basketball hoop.

  4. Pedro Seda

    Pedro Seda11 時間 前

    Congratulations Brandon

  5. Basheer Ahmadi

    Basheer Ahmadi11 時間 前

    Dose your house don’t have a garage 😳😳😳

  6. DubNation StandUp

    DubNation StandUp12 時間 前

    All this money and still can’t beat cash hire a godly trainer and get surgery to make ur self bigger and taller

  7. Miracle Sio

    Miracle Sio12 時間 前

    I bet it’s Anthony no question ask

  8. V M

    V M12 時間 前

    The house is outdated , seems more for like older people. But you like what you like 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just pictured him in a smaller more modern home with a basketball court lol

  9. oK MEX

    oK MEX12 時間 前

    Y do u start the video like that its so annoying😂😂 0:03

  10. gungi gungi ganga

    gungi gungi ganga12 時間 前

    *brandon yelling* cameraman: 👁 👄 👁

  11. Rojin Salar

    Rojin Salar12 時間 前


  12. Jay Outdoors

    Jay Outdoors12 時間 前

    Soon to be foreclosed

  13. Nexus_ Reverse

    Nexus_ Reverse12 時間 前

    im not feelin the vibe of this house


    DUSH BAGS12 時間 前

    Is it fed cause u need to hider jackie

  15. Joshua Crathers

    Joshua Crathers12 時間 前

    That house on the front cover is not his because, when I was going house shopping on the Internet I came across that same house which is over $100 million he only has 4 million subs no offense but JPreporter doesn’t pay that much to a JPreporterr with only 4 million subs bro. #DOANYTHINGFORCLOUT 😂👌

  16. Anthony D'Angelo

    Anthony D'Angelo12 時間 前

    It gonna be Anthony Jackie and his brother

  17. Kamryn Dominguez

    Kamryn Dominguez12 時間 前

    So happy for you!! Love the beautiful home

  18. Husna Atif

    Husna Atif12 時間 前

    I love the house. It's amazing xxxx 😍💚

  19. Positive Vibes

    Positive Vibes12 時間 前

    Is Faze rug also play a little for this house?

  20. Youssef Kelada

    Youssef Kelada12 時間 前

    Congrats Habibi ! it's amazing to see you do big things and be so inspirational to all! From the demonetized videos to seeing you prevail! God bless you and your fam bro! Keep moving on Up! We all proud of you Brawadis!

  21. chris stacks5

    chris stacks512 時間 前

    Bosly was lookin sad doe

  22. Analía Andrade

    Analía Andrade12 時間 前

    Congratulations on your new home Brandon!

  23. Muk Bang

    Muk Bang13 時間 前

    Close the god damn door......

  24. Ethan Wright

    Ethan Wright13 時間 前

    When did it become so fun for groups of people to give all their pooled money to someone and then be entertained by how that person spends it?

  25. Kash Rhoads

    Kash Rhoads13 時間 前

    I'm sad 😪😪😪😪 RIP

  26. Bo W

    Bo W13 時間 前

    : me when there's sad music 🙁😲🥺😭

  27. hamid elhayel

    hamid elhayel13 時間 前

    His home is like 5000 square feet and my house is just 119 square feet I feel bad for my self.

  28. ModzTtv

    ModzTtv13 時間 前

    It’s called a whine cellar

  29. AKAJon

    AKAJon13 時間 前

    Brandon put a pool table in the loft

  30. M4R10

    M4R1013 時間 前

    Love brabdons energy man positivity is key

  31. Daddy_Cruz

    Daddy_Cruz13 時間 前

    Bro His master bedroom is bigger Than my apartment

  32. chunkyisfunky hotdog

    chunkyisfunky hotdog13 時間 前

    umm ok brandon u have absolutely no reason to think ur fans wont like it

  33. Az Gordo 13

    Az Gordo 1313 時間 前

    Bro brandon been geting likes

  34. Samantha Marie

    Samantha Marie13 時間 前

    aww Brandon it’s beautiful!

  35. Steven Garcia

    Steven Garcia13 時間 前

    Bro his room is actually lit

  36. Marvin Chen

    Marvin Chen13 時間 前

    It's funny that the smokes twins r moving 2

  37. Richie Lee

    Richie Lee13 時間 前

    Is it me or is it a Spain vibe

  38. abdifatah elmoge

    abdifatah elmoge13 時間 前

    That's built like a family house not a clubhouse

  39. Celeste Soto

    Celeste Soto13 時間 前

    we all know for sure anthony is going to be there

  40. Celeste Soto

    Celeste Soto13 時間 前

    and master bedroom is maybe for rug because of the eyes shown

  41. Joe Joe

    Joe Joe13 時間 前

    jackie and faze rug are the roomates.

  42. Javier Esparza

    Javier Esparza13 時間 前

    Happy for you man! Always humble and on some good vibes 🙌🏼

  43. Britany Favela

    Britany Favela13 時間 前

    That living room area in the beginning looks like their old house's living room

  44. Ray Guzman

    Ray Guzman14 時間 前

    Shut up you lost to cash

  45. brittany camarillo

    brittany camarillo14 時間 前

    It going be Jackie Dennis Mayb faze rug

  46. Nando G

    Nando G14 時間 前

    I’m so disappointed there isn’t a official basketball court or something like cmon

  47. Ajla Zigic

    Ajla Zigic14 時間 前

    Wow, this is number 42 on Trending 😳

  48. The Gaming House

    The Gaming House14 時間 前

    Me when i finish my minecraft house

  49. BoufskO6

    BoufskO614 時間 前

    What if we all h8 it

  50. harukax miku

    harukax miku14 時間 前

    Why do yall care what this man buy what this man get and what this man do like hes irrelevant like any other blogger who's really doing this for money only and yall feed into his shit giving him what he wants and hes doing what every other blogger does like it's so unoriginal I'm not hating I'm just speaking facts and I hate how I go on JPreporter and I always see this in my recommendation a blogger stunting a blogger showing off like movlogz and lana rose driving in a rolls Royce to the mall....I dont give a fuck nor did we ask? These littles kids espically y'all like this shit and make shit like this trend and yall care about his life espically the Kardashians and they are more irreverent than anybody like idk why there famous nor why people like them and before you say nothing this is I personally feel and my opinion and at this point it's a fact as well y'all do anything for attention it's called desperation just be oringal and do something instead off flexing all the time like we get you got money your a famous youtuber did we ask though or better yet do we care? Anyways my opinion good day everyone

  51. DuckSlayor 1005

    DuckSlayor 100514 時間 前

    Add like a half court in your backyard

  52. Kachow Kapow

    Kachow Kapow14 時間 前

    Sherman the virgin

  53. Omars Laptop

    Omars Laptop14 時間 前

    House is nice but he should really renovate it and make it more modern. Especially the staircase and the wall paint colour

  54. Debby Hardy

    Debby Hardy14 時間 前

    Don't be shy let me sleep on the sofa

  55. The Jaguar Demon

    The Jaguar Demon14 時間 前

    Im so happy for you!! Have fun with your beautiful Home ;D

  56. NeM Ty

    NeM Ty14 時間 前

    I wish commenting in your comments made me a millionaire, who else wishes the same

  57. Raf Thissen

    Raf Thissen14 時間 前

    So when is the NEW House Hide En Seek Video coming out?

  58. Giovaniballer10 Reyes

    Giovaniballer10 Reyes14 時間 前

    It looks like a hotel the stairs and everything

  59. Giovaniballer10 Reyes

    Giovaniballer10 Reyes14 時間 前

    Start a clan please

  60. 4KT Onslime

    4KT Onslime14 時間 前

    house looks haunted

  61. Abdul

    Abdul14 時間 前

    Room 3 and 4 is Anthony and Jackie, I'm calling it

  62. zVisionz-YT

    zVisionz-YT14 時間 前

    All this is possible Bc of us your viewers ❤️

  63. Fireballwizard

    Fireballwizard14 時間 前

    100% Jackie is coming. Maybe another cousin or friend

  64. Michael MacAdam

    Michael MacAdam14 時間 前

    Ksi and deji are his new roommates lmaoooo

  65. Slav K

    Slav K15 時間 前

    Bruh.. he called it a golf course. It’s a putting green..oh no..

  66. alex arvizu

    alex arvizu15 時間 前

    Faze Rug, Brandon & maybe Jackie?!

  67. Lukas Q

    Lukas Q15 時間 前


  68. NAT1ION clan leader

    NAT1ION clan leader15 時間 前

    Broooooo his living room is bigger than my house!!!!

  69. King Khay

    King Khay15 時間 前

    Congratulations for your achievement, such a beautiful house

  70. Anny Vargas

    Anny Vargas15 時間 前


  71. Ian Xu

    Ian Xu15 時間 前

    count how many times he said spacious

  72. Super_ Lemons

    Super_ Lemons15 時間 前

    I've only seen this thumbnail, and I can already tell you are some obnoxious dude who frickin lied about everything back in grade school.

  73. Nolic

    Nolic15 時間 前

    GONGRATS!!! You deserve it 🥳🥳🥳❤️

  74. Yvonte McKitchen

    Yvonte McKitchen15 時間 前

    He was letting all the bugs in 😂

  75. Daves Daces

    Daves Daces16 時間 前

    My boy Brandon gon pound Jakie in that two head shower

  76. Joshua Gorden

    Joshua Gorden16 時間 前

    Everyone like for his next video to be dinner in that dinner room with all his family❤️💯

  77. KRQ11

    KRQ1116 時間 前

    What happen to the haunted house?

  78. Reflex_FC

    Reflex_FC16 時間 前

    He should get a basketball court in his backyard

  79. Salaheldin Ali

    Salaheldin Ali16 時間 前

    Anthony, Jackie, Rug, and Noah are the roommates for sure!!!!

  80. Arquie Torio

    Arquie Torio16 時間 前

    Parents:don’t get lost okay Me: mom dad I’m lost the house is big

  81. Nikhit S

    Nikhit S16 時間 前

    Looks like a senators house man