My Little Brother Reacts to His Crush (FaZe Adapts Little Sister & FaZe Jarvis)


  1. HarryOutdoors

    HarryOutdoors日 前

    Jarvis I wish you was my older brother

  2. HarryOutdoors

    HarryOutdoors日 前

    Jarvis your epic

  3. HarryOutdoors

    HarryOutdoors日 前

    Nice edits on creative

  4. Brayden Pascale

    Brayden Pascale日 前

    you should have said i will only get your reboot if you tell me you have a crush on adapts sister

  5. Kaythan Kudhal

    Kaythan Kudhal日 前

    Is it just me or does Jarvis get all the bots and we get all the sweaty’s

  6. Angel Cepeda

    Angel Cepeda日 前

    Mongral did that are you stealing his video by putting your face and your user

  7. MR. top 5JR

    MR. top 5JR2 日 前

    lol i confused

  8. SWE Gamming

    SWE Gamming3 日 前


  9. liam julings

    liam julings3 日 前

    Hi dad

  10. Aiden Oliver

    Aiden Oliver3 日 前

    I'm ps4

  11. The Official Dank Clan

    The Official Dank Clan4 日 前

    javis your insane

  12. ItzNoizeHere

    ItzNoizeHere5 日 前

    7:00 till 7:20 😂😂 uhuuuuh

  13. Zacplayz

    Zacplayz6 日 前

    Kay need Clout

  14. Frankie Lilley

    Frankie Lilley7 日 前

    This is how many girlfriends Jarvis has had | V

  15. Jakob Messer

    Jakob Messer7 日 前

    I live down the street from ssSniperwolf

  16. Jirexaeliz gamer

    Jirexaeliz gamer7 日 前

    Could you give me the code for that editing course?

  17. oana oanaaa

    oana oanaaa7 日 前

    775k subs left

  18. iTzJuStTaiS

    iTzJuStTaiS7 日 前

    No one: Literally no one: People that make the “tHaTs iNsAne BrO” meme:🤡🤡🤡🤡

  19. Joyce Zoghbi

    Joyce Zoghbi7 日 前


  20. Dina Metiass

    Dina Metiass8 日 前

    Jarvis has so much crush

  21. Ethan Conomos

    Ethan Conomos9 日 前

    Whah about mobile

  22. deep nuts

    deep nuts9 日 前

    And I still build like an advanced season 3 player

  23. Peter Gaming

    Peter Gaming9 日 前

    You use your brother for views and he’s not even as good as I am

  24. chris777411

    chris7774119 日 前

    This is how much jarvis changes his crush a week | | | V

  25. Kristi Reel

    Kristi Reel9 日 前

    You could have lied and said no scoped him

  26. YooGoat

    YooGoat9 日 前

    Every body like

  27. Jray James

    Jray James10 日 前

    Charlette going to get Jarvis killed

  28. Colleen Smith

    Colleen Smith10 日 前

    1v1 me faze kay

  29. Louka Tondeur

    Louka Tondeur10 日 前

    Look Jarvis his face at 4 min

  30. Nurzii

    Nurzii10 日 前

    7:17 when my mom asks me what i want to eat

  31. Jean Reynolds Hey

    Jean Reynolds Hey10 日 前

    Everyone so scribe to me his little bell

  32. Parker Vernon

    Parker Vernon11 日 前

    Yooooo ur in sane

  33. Tristen Rodrigue

    Tristen Rodrigue12 日 前

    I have no sisters thankfully

  34. Labor Day Boy

    Labor Day Boy14 日 前

    You don’t know many girls like me

  35. Lil du Dragons fire

    Lil du Dragons fire16 日 前

    V bucks

  36. AzTc Magma

    AzTc Magma21 日 前

    Kay:Jarvis why u have so many girlfriends Jarvis:Trust its all in the 90’s Kay: Insane Bro

  37. Ja'Marcus Lee

    Ja'Marcus Lee21 日 前

    Jarvis is goated on the sticks

  38. Levi Lama

    Levi Lama21 日 前

    How many times they say brah, no hate love u goes keep up the good work:) ¥ ¥ ¥

  39. Noodlized

    Noodlized22 日 前

    Are u sure this is 1080p?

  40. Nightmare Bot

    Nightmare Bot22 日 前

    Takes Jarvis barely anytime takes me like 10-20 mins..

  41. vSandii

    vSandii22 日 前

    7:59 bro bro bro bro bro

  42. Jeter Ruiz-Chavez

    Jeter Ruiz-Chavez22 日 前

    Every one sub we all want to see this happen

  43. Tybez Z

    Tybez Z22 日 前

    Is this the 99 crush Jarvis had Meanwhile faze Kay : yo that's InSaNe BrOooOo

  44. latonya louis

    latonya louis8 日 前

    Very commen😪😑

  45. GalvantheMonkey Y

    GalvantheMonkey Y22 日 前

    That’s insane bro

  46. Elite gaming

    Elite gaming22 日 前

    Bro lmao😂🏆🏆🏆

  47. S197_MAX

    S197_MAX23 日 前

    That’s insane bro

  48. Vanja Hadzic

    Vanja Hadzic23 日 前

    Your hair is awful anyways, you don’t need to “fix” it every 5 seconds

  49. LSD-Rick B-172

    LSD-Rick B-17223 日 前

    That's InSaNE BrO!!! :{}

  50. LSD-Rick B-172

    LSD-Rick B-17223 日 前

    Bro bro bro bro bro bro bro and bro

  51. Kiseki

    Kiseki23 日 前

    Do she have a android because the live stream quality is pretty fire 🔥

  52. Audaciity Gaming

    Audaciity Gaming23 日 前

    Is Kay Morgz dad

  53. Jordin Made

    Jordin Made23 日 前


  54. Colorful

    Colorful24 日 前

    Maybe kay and adapt can hook up

  55. Koolz 100

    Koolz 10024 日 前

    This many likes is how many times they said bro 👇🏿

  56. Josh Blackwell

    Josh Blackwell24 日 前

    Jarvis-Dates Adapts sister Adapt-I love it, I love it, I really love that

  57. Jason Savage

    Jason Savage12 日 前

    Stolen comment

  58. Vaulted Temple

    Vaulted Temple24 日 前

    Jarvis: I like adapts sister Kay: that's insane ima tell adapt how insane that was

  59. Modern Yngstr

    Modern Yngstr24 日 前

    outro best??

  60. Irvs Aguilar

    Irvs Aguilar24 日 前

    Who here after faze adapt posted the vid about confronting Jarvis

  61. uglyskies

    uglyskies24 日 前

    Yall are just using any girl you can find at this point

  62. KxN Gulli

    KxN Gulli24 日 前

    Like if Kay should buy Jarvis a new face cam

  63. UntUnt my name is Unter

    UntUnt my name is Unter24 日 前

    Jarvis and Kay’s conversation Yo where we going bro Titled bro Got one bro Your insane bro We chillin bro (I make good fortnite videos

  64. k4g3

    k4g317 日 前

    @UntUnt my name is Unter did you just call a roast a life lesson😂🤣😂🤣 Your videos have trash quality and how you about to say I play stupid games when you also play fortnite and upload it to JPreporter🤣😂🤣😂 how stupid are you

  65. UntUnt my name is Unter

    UntUnt my name is Unter18 日 前

    And you do watch your screen recording videos playing the most stupid games so stop hating and go get a life you never know what people are going through bud(life lesson)

  66. UntUnt my name is Unter

    UntUnt my name is Unter18 日 前

    Thanks bro make sure to drop a sub

  67. LSD-Rick B-172

    LSD-Rick B-17218 日 前

    Impressive Fortnite vids bro

  68. k4g3

    k4g318 日 前

    You do not make good fortnite videos🤣😂🤣😂

  69. UbeeSoft

    UbeeSoft24 日 前

    Im gonna like beg to see how many likes I get. Like This Comment To Get 1000 Ping

  70. Paradox Geo Re

    Paradox Geo Re24 日 前

    12:25 look how Jarvis jumped in the cam

  71. Lorenzo Sealy

    Lorenzo Sealy24 日 前

    Faze Adapt YO your with my sister Jarvis ts my rist bro Faze kay Thats insanebro

  72. Mistery Box

    Mistery Box24 日 前

    Thats insane jawvis

  73. Mitch Knoxx

    Mitch Knoxx24 日 前

    We want the old Kay back

  74. Mohammed Mahamud

    Mohammed Mahamud24 日 前

    Lol why does Faze Kay say ting instead of thing

  75. Mohammed Mahamud

    Mohammed Mahamud24 日 前

    I’m English myself that’s not how we speak

  76. Flare Orbs

    Flare Orbs24 日 前

    🤦‍♂️It’s how English people talk

  77. Fzsx Got Suspended R I P

    Fzsx Got Suspended R I P24 日 前

    Let me 1v1 jarv

  78. Maceo Orta

    Maceo Orta24 日 前


  79. Poppin Bubbles

    Poppin Bubbles24 日 前


  80. lichy TCD

    lichy TCD24 日 前

    Jarvis:you i like this girl Next day Jarvis:yo look at this new girl i like Kay:lets make a video about it Me:yes

  81. Lowdistortion

    Lowdistortion24 日 前

    It’s weird it’s like “yo adapt is your sister there”?

  82. StReAkS

    StReAkS24 日 前


  83. Lowdistortion

    Lowdistortion24 日 前

    You going to adapts house😂😂😂

  84. THE BOSS

    THE BOSS24 日 前

    Do it for da meme

  85. THE BOSS

    THE BOSS24 日 前

    Jarvis growing it ya get me

  86. ethn

    ethn25 日 前

    6:30 when jarvis pulls out his candy axe

  87. ethn

    ethn23 日 前

    Awake_ Zeno nice team bud

  88. Awake_ Zeno

    Awake_ Zeno23 日 前

    Stealing comments I see.

  89. Daniel Cecena

    Daniel Cecena25 日 前

    Like to see a video of Milan and Jarvis doing a dating prank video on adapt

  90. Rellacx ii

    Rellacx ii25 日 前

    FaZe Kay is honestly such an amazing brother much respect 💓

  91. Smoke grass Eat fat ass

    Smoke grass Eat fat ass22 日 前

    Rellacx ii you’re extremely dumb I’m sorry

  92. Crynxrr

    Crynxrr25 日 前

    Jarvis : has a crush on his mum Kay : tHats iNsAne bRo Me : ALABAMA 100